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Me, My Girlfriend and Her Best Friend: Part One Prologue: I was 19 years old in the summer of 1999. It was a Saturday night when my girlfriend Belinda and I went to a party at my friend Chuck?s house. It was like any of the dozens of parties at his place during that summer. At least, it started out that way. It was an unusually cold night for summer in west Texas. I remember Belinda was wearing jeans and a black sweater that clung tightly around her slim waist and b-cup breasts.

Her long light brown hair hung in loose spirals down to the center of her back. We?d been together since I was 15 and had been sexually active since about 8 months after we hooked up. She had taken my virginity the same winter night that I had taken hers.


Her sharp Latina features were accentuated by her dark skin and that night, like any other, she looked incredible. At the party, we found the usual crew. There were Chuck and Scotty in the kitchen playing dominos with Joe and Dan, a group of interchangeable girls that worked with Scotty at the steakhouse.

Hillary was there and already as drunk as everyone expected her to be, and lastly, there was Marcela. She was Belinda?s best friend and had been since they were in the 6th grade. I met her just after I met Belinda and had always had a mild crush on her. She was also Latina, but had darker skin and even sharper features than Belinda did. Her straight black hair was pulled back in a pony-tail that hung just past her shoulders.

Much to Belinda?s dismay, she was also wearing a tight black sweater and jeans. They were the same height but Marcela was a little slimmer and had slightly larger breasts. Other than their differences in hair texture and skin tone, they could have easily been sisters.

As we entered the kitchen, Belinda and Marcela looked at each other with wide gazes and embarrassment which quickly gave way to light hearted laughter. Marcela then poured us some tequila shots and we headed to the table to play dominos. The night chugged along like any other night.

The drinks flowed and everyone?s inhibitions flew out the window.

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Hillary suggested we play strip poker and then proceeded to take her top off before a deck of cards was even located. Three minutes later, she put it back on. Five minutes after that, she passed out on the floor. It wasn?t until around 3AM that the night took an interesting turn. I was sitting at the kitchen table with Belinda, Marcela, Chuck, Scotty, and a couple of giggling girls from the steakhouse. The bottle of Cuervo was being passed around and everyone was good and drunk.

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Out of nowhere, one of the giggling steakhouse girls suggested we all play truth or dare. After a moment of everyone blankly looking around the table, we all agreed that it was a great idea, and so the game began.

It mostly started with everyone choosing ?Truth.? The game began to get boring. Then, something happened that changed my life forever. It was Marcela?s turn. She turned to me and said ?John. Truth or dare?? In an attempt to shake things up, I chose dare. I had no idea what Marcela had in store for me. Apparently, Belinda told Marcela everything, including the slightly embarrassing fact that she liked to have me suck her toes. I have never had a foot fetish, but have always been a sucker (no pun intended)for just about anything considered taboo, so I was almost always happy to oblige.

I suppose this knowledge is why Marcela then said ?I dare you to suck Belinda?s toes.? Everyone started to chuckle at the idea. I did too at first, but I had been drinking beer and tequila for about four hours, and the idea of doing something that intimate in front of a room full of people kind of turned me on, so I said ?Oh, what the hell.?

I bent down and grabbed Belinda?s left leg at the ankle and raised it up to my chest and began to unlace her boot. As I did, Marcela hooted and hummed mock burlesque music. I slid her boot off and dropped it to the floor. I then slid my hands up either side of her leg until I reached the top of her sock.

She was looking at me with that wonderful expression of wicked excitement you only really get when you are doing something that you know is wrong. I pulled off her sock and took her foot in my hand.

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Everyone at the table had their eyes fixed on us as I gently eased her toes into my mouth. As I engulfed them with my lips I saw a fire flash across Belinda?s face that spoke of wild animal lust that I had only caught glimpses of before. The table hooted and hollered their reactions at the sight. Marcela in particular seemed particularly transfixed on us. She had a look of excited curiosity on her face. After about 15 seconds, I pulled away and Belinda collapsed into her chair. It was clear that we were both really turned on by what had gone on.

Because Belinda and I were both living with our parents for the summer, it wasn?t terribly uncommon for us to sneak off to the bathroom at these little parties and fuck each other?s brains out. Based on the look she had given me, I figured that was exactly what she had in mind as she rose from her seat and excused herself.

I did the customary ?wait 2 minutes?

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before excusing myself and headed for the hallway bathroom. I arrived at the bathroom door and did our secret knock. I then heard the lock click and I hurriedly let myself in.

She was leaning against the sink when I rushed in and grabbed her around the waist. She pulled me close and shoved her tongue into my mouth. I grabbed a handful of her spiraling hair as our tongues battled it out. Without breaking contact, I reached down and grabbed the bottom of her sweater and pulled it up to her neck in one motion. I could tell that this was one of those nights that I was not expected to put on any kind of front. This was basic animal sex drive and that?s exactly what she wanted that night.

My hand glided down and squeezed at her left breast. She was wearing a lovely gold bra that on most nights I would have appreciated, but tonight it was only a distracting nuisance. I grabbed the edge of the cup and jerked it down to expose her nipple. Belinda had large pale puffy nipples until they got hard. Then they darkened and the areola around her nipple became course and rigid.

I pulled my lips away from hers and moved instantly down to her nipple, taking the whole thing into my mouth and biting at it. As I did, she yanked my belt loose and unbuttoned my pants. I was arching my back like a contortionist to keep sucking her tit and make sure she could get to my rapidly hardening cock with her hands. She unzipped my fly and pulled my dick out and started rapidly jerking it. I reached up with my left hand and jerked the other cup of her bra down.

When I let go, her bra pushed both of her tits up and her nipples aimed almost straight up. I leaned back and squeezed her tits as she jerked my cock. I wanted to force her down to her knees and shove my dick into her mouth.


I wanted to turn her around and jerk her pants down and ram my cock into her pussy. I wanted to put my finger in her asshole. As I was considering what my next move would be, we heard a knock at the door. Belinda kept jerking my cock (although softer at that point) when I tried my best to sound normal. ?Just a minute.? From the other side of the door we heard Marcela?s voice. ?John? Is Belinda in there with you?? I looked at Belinda with questioning eyes.

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?What should I do?? Belinda whispered. I could only shrug.

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I didn?t want Belinda to stop, but she was so frenzied that I began to wonder what might happen if she started talking to Marcela while she jerked me off. Finally she answered Marcela. ?Yeah. What?s up?? Amazingly, she continued to softly stroke my dick. ?You guys need to come back out.?

?What for?? Belinda asked. ?It?s John?s turn.? To this, Belinda let go of my dick and reached up to straighten her bra. She pulled her sweater down and reached for the door as I zipped up my pants. She looked back at me and whispered ?We?ll finish this up later?? She opened the door. I was bummed. Actually, I was kind of pissed. Not at her though. Just at the fact that I was going to have some ferocious blue balls.

Marcela was standing in the hallway smiling at us. I hadn?t gotten my belt fastened all the way and I guess she noticed.

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?Did I interrupt something?? She was being coy. Suddenly I remembered how she had been watching the whole toe sucking fiasco and I had my brilliant little idea.

?It?s my turn?? I asked. ?Yeah.? Marcela replied. ?I dared you to suck Belinda?s toes and then you two disappeared.?

She paused and bit her lower lip.


?I kinda figured you guys wanted to be alone, but I didn?t want to keep playing without you guys.? ?Okay.?I smiled.

?Then I have a dare for you Marcela.? The look on Belinda?s face was just as curious as Marcela?s. They were both very interested in where I was going with this.

?Actually, it?s a dare for you too honey.? I was taking a big gamble. As far as I knew, neither Belinda nor Marcela had ever kissed another girl before. God bless Truth or Dare. I took a deep breath and went for it. ?I dare you two to kiss.?

They both stood still and quiet just looking back and forth from me to each other. Finally, Belinda broke the silence. ?I?m not putting on a lezzy show in front of all our friends.?

?Yeah. Me neither.? Marcela chimed in. ?Okay.? I calmly answered. ?Then do it in here, just in front of me.? Marcela started laughing. The alcohol was taking the edge off the situation. Her ease caused Belinda to smile and lean against the sink again.

?Okay, okay. So do you mean like a little kiss, or a big kiss?? Belinda asked. To this Marcela laughed even more. ?If you?re going to do it in here, it has to be a big one.?

I said. ?At least thirty seconds.? ?What?!? Belinda exclaimed. ?That?s, like, a super kiss.? she laughed as she looked at Marcela to gauge her reaction. Marcela