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This story is longer than my last and I think that it's better than my last. Everyone has an imagination, so why not use it from time to time? -- -- The real struggle can't be found in any newspaper, but at the heart of all big business, the employees.

In my case I'm dealing with an employee, a low level, run of the mill, lower-middleclass-apartment owner-desk-monkey that struggles to pay his bills every month. You can call me Todd.

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White faint striped shirt. Felt-tip pens in pocket. Black stumped shoes. Dark khaki pants. And a tie color to signify what my soul has turned to, Black. I usually either hanged around my small cubicle, or the break room.

How about the break room hm? A small popcorn walled awful excuse for a make-shift kitchen is what it is. No trust here in 12-F, all either liars, thieves, cheats, or some combination of all I mentioned.

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Jake hits on Tanya every day. Ellen bitches about Kraig, and the "manager", if you could call him that, just sits back like we're just a boring movie that he can masturbate his ego to.

I sit here, this is my cubicle: third from the door, and fifth from the window. I can almost taste freedom like that asshole Chuck over there. Chuck: "Hey Todd" "Yeah fuck you too Chuck." Chuck: "Excuse me?" "Alright that's enough dilly-dallying, time to get back to work." Chuck: "See you at the picnic!" "See you in hell, douchebag." Why do I hate Chuck?

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I don't know, some people are too nice, like they have something either against you or they secretly have a hit set on you. Well, time to sit down and get back to- Wait, who's that fine piece of ass over there? Jane's making some photocopies I see. Oh, sorry, Jane is just what my life revolved around for the past few years now.

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I'm totally over her now, I've moved on and I'm glad to say that I don- Alright I miss her okay? At any rate, my staring led confusion to Julia. "Todd, I need these papers done by Thurs- oh please, not another Jane day." "Hm? Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't see you there." "You were too busy staring down that innocent girl like a creep. Just get these papers checked and on my desk by Thursday okay?" "Yeah, yeah Julia no problem." Julia rushed back to her desk in a storm as I saw Sophie rush by me in a panic, trip back and fall straight on her pile of documents.

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I hesitantly went to go help her. Sophie's back story? Alright, Sophie is a shy girl that has worked here longer than I have. I've met everyone in the office at least 3-4 times a week now, and I've only seen Sophie maybe 2 times per month. Something about the quiet ones makes you think what kind of fucked up things they think about.

Sophie was something to be desired, and the reason I was so hesitant to help her is because of her skirt that easily lifted up showing her underwear in full view. Come to think of it, every time I've seen Sophie, she's been dressed as a little school girl with a tight bra on.

I wonder if she's trying to impress anyone, or if she just wanted to do that for her own personal gain. We organized the documents in order and a pile, she picked them up and went back to her cubicle: eighteenth from the door and right next to the window. I went back to work and decided to go back to the menial task of checking papers for proficient citation and correct percent survey overlays. The lunch whistle blew and I crept over to Sophie's cubicle. Her white legs were raised in the air, her heels as well, her nipples were showing through her blouse, her eyes were closed and her hand was- good god she was masturbating.

She bit her lip in pure lustful thoughts and after opening her eyes, she didn't stop what-so-ever. She in fact stared at me and fingered herself harder until a wave of cum flew down from the bottom of her seat and she sat up.

She sat with her hands cradling her crotch and staring down with her legs tucked underneath her chair.


"I want you to leave now." "Can we talk?" "I want you to leave now." She repeated "I'm tempted to tell Phil our manager about this." "What do you want?" "Dinner for two at the gourmet place down by the plaza. You know the place?" She nodded profusely.

"Alright good, be there about 7:00 okay?" I clarified. She nodded again, got up, walked over to me and kissed me, holding one hand to my face, and the hand she used to masturbate to my crotch, it still warm and wet. She whispered, "Seven o' clock." I was there. I wore a black suit and tie, with a white shirt, black shoes, and even a rose.

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I was at my table about 6:55 and she came a little bit late, but that's fine. She came in stunningly. She was wearing a red dress and had red gloves on. The dress fitted nicely to her body, and pushed her breasts firm against her like it was strung to perfection.


She saw me and walked over, I got up and pushed in her seat for her, I sat down and we examined the menu, and I her cleavage. I ordered some Bourbon and she ordered some red wine.

I ordered nothing to be desired, and she did as well. We chatted through and through the night until she downed a few glasses of wine and me a few of Bourbon. I felt her foot go along mine and begin to rub my dick. Of course I got hard, and I knew it was time to leave before things got too much accelerated just at the restaurant.

I paid, got up with her, and we stumbled out of the door and barely stayed on the sidewalk going down to her place. We could barely stumble through the door of her building, and I'm sure my memory is better than hers but from what I remember is we passed out right outside her door.

I woke up before she did, so I grabbed her keys, unlocked the door and carried her inside, undressed her and laid her under her covers. I got some water and splashed my face.

I left her in bed for about 5 hours until she was coming down from her hangover. By this time it was 12-1 PM.


When I came in the room I saw her in shock as she was in the same position as she was in when we were in the office. "What are you doing here?" She asked me in a shy voice.

"Hopefully you." I started unbuckling my pants. "No, you had your dinner, now get out." "Come on, a slight rub and that's all I get?" "You had your dinner, now go." "I'm still not going to leave until I get what I want, and what I want is hot and damp under your covers." I took off my clothes as she tried to get out of bed. Once my clothes were off, I held her down on the mattress and inserted my dick full length into her vagina.

She squealed as it went in and she began to accept that she wasn't going to leave, so I released my grip. I fucked her harder and progressively faster as she began to whine and moan. I fucked deep into her until she reached around my back with her arms and rested her head on my shoulder.

I flipped her round so she was riding my cock, gravity and my hands on her hips pulling her down so that my hair and hers almost met, until I felt it go deep into her, she cried and yelled out desperate squeaks and desperate pants for breath between each thrust.

I turned her on all fours and fucked her doggy style for a bit, she hanged onto the headboard as I was fucking her, she yelled: "AhhhHAAAAHHhhHAHHHhh Todd, give it to me! Come on! I want it! Give me all you got, you can go harder than- ooooohHHoooooOOOohhhhhh that's it Todd, I'm gonna, I'm gonna Ooooooooooouuuuuuuuuooooo." "You can't possibly be done.

I have a few more rounds still in me." I laid her down as I saw her chest elevate and deflate as I inserted my tongue into her vagina, I pressed against the inner walls, it teasing the lips, until I lifted up and a strand of her cum came to my mouth and I wiped it aside. I grabbed a dildo from a bedside drawer and inserted it into her vagina, as I started to fuck her harshly in her asshole. "No Todd please, not that hole!" I insisted and pressed on as I worked my way to fully having my dick inside of her anus, she began to like it, and her body flushed a tone of pink/red.

I couldn't tell if she had disgust in me or lust driven by rage. Tears streamed down her face as the bed vibrated the room, she collapsed and I pulled out. I jizzed across her chest in bursts and had long streaks going from her braces to her supple C to D cup breasts.

I left her there with the dildo still in her, asleep on her back I told her, "See you at work Sophie."