Jav Idol Abe Mikako Fucks On The Back Of Mini Van Truck

Jav Idol Abe Mikako Fucks On The Back Of Mini Van Truck
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----------------------------- Chapter Fifteen - Training Over the last couple of days Lisa had gotten used to live in the stable box. She was comfortable in sleeping on the straw and also in walking on it. Standing in high heels all day was also not a problem anymore. Also it looked like her body began transforming a bit.

Maybe it was due to the horse hormones her reproductive organs sent into the rest of her body. Her hair had begun to grow down her neck quite fast, it almost looked like a mane now.

Also her legs were quite muscular now and a bit over her anus her body had begun growing a tail made from hair. She didn't feel any pain in her body anymore and was constantly aroused somehow. Also she had been penetrated into her peehole so often that it was almost possible to use it as a second vagina now. One day as her master entered, she already prepared herself happily for another round of peehole intercourse as he held a huge dildo in front of her face.

"We'll train your vagina now" he said. The dildo was nearly as long and wide as his arm. Its head was huge and the shape was like a horses penis. Lisa didn't know why she knew what a horse penis looked like.

She had never seen one before. She followed her master through the stable into another box. There was a wooden podest with ankle ties on it and in front of it there was a wooden bar which would help secure Lisa in place and bent forward. "Stand there and don't move" her master commanded. Lisa followed him and placed herself onto the podest.

He secured her in place and got behind her. "Aaaaahhhnnnghhh" Lisa screamed as suddenly the dildo was pushed half way into her with one single thrust.

"Goooooohoooood" Lisa once again gasped for air as the dildo entered her deep. She felt it through her torax and reaching all the way through her body until it hit the end of the vagina. Surprisingly for Lisa the Dildo did not move after this and stayed in place. Her master walked around her and placed himself in front of her. "Ok slave, I'm going to connect this dildo to a fucking machine now. Since you've taken it quite fast I think we can start with a 90 minutes program.

Keep still and don't talk" Lisa then heard some noises behind her back but wasn't able to turn her head or even move in any way. All she could do was to try to breathe as deep as possible and not to pass out. Suddenly something moved the dildo a litte and it felt as if maybe the machine her master had talked about was connected. "Ok, everything is ready now slave.

The machine will go through different circles. Goal is to get you used to being bread by our stallions. So there will be 5 to 10 minutes of fucking, followed by a ejaculation simulation.

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The machine will then stop and pull out. After 2 to 5 minutes the procedure will sart over. I'll leave now and return later. Let's see how you handle yourself." Lisa was a little scared now but the dildo was so deep in her and causing pleasure already, that she couldn't think too much. There was a machine noise and the dildo moved out of her completely. A female computer voice said "Run 1. Intensity 5 of 30. Duration 10. Semen amount 5 of 30" "Three" "Two" "One" "Aaahhhhhhh" Sarah screamed as the machine pushed the dildo up her vagina quite slowly but in one single move.

As it reached the top, it kept on pushing and bent inside Lisas body. She could feel her belly bulging outwards. Suddenly it came to a stop for a couple of seconds and then pulled out nearly all the way, only to thrust back in all the way. This repeatedly continued for about 5 minutes. Sarah screamed and was in pain because the penetration was much deeper than the ones before. Also the machine hat speed up a little.

After that time, the machine mode switched and it began hammering Lisas pussy with even more speed but it didn't pull out so far anymore. It was only moving about 15cm in and out, which basically only caused Lisas belly to bulge in and out.

At the end of the cycle the machine stopped the movement and kept the dildo at the deepest point for a couple of seconds.

Then it released the pressure a little and pumped a huge amount of milky white liquid into Lisa. While doing this it slowly pulled out. Lisa was having an orgasm for the last 5 minutes, coughing for air and nearly passing out. As she felt the warm liquid filling her and stretching her, she started shaking and cramping uncontrollably.

She peed on the floor and gasped for air while screaming on top of her voice. The orgasm didn't stop during the brake the machine took. "Run 2. Intensity 10 of 30. Duration 10. Semen amount 10 of 30" This time the fucking was already quite rough. No slow entry, just one hard push and then 10 minutes of deep in and out.

Lisas belly was still filled from the last cumshot simulation but this round caused her belly to bulge hugely.

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For the whole time the orgasm hadn't stopped and intensified more and more. She had lost her vision completely and was a coughing and screaming mess, fighting for air in her small lungs.

"Run 4. Intensity 20 of 30. Duration 10. Semen amount 30 of 30" Lisa felt nearly dead. All she felt was every nerve in her body screaming for a break. 35 minutes of constant orgasm and fucking was just too much. Her belly was so filled with the creamy fluid, she could feel the outside nearly touching her knees. "Run 6. Intensity 30 of 30. Duration 30.

Semen amount 30 of 30" Lisa didn't notice too much anymore. It was all a blur. The machine fucked her so hard and deep, the wood she was tied to cracked but didn't break. With each thrust the machine pulled out deeper, after 15 minutes it pulled out and slammed back in all the way in the blink of an eye.

Lisa was already bleeding from her cunt as the machine released the last cumshot into her sore vagina. Also Lisa was coughing up blood and finally passed out as it stopped. ----------------------------- Chapter Sixteen - Preparation As Lisa woke up from her unconsciousness she was already back in her stable box. She was placed on her back and could barely move. The first thing she noticed was, that her belly sticked out almost as much as her enormous breasts did.

It was still filled with the cum imitation and her vagina was leaking huge amounts of it. The straw under her ass was already completely soaked with it.

Lisa crawled to one of the wooden fences on the outside of her box and pulled herself onto her feet. With both of her hands she slowly applied pressure onto her belly and the fluid splashed from her cunt onto the floor. After around 10 minutes, her belly was nearly the size it was the morning before her training. At least she couldn't see it anymore under her huge breasts with her massive nipples.

But that didn't mean it would stop leaking. Fluid kept running down Lisas muscular leg and found it's way from her tighs to her knee, down to her foot and over her heels onto the straw covered barn floor.

The days passed like that. It was always one day break and one day of training. After two weeks Lisa was able to take 120 minutes of intensity 30 without passing out.

Of course she had lost track of how many orgasms she had gone through but her lung capacity had increased enough to breathe in enough air. This made it a lot easier for her. Her body was a constant mess though. She hadn't washed herself over all that time, nor had she taken off her high heels. She smelled badly by now and all her hair was covered in sticky glue-like fluid which caused her to look awful. She needed the time between the sessions to recover from being exhausted.

Lisa was fed only very little over the whole time but at least she wasn't wearing a plug or had to eat from the deepthroat device. The device was mounted to the wall of her box in the stable though. Maybe it would be used in future? She didn't know and had no energy to care about that. At the morning of the 15th day her master entered her box and commanded Lisa to get up. "Slut, your pussy is now trained fine and your body is ready for the real thing.

I'll give you 3 days of rest so you're not exhausted. During these days you won't quit your box and you'll eat from this" he tapped his finger on the device at the wall". "Also you're not allowed to go to the toilet during this period. I want your body to soak up every bit of energy from what you eat and due to your shortened bowels we need your ass blocked.


Turn around and bend over." "Ahhhwww. Shit, that hurts!" Lisa screamed as her master pushed the plug into her ass for the first time in a month. He then filled the device on the wall and quit. She stood there, in the middle of the box, not wanting to move due to the pain in her ass. Also she had hoped for a cleaning or something but nothing had happened. She knew the three days would be pure horror and was scared.

Hours passed and soon Lisa became hungry. She had gotten used to the plug in her ass again and was not noticing it anymore. But she feared the deepthroat tube on the wall. She tried to ignore her hunger and thirst with walking around in her box. Around two o'clock in the afternoon there was no help. Her lips had already gone dry and her eyes were burning due to the lack of water. Also she felt very weak and knew she needed to eat urgently.

So she finally gave in and tried to deepthroat the penis shaped tube. After a couple of trys she finally succeeded and the device released its fluid down her throat.

She counted the seconds and finally released when she hit 45 seconds. After that she collapsed on the floor, gasping for air. It took her a while to soak up enough oxygen in her body to get up again. This procedure continued for almost two hours until the device finally was empty.

In the end Lisa was so weakened, she just fell asleep in middle of the box. The morning after she was woken up by her master who refilled the feeding device. He didn't say a single word and quickly left afterwards. Being hungry again Lisa repeated yesterdays process until the device was nearly half empty. Although she already felt her belly bulging a little, due to the plug blocking her from emptying her bowels, she felt better afterwards.

For the rest of the the day Lisa could do nothing but walk and sit around, wait for something to happen and repeat the eating process to empty her ration. She fell asleep quite early that evening. The next morning a very familiar pain woke her up. Her belly was already bulged out quite heavily and she really felt the urge to relieve herself. But of course she couldn't. Similar to the day before, her master entered, filled the device and quit without even looking at her.

Lisa then tried not to eat until 1 o'clock in the afternoon but finally gave in once again. Hoping it would all be over soon, she emptied everything in a two hour fight.

Afterwards she just felt her bowels trying to push everything to the exit and all it caused more and more pain. She just lowered herself onto the ground and warmed her belly with her hands. The pain already was excruciating around 5 o'clock in the afternoon and grew to almost unbearable a couple of hours later. Lisa just lay on the floor motionless and crying. She didn't sleep a single second that night and time felt like it passed in slowmotion.

Around 9 o'clock her master finally arrived. "Come on, on your feet slave!" he shouted.


Lisa whimpered and tried to get onto her feet while holding her round and acing belly. "You look like you're pregnant, I like that. Time for some fun with your peehole. Follow me!" Lisa stumbled after him into the next box and placed herself on her back as usual. "Spread your legs now and don't move!" Lisa did as she was told although every movement caused bad pain through her whole body.

"Ok, first we'll fill your ass a little more so your body gets tighter" He connected a hose to the plugs outlet and turned the water on. Lisa screamed and cried uncontrollably while water rushed into her and her belly bulged more and more with every second. After two minutes her belly almost had twice the size of her breasts - which was very huge.

Her master disconnected the hose and started fucking her peehole without any warning. He penetrated her so hard and fast, her swollen belly jiggled forth and back.

Lisa didn't move or say a word, she just hoped this would all be over soon. And she was right, this time her master came up her peehole very soon. He pulled out and once again commanded Lisa to get on her feet. She was still crying and the pain already blurred her vision.

But she did as told and stood up. "Follow me" he said and Lisa tried to get after him. Soon they reached the stables exit and for the first time in monthes Lisa saw sunlight. They stopped outside and Lisa was fixed to a wooden pole. "Do not sit down or move too much, I'll be back later" he left and Lisa stood there alone.

Her head was bent forward because the pole was not too high. Her belly hung out towards the ground.

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This eased the pain a little but of course it wasn't all gone. Nearly two hours passed like this until her master finally returned.

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"Ok, since your stomache has been removed, it is possible to reach directly from your mouth, through your body, right out your ass. There's only 4 meters of bowels left and this task should therefore be easy" He handed Lisa a really soft and long dildo.

"Deepthroat it. When it's all gone, I'll open your Plug. Come on" Lisa didn't think anymore and just wanted the pain to end. She simply shoved the first 30cm down her throat. "Deeper. Until it's all gone! You only get this one try. Do it or die from doing it. Simple as that!" She pushed deeper and deeper. Soon half of the dildo was gone but also she needed to breathe urgently.

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Lisa of course tried but there was no help. Her air was blocked from the dildo, so she pushed deeper even faster. She felt the dildo move in her womb and it caused horrible pain. One could see it moving inside her and also pushing aside everything else that was trapped inside her for over three days now. Already unable to see or think straight Lisa pushed down the last bit of dildo and felt the plug in her ass opening.

She grabbed for the outlet and really could feel the dildo coming from it. She pulled a little and finally was able to breathe again. In that second she collapsed on the floor. Water and feces were running from her ass onto the ground and also covered the dildo soon. Lisa felt her belly relax bit by bit. "Pull the dildo out slut! What are you waiting for? Get up, do it!" Lisa somehow managed to get on her feet and pulled the dildo from her ass, bit by bit.

She still was gasping for air and the feeling of something being pulled right through her body was nearly too much for her. It took five minutes to get the whole dildo out of her and it looked and smelled disgusting. Her feces were all over. On the dildo, on the ground, on her legs, in her tail and even on her back. "Alright slut, looks like this will be a very long day for you.

Your task for today is to pull that dildo through you until it comes out clean. You'll stay right here, you will not sit or lay down and you will not take rests until it comes out clean!

Do you understand this?" Lisa was once again shocked. She hadn't expected this, nor did she even think it was possible to do this. Knowing she would have to go through this horror multiple times made her shudder and cry.

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"I." Lisas voice broke. "Do it!" her master shouted. "Start now or you'll regret it.

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I swear!" he added. Lisa gave in and brought the - now brownish and smelling - dildo tip to her mouth. With one hand she held to the pole, with the other hand she put the dildo in her mouth. She took one deep breath and shoved the dildo deep. She could do around 30cm with each movement of her hand. Every push was crucifying. It felt like her bowels were dislocated badly and pain pierced through her whole body.

Also she soon needed air but only half the dildo had dissapeared in her. Not wanting to die Lisa pushed faster and tried to ignore the pain. Her belly moved and bulged with every push, until suddenly the end of the dildo disappeared between Lisa's teeth. With the last bit of strength Lisa gripped the dildo's tip from her asshole and pulled it out forcefully.

Once again she was able to take a deep breath. "Well done!" her master commented. "Repeat it until the dildo is cleaned. If you stop, you'll die or even worse!" He left. Lisa took a couple of deep breaths before she continued to pull the dildo from her ass. It looked even worse than the round before. Lisa drank some bits of water from the bucket in front of her and then put the dildo in her mouth once again. After two hours she had done 15 cycles and the dildo was almost clean as her master returned.

Lisas throat felt so sore and her ass did too. Also it was possible to easily pull the dildo from her now.

Nearly no force was needed. As he stepped towards Lisa she was just pulling the last inches from her ass, ready to take a look at the dildo, hoping it would be completely clean this time.

But she wasn't prepared for what her master was about to do, so she coughed in pain as he grabbed the dildo, pushed her hand to the side and forced it back to where it just came from.

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She could feel it sliding deeper and deeper really fast and soon felt it reach the upper part of her body. Just as she felt that, he pulled the dildo out a little and started fucking her extremely forcefully with the dildo. The pain this caused was once again overwhelming and reached a level Lisa hadn't experienced before.

Soon she felt her legs becoming numb and her body was shaking from the abuse. Seconds later she collapsed into the dirt on the floor.