Chums compeers daughter under table first time dont sleep on stepmom

Chums compeers daughter under table first time dont sleep on stepmom
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SATIN SLIP TO DREAM OF by JackassTales [Bastard] My brother-in-law and I passed (him going one way and me the other). I gave him the 'finger' but he didn't recognize me in my brand new Hummer 4x4. I don't even know why I bothered giving-the-bird to the son-of-a-bitch, wife-abusing, cheating bastard. The fact that my stepsister was the victim of this malicious man's abuse made me so furious that I believed I could kill. Oh, he never hit my sis.

No, his abuse was much more subtle. He used words, he used embarrassment, and he used threats. My S.O.B brother-in-law degraded my stepsister sexually. He loathed his wife so much that he could not even make love to her face-to-face. He would tell her to turn away from him while he wormed his cock up between her legs and quickly fucked her.

He would leave her sexually unfulfilled and crying. [Inside] Wind and rain whipped at my vehicle while lightning flashed in the distance. In was a dark and stormy night. I was heading that way anyways, so I stopped in at my sis's place. My knock at the door was answered by an attractive farm woman dressed in nothing but a slip and wringing-wet brunette hair. I admired the view for nearly a minute.


The lacy, satin slip had a neckline that was a bit less than plunging. Braless breasts somewhere in the range of 34c to 34d swelled so much they were nearly bursting the thin fabric garment. Twin nipples prominently decorated the top of the swollen slip making my stepsister look like a Christmas present ready to be ripped open. The slip's length was short; about mid-thigh with slits up both sides nearly panty-high.

Except, this 30-year-old country gal had no panties on! "Jake, take a picture, it will last longer," My sis Debra teased. "Come on in if you are coming.

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Don't you have sense enough to get yourself in out of the storm?" I made the woman wait while I dug out my phone and took a series of unforgettable pictures. I then followed the sexy lady into the house. "I'm washing my hair," Debra said.

"Come on in to the bathroom if you want to talk." I hadn't stopped to talk and I certainly hadn't stop to gawk. But, gawking was what I was doing. As Debra walked down the hall, my attentive eyes never left her swaying ass.

And, oh what an outstanding ass it was! I was only four years older than Deb. When we two were a bit over half our present ages we used to occasionally fuck…correction, we used to frequently fuck! I knew and she knew that it was a dreadful sin, but what the hell, I loved pussy and Debra loved cock!

What better way to combine the two loves than to penetrate her pussy with my horny cock? My walking pace continued. Soon I was within reach of my sis, so my hands just naturally reached out and grabbed two handfuls of slip-covered swaying ass. Never missing a step, Debra continued walking while I raised her short slip and grabbed her au-natural female ass flesh. I heard her gasp and then seductively declare, "Brother, unless you are planning on fucking me, then you had better watch your Ps and Qs!" Well, I took a seat on the commode within reaching distance of this amazing woman.

Deb stuck her head in the sink and began lathering it with shampoo.

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She spread her feet to steady herself while she washed, rinsed, and repeated. The devil came out in me and made me reach for a handful of pussy. My fingers disappeared and thrust into her hot, wet vaginal opening, pulled out, and repeated.

This sexy woman whipped around and towel-whipped my aromatic fingers while saying, "Damnit Jake, you heard me!" While Debra was toweling her hair dry, I silently undressed. I mean I was nude, naked, and as nekid as a horny man can get! I reached inside Deb's pussy and got me a good glob of her female lubricant then greased my pole up.

The strong-willed farm gal had warned me, yet when she turned to admonish me, she quickly changed her mind. My Deb, my very own sis, took a step or two towards me. She lifted her skimpy, lacy slip up over her glistening body then threw it aside. Debra knew what I wanted so she straddled my legs and sat on my elongated, engorged cock.

She took in a breath, she then kissed me as if the world was coming to an end and I was the last man left to copulate with. She kissed me as if celebrating a hundred New Years in two minutes. My fingers ran all over Debra's smooth, soft back flesh, her slender neck, and then buried themselves in her not-quite-dry hair. I merrily played with the long brunette curls and strands.

Finally, I twisted my fingers around several tresses and forced my sis to release her lip-lock on my lips. I had a few words I wanted to say. I was keenly aware that a dripping pussy was impaled on my cock and that two firm breasts were pressed to my chest.

"Oh damn Deb, I can't help it, but I love you," I ardently confessed. Debra's head fell to my shoulder. She was silent, but no, she wasn't; she was crying.

Tears of unexplainable origin dropped onto my skin. In a sniffling, broken voice, Deb cried, "At least there is one man in this world who loves me!

I love you, too, Jake; I have loved you for years. Even at an earlier age, you knew how to treat a woman. You were sweet, you were kind, and you were gentle. I have never had a lover who was as good as you; not even my…husband. Oh Jake, fuck me like you used to, like I have missed for years! Make me remember yesterday's joys and make me forget today's sorrows." Bless my devilish soul, but Debra made my ego soar, she said forbidden words which thrilled my heart, and then she made my cock swell with her beseeching words.

I tenderly kissed this magnificent woman. I then brought her breasts to my lips and repeatedly kissed their succulent flesh. I suckled her strawberry- colored nipples and lovingly rolled her grape-sized buds with my tongue.

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The time had finally come for the two of us to do something about the pussy and cock that were conjoined at our loins. My warm hands affectionately squeezed Deb's two ass cheeks. I then lifted her body slightly with my muscular arms and rolled her pussy in a circular movement around my cock. Debra's juices were soooo warm as they dripped down my bareback cock.

My erection was already as long and swollen as it was going to get. Deb was finding breaths were harder to take. I was, too. "Jake, bounce me like you used to," the sexually hungry woman pleaded." Oh what a memory of sweet sex my sis had.

I also remembered so I started lifting Debra just a bit at a time and then allowing her to drop back down. My hands grabbed her ass and my manly arms lifted up an inch and then back down three times in a row. Next, I lifted two inches up and then back down three times in a row. And then three inches times three, four inches times three, and five inches times three.

By the time I had gotten to six inches, Debra was becoming crazed with sex. She humped me higher and higher. I threw her up never knowing when she would come down. She jumped like a female broncobuster trying to tame a wild stud. Deb screamed, she squealed, and cried in a race towards orgasmic delight. Her movements became so erratic I doubt she even knew that her breasts were slapping my face back-and-forth and up-and-down. My beautiful Debra began cumming. I did, too. I had not cum like this in years and if I were to guess, neither had Deb.

We two grunted like wild woodlands creatures. My semen and sperm flowed like shot glasses full of baby-making seeds into my woman's cervix and womb. Feminine cum lubricated my cockshaft so well that every inch was buried inside the greatest pussy in the world!

Oh yes, my Debra had the sweetest pussy in the world. She had just proved it by riding my cock so enthusiastically that I had cum gloriously. I didn't want us to part this night so I stood and carried my sis with my cock still imbedded inside her pussy.


Deb's legs were locked around my ass and her arms were entwined around my neck. I carried my sweetheart down the hall and exited out the back door. [Outside] We two were assaulted by waves of warm, mid-summer rain. Lightning still flashed in the distance.

I had not switched on the outside lights, so the blazing streaks were the only illumination we had on this dark and stormy night. Debra and I raised our faces to the sky, we passionately kissed as raindrops fell, and then we verbally declared our growing adult love.

With conjoined loins, I started running around the cow pasture out back. I had better sense than to tempt fate during a rain and lightning storm. Yet, sexual hunger can make a man lose his good sense; and, apparently a woman, too. I saw the barn in the near distance and ran with my love's pussy bouncing up and down on my recovering cock. I shoved a barn door open enough for us to enter. Dry warmth took the place of wetness and danger.

Actually, I preferred the wetness and temptation of running in the rain. I lifted Debra off my cock and sat her on her feet on the dirt floor. "Debra, my Baby, we must think of the future," I admitted. "Do we continue our half-incestuous, adulterous relationship past tonight or do we stop and seek forgiveness?" "William Jake Anderson, I will kick your ass and hit you over the head with a two-by-four if you even think of stopping fucking me!" Debra answered temperamentally.

"If we must risk the dangers of Hell, then so be it! Besides, we are not really blood bound. " The woman, my sis, grabbed my cock and began leading me around the barn. I was lost but she knew the barn by heart. She tugged, she jerked, and she pulled on my cock as if it were some kind of fleshy lead rope. Finally, we were back where we began. "Whoa, big fella," Deb commanded. "You still have work to do." Deb then continued, "Jake do you remember running and playing in the rain when we were younger?

Oh, it was so much fun being naked in the summer rains. Let's go back outside and play." Still holding my stiffened, aroused cock, Debra ran out into the rain with me in tow.

We ran, we played, and we kissed knowing we were sinning but not caring at all. I caught Deb and I juggled her breasts. Where better than a cow pasture to suckle mammary teats even though the udders may not contain milk? I suckled Deb's nipples seeking their beauty and sweetness instead of milk.

I had no idea Debra had a particular destination in mind when she once more grabbed my cock and led me. She stopped on a grassy hillside and then dropped to her knees. The erect cockshaft she had in her hand was transferred to her mouth. The sex-deprived, though married, country woman went wild with a cock in her mouth. She impatiently sucked, she licked, and she kissed my flesh as if there would be no opportunity to do so again.

Before this female was through with my erection, I had the marks of teeth on my skin as a brand of ownership. "My turn," I excitedly announced. Debra didn't have to stand, yet she did. I fell to my knees and tried my best to see her radiant nudity. The dark and stormy night allowed little moonlight to shine through. My lips soon found out that Deb's fingers were holding her outer pussy folds open. My tongue touched the end of her urethra and played a bit with this extraordinary feminine hole.

I then licked up and down each side of her clitoris a few times before slurping the delicacy into my mouth. I sucked, I licked, and I chewed time after time on this mouthful of female flesh. I licked the tangy, sweet butterfly wings of Debra's inner pussy lips and then my tongue plunged into a magnificent vaginal orifice.

"Jake, Jake, don't make me cum yet!" Deb screamed. I jerked Debra's feet out from under her and her ass settled on the grassy hillside. From my place between her legs, my arms traveled up under her feet, her knees, and then her thighs. Once more using my muscular arms and hands, I lifted her ass up off the ground and brought her pussy up to my mouth.

Beginning where I had left off, my tongue spread pussy lips and penetrated my stepsister's vaginal hole. My saliva and the woman's wetness allowed me to twist and twirl my tongue inside her and also to tongue-fuck her at my pleasure.

Joy and sweet love were my rewards. "Jake, damnit…Jake, I told you not to make me cum with your tongue!" Debra exploded.


"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me with your cock!" "As you wish, Milady," I mercilessly teased. Much like a snake in the grass, I slithered up my stepsister's body until my lips could repeatedly kiss her mouth. Debra kissed me with as much fervor as I was kissing her, but this breathtaking female had other plans besides kissing on her mind. Without my foreknowledge, her two hands had forcibly captured my cock and was now guiding it towards the saturated abyss where all good-boy-cocks go to have 'la petite mort' (French for 'the little death'---the period during and after orgasms).

Debra's saturated abyss accepted the entire length and girth of my steel-hard cock and then she wrapped her legs around my ass. This horny woman had said, 'fuck me, fuck me, fuck me', so I reasoned that she wanted me to fuck her.

I happily obliged. My cock began with a slow copulation dance boring into her pussy with slow circular thrusts which were surely touching the entirety of her vaginal flesh. As her loins were lured into complacency, my ramrod cock suddenly attacked with jackrabbit-quick, jackhammer-hard thrusts and vicious penetrations. My Debra gave as good as she got. She got just what she wanted; her steamy, wet vaginal void was filled with the cock meat she sinfully desired.

The rapidity and viciousness of my plunges were welcomed by her ass' upward lunges to meet me bruising for bruising! Oh what a fool her husband was for missing out on all the romantic and sexual passion Debra had to give! I had underestimated this country gal's physical strength and her energetic enthusiasm for fucking.

Without my supposing she would do so, Debra's body made a quick twisting movement in the wet grass and ended up with herself atop me. My cock was still inside her so she picked up where I was when I was on top. She fucked me, she fucked me, she fucked me! My sis sat up on her knees and continued fucking me from a new position. I grabbed her wild knockers and attempted to control their dangerous swaying while trying to pinch her nipples and play with her tittie flesh.

Debra started cumming and right there on the rainy hillside she screamed, she wailed, and she cried as blissful orgasms beset her mind, body, and soul. My wicked mind, body, and soul were having similar delightful orgasms, yet I controlled my screams. We two tortured fornicators fucked till the cows came home and spilled every pleasurable drop of cum in our loins. We lay there snuggled together while the rains poured from the dark and stormy sky.

Often we kissed and declared our undying love.

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We made plans which included: a divorce from her dreadful husband, a shameful shacking-up together in my country mansion, and eventually a marriage between us which was certain to cause a scandalous dilemma for our family and friends alike. [Marriage] Two months later Debra and I found a reason to expedite all our plans. The growing baby within her womb would be a constant reminder of the love and lust we found on a dark and stormy night.

An annulment from her husband was granted. We were married in a memorable indoor/outdoor ceremony at our farm and antebellum home. In spite of their self-conscious hesitancy, our family and friends did attend our wedding. The ones who had known us the longest were the ones who had to get over the fact that we were no longer brother and stepsister.

The reception party went on past midnight and then our guests trickled out and went home one by one.

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In my opinion, it was a successful occasion which served to introduce Debra and me as a couple and as husband and wife. My wife and I retreated to our honeymoon suite. The weather seemed to be turning with clouds gathering in the sky and thunder rolling in the distance.

It was going to be a dark and stormy night. Debra and I looked at each other and smiled. She removed her wedding dress as I did my tux. Raindrops were pitter-pattering as we ran nude down the rear staircase.

As the storm intensified, we found a grassy knoll to play on. One thing led to another and soon my cock was pumping in and out of Deb's pussy.

We fucked ferociously with a mixture of violence and tenderness. We began cumming with furious passion. A late night weatherman called for several more days and nights of dark and stormy skies. Debra and I giggled in our bed. She was atop me in our fourposter bed and she was fucking me like crazy. A new satin slip, one of my wedding gifts to her, lay crumpled on the floor.