La cuisine de colette

La cuisine de colette
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Author's Note- Sorry I haven't added(or written) anything in awhile guys, I've been very busy, but I'll will try and pick up the pace. *WARNING* This is the goriest chapter up to date, its really violent and fucked up, if you don't like these things, skip Demkian's POV that says WARNING next to it.

I don't condone any of these things that happen here, so don't fucking do it!! This is Chapter 7 to the Damien Skylar series, and if you haven't read 1-6, I suggest you do so. *Demkian's POV* Finally, my simple weak side is no more, I don't have to deal with him anymore. Finally, I get to serve my purpose for Father.

"The girl is in my chambers, we will have to wait until the full moon to perform the sacrifice, the girl's soul will be stuck on the other side, when the time comes I will pull out to dagger, and the same time you must penetrate her.

You will enjoy taking her, raping her, hurt her as much as you want, just don't kill her until you cum, then her soul will be sent to Demogorgon, and he shall finally be free, to rule this world, and so my son, shall we." " Humans will be here for our food and pleasure, and to sire our children, nothing more." Kerberos claps me on my back.

"We have three days until the full moon, and you haven't been.yourself, in quite a long time, go and enjoy the night my son, get your fill." I smile at Father, this is going to be interesting. "Valerie's POV* [Three days, we have three days. We need a plan, we know where they are, and we know where the alter is, but it's most likely going to be guarded, if we're lucky he might think you are still his loyal pet and ask you to be one of them, if not, we're going to need to infiltrate, and we don't have any weapons.] Shelley whispers in my mind.

"I know how to get weapons, Selene is.was a Daemon hunter, she should have a stock somewhere, I know where she lives so no worry there.

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but its going to be just me.I wish you were here." I feel tears well in my eyes, but what feels like a hand brushes my cheek. [Its ok baby, it won't just be you, with you amplifying my powers along with yours, you have your Daemon strength and I can make their heads explode.if they're close enough.] I sigh, Shelly found out soon after entering my head that not only can she now read minds clearly, she can make their brain practically explode. We found out in an unfortunate accident with a guy who was walking down the street was thinking inappropriate things about a little girl and his head just blew off his shoulders.

[We can do this, we'll just have to plan carefully and scout out the alter. We have three days, we need to prepare. We can base here at my apartment, there aren't many weapons here, tonight we can break into Selene's and stock pile as much as we can load into the truck, and then do some searching around, maybe make a few minions who can scout for us.] "I guess we have a plan then, lets just pray to God this works." *Kerberos' POV* Its going to happen, Demogorgon will be set free, and I will be rewarded graciously, my plans finally coming to fruition, yes!

I will have it all finally, I can make her come back.Aikatherine.Charlotte.they came from the same blood, diluted as it may of been, but they were similar, I will bring them both back, but it won't be them, they will be much easier to control, but it will be them, the only women I ever cared for, they will be back, they will serve me, they will get on their knees at my command, they will worship me.

Demkian's purpose shall soon be finished, and then I will need him no longer, I will not kill him.he must remain, to be the connection to Demogorgon's world, as long as he doesn't die, or Damien doesn't return, all will be well, we will have to keep him safe.locked away forever.

Soon the life I've wanted for so long will be mine. Soon, I will have it all. Soon, soon, soon. HAHAHAHAHA! *Demkian's POV* [WARNING: FUCKING GORY] I drain my glass, I've missed alcohol, especially with blood mixed in.

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An hour ago I came into this club and made it my own. Blocked the exits with my power so no one could escape. The patrons strung up to the ceiling, some alive some dead, bleeding our for my amusement and drink, the strippers dancing for their lives, other's serving me drinks. Some of my guests on the ceiling are writhing as their blood leaks onto the floor.

Its a glorious place, music with a pulsing beat, sexy women, blood everywhere, and as much humiliation as I can cause. I sit naked, covered in blood, in a nice dark corner, a woman, whose frantic heartbeat I can feel on my chest, dances in my lap as I bark another order for a drink. The blonde one serving me scuttles off, filling a glass with beer and blood.

The brunette behind me rubs my shoulders, pressing her luscious tits against my back. The girl on my lap, a red head, gasps as she feels my cock press against panty clad pussy.

"That's right slut, you want that?" She looks at me fearfully and my cock pulses harder. I push her off me roughly, and she lands her back on the floor. "Don't get up, take off your panties and show me your pussy." Her already naked tits jiggle as she sits up slightly to pull her panties down her legs.

"Slower bitch." As she gets them off, I kick at her legs to spread them apart. "Hmm, I can't seem to get a good view, lift your legs and spread them wide." As she does, like the good slut she is, she also reaches down and spreads her pink puffy lips open to expose all of herself to me. "Now.touch yourself." I say, slowly stroking my cock. "Wh-what?" She stammers and I glare at her, my eyes glowing blood-red.

"Masturbate you fucking bitch or I'll rip your fucking pussy out." She starts crying but her fingers start dancing around her clit. As the blonde comes back with my drink, the red head is already coming, soaking the wooden floor with her juices.

As she hands me my heady cocktail I grab her wrist. "Why don't you get down there and lick up her juices, she's making a mess." She whimpers and I turn her around and pull off her panties, and push her down to the floor. She lowers her head slowly, and starts lapping up the liquid hungrily. "That's a good girl." My cock feels like it wants to explode, I turn to the brunette behind me and pull her down, she kneels on the seat next to me, without giving an order, I grasp the back of her head roughly, and forcibly shove her mouth onto my cock.

She chokes and splutters but I play no attention and I make her bob up and down on my cock. Her tongue wriggles on my dick, and her mouth opens wider as she tries to suck in some air, but I force her down farther and cut of any oxygen she could of gotten. I ram my dick down her throat as I watch the blonde and red head, now making out, in front of me. The blonde is on top, fingering the red head deeply as she moans and wriggles beneath her. She kisses the red head, pushing her tongue into the blonde's mouth as she grinds against the expert fingers inside of her.

I notice the brunette isn't struggling as I ram my dick in and out her throat, but I'm barely paying attention to her. I feel a load about to explode, I haven't gotten to cum in decades and I feel this is going to be a huge one.

I still the brunette's mouth on my cock as I cum, shooting jet after jet into her mouth, I bring her up and look at her face. Her mouth is hung open, her jaw broken from my forcible blow job, my cum frothing out her mouth and nose along with a stream of blood, her eyes stare at me blankly, their light gone, and I smile at her, and let her drop to the floor.

The blonde and brunette stop what they're doing and look at her and then let out a scream.

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I laugh loudly at the both of them, as the try to stand and run, but with a wave of my hand they are forced back down. "Come here and clean me up, and maybe I'll let you live." They crawl to me slowly, whimpering and crying. begging for their lives, as they come to a rest in front of me. The blonde take my cock into her hand and leans forward, glancing the dead girl for a second then immediately back, fresh tears filling her eyes, as she slowing drags her tongue up my cock.

The red head follows suit, and soon both girls are lavishly cleaning my cock of all the cum the dead one couldn't hold. Soon they nestle my cock between both pairs of tits, rubbing up and down, licking the head and kissing each other. As I shoot another load onto their breasts and faces I give another order.

"Blondie, lie down over there," I point away from our little booth and to the area near the bar where a bunch of dead patrons and strung up. "and lay down in the pool of blood, and you Red, lie on top of her, put your pussies together for me." They start to cry harder as I walk them over and make them lie in the thick pool of still hot sticky blood.

The picture is perfect, artist perfection. The sexy women with DD tits pressed together, their pussies against each other, laying in blood and crying. I smile as I kneel down behind them, lining up my cock and slipping it between them, their soft, wet pussy lips encasing my cock all around.

I grab Red by her hips and start thrusting, the girls start moaning as I hit their clits. I grind my dick against them and it feels amazing. I grab Red by her hair and pull her up slightly. "Blondie, start sucking her tits." Blondie takes one glorious perky nipple into her mouth and starts licking, nipping and sucking as she fondles the other one.

Red moans and bucks, I feel them both getting wetter. Suddenly I roll Red of Blondie, and I tell both of them to get on their hands and knees. I press their hips together, so they are right next to each other. "Kiss each other." Red kisses Blondie deeply and I see that their just dripping juices. I line up my cock with Red's pussy and plunge in, making her scream in Blondie's mouth, but they don't stop kissing. I slap Blondie's ass then dive 2 fingers into her pussy.

I thrust my cock/fingers into Red/Blondie's pussy. Soon both girls are moaning like mad and pressing back into me, trying to get me deeper.

I pound into both their pussies as hard as I can, I slip a third finger into Blondie, then a fourth, soon my fist is inside her, and she's bucking and moaning like wild, all the while never breaking her kiss with Red.

My other hand it tangled in Red's hair, pulling her back so I can go even deeper, I feel her cervix open up around my cockhead and I plunge into her womb. She's so tight on my cock if feels like I'm about to burst.but not quite, I need something first.

I feel Blondie start to squirt as she cums around my arm, at this time, most of my forearm is jammed inside her, up into her womb. Perfect. I open my hand, extending my claws, and poke the through her womb, shoving the fingers through. She starts screaming into Red's mouth, but I'm guess Red thinks its of bliss not pain. I hook my fingers around her womb, grabbing it, and I start to tug, her screams get louder and Red kisses her deeper. I feel her womb rip and I start pulling it, Blondie stops kissing Red and starts coughing up blood, Red looks back and sees blood pouring from her friends cunt and she starts to scream and thrash, but I keep a steady grip on her.

As I rip out Blondie's womb, Blondie slumps forward, as I yank the last bit out, I know Blondie is dead, and so does Red and she screams and cries for her friend. I bring Blondie's womb up to Red for her to see. "Isn't it beautiful, well, isn't it?" I ask her, she looks at me terrified and screams louder. I grunt as her scream hurts my ears and I shove Blondie's womb into Red's mouth, effectively shutting her up. I push her down to where her face in the blood and start fucking her hard from behind.

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Ramming my cock into her sweet cunt as hard as I can as she screams and cries and gags on Blondie. As I cum, I rake my nails down her spine, severing her spinal cord, and she slips off my dick, as cum shoots from my dick onto her back and hair. I see my cum pooling from her pussy and mixing with blood on the floor. I stand up and smile, just one more girl to go. The reason why I picked this place is because I felt a clean soul in here.

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The girl in question is the one I'm sauntering over to now. She was her trying to get her father away from the bar to come home. She was at the wrong place at the wrong time. I wanted to defile her, to make the memory of my first night as me memorable, and to have the fun that I missed for decades.

She was dressed in a white dress and matching panty and bra set, until I took it off. Now she lies tied to a table naked. There is a gun(which on of the patrons tried to shoot me with.idiot) laying next to her head. I smile, this will be interesting.

"Please.let me go, I won't tell anyone.please." I caress her face and I feel her tears on my fingers. "Dear lady, there is no escape, I'm going take you." She struggles fiercely, I'll give her that, she's got courage. "No please, I'm a virgin." "A Virgin," I cut her off "Even better." I say as I climb on top of her writhing pussy. She has small but pert breasts, big enough to fill my hands, wide hips and an unshaven pussy.

Total virgin. I line my blood and cum covered cock up to her pussy, and she screams at me to stop before I plunge into her hard, her hymen breaking easily, blood running down my balls as she screams in pain. I give her no time to recover and start thrusting wildly. Her screams of pain fuel my desire, and I blow a load into her immediately, I continue forcing my cock into her. Her writhing body feeling so good. I grab her hips and pull her roughly too me, and I already see bruises show up on her pale skin.

Her pure glow starts to dim, this perfect angel not so perfect anymore as I take her. I take the gun and put it in her mouth. "There is only one bullet in her, lets play a little game of Russian Roulette eh? You'll be the only one playing but, it should be fun for me." I put the gun in her mouth, her screams muffled.

I thrust into her wildly, the look on her face and her predicament getting me off, and I pull the trigger. *Click* nothing. I laugh. "Lucky, lets try number two." I'm reveling in this."I fucking love this!" I shout at her while I pull the trigger again. *Click* nada. I laugh at her and she looks at me like I'm insane.well I am insane. I cum in her hard and decide to make this even more interesting, something I've never done.

I lean back and sit between her open thighs, my cum and her blood leaking from her defiled pussy.


"No longer a virgin, your nothing now. No longer clean, and raped by a demon, most likely impregnated with my child." Tears are running none stop and she whispers something.

"What was that, I can't hear you darling?" "Kill me, please." "Gladly honey." I point the gun at her belly.


*Click* Zilch She flinches and cries. "Please just get it over with." I start jerking off at her screams. I point it at her chest. *Click* Almost "Just one more honey, maybe its a blank, if it is, I'll let you live." Her eyes brighten up as I point it to its last destination. I shove the barrel into her pussy, stroking it in and out of her, I jerk off fast at the sight of the gun and her horrified face as I do it. "Stop.please.I want to li." *Click* Boom. The gun shoots off in her pussy the bullet going out her belly, blood spurting up like a fountain as I cum.

This is just the beginning of a fun night. *Damien's POV* Its so dark, where am I? .Who am I? Demkian? I shudder in revulsion.but I can't shudder, I don't have a body.what is this? A light, just a little light, but coming fast towards me. What is it? "Help" I mouth at the light, but no sound comes out.

I don't have lips. The light enters me, though I try to struggle away.but I have no body to struggle. "Damien." The voice drifts through my I have a mind? "Damien" that my, that isn't right. "Damien.its ok, just let go." Let go.let go of what? Daymeean means nothing to me.that isn't that.? "Damien, let go." I'm Damien? Should I let go.but I have no body to let go of anything with.

"Damien let go.and come to me." I relax.the voice is soothing.and familiar. "Mother?" "Let go Damien." "Mother!" I let go. *Well I hope you enjoyed, I know this is considerably darker than any other chapter, even 5, but Demkian is a Daemon after all.

Give feed back guys. Thanks. This will be posted on Literotica and XNXX.*