Brooke banner and aurora snow tease the camera

Brooke banner and aurora snow tease the camera
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A quickie John and Amy were friends since they were in pre- school. Who knew that a lasting friendship could be made over sharing blocks? The two went through life having eachothers backs. Both at the age of 17, they had been through a lot together. Each had their own interests as well.

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John was an established varsity soccer player and a decient student while Amy was into gymnastics and had won the regional title for the past two years. Even though it seemed these two were total opposites, they couldn't have fit more perfectly. One day, John arived home from soccer practice.

The house was quiet because he was an only child and his parents had gone to Vegas for his moms birthday. As soon as he closed the door behind him, the house phone rang.

So John dropped his bag and jogged over to answer the phone. It was Amy. She asked if she could come over because she needed to talk with him.

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John said sure, just to let herself in because he was going to take a quick shower. Amy said ok and hung up. Now, since the upstaires bathroom was being renovated, John used the downstairs shower.

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So he jumped in and started scrubbing. He hot water relaxed his tone body after a hard practice. Just as he started to shampoo his hair, Amy walked into the house. She had on a pink tank top Which showed enough clevage of her 32 B breasts.

For shorts, she had a ripped pair of booty shorts, like every girl wears in the summer. Amy heard the shower running so she just made her way to the living room and sat down to wait.


John had just finished rinsing so he turned off the water and jumped out. While he was drying off he realized he didn't bring in a change of cloths, and not knowing that Amy had already arived, John wrapped a small towel around his waist and opened the bathroom door. Amy turned her head as she heard the door open up.

But when she turned around, her eyes got more then they barganed for. Her eyes were fixed on the tall and damp toned body of her best friend as he walked out of the bathroom. Steam was still radiating from his body from the hot shower.

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John started to walk to the stairs and as he passed the living room, he saw Amy was already at his house. John stopped dead in his tracks, realizing that he had nothing but a towel on and his best friend was staring at him with a sort of look in her eye that he had never seen in her before.

John suddenly let his eyes travel all over Amy's body. He was fixed on her boobs. They looked so invitting and wanting to be set free from the restricting bra John snapped himself out of it. He couldn't believe what he was thinking. And. Was he getting turned on by this?? He felt his cock spring to life.

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It kept growing and moving his small towel up even more. Amy started to go wide eyed as she realized her best friend was getting turned on by her. She couldn't help but realize she was getting wet between her legs. Shee too was starting to get turned on by the situation.

Amy finally broke the silence. " I asked to come over because Scott is being a real dick to me. He is deffinately the worst boyfriend ever. So I know I can always talk to you and you always make me feel better, so I kinda. Just wanted someone to hold me." John came back to reality. His friend was in need. So he started walking to her, streched out he arms to offer a hug. Amy ran into the embrace almost crying but still being able to hold back. As the two friends held each other, they both noticed something, something between them.

John's erection was still growing.

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Holding his gorgeous and soft skinned friend on his bare chest was keeping his cock going. Amy gave a soft laugh and said " I've never seen you this excited to see me before". John blushed, he couldn't think of a response. So after a few moments of silence, Amy spoke again. " you know, you always help me with my problems, maybe I should start to help you with yours?" John replied " what do you mean?".

And just as he finished speaking, John's towel was on the floor and Amy had his growing cock in her hands. Amy started to stroke it while looking up at John for approval. All John could do was close his eyes and let tiny moans of pleasure escape from his mouth. Amy took this as an insentive to continue. So she went one step further and slowly lowered her mouth onto the throbbing cock of John.


John still couldn't believe that his best friend for so long was right now, sucking his cock. She used her toung like an expert. Her mouth was so warm and wet.

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She even had the right speed. John was two seconds from exploading so he warned Amy. " OOOHH GOD. AMY! I'm gonna CUUUMM!!!!" but Amy didn't pull away. Intact, she started to suck even harder and faster. She wanted him to erupt into her waiting mouth. Suddenly, John shot stream after stream of hot white cum into the back of Amy's throat, and she swallowed every drop.

Not one spec was left unswallowed. She drained his balls of everything and caused him such pleasure that his knees were giving out. John was without words and started to collaps from pure pleasure into the floor. Amy let his cock fall out of her mouth so she could help walk him over to a chair As John sat there, without having the strength to speak, Amy started to talk.

" I have to leave. I told my mom that I was only comming over here to talk to you for a quick bit, so if I stay here any longer, she might think somethings up. I'll come by tomorrow around 1. See you then. Bye". John could only manage to grunt in response because he had no words for what just took place.

As he sat there watching Amy's bouncy ass walk out the door, he asked himself, Did his best friend really just suck his cock? She said she was comming back tommorow, does she want more?

All of these questions were running through johns mind as he finally found the strenght to stand and walk up the staires to get some cloths on. " wonder what's going to happen next?".

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