Dick in big ass and pussy pics

Dick in big ass and pussy pics
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This is the story of a naughty secretary and her dreams of having sex with her boss. But she gets a little more than she bargained for on one business trip. Feel free to comment on my stories and all comments, both positive and negative are welcome. Or feel free to email me comments or thoughts or ideas about stories on [email protected] For Patricia, my beautiful Muse, with love. X The Travel Show Sunday Evening Patricia, who now only wearing a white lace bra, matching silky panties, hold-up black lace topped stockings and was lying face down across her boss's bare legs.

She squealed with a mixture of pain and excitement as his hand came down firmly on her warm firm bum cheeks through the thin material. Each time she let out a squeal Patricia's boss, Peter's cock throbbed in hardness directly beneath her soft tummy. He watched the skin on her bum redden under the panties slightly with each slap, some light and some harder, but as he continued to play, with his new Personal Assistant. But instead of moving his hand back to continue the slapping motion he began to keep his hand on her warm skin feeling her cheeks with his hand.

And then reaching up, he brought his hand back down again onto her bum and held his hand firm, this time easing his fingers lower into the crack of her bum feeling her through the thin material. Patricia let out a low moan as she felt his fingers probing before feeling his hand go back again for another slap. "You've been a naughty girl!" Peter purred as she felt his hand once again probe between her bum cheeks and she eased her thighs apart allowing her boss easier access.

"Haven't you Trisha, a very naughty girl!" "Yes Sir!" She almost squealed in agreement as she felt his hand come back down in a slap. She giggled. Then there was a knock at the door! 3 Days Earlier "Patricia?" Colin called as he entered the main office? He glanced around seeing her desk empty. "Has anyone seen Pat?" There was no reply from the other secretaries and no one even acknowledged the Office Manager.

"Fucking hopeless, you lot!" He scowled and turned to leave the main office. "Sorry Boss, I can't find her right now, probably on her lunch. I'll leave a note on her desk to say that you need to see her." Pete glanced up momentarily from his large wooden desk and smiled.

"No worries Colin. Thanks." As Colin left the office Peter leaned back in his large leather chair, surveying his new empire. He had now been the CEO of the Travel Company for 2 months and was enjoying his new position and the element of power that it yielded. His brown hair was cut neatly and he knew he looked a lot younger than his 50 years. He closed his eyes momentarily to think of Pat, his Personal Assistant. God he would love to get down and personal with her but knew he should keep a professional stance.

He thought of her often, perhaps a little too often, for a married man. But she was a cracker! He knew that he just needed to get her into his way of thinking and knew that he now had the perfect opportunity to start this.

He glanced down at the email to see the Travel Show invitation and picked up the phone. Moments later both the CEO and his PA had been booked to attend the show in London on Monday of the following week. "Pat the boss is looking for you!" Alison, a rather plump secretary said as soon as Pat walked in and before she'd even taken her coat off.

"Oh right!" She replied and quickly hung my coat and skipped towards his office. "Hi Sir, were you after me?" She smiled. "I am sorry I had to nip to the chemist!" Peter turned to see Patricia, looking good as usual.

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Her hair was piled up and shining, her eyes bright and the smile on her face showed the mood she was in. But today she was looking apologetic for something or other. Peter smiled kindly looking her up and down. The skirt was definitely too long and her top, well it was a cheap blouse! Never mind! That could be sorted. "Trish, are you free next week to attend a Conference?" Peter paused knowing his tone had come across as him telling her rather than asking her!

"The Travel Conference is in London and I would like you to attend." Peter paused again watching her slightly surprised but pleased reaction. No doubt pleased that he had chosen her to attend. "I'll be attending too so we'll be travelling down by air and then staying in the Millennium in Mayfair. It's my favourite of all the London Hotels!" Peter watched as Pat's expression turned from one of surprise to one of excitement. He noticed a glint in her eyes that caught the light coming through the window.

"So, you are free to attend? Monday next week?" "Yes, of yes please Sir!" She was smiling now! "Thank you, thank you for inviting me!" "Good, that's a date then!" Peter smiled and glanced up as his PA stood.

He noticed the curvature of her legs leading from her heels to the hem of the skirt. Definitely too long, he noted. "I'll arrange a car to pick you up from home and I'll see you at the airport!" Patricia was beaming now and started to turn.

"Oh Trish, one other thing." Peter tried to be tactful. "This is a very high class event so I want you to look your best!" As soon as the words had left his mouth he suddenly noticed her expression change to a more somber note and quickly changed tact. Reaching into his drawer he pulled out a plastic card and handed it to Patricia. "Over the weekend, please feel free to go to Marchant's.

You know the store on the high street?" Pat nodded knowing the clothes shop very well but having never done anything more than window shop. It was the most expensive shop in the town. "I have an account there!" Peter smiled. "Just tell them who you are and they will sort you out! It is a business trip after all so I won't have you paying for anything!" Patricia's expression turned to one of a smile again and Peter watched her bum move so perfectly in the skirt (that was too long) as she left his office.

She quickly returned to her own desk where she spoke excitedly to the other secretaries in hushed tones. Peter smiled. This was definitely going to a be a good Conference. Saturday Morning Pat was very nervous as she entered Marchants' and was immediately approached by a very attractive young assistant. She quickly explained who was she and showed the assistant the card.

Almost immediately an older but equally attractive assistant took over with a broad smile.

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"Yes, Peter has been in touch with us already and explained exactly what you need." Moments later Pat was being whisked to the back off the shop for some complimentary retail therapy……………………………………………&hellip.! She left the shop with 5 bags of clothing and shoes and a huge grin on her face.

Sunday Afternoon The next time Peter saw Patricia she was at the airport as she approached him in a brand new bright red mini skirt with a matching jacket a tight silky white vest top underneath.


Her hair was up and her makeup was perfect with lipstick to match the skirt. Peter smiled thinking she looked fantastic! Peter showed his PA into the executive lounge, somewhere she had never been or experienced, and poured both her and her a drink.

They had two more drinks on the short flight and already Pat was starting to feel slightly tipsy as they checked into the deluxe hotel in the middle of Mayfair. As they took the lift to their floor and Peter walked his PA to her room he turned to her with a smile. "Give me a knock when you are ready for a drink, or something. I'm just along the corridor in Room." He paused to look and orientate himself. "Room 717." He said. "There is a bar downstairs or a more private bar just along from my room." Patricia feeling slightly light headed from the drink nodded and closed her door giggling and she went into her room.

A room almost the size of her flat! She lay back on the huge bed, in fact the bed was almost as big as her flat! She giggled to herself as she looked around the room. "Fucking hell Pat!" She said to herself out loud.

"You're in a luxury room and hotel wearing hundreds of pounds of clothes and with the man you have fallen in love with!" She stopped herself as she suddenly realised, she had indeed fallen in love with her boss.

Married or not, she couldn't help the way she felt. But that was the first time she had admitted it to herself. But she knew she would have to hide it from him or he might sack her! And Patricia loved her job, aswell as her boss!

"No, that's enough!" She told herself sternly as she started to unpack her case. She glanced at the clock and noted the time. Just time for a shower and to get changed into something a little more relaxed. An hour later there was a knock at Peter's door. "Come in?" He called and the handle turned and door opened. "Well hello Trisha!" Peter exclaimed with a smile on his face.

She smiled back at the man who was seated at a desk with a large whisky in a glass in front of him and his laptop open.

He looked her up and down as she closed the door behind her. She had changed into a very short black skirt, heels and a black sleeveless top. Underneath she was wearing a tight latex body that showed her athletic body to perfection. "Wow!" Peter simply exclaimed as he sat looking at her approach.

She smiled self consciously. "Do I look okay for you Sir?" She said demurely. "You look perfect Trisha." He grinned. "And please, while we are here, call me Peter. We don't need formalities here do we?" He noticed the pretty lady smile as she sat down on the end of his bed and crossed one thigh over another rocking one foot gently back and forth. Peter noted her legs now encased in stockings and felt his cock start to stir almost immediately.

"So where would you like to go for a drink? Upstairs or down?" He enquired as Patricia looked around the room before returning her bright eyed gaze to her boss.

"Or, if you like whisky, we could have a drink here?" He smiled as he raised his glass to her. "I like whisky." She purred as she noticed Peter's eyes taking in her shape and her legs. She was feeling relaxed now and took the glass from him with a smile. "Cheers!" He grinned as he looked down at her. "Here's to the conference?" "The Conference!" She agreed and drank the whisky down feeling it burn her throat slightly.

Peter smiled. "Another?" 2 hours later Patricia was feeling the effects of the alcohol and letting her inhibitions down as she sat alongside Peter on the end of the bed as they chatted, his eyes constantly running up and down her body.

"What did you ask me earlier Peter? Something about……&hellip.up and down?" Pat said in a slightly slurred tone. "I was asking you if you wanted to go for a drink." He reminded her and watched as she stood up slightly unsteadily on her heeled feet. "Can you ask me again?" She giggled and waited looking directly at him. "Of course!" He smiled as he emptied his glass down is throat.

"Would you like to go up………&hellip.or down?" Trisha sat back on the chair near the desk and looked across at her boss with a twinkle in her eyes. She parted her thighs slightly and the skirt rode up a little exposing her stocking tops, much to Peter's delight. Then as she watched his eyes taking her assets in she crossed her legs again and pushed her chest out which elevated her breasts making them appear bigger in the tight top.

"How about down, Sir?" She purred seductively. Her eyes were on his trousers and he realised that she could see her actions were having the desired effect. "Well c'mon then young lady!" He suddenly said in a commanding tone and she looks slightly startled. Without waiting for a reply Peter unzipped his trousers and moved up onto the bed until his back was against the pillows and his flies were wide open ready for her invading hands.

She couldn't stop herself and walked towards the bed before kneeling on it and moving on all fours up towards him. She grinned never taking her eyes off his as she ran a small hand inside his flies before pulling his trousers to his knees.

Without pausing and seeing the shape of Peter's cock clearly through his tight white boxers she eased them down as his circumcised cock popped out to meet her. She grinned as she wrapped the slender fingers of one hand around the base of his thick cock and began to move them slowly up and down. With her other hand she reached lower and placed it under his full sack squeezing the balls gently as she started to wank him.

"Tell me what you want Sir!" She almost demanded and Peter smiled.

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"You know what I want naughty girl!" He said as he reached up to her face sliding his hands into her hair and gently pulling her face down towards his lap. Leaning forward, Patricia flicked her tongue over his cock head and he moan appreciatively.

Uncurling her fingers from around his shaft she started to make swirling motions with her soft wet tongue, paying particular attention to just below the piss slit. This sensation was driving Peter into ecstasy and he moaned, loudly. Smiling, at the effect her actions were having on her boss, Patricia licked along the underside of the thick veiny shaft, all the way from his full fat balls to the tip of his cock and then back down again.

She slowly repeated the action several times as she gazed up at him, her eyes shining. Peter couldn't help but moan as she continued to tease him with her tongue so expertly, licking up and down the thick shaft before swirling her tongue around the head of his swollen cock. Peter instinctively reached down and underneath Patricia to feel her breasts through the tight material of her top as she continued her actions. He quickly realised that she was wearing a bra but the outline of her breasts and her hardened nipples made his cock jerk and throb even harder in her mouth.

Peter closed his eyes as he imagined her breasts that he longed to touch, lick and taste. "Is that okay for you Sir?" She purred again before waiting for an answer and dipping her head once again onto his throbbing cock head.

"Oh fuck! Yes!" He groaned as her lips encircled his cock slowly drawing it into the warmth of her gorgeous soft wet warm mouth. Swirling her tongue around his thick shiny cock head she began sliding her lips up and down his thick shaft, her mouth wide to take his full girth.

Glancing up she saw her boss watching and obligingly pushed her hair back to give the best view possible. The view of this was turning him on so much as he watched his cock disappear between the lips of his personal assistant who right now was getting very personal indeed. With one hand cupping his balls and gently squeezing them her lips continued to travel up and down his shaft creating wonderful feelings.

With her other hand between his open legs she slid it underneath his full balls and along his scrotum until her fingers reached his tight arse.

Peter's cock swelled again in her mouth as he felt her fingers circle his arse almost causing him to cum there and then, the feeling so intense. Bobbing her head up and down slowly, his cock slid in and out of her beautiful lips and at the top of each stroke she swirled her tongue around the head then flicked it across the slit.

This caused Peter's hips to surge upwards before settling back down to the intense feeling that she was creating below at his balls and arse. Sucking hard and sliding her lips down his shaft she took as much as possible into her hungry mouth. He finally reached down to her head winding his fingers into her soft hair as the moist warmth of her mouth began to drive him wild. Realising how much Peter was enjoying this, Patricia released her hand from his balls and wrapped her fingers tightly around the base of his shaft.

She squeezed it tightly before beginning to move it up and down in time with her mouth. She circled his bum hole with her free hand while her mouth and other hand worked on his cock. Peter felt like the entire length of his cock was disappearing into the warm wet hungry mouth and he could do nothing but gasp in appreciation of her expert actions.

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His moans grew louder as her mouth glided skillfully up and down his thick shaft. Varying the pace, first slowly and gently, then hard and fast then slow again, she sucked harder as she bobbed her head up and down.

The bucking of his hips became increasingly frantic as she used her mouth and hand to draw Peter towards an inevitable climax. He knew he wouldn't be able to hold on for much longer and gasped.

"I'm getting close!" I gasped breathlessly. She sucked harder determined to finish what she had started. He reached down again this time holding her head in place and started to pump his hips, fucking her hot wet mouth.

Patricia simply tightened her hands and lips around the thick girth and took what Peter had to offer her. With only seconds until he exploded in an orgasm he opened his legs allowing his PA direct access to his tight arsehole.

She looked up at him, her deep dark eyes smoldering as she caught his lustful gaze. Her lips slid down his shaft once again as his hips pressed forward with his cock slipping between her lips.


She forced his hips down with his bum cheeks wide open and onto her hand. Then he felt the exquisite touch of her finger penetrating his arse while she continued to slide her lips up until only the very tip of my swollen prick remained in her mouth. Sucking hard she wiggled her finger playfully in his arse and gripped his cock shaft tightly between her thumb and forefinger rubbing it up and down. His breathing deepened further as a mixture between a moan and a groan escaped from his mouth.

Then suddenly Patricia felt his cock swell again and his body stiffened. With his eyes closed and pulse racing his whole body writhed on the bed under her spell and beautiful touch as he felt his climax approaching. With every ounce of strength he possessed he tried to hold back prolonging the moment of exquisite pleasure.

But her hands, fingers and mouth were driving him to the point of no return. With her lips securely wrapped around the head of his cock, she let her mouth relax in readiness for what both she and he knew was now only seconds away.

Tilting her head back and brushing her hair away from her face, her gorgeous eyes twinkling in the light of the room met his. She winked playfully at him, teasing him as much with her eyes as with her fingers and mouth. Peter, normally so in control was now lost to the world of pleasure and let out an almost strangled groan as he struggled to deny the inevitable conclusion.

"Oh, Fuck! Baby!!!!" He cried out as he felt his seed boil up through his rock hard cock. And less than a second later his cock, along with his pent up emotions, finally erupted, filling her mouth with shot after shot of thick sticky cum. Still sucking hard and licking on his tortured prick, Patricia swallowed the load quickly, savouring the sensations as her boss's thick cream trickling down her throat.

It gradually slowed and Peter could feel the beautiful touch of her tongue once again on the slit of my cock head licking it clean as his climax subsided. His spent cock finally slipped from between her lips. A small trace of cum dribbled down her chin. Looking her boss in the eye she licked her lips and smiled. Still teasing him she made a show of wiping her chin and licking her fingers before sucking the last few drops from his rapidly shrinking cock.

Finally, she moved her beautiful but still clothed body up beside him. Without a word, leaning over his face, she allowed some cum to dribble down onto his lips and mouth. And moments later she pressed her lips tightly against his, her tongue penetrating his mouth in a long cummy kiss.

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Later on Sunday "You seem to like teasing men don't you, naughty girl?" Peter smiled as he lay with his head at one end of the bed with Patricia at the other end.

"Sometimes!" She giggled. "For the right man." She stared down at her bosses cock to see it starting to thicken again. "Strip for me!" He demanded and Patricia stepped off the bed onto the carpeted floor. A few moments later she was only wearing a pink bra and matching thong, holdup stockings and heels.

"Do you like what you see, Sir?" She smiled almost innocently. "I love it!" He said firmly. "Now get back on the bed!" Patricia obeyed and lay down with her head at the bottom of the bed. She smiled. "What now, Sir?" "Rub your pussy with the tip of your fingers and lick them clean." Patricia slid her thong to one side and slipped two fingers straight between her wet pussy lips before sliding them slowly up her body, between her breasts and into her mouth.

She made a point of sucking them hard before sliding her tongue seductively up and down each finger in turn. "Now let me suck them clean, you dirty bitch!" Peter said as he sat up and watched his PA dip her fingers once again into her tight honey-pot of a cunt before pulling them out glistening. She reached her hand over to her boss who grabbed her arm and sucked on her fingers like a ravenous dog!

Patricia watched as his cock hardened further and smiled. "Lie back and don't make a sound!" Came the next instruction and Patricia obeyed as she felt Peter's hand reach out and touch her stocking clad leg.

Then she felt it slide slowly upwards along her inner thigh and over the top of the stockings. Suddenly his warm fingers were on the bare skin above Patricia's stocking top and she felt a tingle of excitement as his fingers neared her pussy lips. But then it moved and she felt herself being pushed onto her side as the hand continued between her thighs just brushing her thong covered cunt briefly.

The hand continued its journey until she felt it stop directly on her bum cheeks. Patricia was panting furiously with her eyes closed and let out a soft moan. Then she shuddered as she felt her boss's other hand slide up her thigh and this time it made direct contact with her dripping pussy albeit through the thin material of the thong.

She gasped out loud and shuddered slightly as his fingers probed her pussy lips through the material gently sliding up and down her slit. Then she felt her thong being pulled to one side and murmured out loud. "I said be quiet!" Came Peter's firm voice and seconds later she felt his tongue slide slowly across her thong covered dripping hole.

She squealed with delight and reaching down practically pushed her boss's head into her cunt. Peter traced the material with his tongue before gently biting the thong and easing it down with his teeth. With the help of his fingers he slid it over her curvy hips and gorgeous thighs and down over her shapely legs. Letting the thong drop onto the bed Peter's tongue practically pounced on its final destination and ultimate goal.

Patricia's body responded immediately to his touch. Kneeling between her legs she could feel his hands on her thigh and another on her bum cheeks as he gorged his mouth on her pussy easing his tongue deeper and deeper as she moaned and bucked her hips.

But suddenly without warning Peter eased his tongue away but only briefly then back again as he reached around and placing another hand on her bum practically pulled her over on top of him so his hands were on her bum cheeks and his face was deep in her cunt, sucking and licking at her pussy and clit.

Reaching a hand up he slapped down softly onto her bum cheek and she squealed out as she reached beneath her to hold his head firmly between her flailing legs. Another slap brought another moan and he could feel her body tensing as her breathing increased. Another slap followed as he took her clit gently between his lips and started to nibble softly.


She gasped again and her body started to tremble. Another harder slap on her bum came. Then, without any warning his tongue flicked over her clit and she let out a deep moan as her body shudders at the touch of his soft wet tongue against her swollen clit. This sent bolts of pleasure throughout her body. Her sopping cunt lips were parted by his tongue as it pushed between them.

She purred loudly as he lapped at her opening, tasting the warm juices that flowed so freely from within. Pushing his face forward he worked his tongue inside her hot tunnel.

As she squealed and reached an intense orgasm he could feel her pussy muscles around the walls contract, almost trying to grip my tongue as it darted in and out to hungrily drink her wonderful juices. Almost absent mindedly Patricia began to play with her breasts as Peter continued to fuck her pussy with his mouth and tongue. He watched from between her legs with increasing arousal as her hands brush over her nipples before gripping them firmly between her fingers and thumbs and tugging them gently.

He switched position to concentrate on her hard little bud clit gently tickling it with the tip of my tongue before lapping at it whilst watching her hands at work. She started to tense up again as she felt the second stirrings of a climax approach. The feelings Peter was creating from below were taking over once again and Patricia knew she would have to surrender herself to them. He felt her body tighten as she trembled again and let out a loud low moan. He held her for a moment as she calmed down and they shared a kiss before he smiled at her.

"Go and get a shower, and dress in the items I have left in there for you." He grinned. "I have some business to attend to." She smiled dutifully and skipped to the bathroom. The water stopped and when Patricia reappeared at the bathroom door she was only in a white lace bra, panties and black stockings. "You've been a naughty girl!" Peter purred.

"Why, Sir?" Patricia grinned as she approached her naked boss slowly and seductively. "You've tempted me! And now I am going to punish you!" He almost smiled as he pulled her towards him for a brief kiss before ordering her face down onto his bare lap, his cock semi hard and lying against his thigh. "You've been a naughty girl, Trish!" Peter purred again as she felt his hand come down in a slap on her bum cheeks and once again his fingers probed between her cheeks feeling her through the thin panty material.

She eased her thighs apart allowing her boss easier access. "Haven't you Trisha, a very naughty girl!" "Yes Sir!" She almost squealed in agreement as she felt his hand come back down in a slap.

She giggled. Then there was a knock at the door! "Come in!" Peter barked suddenly and Patricia looked up in surprise as two men in their fifties walked into the room and closed the door behind them.

"This is the business that I mentioned!" Peter said to the submissive Patricia. "And this is my PA, who is a very naughty girl!" He said directing his comments to the two men who simply smiled. "Well!" Said one of the men as Patricia watched them both undoing their trouser belts. "She'll need to be punished for that……………………&hellip.!"