Casada safada traindo no pelo

Casada safada traindo no pelo
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Chapter one. The Lovers The breeze felt cool against his sweat covered chest, as he looked out over the city of Aven. His mind wrought with guilt about his actions the night before.He had long since accepted that the profession of a whore was one bourne of great neccessity, as all campaining soldiers needed an outlet for their desires as they were far away from their wifes and families, with nothing but the laws of the conquerors to control them.

If left unchecked good men would turn to the foulest deeds possible, catching unaware little girls and taking what they please from them and the rest of the local population, and yet still he despised himself for his actions. The whore, he thought, had been most welcoming to him, pretty, willing and cheap.

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But somehow she had left the room with her fee of three silvers and a lavish tip that shocked her to her very core. The Thick yellow coin, looked out of place in her petite hand she thought as she took her usual route home, throught the crisscrossing maze of streets and allys, she had never held gold before and had to admit that it felt unexpectedly heavy. Having been sent up to the room by the innkeeper she expected to leave with her silver and be content, but when the man opened the door she was half tempted to let him take her for free, his bearded face looked down at her smiling as he asked her her name.

No customer had ever asked her name before or even talked to her, it was usually in, out and done in a few minutes.But wih him it had been diferent he took her gently slowly making passionate love to her making her breath stagger and her loins ache. With the others she useually faked her climaxes, but for him she did not find the need, as he gently pleasured her, and her him.

The moment when he removed his clothes shall forever be in my fondest memories she thought, remembering the feelings that had burned in her soul, and bringing back a lingering tingle between her legs. After the lovemaking had ceased he held her close, still inside her, and making her feel fulll and warm for a full 30 minutes, before he got up and went to his coinpurse bringing out a handfull of silvers and the thick golden coin that she now clutched in her palm.Standing up from the blankets she walked over to him looking astounded at the coins in his hand.

"My lord" she had said "for this price you could hire most of the whores in the city for the night, and still have enough for a good meal after to recover your stamina, I cannot take this." "My dear I would consider it an insult if you didn't take this, for you have shown me great pleasures tonight and this is only a fraction of what you deserve." These words echoed in her head as she walked through the dimly lit night, her shoes making dull clicking sounds on the worn cobbles.

"Please sir" She replied in earnest "You shouldnt have to pay me at all, for tonight I will remember above all others as the best of my life." Her complaints fell upon deaf ears as her kissed her gently and sent her on her way.

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She had seen him watching her from the balcony as she made the long journy home. She looked at the coin again, the warm metal glinting in the light of the street lamps.


I will return to him tomorrow, she thought quietly to herself, but not as a whore, no as a lover and companion and they would spend the night making passionate love again and again, until neither of them could take any more.

And with this happy thought she pocketed the coin and began to sing quietly to herself, her sweet voice echoing in the dark, and creating a quiet chorus of great beauty, as the old song reached its end where the gods driven mad by the two lovers, claimed their souls forever, she raised the volume, and she did not hear the footsteps behind her as her song, ended.

____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Harradan had never had a drop of luck in his life, or so he told himself as he stood quietly on his room's balcony, Life has dealt me a real shitty hand, he pondered quietly, victim of abuse as a child, the town watch has "rescued" him from his father and sent him to an orphanage, as life looked up for him the harder truth was then forcefully imposed upon him.

Yes his parents had, on occasions struck him and those beatings had been horrific, but if he had behaved and kept his chores done, then they had been pleasant, even loving at times.

But there were no such times in the orphanage, where he spent his adolesance. the beatings there had been frightful, and not just from the matron, but the other children too had beaten him and took all of his possesions before the end of the first day he had more bruises than he had ever got from his parents, and nothing at all to his name. After this he had made his way as a day labourer, hard hours and little pay, had just about enough money to hold a small plot of land on which he built a small farmhouse and made a good living.

When finally he thought that years of suffering had paid off, his life got so much better.Briefly. He had married a beutiful girl who loved him deeply for his great honour and generosity.One season later he had been conscripted into the army of the king for some war in a far off land, at the promise of 5 gold peices when all was done, and a small pension of 10 silvers a month until he died.

His years as a worker had given him good strengh and stamina and he soon rose to the rank of captain, leading over 100 soldiers to battle.

After the course of several battle had been swayed by "Harradan's devils" The kings generals gave him a gift of 10 gold coins "A great sum for a great warrior" was what the king had said to him and he recieved the heavy coinpurse.


A month after he sent the money back home to his wife, the war was won by a daring charge from Harradan's company left the enemies flank dangerously weak and open to, the cavalry charge that won them the battle,and the war.

with the conquering army returning home, he went to his home to find nothing but the blackened shell of his home and the grave of his wife outside just growing a covering of thin grass. Upon recieving the sum of money from her husband, she foolishly told her freinds what a hero her husband was, and about the lavish gift they had recieved from the king himself, and so the story circulated around the local villages, and this inevitably reached the Local bandits.

They had decended upon the quiet and lovingly made home of Harradan and his wife, they had raped and killed his wife, taken the money and burned the house.Overcome by greif he acted gathering up the local townspeople and hunted down every single bandit within 5 miles of his house, and set about to rebuild his life.

Again the kings greed had led him to declare war on another kingdom, and he had been reinstated as "Captain Harradan" as his devils were reformed.The war was again hard fought on both sides, until the battle of Hawkfell.

Thsi battle had resulted in the total loss of his company, seeing the right side of their army breakinghe charged his men into the swell of rushing enemies while their formation was ragged and broken, Smashing a hammer into their side, his soldiers stabbed deep into the enemies army, and were quickly surrounded, this gave the flank time to reform and charge back at full strengh, holding the main battle line strong.

As soon as they closed in behind them both he and his warriors knew that they had reached the end of the line, and fought all the harder for it. Forming a circle of sheilds they fought to the last 10 men, before Harradan and his devils pushed, forward deeper into the enemy, Their wepons and armour now blood red made the last men seem hellish and deamonic, sending enemies fleeing in all directions.

Hacking a bloody path forward the devils and their master, reached the enemy centre, where the enemy king was surrounded by his gold clad elite and sitting on a golden throne supported by his slaves, he seemed to barely notice them as the last 4 devils bellowed a warcry that would shatter shields and souls and charged onward.

The kings guards turned slowly to form a wall to protect their lord. His axe handle now slick with blood Harradan hacked through the wall of flesh and metal, as the last of his company fell to the savage swords of the kings men barely registering the look of terror on the king's face he threw his axe splitting his head like a melon. Jumping onto the kings mobile throne he withdrew his axe from the back of the chair, and let out a blood curdling scream.

"YOUR KING IS DEAD!" he yelled, "SLAIN BY THE DEVIL HIMSELF! GIVE UP THE FIGHT OR YOU WILL PAY WITH YOUR BLOOD HIS DEBT!" The enemy line broke and ran, and the battle hardened warriors of his army surged forward. The kings elite walked orderly back guiding the routing army to safety.Overcome by fatigue, he pushed the kings corpse off the throne and sat, as the slaves put it down and ran for the transient safety of the hills.Closing his eyes he fell into a dreamless sleep.

When he awoke men were picking over the dead bodies on the field, with ring cutters and knives to quickly dispach the wounded. Shaking of the remnants of sleep he rose sticking to the chairdue to the congealed blood on his armour. As reached the tents of the victorious army, the men withdrew from their games of dice or knucklebones, to stare avidly at Harradan's scarlet form.

Two of the kings guards escorted him to the kings tent where he was accused of treason for disobeying a direct order of the king.

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For this he was stripped of all but the clothes on his back and exiled from the kingdom, never to return under pain of death. Accepting his punishment stoically he took supplies from the kings stores, and journeyed off into his life. And this was where he had ended up, a far away city in a far away land, where he could make a new life for himself.


hiring a room at one of the better inns of the town, he had asked not to be disturbed. Sensing an unsatisfied customer the landlord Vilthar, Went to the local whorehouse, and asked for one to be sent to Harradan's room.

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When he opened the door, with the intent of repremanding the plump landlord he had come face to face with the most beautiful set of emerald eyes he had ever seen, around these eyes was beutiful ivory skin that seemed to radiate light.

Her lips were full, red and inviting. Framing this angelic face was long brown hair, as dark as the tree's in farthest Mairen, that seemed to flow like water over her shoulders, reaching her breasts, her cheap dress emphasised every curve perfectly, higlighting both her breasts and rump.

Tearing his eyes from her fantastic body he had managed to ask her name, which was almost a beautiful as her, a name that would suit a queen he ,thought, the fairest queen in all the 12 kingdoms could not compare to her. "Garienne" he whispered to the night as he relived their passionate lovemaking,bringing a swift swelling to his groin. As he stood there remembering every excuisite detail of the night, he caught the sound of an angelic voice on the windsinging the old folk song the bard had been reciting on his arrival.

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As his mind began to drift back again, he caught sight of a group men creeping into an alleyway following the route Garienne had taken. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Chapter Two the Fighters.

Grabbing the door he wrenched it open and rushed downstairs to the bar, where the landlord was cleaning a mug. Upon seeing Harradan he said "I Take it you enjoyed my surprise then" with a sly grin, that made several patrons laugh heartily. "Give me your club!" He asked quickly "NOW!" "alright sir i meant no offence, was just a joke" "look give me your club now, or the blood of a goddess will be on your hands,"His voice seemed to terrify the man to action, reaching behind the bar he withdrew a stout wooden club with iron bands wrapped around it, which he passed quickly to Harradan.Taking this he bolted out of the inn and in to the dark.

When the hand clasped on her shoulder Garienne Screamed before the second hand closed over her mouth, "well look at this" said a Black toothed man with fould breath, as he leered into her face, a series of chuckles echoed around heras other hands began to grab and grope her.

She felt so helpless as the hands held her and touched her, She felt two hands on her breasts, and another two on her ass, as they bore her to the cold hard cobbles of the street. She bit the hand over her mouth and screamed again hoping somebody could hear her. A calloused hand slapped her the sound echoing through the alleyway.

"I'll make you pay for that one you little bitch." he said as his hand grabbed the top of her dress, and wrenched downwards, ripping the cheap fabric like paper, exposing her breasts and stomach, the man grinned as he wrenched again throwing the tattered dress to the side. Completely naked now the hands felt even more savage as their rough skin touched her.

It was a this point when she felt a finger graze her entrance, and she shuddered in fear, "Well look at this" a man Cackled holding up his finger for all to see "Shes already soaking, the little slut!".

With annother muffled cry he slid his fingers back into her, bringing them out and up to his mouth, where he sucked them with relish. Seeing the pain in her eyes he laughed again as he plunged his fingers back into her. Already having climaxed 3 times that day made the experiance even more terrible as she was so tender their fingers felt like fire inside her loins.

suddenly she felt he ass cheeks being pulled apart by two more hands, and for the first time in her life a finger slid up into her butt, "ooooh" exclaimed annother of the men with a bellowign laugh "she doesnt like that, does she?!" Pain as she had never felt before coursed through her as the man slid 2 fingers into her tight hole.

A sickening crunch was heard as Harradan charged forward reversing the club into one of the rapist's heads, sending out a crimson spray that send the man sprawling to the cobbles below. Withdrawing their fingers from her the rest of the men grabbed knives, clubs and even a sword or two and advanced on the newcomer.

With a flash of movement two more men were send flying to the ground, shoulder charging a third to the ground he lashed out his foot connecting with his skull. Dodging a knife stab he rammed the club like a sword forward, into the mans belly knocking the wind out of him swiftly grabbing the dropped knife he threw it forward pinning annother man to a wooden wall by the shirt, again the club spun knocking the last 2 men senseless. Advancing on the last man, who was still pinned to the wall, he grabbed hi by the neck and lifted him up.

"Please.Please don't kill me!" he begged "Im sorry i'm sorry im sorry!" he cried this out again and again. "you made a choice tonight" Harradan said "and now you will be punished for that choice" throwing the man down he said "now get out of my sight, Scum!" he added spitefully as he walked away from the man, the man fled.

Approaching Gariennne he hugged her and held her close to him, as she wept, and wept. after a few minutes he picked up her tattered dress, and wrapped her in it, also covering this with his travelling cloak concealing her nakedness.slipping the club between his side and arm, made his way back to the Inn.

Walking through the tavern with a naked woman wrapped in a shabby travelling cloak, he drew many strange looks from the patrons and serving staff, returning the blood smeared club to the barkeep, he gave him the gold coin, and asked him "if you have any spare dresses could you send them up to my room please?"and with that he left and took her up to his room.

Lying her down on his bed he began to sing soothingly, his deep voice echoing off the walls, Halfway through the ballad, annother smaller voice joined his and theirt voices made a perfect harmony that carried down to the patrons in the tavern,who all began to listen paying no attention to the payed musician who was trying desperately to regain his audiance. After the song ended Garienne had stopped weeping,"Its odd sir" she said "we have slept together, and you saved my life, and yet i still dont know your name, your past or anything about you" "Ahhh" he replied "but do you need to?

maybe you know all you need, I certainly do" "What do you know, about me?" she replied curiously "Only 3 things, firstly your name, Garienne. Secondly I know that your the most beautiful woman in the world,"he paused before going on "and lastly I know the most important fact that I Love you, and thats all I need to know, everthing else Is just a bonus" he concluded with a smile.

"So what, dear Garienne do you know of me?" "I know that you are The bravest man I have ever known, thatyou would willingly risk your life for me, which shows you have great honour, I know you are a fantastic Lover, and fighter, And I also know that I love you," she felt slightly awkward when she continued "So wait. your never going to tell me your name?

or anything about you?" he chuckled heartily, "thats not what I said was it? My name Is Harradan, Im an exiled soldier of king Rontar, and I lost my wife to bandits several years ago. and aside from that there is little to tell,"he finished sadly as he looked at her face, a mask of surprise.

"That cannot be it" she said, "your a man of at least 25, and you can summarise your life in so few words? It makes no sense to me" smiling he said back to her "I have a knack for simplifying things, for instance I could summarise this moment In one word" he said as he leant in to kiss her.

She kissed back gently their tongues begining to dance in each others mouths as the kiss deepend."What word?"she asked breaking their kiss "Perfect" He gently leant back into the kiss his hands slowly removing the battered cloak and the tattered dress, once again seeing her naked form, and bringing a swell from his groin.

He gently began to knead her breasts, making Garienne Moan, under his touch, her nipples hardened as her breathing became more ragged, he reluctantly broke their kiss, and moved down her body, kissing her chest, and moving his tounge over her pert breasts and rock hard nipples.

she moaned loudly as his attentions once again shifted, with a gentle bite on one of her nipples he moved even further down laying delicate kisses on her stomach and thighs, Even though they had already had sex earlier that night, They took it as slow as if they were both virgins, on their wedding night.

As he kissed her outer lips he felt her shudder, but this time in pleasure, as he bagan to gently pull apart her labia, and slipped his tounge inside her, she groaned again louder and louder until he body went rigid and a gush of sweet fluid bathed Harradan's face.Lapping up her remaining juices, he pulled away to seeher face glowing in post euphoric bliss, her eyes closed and eyelids fluttering."nooooo" she whispered huskily" don't stop yet, I'm having so much fun" when she finally opened her eyes he was naked in front of her positioning his cock at her entrance, he looked at her, as if asked permission to which she gave a small nod.

They both moaned as he slid into her in a single stroke,she was so wet that there was not friction just a warm and silky wetness that sent them both wild, slowly he began to pump in and out of her, eliciting small cries from her every time he bottomed out inside of her.

After several minutes of slow and passionate love, he picked up the pace almost doubling his speed, making her cries louder and more frequent, 2 times during this, she had gone stiff and climaxed, adding more fluids to lubricate Harradan's pistoning thrusts.

He felt the building pressure in his balls as he rapidly reached his peak, He then exploded inside her with such a force that it pushed he into yet annother mind shattering orgasm.After pumping her full of his seed he slid out of her with a wet "plop" settling back down beside her, Harradan took his lover in his arms," I promise that for as long as I live I shall love and cherish you as you deserve and more" the end I put alot of time and effort into this and would really love some feedback positive or not, If i get good results i might even right a second part to this, if not Then ill keep on writing other stories.

Thanks for all your time Sedgie666