Young Amateur Teens Under The Shower

Young Amateur Teens Under The Shower
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Last night G came over after I got home from work, and the two of us went out to Steak n Shake for dinner. When we got back we soaked in the hot tub, and G told me about a friend of hers who hasn't been laid in three years, and hasn't been laid WELL in 17.

G wanted to hook me up with her, since G said I was the perfect lover and she wanted her friend to be fucked well. I was flattered by her vote of confidence, and turned on by her desire to pimp me out.

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G also talked about wanting to be handcuffed and tied up, which we resolved to explore next time we get a chance. We also discussed taking her friend to a swing club, and told her I'd love to tie them both to the swing chair and take turns eating and fucking them.

G was as turned on by the idea as I was, so we resolved to make it happen as soon as possible. We were getting too hot for the hot tub, so we kissed for a few more minutes and then headed back upstairs to shower.

When we got upstairs we stripped and got into the shower. G caressed me as I washed my long hair, and then I returned the favor by soaping up her body with liquid peppermint Castile soap.


G gushed as I rubbed the cool oil into her hot skin, and moaned as I cupped her pussy and rapidly rubbed her clit. G straddled and humped my thigh, groaning deeply as I fingered her and massaged her clit in brisk circles, causing her to cum all over my hand.

When G recovered I asked her how she liked the tingly Castile soap, and she laughed, "My pussy feels minty fresh!" G reciprocated by bending down to suck my cock in return, working her fingers and lips along my shaft while I tried to angle myself to keep her from drowning. Her efforts felt very nice, but after a while we decided we'd be more comfortable on the bed, so she stopped long enough for me to soap up and rince off before turning off the water.

When G and I finished showering we dried off and I sat on the edge of the bed while she braided my hair. When she was finished, she lay back on the bed and spread her legs, showing off her dark pretty shaved pussy.

I stopped to take a picture of the erotic sight, and she raised her knees up near her head, demonstrating her flexibility. Setting the camera aside, I opened my cabinet, looking for handcuffs (although I seemed to have replaced them). G became intrigued by my collection of warming lubes.

Changing my plan to reflect her newer interest, I put on some music and then placed myself between G's lovely brown thighs. I spread some orange-flavored warming lube over her bare chocolate-colored labia and then rubbed the amber liquid in circles over her cute little pink clit.

G immediately started moaning and bucking, and I kept up the steady pace, stroking her pussy and allowing the heating sensation to counter the recent cool-mint feel of the Castile soap. While I fingered G I told her I liked the idea of her sharing me with her friends, and offered to reward her for her matchmaking efforts. G moaned, "If this is the reward, I really should have done this sooner!" I told her no, I had something even better in mind, and lowered my mouth to her pussy to go down on her.

G's hips left the bed as she arched her back and groaned deeply. I buried my pierced tongue in her before sliding it up over her clit. G moaned and squirmed while I ate her, crying out as she came repeatedly.

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She'd told me earlier she was happy my bedroom is next to the stairwell instead of another resident's apartment, and now she was taking advantage of the relative privacy by screaming her head off as I latched onto her clitoris, licking and sucking her to orgasmic oblivion. I took her to the limit of what I thought she could take, and then went past it, eating her hot pussy to my heart's delight.

The orange flavor eventually gave way to G's own, and when I eventually stopped to move up to kiss her, G remarked on how yummy she tasted in my lips. I agreed completely, and smiled when G gasped, "You know you did a good job when I'm still cumming long after you've stopped!" I snuggled G while she bucked and shivered, and then grinned when she announced, "Turnabout is fair play!" I lay on my back while G lay across me, taking my hard cock into her soft hands and hot mouth.

G's wet lips slid enjoyably along my stiff shaft, and I lay back and watched her as she worked enthusiastically to please me. She moved between my legs, running her excellent tongue down my shaft and over my scrotum.

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She then licked her way slowly back up and took me again in her mouth. She worked her lips up and down my cock swiftly but smoothly, moving rapidly and taking more of my down her throat with each pass.

G began to move her fingertips along my hard dick in concert with her mouth, and I told her she needed to slow down or I was going to cum. "Not yet," she stopped to smile at me, altering her pace accordingly. She stopped before I got to a point of no return, and I got up to get a condom while she got onto her hands and knees.

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I got more warming lube (this time passion fruit), rubbing some onto the outside of the condom and the rest into her already-hot pussy. G moaned as I stuffed my hard dick into her, and pushed backward as I surged forward, filling her with my erection.

She groaned and squealed as I held her hips and fucked her. G angled and wiggled her hips in ways that increased enjoyment for both of us. She found a position that ran the head of my cock along her G-spot, and panted and shook as she undulated rapidly, rubbing the hard tip of my dick along her perfect place for pleasure.

Grinding her pelvis back into me with each thrust, G heaved her body forward and back, keening as bliss built up inside her and exploded around my stiff penis. I fucked G hard, running my hands over her dark, warm skin as I hammered my prick into her cunt.

The force of my thrusts drove her forward with each powerful shove, and at first I held her hips and pulled her back onto me.

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Eventually, however, after I'd lost count of how many times she'd cum, I pushed her forward onto her stomach, closing her legs. This position made G feel even tighter and allowed me to drive myself ever deeper into her.

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Each thrust left me nestled tightly against her cervix. G moaned as I fucked her hard and deep, my face mere inches from hers as I covered her with my body. Holding her tightly, I murmured sweet nothings about how good her cunt felt around me.

At last I asked G if she wanted me to cum inside her. "Please," G quaked. "Please cum inside me." I picked up the pace as G shrieked below me with each thrust, and then slammed forward as my climax exploded inside her.


G kept clutching and squeezing me as I rammed deep within her, her pussy clamping down and milking out every possible drop of cum. We continued fucking as I rode out my crescendo and G came a final time with me as we moved together in orgasmic rhythm. We finally slowed to a stop, and G turned her head so I could kiss her. I carefully withdrew, and got up to ditch the condom and clean up.

We each got a drink and dried off, and then I joined her back in bed to kiss, hug, and eventually watch a movie. G said she'd definitely find a time soon to either share her friend or just drop her off at my apartment to ravage, potentially blindfolded so she doesn't even know whose cock is fucking her. I told her either way was fine with me, and with nice fantasies in mind we cuddled together and slept.