Teensexcouple Cumshot Compilation

Teensexcouple Cumshot Compilation
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Fbailey story number 528 Naked And Tied To A Tree I took my dog out for his nightly walk.

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Fred is a beautiful Golden Labrador Retriever that is of show quality, but to us he is family. So as I was walking Fred around he acted funny and tried to drag me into the trees out behind my house.

I decided not to fight him but at the same time I didn't want another encounter with a skunk either. Fred didn't take me in very far when he stopped and sat down. He just kept looking ahead. I told him to stay and then I walked in just a little bit further. There tied to a tree was Evelyn my fourteen-year-old neighbor. She was naked as the day she was born. I know because when my wife and I visited her mother in the hospital she made it a point to show me that Evelyn was not a boy and that she had indoor pluming as she called it.

There was a piece of tape across her mouth. When I asked her if I should remove it slowly she shook her head no, when I asked her if I should remove it quickly she shook her head yes, so quickly it was. Rip! She let out a mild scream then asked me to untie her hands. Well that was easier said than done, it was dark, and the knots were tight. I told her to stay right there while I went back to the house for a flashlight and a sharp knife.

I realized how stupid it was to tell her to stay right there as I walked away. I got the knife and flashlight along with one of my button shirts for her to wear. Then I thought better of that and hung it on the clothesline that my wife uses occasionally. I thought how nice it would be to see her naked for an extra minute or so while she walked to it and took the clothespins off from it to put it on.

When I got to her tree I couldn't help but shine the light on her nude body.

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She was certainly a pretty girl but her breasts were perfect C-cups, she got those from her mother. Her pussy was shaved almost bald with one of those landing strips on her pubic mound like my wife wears her pubic hair. I expected Evelyn to say something about me looking her over or to tell me to hurry up but instead she said, "I'm so glad that you came by.

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I've been here for a couple of hours and I'm starting to get cold." That was when I noticed how hard her nipples were. Then Evelyn said, "Having you look at me like that is exciting me.

I'm wet." I shined the flashlight down to her pussy again. Sure enough there was moisture there that was not there a moment before. I said, "I guess you want me to set you free." Evelyn replied, "You don't have to be in a hurry.

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That is if you want to take advantage me while I can't put up a fight. I think I'd like you too." Well what do you say to a naked girl that has just asked you to molest her? I pulled out my camera and took three pictures blinding her with the light.

I placed both of my hands on her firm breasts and squeezed them just enough to let her know that I had, then I tweaked her nipples. She cooed for me.

I lowered one hand to her crotch, slipped it between her legs to cup her pussy, and then I slipped my middle finger up into her moist vagina.

I asked, "Are you a virgin?" Evelyn giggled and said, "I don't know. I think so. Does it count if Fred fucks me?" I looked at her and then I looked at Fred, thinking to myself that he was one lucky dog.


After all I trained him to fuck my wife shortly after we got him. I also know that my wife shares Fred with Evelyn's mother…and now he gets to fuck Evelyn too…he sure is one lucky dog.


I wiggled my middle finger around inside her and said, "No it doesn't count and I'm a whole lot better at it than Fred is, I'll tell you that much." Evelyn said, "Untie me and prove it." I cut the ropes to release her and Evelyn got down on the grass on her hands and knees.

Fred started toward her and I told him to stay, he did. I told her to get on her back and she did. Then I got down between her legs and started licking that teenage pussy of hers, the sweetest one that I had ever tasted.

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Eventually I moved up to her firm breasts and kissed and sucked them for a while. Finally I gave her a kiss, asked permission to enter her, and then slipped it into her tight pussy. That night I got her virginity even though my dog had gotten there before me on many occasions.

Fucking Evelyn was a fantasy that I had nurtured for a couple of years. However, thanks to my wife I had fucked Evelyn's mother several times in a threesome with my wife.

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The two women can sure excite me and they seem to like sharing me too. As I stroked into Evelyn's tight pussy I fantasized about her joining our little group sometime. My mind was racing much too quickly and I started to cum sooner than I had wanted too.

The feeling was so intense that I drained my balls of every drop of cum and my body of every bit of strength that I had. When I finished cumming inside her I collapsed off to one side and just lay there.

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Evelyn smiled at me and grabbed a hold of my semi limp cock as she said, "Happy fiftieth birthday. I was your present from your wife and my mother. They are waiting for us up in your bedroom. That is when you can walk, but take your time." Confused I asked, "Who tied you up?" Evelyn smiled and said, "Your wife.

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She is really good with knots." I smiled and thought to myself, "She should be. I taught her everything that she knows." Evelyn said, "My mother gave me a douche, an enema, and made me soak in a bubble bath for an hour tonight just for you.

She trimmed my pussy, then ate it for a while, and made me Jill off until my clit was super sensitive. She really likes you." Again I thought to myself, "She should, her grandmother was my girlfriend before I met my wife, most likely her mother is my daughter, and Evelyn might be my daughter too.

I always thought about getting blood tests but why take the chance that they are not my daughters. My wife and I love them both as if they are my daughters." I stood up, held Evelyn's hand, and together we walked Fred back to the house. I couldn't help but smile knowing that Evelyn was not on any form of birth control and that she could give me another daughter if I was lucky.

Three generations of women and all of them my daughters. The End Naked And Tied To A Tree 528