Hard fucking enriches lustful bitch with unforgettable joy

Hard fucking enriches lustful bitch with unforgettable joy
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Cynthia started menstruating a few days ago. So I was in the clear, for a little while longer at least. After her period we didn't get anytime alone before she got a really bad flu. Aida wasn't even allowed to see her. Cynthia was basically quarantined. I was so eager to see her again. In the meantime, I was going to hang out with Mark and a few of the guys from football. Mark, being the 'alpha male' of our group, decided we should catch a movie.

It was really early on a Saturday we had half an hour to wait for our show. We went into the small game room, more like a hallway then a room. The guys ran to get into the 4 person racing game.

I was last man out being there were five of us. I hardly noticed, across the way we're three middle school girls. One wore black ankle high boots, white knee high socks, a black skirt halfway up her thigh and a tight white shirt that flared out just above her skirt showing a hint of skin between the skirt and her shirt.

The top swooped down in a V showing a hint of pink bra. "Oh crap," I thought, I glanced and my friends. They were oblivious to my plight. Laughing and teasing each other over the racing game. I turned back, the two girls were playing air hockey. The third girl was gone. That was close I guess. I turned back to my friends and there she stood looking right at me with that smile. This little girl owned me and knew it. "Follow me, our friends will be busy for a while," she said already walking.

She knew I would follow. Why I followed I don't know. She didn't pull me, not physically. But I could have stayed just as easily if I was tied to a moving train. I walked behind her watching her small hips roll, those knee high socks showing just enough leg to taunt me. Bella didn't walk fast or slow she glided toward the restrooms.

Strolled right into the women's without even looking to see If I was following. The door nearly closed before I reached it and I lunged to catch it. Somehow I knew it would be bad if I didn't follow fast enough. She glanced at herself in the mirror as she walked on further in. Adjusted her regal hair and went straight into the large handicapped stall at the end. I followed her in. "Lock it," she said, lifting her skirt to slide her matching hot pink panties down to the floor.

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She picked them up in a graceful dip then walked up to me and shoved them into my front pants pocket. "I hope you have a condom this time," she said in a sultry voice. "Uh, yeah," I replied while digging into my pockets for the one I was carrying Incase Cynthia called for me to come over.

She smiled and unbuttoned my pants. As I pulled the condom out she tugged my jeans down and looked at me. "Mhmm, so nice to see you this time," said my 13 year old master looking and my dick.

"Now take it a little slow you're the only boy I let touch me and I don't want it to hurt like my first time." "I'll do my best," I responded. She looked so amazing, I'm sure I had an erection the moment I saw my girlfriend's little sister. She smiled at me more affectionately, and I knew I was smiling back like a fool. "Lift me up," she commanded as she lifted one of her legs to wrap around my waist.

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I lifted her easily like a toy. Both legs around me. She reached down between us and began to rub my heavy pole against her slit. Bella was jacking me off while rubbing my tip against her opening. I could hear her moisture building up.

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She said nothing only watched her hands work my mushroom top turning from pink to red to purple. Now she looked up into my eyes. Her hazel stare sent cold chills down my spine.

I could still feel her hands on my shaft as she guided me into her wet slot. "Mhmm, yes" she moaned as she lifted herself up and down on my staff. "Oh fuck, Bella your so tight" I couldn't believe how tight she was. She moaned again and kept bouncing. The door into the ladies room opened and there were two girls voices. Bella didn't even slow down. I couldn't believe I was holding her up so she could rock up and down on my rod in the ladies room. "Oh fuck," I grunted. "Was that a guy's voice?" One girl asked.

"Hello?" The other girl called. She swiftly lifted herself up reached between us and pulled off my condom, I looked down at what she was doing. Her hand was aiming my weapon and pumping it at her target. She was bare of hair down there this time. Completely bare.

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"Ugh," I grunted and two weeks of pent up load burst onto her bare little 13 year old slit. I lowered her to the floor and she adjusted her skirt, opened the door and walked out like nothing.

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"Met me here after my movie and we can finish what you started," she promised. The two girls must have been in the other stalls because I couldn't see them. I quickly pulled up my pants and ran out of there. Mark was outside the bathrooms talking to Bella. He was leaning toward her and smiling his charming smile. He liked her, "asshole". He's way too old for her I thought and immediately knew what a hypocrite that made me.

Watching him flirt with her was starting to get me pissed off. But my queen handled it beautifully, she spoke softly and his smile slipped. Before he could recover and say something else she glided away. Her two girlfriends materialized seemingly out of no where and they walked down the hall into a show. I walked up to Mark and said, "that one's something special." He whistled, "she sure is. You can try but she's obviously a prude." I laughed.

Oh, I'll have to tell him one day.

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Our movie started 15 minutes after Bella's. I couldn't focus. Once again I had cheated on my girlfriend with her little sister and I knew I would do it again in an hour. The guy movie was great but my queen would be expecting me soon.

How did she control me so? I couldn't puzzle it out. We both knew she had a power over me. "I'll be back," I whispered to my buddies. "The best part is coming up now man," someone said.

"Oh, I know and I won't miss it," let them take that however they might. I knew I meant I wouldn't be late to meet Bella. I went into the lobby. I sat on a bench in the lobby and watched as one movie after another released its viewers. I saw a crowd of mostly women come out of Bella's movie. Several went into the ladies room.

No Bella. Had she left on purpose to torture me? Or did she think I wouldn't be here? The lobby cleared out fast since it was still early and there weren't many people. I stood up to leave, even my movie would be over soon. "Leaving so soon?" I turned to see Bella standing there in that hot black and white outfit.

"I don't want you to leave yet," she said sadly. "No, never" I reassured her. This time she lead me down the hall to one of the last theater doors. I looked up, this movie had been playing about a week longer then it should have been. Who would still pay to see this garbage? Come to think of it we didn't pay for a new ticket. Had she planned this? The theater was empty. And the movie was about 30 minutes in. She climbed up halfway and picked a seat near the middle.

I followed. She sat down and made a little squeak and wiggled herself a little. "Your cum is still all on me and it's weird to sit in it," she kind of giggled. "Of course you could clean it off me," she hinted.

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Resting one leg on the chair in front of her. I positioned myself in front of her and kissed my way down her body.

First down the V of her shirt right down into her small cleavage. Then lower lifting her shirt to kiss her flat belly.

I lifted her skirt and lowered my head between her teen legs. "Mhmm, yes. You know where to, oh yeah" she moaned. As I licked her button, it swelled and revealed itself to me. I would work on her clit, then sweep one long lick all the way up her slit. I could taste our sex juices from earlier. She still had a lot of it.

The more I licked the further I noticed the cream had dripped. Even her knee high socks on one side felt damp. "Oh my cum dripped all the way down your leg," I said amazed. "Yes, I love your cum on me," Bella admitted. "Don't stop eating my pussy, Joe." I resumed my lapping. She began to moan. I slow licked her entire slit again and began gently sucking on her love button. I'd kiss it and draw it into my mouth then give it a little suck and lick it back into place.

I left her clit for a second while I drifted down and slipped my tongue into her vagina. Her moans were all indications that she was loving my tongue action.

She started to move her legs like she was uncomfortable then suddenly her hands gripped my hair and pushed my mouth up right to her clit. I kissed, sucked and licked. Bella's grip held me there so I repeated again and again. "Oh god! Oh FUCK!" She shrieked. Convulsing, her whole tiny body spasmed. I gave her little knot one last extra soft kiss and she twitched one last time with it.


"Oh damn Joe, do you do that for my sister too?" Bella asked out of breath. "Kind of," I admitted. I didn't feel like talking about my sex life with Cynthia. She didn't ask any more questions. Unlike Cynthia who was very curious about every detail of every sexual encounter I'd ever had.

Bella was very matter of fact about it. For her it was like, did you see the sun rise it was nice huh?


Done. I worked my way up her just as I had worked down her body. This time she lifted her shirt over her head and off. I massaged her small breast and pulled her bra down to give me access to her small nipples, they were tiny dark buttons.

The areola was barely bigger than the nipple itself. I lifted her legs around me and positioned my cock at the small opening of her cunt. "Yes, fuck me Joe," she said. "No condom. I only had the one," I admitted reluctantly. "Stick your big dick in my tiny pussy now! God damn it, Joe!" She said insistently. I pushed in and found her tight love tunnel so wet and ready for me. I worked it slowly, in halfway out almost all the way.

"Mhmm, fuck me harder Joe, I'm not your girlfriend!" Bella pleaded. I aimed to please this teeny girl. I rammed it in hard. "Mhmm that's it, fuck me more. Mhmm" Hard and fast, that's what she wanted and that's what I gave her. She moaned louder and louder. Good thing the theater was sound proof and the movie was still going.

I pumped her hard, her screams were louder then the end credits. "Shh someone will catch us," I warned. "Don't stop I'm so close!" She panted loudly. "Mhmm fuck just like that!" I tried to keep the same hard thrust and speed. It was a tremendous pace she wanted and I wasn't sure how much more my swollen rod could take. I was holding back a flood gate and could feel it giving way.

My cum shot out of me like a lightning bolt. "Ahh! Yes!" she screamed as I felt several pulses pass through her body. My own erratic spasms had finished her off. I pulled out of her and she shuddered.

"Are you cumming now?" She asked. "No, I came with you." "Joe, you weren't wearing a condom. I don't want a pregnancy scare like Cynthia's." Bella sounded a little disappointed. "I'm going to have to hold out on you unless you wear one." "I know.

I was trying to let you cum first and couldn't hold it as long as I thought." "It's ok this time, but next time." She stopped talking and pushed me up. I heard it too. The door opening. I yanked up my pants. She grabbed her shirt and threw it over her head. The first of the cleaning team must have seen her because he stood there with a shit smile staring at us.

The second guy just walked in and finally saw us. "Uh excuse me but you need to wait outside for the next showing," the second guy said. "Sure we'll wait out side" I said.