Muscular Latinos enjoy kinky gay sex

Muscular Latinos enjoy kinky gay sex
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I went into Marie's room alone. Dad went down the hall, to his own girl. The dark-haired dark-eyed girl was sleeping when I went it.

My dark-haired, dark-eyed girl. She was still naked and from the way she was laying, I could see both her tight, little dark butthole and just a bit of her still-puffy pussy. I stood there watching her, not exactly sure what to do. My dick was hard, so I started stroking it a bit. She woke when I sat on the mattress and a second later she said my name. That was all it took. Before she was even fully awake, I was on top of her, kissing her deeply and humping my hard dick against her belly.

After a bit, I asked her to spread her legs. She didn't cry and scream when I put my dick in her this time. She moaned and groaned a bit, but since her cherry had already been popped and I'd already stretched her pussy out, I got in much easier. I fucked her for maybe two minutes, then came hard inside her.

We rested and talked for a while. She told me about growing-up at the cabin and of some of the other kids that were up there. I told her about going to school and my friends there.

Then, somehow we started talking about the book, The Hobbit, which we'd both read and both loved.


And, like an hour later, when there was finally a pause in the conversation, it occurred to me that I was horny. "Do you want to fuck again, Marie?" I asked. "If you do," she responded and then she lay back and spread her legs.

I couldn't resist.

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My dick forgotten for a moment, I put my face between her legs and started licking her pussy. Marie squealed and wiggled around, but I could tell that she liked it.

I pushed my tongue into her pussy as deep as I could, but wanted to feel deeper. I pushed a finger in alongside my tongue, and delved deeper inside her.

I couldn't believe how amazing she felt inside. Soon, I pulled my tongue out, and while I buried my finger deep in that little pussy, I started just licking the top part.

Then I stuck another finger in, shoving them in and out, still licking the ridges at the crest of her pussy-lips. So, when I stuck one more finger inside her, she started panting and I could feel her body trembling, and I stopped licking and started sucking right there, at the top of her cunt.

She went ballistic. Her whole body started to shake, she was grinding her pussy on my hand, then I felt the muscles inside her start squeezing my fingers.

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She was screaming again, but not like before. She wasn't in pain. Well, maybe some, but she was feeling more good than hurt.

Then the flood started. She was wet. Wetter than I would have ever imagined a girl could get down there. Clear juice flowed, sort-of like my own precum, soaking my fingers. My tongue moved down a bit for a taste. Oh fuck! And as I felt her pussy contracting around my three fingers, covering them with her juices, I wondered what that would feel like on my dick.

"No, don't take them out," she huffed, when I pulled my fingers from her spasming hole. I was on top of her in a flash and, after two thrusts which didn't find the target, I was in with the third thrust. She squealed. I groaned. I pumped three times into her sopping-wet pussy, then buried my dick as deep as I could. She was squeezing my dick, over and over, sometimes squeezing really tight and holding it a second or two.

She squealed again. I grunted gain. Then we both stated to scream. I swear I felt my dickhead pop through something inside her, and at the same moment, I started to blow my load. And it took me a second to realize that I was pissing my cum again, rather than blowing with pump after pump. I sprayed a whole lot of cum inside her.

All the while, her juices flowed, my balls were soaked, as was my little patch of pubic-hair. We stayed like that, locked together, my cock in her cunt and we both came. I must have sprayed my cum up there for a good ten or fifteen seconds, before the flow started to subside.

The whole time, Marie's pussy spasmed around my cock, like she was milking my cum out of me. And even after we came down from our orgasms and our bodies came back to rest on the mattress, I stayed inside her. My balls were sore. I was sure I'd never shot so much cum in my life in such a short amount of time. I was exhausted. I looked down at my girl, my birthday-present (well, half of my birthday-present anyway), the girl who's pussy I'd filled with five big loads of cum in the last four or five hours, the girl my dad wanted me to get pregnant (if I hadn't already How long did that take, anyway?).

And she was Robby's daughter. My dad's best friend, the only person I'd ever seen him shed a tear over. And I wanted to make my father proud. My dick still hadn't gone completely hard.

Even though I was spent and Marie, in much the same state, had a pleading look on her face, I started to pump again. I wanted to put one more load inside my girl before I went to sleep.

I wanted to knock her up. And even if I only shot a few hundred more sperm inside her, maybe one of those would be the one to get to her egg. Just one more load to get my girl pregnant.

It took me a while and before I was done, Marie was crying. But, right before I fell asleep (my slowly deflating dick still inside my girl), she looked right at me with those big brown eyes and said, "I love you, Adam. Even when it hurts." I kissed her, soft, no tongue, then fell soundly asleep, right there on top of her, my dick still in her pussy. I woke the next morning startled. I didn't know where I was, or who was. Then it clicked. It all clicked.

I was no longer a virgin. I was a man. And the girl in my arms, Marie, who happened to be the daughter of my dad's dead best friend, was mine now. She and her twin brother Joe had been given to me by my father for my twelfth-birthday.

I'd fucked both of them the night before and shot six loads inside my girl's newly popped pussy, and two loads in my boy, one in his ass and the other in his mouth, right afterward. And if I hadn't still been in the room where it all happened, I might have thought it was all a dream. Marie, my girl, was laying right against me, and, as I looked-up, I saw Dad and Joe, and girl I'd never seen before. The girl was sitting on the floor at my dad's feet. Joe was on his knees right beside her and one of Dad's hands had a firm grip of thick, black hair at the back of the boy's head.

And they were all naked. Well, I'd seen Joe naked already, in fact, I'd never seen him wearing clothes. And the girl was pretty, but she didn't have anything I hadn't seen the night before on Marie. My dad, however. Well, I'd seen him naked before. He never went out of his way to hide himself from me, nor did I with him. Because of our housekeeper, Greta, we didn't wander the house in the nude, but there were times I saw him cross from the bathroom to his bedroom, or when I'd gone into the bathroom while he was in there.

When I was really young, I can remember my dad taking me in the shower with him. But I'd never seen dad with an erection before. Now, like I said, my dick (at the time) was about six and a half inches and about as big around as a silver-dollar. Dad's dick looked quite a bit biger, in both length and girth. And my smooth little balls were dwarfed by the huge, hairy sac hanging underneath his big cock. I felt two extreme needs at that moment. I felt the need to get-off, my dick was hard as a bone, as it always was when I first woke, and worse yet, I felt the need to pee, as it always was when I first woke.

This morning, the need to pee was stronger. "How did you sleep, son?" Dad asked when he saw my eyes were open. There was a big, goofy smile on his face and I thought I saw tears welling in his eyes. "Great, Dad," I said and started to get-up, but then my girl roused underneath me and I looked down at her.

I think she was a bit shocked at first, opening her eyes and seeing me.


Then, her expression changed and I did see tears welling in her eyes. She took a deep breath and said, "Good morning, Adam," I looked back at my father and said, "Thank you, Dad, for the best birthday ever." Then I looked back down at my girl and said, "Good morning, Marie." I gave her a kiss and then I jumped-up, feeling a bit silly with my big dick wagging out in front of me, but I had to go. Bad! "Son," Dad said, "I know you have some urgent business to attend to, but before you do, your boy has something to say to you." With that, he shoved the boy forward by the back of his head.

Joe stumbled, considering he was down on his knees, and got right in front of me. He looked up at me and I saw tears slowly falling from his beautiful blue eyes, which were so puffy, I wondered if he'd been crying all night. Joe took a deep breath then said, in a somewhat mechanical voice, "Sir, I'm sorry I misbehaved last night." His tears fell a bit faster and my boy continued, "And I don't think that taking my cherry was punishment enough," there was a rush of tears, now freely flowing down his cheeks, "You were going to do that anyway.

My cherry was your's to take, just like my sister's was, and I was wrong to try and stop you from hurting her. I'm here to serve you, just like Marie. We belong to you. We will do whatever you want, no matter how much we don't want to." Now the boy was all-out crying.

His voice cracked as he said, "Sir, I deserve more punishment, and to prove that I'll do anything for you." The dark-haired, blue eyed boy hesitated. I heard something like a growl from my father and, his voice trembling even more, Joe continued, "I'm going to open my mouth and let you pee in it." He was almost sobbing, "And I'm going to try to drink it all." And even though he was crying and shaking, Joe tilted his head up a bit and opened his mouth.

I don't think I would have been able to do it if Joe hadn't closed his eyes. I couldn't have peed into his face if I'd been able to see those beautiful blue eyes. But I looked at Dad and he nodded, so I aimed the head of my dick at my boy's mouth and, after a moment to get it going, I started to pee. At first, Joe coughed when he got a hot mouthful of my piss.

And even though I could tell that he was crying the whole time, he wrapped his lips around the head of my dick and started drinking. He wasn't able to swallow quick enough, nor was his mouth big enough to contain my flow.

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At first there were just little dribbles seeping from between his lips and my dick. Then a trickle. Then, as he took a really deep swallow, there was a bit of a gush.

Dad laughed, making his huge cock bob up and down. Marie turned away, not wanting to see me use her twin like this. The other girl, the one I'd never seen before, just sat there at my dad's feet, watching what was happening with an almost expressionless face, occasionally looking up at either my dad's face, or his big, hard cock. I tried not to let it out too hard, I didn't want to drown my new pet on my first full day with him. And it took me a while to empty my bladder.

My dick did go a bit soft while I peed, while Joe sucked and swallowed. And when I looked down, I saw that Joe's dick looked smaller than it had the night before. When I finally finished, Joe slumped down to the floor, making a horrible sound somewhere between a cough and a sob. Dad cleared his throat loudly, making even me jump. But, I didn't jump like my boy did. Joe's face looked pitiful as he looked at me and through his crying, he said, "Sir, punish me more." I could tell that he didn't want to be saying what he was saying.

"Your dad told me that he hasn't peed either and he told me to ask you if I could drink his piss too." Dad was grinning when I looked at him. I nodded. Dad's expression changed, and he said softly, "Tell him." My boy looked terrified.

"Joe," I said softly, "I want you to drink my dad's piss." Dad wasn't as nice to him as I was. Joe started choking and gagging the moment my dad started to pee in his mouth.

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The poor kid never recovered, and the whole time my dad relieved himself, my boy coughed and choked. I wondered if he was swallowing any at all. Although, for a few seconds the piss stopped splattering out of Joe's mouth, and I realized that Dad had shoved his big cock deep into my boy's mouth. He was pissing right down Joe's throat. My boy struggled, but Dad held him tight.

And when my father's bladder was empty, Joe collapsed on the floor, gagging and coughing in a puddle of my and my father's urine. And when he was done, my father looked at me and said, "Well, now that we've had our morning piss, are you ready for a morning fuck.

For the first time, the girl at my dad's feet seemed to take notice. She looked up at my dad with big eyes that seemed both excited and scared. I looked quickly at Marie and she was just turning back to look at us. With a quick glance at her twin-brother sobbing on the floor, my girl lay back and spread her legs. But, that's not how it happened. Dad pulled his girl, he told me her name was Tracy, over to one of the chairs, suggesting that I get my girl off the bed and have a little variety.

So, I took Marie to the couch and, watching as Dad got Tracy on her hands and knees, I got my girl into the same position. I almost forgot about the naked girl in front of me, as I watched my dad push his huge cock into what seemed to be a tiny, little pussy. His girl, Tracy, moaned the whole time he as putting it in. Then, once it was good and deep, Dad started to fuck. I finally got with the program, and stuck my dick in my girl and while watching my father, I fucked Marie doggy-style for the first time.

I came first, but Dad wasn't too long behind me. And when he shot, he let out an unbelievable howl. His girl let out a loud, high-pitched screech. I shot a good-sized load inside Marie, but when my father pulled his huge cock from Tracy's pussy, I couldn't believe how stretched-out it was, nor how much gooey white was oozing from her. "Son," Dad said, once he'd gotten his breath back, "Let's go upstairs and get breakfast. Greta can come down here and clean all this up." We left the two girls in Marie's room.

Dad took Joe with us and put him in another room. He explained, "Now, don't let that boy be alone with his sister. At least, not until we're sure she's got your baby in her belly.

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We don't need a brother knocking-up his sister, especially as close as those twins are. It isn't good to breed within a family."