Cute Asian GF gives a hot blowjob

Cute Asian GF gives a hot blowjob
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Jessica Chapter 2 Copyright © 2016 Jax_Teller By Jax_Teller From Chapter One: I went over and sat in my chair and Jessica said that was hot.

I said yeah amazing things can happen with an open mind. Some totally unexpected, wonderfully kinky things. Jessica confessed she wished she was Dana getting fucked in front of every one like that. The freedom to say what ever came to mind not afraid of what everyone would think, just spontaneous raw fucking. She coyly shrank a little with a naughty grin as she said raw fucking.

Chapter Two The rest of the afternoon balanced out to non sexual partying. Copious amounts of alcohol and smoke were consumed late into the night. I kept the fire going and watched the dancers and circle the fire dancing to the beat of the drummers.

Around three am the drummers and dancers gave up the ghost, some pairing off and others just crawled off to bed.

It was a scenario that played out regularly, as the sun came up the visitors would bleed off back to the city or where ever they came from. I went inside to make some breakfast and Jessica was already making eggs.

I had never seen her eat much, let alone cook anything, it was then I noticed that she was still naked. She'd turned a corner and shed some of her programing, she saw me and stopped cooking long enough to give me a hug and a kiss. We talked as I made myself a cup of coffee and she put a skillet of cheesy eggs on the table.

We sat and ate breakfast as others filtered in and out. I asked her what her plans for the day were and she said she wanted to talk to me about that. I listened as she told me that she had a job offer from a Package Delivery Hub nearby and she asked if she could live at camp with us. I said sure enough, there is always room, and that all I ask is honesty first, and to contribute.

I warned her that she should avoid giving out any details about living here and to try and avoid letting folks know where she will be living, because some town folks had a negative opinion about my camp. I thought our talk was about over from the flow of the conversation, but it changed direction instead. Jessica asked me about a time when I had been a Dominant, and had a submissive.

I confirmed what she'd heard and she asked me if I would consider her to be my submissive. She said she wanted to experience as much as she could and from a person she trusted, Me. I agreed and told her that we would need to do a contract for clarity, but that I would be her Dom. We talked about how she wanted it to be a 24/7 thing not just for play, that she would do anything she was asked as long as it wouldn't harm another.

She asked if it was ok for her to go get her things from the big city, and to accept the job offer. I told her to take care of her business, and that if she needed help moving her things to call me and I would bring my trailer to move her. So I now had a twenty yr old green submissive who was moving in. Later in the day I heard Jessica's SUV coming in the driveway and I went to greet her, help her. I pointed to where she should put her stuff in my room and she put the box down and removed her clothes.


We unloaded her stuff and reported that she had got the job, and started in their accounting department in one week. I knew the place and it was a good stable job that most local folks were not qualified for. We spend the rest of the day getting her used to the way things work when you are not a visitor. We also worked out the details of our contract, after some long talks about her desires, and what I require of a submissive. It was a three day week end for most out there and for us at Oak Ridge Camp, that meant a larger more rowdy crowd than usual.

Tonight I would put my official collar on Jessica making her mine. As the preparations were finished up I told ordered Jessica to take a nap in my bed. It was hot out with high humidity, so I followed her inside and closed the curtains in the house. People were all ready pulling in the drive when I stepped back outside. I threw down a carpet next to the social fire pit just for bondgae play.

The party got freaky quickly as I had the bondge equipment out side and setup for use. I abstained from drinking to make sure everyone would be safe. I had called Mary a friend who was an EMT and asked her to come over and chaperon in case there were any heat related issues.

She was a regular and could party right along the toughest and roughest, and to be honest she was a great bouncer when needed. She parked her Jeep close and made sure her med boxes were accessible. I gave her a hug and quick squeeze on the butt and then turned to the party. A couple from Jenkins a city of a hundred and fifty thousand, an hour away were mulling around the St.Andrews cross, So I went over and suggested we try it out.

To my surprise he stripped off his shorts and stepped up to the cross.


After securing him Linda his Domme flogged his butt good with a heavy leather flogger. She teased him and slapped him as a crowd formed watching the excitement. From his body language I could tell Linda was a little rougher on him compared to what he was used to. After letting him loose, she pulled him aside to a chair and took care of him. Stroking him and bring him back from subspace, he recovered his senses as she praised him for his loving obedience, and willingness to please her.

While it was a good demonstration and performance, it wasn't the roughest or original. I gave Mary a look and nod, that I was going inside and she acknowledged my intent. Jessica was still sleeping when I went into the room and her naked form was a sight to behold, her wonderfully round butt, her legs spread slightly to drawl the eye to her thighs.

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I woke her with a light massage and she turned over and we kissed as she looked into my eyes. I told her it was time and I started to lead her out to the fire pit. She asked to use the bath room before going out stating she had to pee. I told her no to her dismay and she pouted a little as we continued outside. As we got the the fire pit area everyone greeted us, the women especially saying how good Jessica looked, their respective men, agreeing.

I moved over to where the gear was setup and ordered her to assume the position, standing arms and legs apart. I put leather cuffs on Jessica's wrists and ankles, tugging at them to assure their tightness. I pointed off to the edge and told her to pee she started to balk at peeing in front of everyone, and then saw me waiting for her response and did as she was told. I went to another edge of the play area and pulled a tarp off a round hay bale feeder.

This one I had modified and welded a pentagram angle iron frame in side the round, and welded D rings around the inside of the round frame and at 6 inch points on the angle iron. I rolled it to the center of the play area and put the two stops connected by a chain on either side to keep it from rolling.

I told Jessica to step inside pointing, to the platforms I made for footholds. I secured her at the ankles, wrists and around her waist. The way I had it designed she was secure enough that I could twist turn, roll and flip the round, and she would be safe. I had never seen anything like this before and I am pretty sure no one else there had either.

I asked for those gathered to step back some giving me room.

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I then proceeded to lay the round flat to the ground with Jessica face down, pick it up and roll her to and fro, bringing her to a stop and put the blocks back in place. I then proceeded to flog her with five different floggers.

First I started with the soft red suede leather and when her skin started to pink her skin, I changed the circle to put her at a different angle to me. Then I used the other four floggers, 1/8th inch rope, string with knots and lastly the hard edged black leather flogger. Each of the floggers left a distinct pattern on her skin in red. Between floggers I switched the position of the Circle, to disorient her and for visual effect.

When I was done I released her and sat her on the spanking bench as people clapped and voiced their appreciation. I checked her over both physically and mentally, and asked her if she was ready for more.

I positioned her on the spanking bench and secured her hands to the bench.

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I picked up a cedar paddle I had made with groves in the surface and paddled her butt until I could see that she was getting near breaking. I stopped and looked to David an old friend who I had called before the party and his brother Mark, and asked them to join us. I had recruited them because I knew they were clean, drug and disease free, and had cocks that most of the women drooled over.

They stepped up and slid their pants off exposing their hard cocks, and then in unison they stroked their cocks looking Jessica over. Mark stepped in front of Jessica and I ordered her to open her mouth. She did and he stuffed his cock in her mouth and proceeded to fucking her mouth. David stepped behind Jessica straddling her legs and slid his cock in her pussy, announcing how wet she was. The crowd watched and cheered them on as the brothers fucked her good. David's cock was so big inside her pussy that the internal skin of her pussy came out a little as his cock slid out of her and then plummeted back in her.

Mark viscously fucked her mouth, holding her mouth on his cock choking her and repeating. He pulled his cock from deep in her throat stroked it and then shook his cock and came on her face, slapping his cock across her mouth rubbing his come over her face. Mark pounded her pussy hard and deep then blew his load all over her back and into the hair on the back of her head.

He jerked the last of his load on her and stepped back to the cheering crowd his cock bouncing freely as he raised his hands in victory. It seemed as though there were more folks in camp watching than I remembered. Either way every one was cheering and clapping at the performance they'd just seen. As Mark stepped back and away from Jessica I could see the puddle of her come between her thighs on the bench.

I released her from the bench and helped her up and to a near by seat. Some one handed her a towel and she started to wipe the come from her face.

I stopped her, telling her it was a reward for a blow job well done and to wear it with pride. People mingled around the play area and Kim and her Dominant husband George asked if they could try the circle. I said sure and they went over to it, checking it over, talking between themselves. Then George strapped her in and proceeded to toss her about causing her to squeal and scream. He shook her up and turned her around for a good five minutes before putting the circle in the blocks.

As he positioned the circle Kim hung upside down, naked her tits hung out from her. The folks gathered back around to watch the show, as George took out a Poi stick and lit on fire, he twirled it and threw it in the air a few times catching it perfectly every time.

The Poi stick's fire went out and He prepped a wash cloth and dipped the Poi stick again and lit it. George put the wash cloth over his shoulder, and took the Poi stick over to Kim waving it around her body. He pulled it away and tossed it a few times.

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Then He took the Poi stick and burned the hair from Kim's Pussy, and wiped the residue from her with the wash cloth. George set the stick down as it went out and turned Kim upright in the circle and reset the Poi stick. This time he waved it over her body closer and burned the remnants of hair from her pussy and wiped the ash from her with the wash cloth. He then picked up a dagger from the table and approached Kim. He dragged the point of the dagger down her arms and up her legs, leaving little scratches.

He then took a hold of her nipple using it to pull her breast from her body, and used the long edge of the dagger to scrape the skin on the top of her breast. He did the same to the other breast. Kim was dead still as he worked, but seemed to vibrate a shimmer of tremble under the surface of her skin. It was as he pulled the dagger away from the tip of her nipple that she had a monumental orgasm, visibly shaking and girl juice running down her legs forming a puddle under her.

As he released her from the circle the people gathered watching clapped and cheered. I had been holding Jessica from behind my arm across her chest, and when they finished I took Jessica to the spanking bench again. This time I sat down on the bench and told her to suck my dick. As she did I got hard and people started to gather back around, I pulled her from my cock and told her to bend over in front of me. As she did I took a tube of lubricant and squirted some on her asshole pushing a finger in briefly.

I said now slut get up here patting the bench, I guided her on top of me positioning her so my cock lined up with her asshole. Jessica quickly knew where I was going and I let her pace the entry as she lowered her self down on my cock.

As penetration was complete and she rested, my cock balls deep in her ass, I said Mark. Mark stepped out from the crowd gathered around and he stepped up behind her stoking his cock. Jessica layed back on me and He slid his cock in her pussy.

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I could feel him enter her, and we started rocking, fucking her holes in rhythm. A few strokes later we both plunged to depth at the same time and Jessica cried out and came. The force of her orgasm on squirt, almost pushing Mark from her pussy. I felt her asshole clamp down time and again as she came.

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Mark and I continued fucking her and when I felt her orgasm subside, I said David, and he stepped from the crowd his cock leading the way.

His cock was longer than Marks but not as large around, glistening with pre-come dripping from the tip. David stepped beside we three and offered his cock to her waiting mouth.

Finely she was full of cock, every hole filled pumping and thrusting in and out of her at once. Jessica was moaning and almost humming on his cock twitching mini orgasms rocking threw her. More than one of the men watching the performance were now getting blow jobs. The entire crowd seemed to be riding Jessica's experience, one woman sitting on a split log bench furiously rubbing her pussy to squirting orgasm after another.

Mark pulled his cock from her Jessicas' pussy and unloaded come from her pussy to her tits and up to her face, splashing all over her. David seemed in perfect synchronism with his brother and pulled his cock from her mouth and jerked his load in her face.

I could feel Jessica orgasm and squirt as she was being coved in come, and felt my balls tighten. Mark stepped back as did David leaving me to finish her off.

I pulled her legs up and pumped my cock in and out of her asshole as fast and deep as I could, until my cock exploded filling her. I let her down ad as she stood covered in come the crowd went wild clapping hootin and hollering. The crowd broke up and I led Jessica to the out door shower. I sat her on a bench and turned the shower heads on and washed her.

I dried her off and carried her to my bed, laying her gently on the bed and covering her. Day One of the three day weekend ended. The End Jax_Teller.

. Copyright © 2016 Jax_Teller Jessica Chapter 3 The night before Jessica had performed wonderfully, taking the flogging on the circle, having all her holes filled at once and being covered in come in front of every one at the party. I had throughly enjoyed performing with her and the reactions of the party goers. Waking up with her, she looked to me, and I said good morning Angel, and she said good morning master.

It was mid morning and I could hear folks around outside and some in the house too. That wasn't unusual, but I didn't feel my usual need to go attend to my party folks, I just laid there in bed with Jessica enjoying her.