Footjob babe gets cumshot pornstars and hardcore

Footjob babe gets cumshot pornstars and hardcore
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A storm blew above the farm house which in it contained 3 young women. For the next three weeks these women were to live together as there parents had left on holiday together.

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Being cousins the girls didn't mind and thought of this as a holiday themselves away from overly strict parents. The oldest of the girls was Molly, with jet black hair and hazel eyes. Her breasts were by far the largest of the cousins well into a d cup at the age of 20 and looked perfect on her 5'7 body.Her pale skin only made her more desirable.

The next girl on our list was Hannah and despite beauty all of the cousins possessed she was in many people's eyes the most beautiful. With a slim athletic body, dark brown hair and eyes, c cup breasts and legs many would die for she could have any man do as she wished, at the age of 19 she had learnt this and exploited it regularly. And the baby of the group finally is Katie. At 18 she is what they would call a late bloomer, a beautiful face pure of blemishes but her body had been left behind her breasts were small only barely out of training bra levels and she was the shortest of the three at only 5'2.

It is now the third night the girls had been home alone and things hadn't started to get boring yet, they drank smoked and did what teenagers often do when no authority is around. They also very foolishly got reckless and on this very night forgot to lock the door when they finally drifted to their bedrooms at half 4 in the morning.

The first of many mistakes over the next three weeks. 1. Molly was the first to awaken, her eyes flutter open and her eyes try and make out the dark room in front of her. It takes a moment to clear her head and she works out she is in the cellar of the house she called home for the past few days.

The next discovery she makes is that other than her skimpy black underwear, her body is bare to the world. Before any other observation can be made a man in a dark suit flicks a light switch and burning lights shine onto the girls,awaken the other 2 cousins from their slumber " now then.

Let's have some fun" he says with a smile that terrified Molly.

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2. The man had done a very good job with the cellar as the girls had slept turning it into his very own room of delights. He had the girls tied up standing on their toes, hand above their heads, their whole bodies burning from the strain. " who first who first?" He mutters as he inspects all of the girls, each one dressed in nothing but a bra and thong.

The girls are all moaning and squirming as best they can but with duct tape over their mouths it's really quite a difficult job. The man stops in front of the baby of the group Katie and smiles " I think I'll try that beautiful mouth of yours first slut". And within a moment he has untied and.


Retied Katie onto her knees the tape ripped from her mouth. 3.

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The first fucking- " please please no don't make me do this please" the words fall from Katie's mouth as soon as the tape leaves her lips and the only response from the man is a cruel laugh as he unbuckled his trousers letting them fall to reveal a throbbing 8 inch member. A whimper escapes her mouth as the cock is revealed and she tries to pull away " the men that hired me want you all fucked good. Believe me this is light compared to what the other 2 sluts have in store" he takes one step closer and rests his cock across the majority of Katie's face.

" get to work Whore. After only a moment of resistance Katie's tongue slides from her mouth and touched the meaty shaft of the strangers cock, she licks as a cat would lick milk over and over again covering as much as she can with her skilled tongue until the man grips her hair roughly and holds her still, she closes her eyes and winces but keeps her mouth parted knowing what will be coming next.

Within seconds the head of the cock is in her mouth and the stranger let's out a moan. Katie's tears flow freely as the cock enters her mouth and some slide down her cheeks to the cock giving it an even saltier taste.


" be a good girl for your master" the man remarks and slaps her cheek hard making her cry out and her body start to shake. Not wanting to relieve another hit she quickly starts to mover tongue around the head that is in her mouth, she bobs up and down the shaft taking just over half for well over 15 minutes before the man takes over.

The grip on her hair tightens and without warning the man thrust his cock into the teens unwilling throat. The gagging sound that left her mouth is one of the best the man had made a girl make and it turned him like nothing else " oh shit yes that's a good little whore your daddy will be so proud" he says loudly.

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4. As Katie's treatment goes on Molly is looking around the room trying to focus on anything except what is happening to her cousin. That's when she really notices what is in the room.

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Cameras close to 10 cameras fill the room and film the girls ordeal, the revelations make Molly sob and the stranger notices, " I was hoping you would see those" he chuckles as he holds Katie against his pubes not letting her breath, " well when your fathers asked me to do all of this they wanted proof" he adds and the hearts of each girl sink knowing their own fathers had caused the treatment they are receiving. 5.

Katie's throat fucking was quickly coming to an end. Her face is slick with sweat and saliva as the cock Pistons in and out of her mouth and throat, it's a miracle she hadn't thrown up and finally the man pulls out from her mouth. Her father had been very clear to cover her face in cum and that is exactly what he did to the young slut, not an inch of her skin didn't have som of his jizz on it. Only a moment later Katie is back tied in the agonising position on her toes like her cousins.

" see you in a few hours Hannah" he says with a wink as he walks up the stairs from the cellar- to be continued.