Wife an me having fun

Wife an me having fun
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"I'm home!" Fay called from inside the front door while struggling with two arm loads of groceries. She finally kicked the door closed while almost losing her load, but after a moments hesitation righted her listing ship and headed for the kitchen.

"That's funny," she mumbled to herself as she passed through the living room on her way to the kitchen. She sniffed the air and detected not even a hint of her birthday dinner and wondered worriedly why, Fran, her room mate and lover of ten years was nowhere to be found. After putting down her bundles she had a drink of water only to be surprised when Fran slipped up quietly behind her and cupped her heavy breasts through her dress.

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"Oh!!!" Fay gasped with delight. "Where have you been?!?" "Come with me!" Fran whispered while tugging her lover by the arm towards the bedroom. "You're acting like teenager!" Fay kidded as the two forty somethings stumbled down the hall giggling.

"I've got a surprise for you!" Fran said urgently as she ushered Fay into the semi dark bedroom. "What is it?" Fay asked curiously.

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"Tell me!" Once inside, as Fay's eyes slowly became accustomed to the light, her roomie pointed to the bed and whispered, "That's my surprise, happy birthday!" Fay's mouth sagged wide open as she stared at the incredible sight only a few feet from her! "H-how, where!?!" she stammered. "Are you pleased?" Fran asked a little nervously.

Fay's panties immediately drenched themselves as she stared with wide eyed wonder at her lover's surprise.

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"His name's Peter," Fran said while caressing Fay's heaving chest. "And he's only nineteen!" "Where did you find him?" Fay asked while Fran's hand slid up and under her dress. "In the personals," Fran replied softly. "I looked for a young man with a big cock who wanted to fuck and older woman." "We haven't fucked a man in over ten years!" Fay moaned while watching the bemused young man casually fisting his nine inches of cock meat.

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"Let me help you with your things," Fran said while unzipping her lover's dress. In less than a minute the voluptuous older woman was standing there naked with her pussy juice literally dripping down the inside of her leg! "Hey, baby!" Peter said with a tinge of insolence in his voice. "Wanna suck it for fuck it!?!" Fay's legs began to quiver uncontrollably while Fran gently led her over to the bed and into close proximity to the Peter's massive erection.

Once on the bed, she gingerly reached out a let her fingers graze the tip of his oversized head, inducing a long low moan from the young stud's throat. "So what's it gonna be, big mama?" he growled hoarsely.

"I-I wanna ride it," she stammered while Fran helped her hoist her heavy bottom over his smoothly muscled thighs. With her hairy muff gaping wide open, Fran grabbed the big pecker in the middle of the shaft and ran the egg size head up and down Fay's bulging slit. "Ohhhhhhh sweet jesus!" Fay gasped as the smooth glans bumped her super excited clitoris. "It isn't even in her and she's practically cumming like a whore!" Peter intoned evenly. "Come on, baby," he said to Fran, "she's had enough foreplay, let her have the bone." Fran snuggled up against Fay's heaving body and whispered softly into her ear, "Are you sure you're ready?" "You don't have to go through with it if you don't want to!" Fay turned to face her lover, and after staring longingly into her eyes, kissed her deeply on the mouth as she let her knees collapse, which allowed Peter's massive erection to bore its way balls deep into her convulsing vagina!

Even before her fat butt settled down on Peter's slim thighs, the first of several incredibly satisfying orgasms rocketed through her pussy and clit with absolutely brutal ferocity! She lurched around helplessly on his rock hard cock as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her over stuffed pussy until she fell forward onto his chest with her massive breasts squished tightly between them!

"M-my god," she stammered softly, "that was unbelievable." Now while Fay was certainly well fucked and satisfied, Peter was nowhere near ready to shoot his heavy load! So with surprising strength as well as agility, he quickly rolled the pretty plumper over onto her back whereupon he proceeded to fuck the daylights out her!

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"Omigod, omigod!!!" she shrieked as his freight train of an organ began pounding in and out of her with almost vicious precision! Fran reached around and gently cupped Peter's heavy ball sack in her small hand while placing wet kisses all over his smooth white ass! "J-Jesus christ!" he moaned.

"You old bitches are fucking crazy!!!" Fran gave his balls a playful squeeze and whispered, "I certainly don't like being called and old bitch, and I'm pretty sure Fay doesn't either!" Now be a good boy and apologize or I'll squeeze them a little harder!" Then just to show that she meant business she gave them one more little pinch, which immediately induced a long low groan from deep down in his chest.

"M-my god!" he gasped loudly.


"I'm gonna cum!" I'm gonna cum all over her!" By now poor Fay was nearly hysterical with lust as Peter's pecker rammed in and out of her with complete abandon! Her orgasm was just about to overtake her when all at once the young stud ripped his pecker from her stunned pussy, and then with lightning reflexes slid his convulsing organ into her wide open mouth!

She was, however, only surprised for a split second as her cunt exploded in another hard cum while she eagerly swallowed each and every drop of cum that erupted from his pulsating weapon! Peter finally had what seemed to be all the starch taken from his bionic cock, as he collapsed next to the shell shocked woman who was still trying to figure out exactly how all this had transpired! It seemed that it was only a few minutes ago that she was standing in the vestibule with and arm load of groceries, but now here she was on her own bed just having been fucked by the biggest and hardest cock she ever had!

With her legs still splayed wide apart, she sensed a tender pair of warm lips giving her still twitching vagina hundreds of tender wet kisses up and down both sides of her labia. "Ohhhhhhh, Frannie!" she cooed. "What a nice birthday present, thank you so very much!" "It was my pleasure," her lover said softly. "Now you relax while I make love to your pussy!" Fay closed her eyes in anticipation of one of Fran's expert cunt lappings, but the stillness of the air was violated by as Fran let loose with a scream that would have wakened the dead!

Fay bolted upright with a look of consternation on her face as she tried to brush the cob webs of her sexual haze aside while trying comprehend exactly what was going on!

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"Grab my balls will you, you little slut!" Peter said through clenched teeth while driving his thick spike into poor Fran's tight little asshole. "L-leave her alone!" Fay cried out with futility. "I'm gonna teach this bitch a lesson she won't soon forget!" he shot back while Fran clawed helplessly at the sheet and blanket.

Her eyes had by now glazed over and no sound was able to escape her lips as the young buck fucked her ass with cruel intentions! But as is wont to happen, sometimes even the best laid plans go awry! Even thought he was indeed trying to teach her a lesson, little did he realize that the tension building in Fran's ass and pussy was quickly roiling to boiling!

He grabbed her slim hips for more leverage, but was shocked and amazed as all at once she let out a long low moan and asked thickly, "Is that all you got, stud boy!?!" "And to think I thought you could fuck like a man!" Just hearing the unrepentant bitch taunting him sent him into and absolute frenzy as he literally threw his hips into each and every stroke.

Fay looked on with real concern and even a bit of horror as she watched her petite lover getting the ass fucking of all time! "A-are you sure you're okay?" Fay asked nervously as each stroke bottomed out with such power that it almost lifted the tiny woman off of the bed.

With her head rolling from side to side, Fran managed to nod to her friend that she was indeed all right when out of nowhere both she and Peter stiffened like two by fours as climaxes of unrivaled intensity shook them to their very souls!

His legs all at once had the consistency of spaghetti, and without anything to grab onto, tumbled back on the floor in a helpless heap! "God, I feel like I've been fucked by Attila and each and every one of his huns!" Fran sighed as a small rivulet of semen seeped from her still distended rectum.

"Are you all right?" Fay asked with some real concern. "About as all right as he is!" Fran giggled as she looked over at the still shell shocked young man.

"Well," Fay said with a laugh. "How did you like my present?!?" "Uh, it was interesting, very interesting!" THE END