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Ferrari blaque banged bbc redzilla she cant take the sperm p
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Episode IV Of the Adventures of John and Holly Part 45: Return to LA Going out the front door on our way to graduation, "This is so weird" Holly said. "It's strange to think we won't ever be in school again" I said "we went through a lot in our time here". "Remember when we went on spring break sophomore year" I said. I turned around locking the door behind us. "That was a fun trip" Holly said. "Your telling me?" … Spring break of sophomore year had not been planned the way it turned out.

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Holly wanted to go back to LA and visit Lindsey, whom she had shared a great few weeks with a year before. We were going to get a hotel room, stay in LA and just relax, and reunite with some of the people we had met there. We called up Lindsey and told her when our flight was getting in. She was busy that day, so we planned to just relax for the night in our hotel. Spring Break finally came, and we flew out to LA.

Once we got to the airport, Holly decided to call Lindsey to make sure there hadn't been a change in plans. "Lindsey" Holly said on her cell phone, I only heard what she said. "Are you still…Oh really?.Well…We might want to see, where is it?.Okay".

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I looked at Holly as she hung up her phone. "Change of plans." Holly said. The taxi took us to the complex. Holly and I walked into the area, smelling of hot dogs, and found the right field. Lindsey, a high school senior soon to graduate, played softball and had a tournament today. She told us she was busy today but she didn't say what she was doing. We decided it might be fun to see her in action. We found some seats high up in the bleachers. The place was fairly empty, just some parents strewn about in the stands.

Holly and I looked for Lindsey, turns out her team is called the Mongrels, which we had a laugh at. It didn't seem right for a team of athletic teenage girls to be called dogs. Lindsey played right field, her team dressed in red and white. We caught the last four innings of their second game of the day.

Afterwards Holly and I made our way down to the field, not knowing that they had another game to go. We stood along the fence in right field.

"Hi" Lindsey said excitedly as she came out to warm-up before the game started. "How are you guys doing?" Holly asked. "If we win this we win the tournament" Lindsey said. "Good Luck" I said. Holly and I stayed at the fence for most of the game, watching two teams of seventeen and eighteen year old girls duke it out for the championship. I noticed Holly checking out several of the girls.

"It's weird that you check out girls too" I said. "Why?" Holly asked. "I guess you can't get mad at me for checking out a hot chick then can you" I said. "Guess not" Holly said. "Which one?" I asked her. "Which one what?" Holly asked. "If you had to chose one girl to fuck, which one?" I clarified. "I'll get back to you on that" Holly said. Too many to chose from. Eventually she did pick one. "Her…number twenty eight." Holly said. Number twenty eight was a short girl, with very blonde hair, and she had small tits.

"Why her?" I asked. "Look at her ass, it's like perfect" Holly said. "What about number six" I said. Holly searched the field for her, she didn't understand when I said shortstop. This girl was tall, probably five eight or so, she had dark blondish brown hair, and very large tits, that were struggle to fight the constraints of her sports bra. "Well you like tits, I like ass" Holly said. "Okay then…forty two." I said.

"Oooh" Holly said. Forty two was medium about five five, she had long black hair, and decent sized tits, around the size of Holly's. "She is nice too" Holly said "too many to choose from." "What about twelve" I said. "On the red team?" Holly asked. "Yeah" I responded. "That's Lindsey" Holly said. "I know" I said. "I wanted to make sure we fantasized about the girl we are going fuck" I said. "What makes you think she's the only one" Holly said.

The Mongrels emerged victorious after only four innings when it started pouring rain. Since the game was far enough along they declared the Mongrels the winners, ending the tournament early.

The team immediately retreated to the locker room to shower, and Holly and I had to go inside to get out of the rain. We got inside the high school and wandered the halls waiting for Lindsey to finish. Then Holly's cell phone rang. Lindsey told Holly that we could go ahead and come into the girl's locker room. Holly and I walked into the girl's locker room.

There were three girls sitting around, dressed in regular clothes.

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"Hi Holly, John" Lindsey said excitedly "This is Shannon and Ashley" Lindsey said, pointing to the corresponding girl. Shannon was number forty two, and Ashley was number twenty eight. It seemed like incredible luck that we had talked about these very girls. We exchanged 'Hi's.

"They have been in pornos" Lindsey said still excited. "No way" Shannon said, "You guys are what like eighteen?".

"Twenty actually, but we made them when we were nineteen." I said. The girls were all sitting on a narrow wooden bench that was between banks of lockers. "So do you have a huge cock!" Ashley, the blonde, said. "Sorry to disappoint you" I said. "He's modest" Holly said. Holly and I sat down on another bench, the girls interested in us.

Then a completely nude and wet girl walked in from the showers. It was number six, with her very large breasts, now we could see them outside the confines of a sports bra.

She had large round nipples. "Hey Cloey" Lindsey said. I thought Cloey would be embarrassed, not knowing that I was in here. "This is John and Holly" Lindsey said. "Hi" Cloey said, opening a locker.

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She stood there confident in herself. "So do you guys like fuck all the time?" Ashley asked. "Well yeah" Holly said. I just smiled. "So do you guys like have sex in here all the time?" I asked, trying to mimic the way they were quizzing us. "Sometimes" Lindsey said. My jaw dropped. "Really" I asked. "Yeah" Lindsey said. "Like all of you, or just two or three?" I asked.

All four girls looked at me deviously but offered no response. In no time at all a wet Cloey was on her back on the wooden bench, with Shannon laying down on the bench, her face buried in Cloey's pussy. Lindsey started making out with Ashley right in front of Holly and I. Lindsey started taking clothes off. Shedding her bra and shirt, exposing her small tits, and removing Ashley's shirt as well, her bright blonde hair vainly trying to cover her tits.

I stood up, with Holly, allowing Lindsey to sit down on the bench, with Ashley on top of her, still making out. Holly took their lead, and started to take off my shirt. I could tell the other girls were all trying to look at me. Holly dropped to her knees, and unzipped my pants. She dropped my pants around my ankles, leaving my boxers on. Ashley and Lindsey now sat on the bench, facing us, watching Holly work. My cock was growing, and showing through my boxers. "Let me see it" Ashley said, getting on her knees nearly pushing Holly out of the way.

Ashley, with trembling hands, reached for the waistband. She put her fingers under my waistband, and suddenly pulled my boxers all the way down. My cock leapt up from its prison, the sudden freedom resulted in my cock slapping Ashley square in the chin.

Just then the door to the locker room, which was on the other side of two banks of locker from us, swung open, making a creaking noise. "Oh shit" Lindsey whispered. Lindsey, and Ashley instinctively grabbed my arms, and half running shoved me along, my pants still around my ankles, to the shower room. "Who is it?" I whispered, once we were in the shower room, which had thin plastic stalls. "It could be a mom." Lindsey said.

I was sitting against a moist tile wall, Lindsey and Ashley nervously sitting on me, Holly had tagged along, sitting beside us. Cloey and Shannon had not come, as they simply sat up and didn't appear to be doing anything out of the ordinary. All we could hear was muffled speaking, but not enough to tell who it was or if they were catching on to what had been going on.

After a few minutes, Cloey, still naked, and Shannon walked into the shower room. "They're gone" I think Shannon said it. The two of them kept walking in, looking for us in one of the stalls. They found us, "Who was it?" Lindsey asked. "Your mom" Cloey said. "Shit…What did she want" Lindsey asked.

"She said that she was leaving, and to tell you that she expects you to celebrate with us, and she doesn't expect you home for a while…but to call if you'll be too late" Shannon said, doing her good girl duty of relaying a message. "My parents told me to go celebrate with my friends" Cloey said.

"I guess we will just have to celebrate" Lindsey said. I had taken my clothes off completely, hanging them over one of the walls of a stall, Holly had done the same.

We got in one stall together, turning on the hot water. Lindsey and Ashley got in the next stall. They were arranged so that there was about a foot opening at the bottom of each stall, and they only went up about five feet on you. So we could all easily see each other's faces. Shannon and Cloey were in the stall on the other side of Lindsey and Ashley.

All three groups showering in hot water and kisses. Soon enough, Holly dropped to her knees, intending to do what she was trying to do earlier. I was leaning against the tile wall, Ashley and Lindsey immediately stopped what they were doing and leaned against the stall wall, looking over the side down on us.

I think Holly wanted to impress the teenagers. She didn't mess around, starting by taking my entire cock down her throat, and licking my balls. "Oh my god" Ashley said "What do you try to swallow it whole?" Holly pulled away, sitting back. "You want to try" Holly asked her. Ashley immediately pushed Lindsey out of the way, going out of the stall and coming around into ours.

While she was in transit between the stalls, I looked down at Holly, and I mouthed the words 'I love you'.

Holly was clearly manipulating the teenage girl to make my, well any man's, dream come true, what a girlfriend to have. Ashley got on her knees right next to Holly. "What do I do?" Ashley asked.

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"Have you ever given a blowjob before?" Holly asked her. "No" She said. "Okay well do you know the pertinent facts about the penis" Holly said, sounding like a teacher. "I think so" Ashley said. "What's the most sensitive" Holly asked her. "The tip" Ashley said. "Well what are you waiting for?" Holly asked her. Ashley looked at my erect cock. She unsurely reached out a hand, grabbing the shaft. She slowly leaned forward, putting her lips together like an exaggerated kiss.

Ashley kissed the tip of my cock, slowly taking the very tip inside her lips, and licking the tip with her tongue. "Okay, now use your hand to stroke the shaft, and lick and suck on the tip, try moving your neck back and forth like this" Holly demonstrated, using her hands in the air to mimic. Ashley followed her instructions.

Lindsey, watching from the next stall, asked "Can I be next?" Holly stood up and walked into the next stall, watching over the side, switching places with Lindsey. Shannon and Cloey came over to the stall on the other side, and watched as well. Now Lindsey and Ashley were on their knees before me. Ashley, on my left, had her right hand around the base of my cock, and she was lightly sucking on the tip of my cock.

Lindsey put her cheek on my thigh, facing my cock from the side, occasionally looking up at Holly for instructions. "Switch off" Holly said. Ashley pulled her mouth off, and Lindsey's immediately took her place, both girls were slobbering on my cock, their warm wet mouths trying to please me. Lindsey had the head of my cock in her mouth, her hand around my shaft, in a gentle stroke. Lindsey, her cheek now on my left thigh, lowered her head, sucking on my balls.

I glanced over at Holly, and noticed she was masturbating while watching this. Lindsey took my cock, and pushed it up, so it was flush against my stomach, pointing skyward. Ashley and Lindsey licked my cock slowly from base to tip in unison. Then they both kissed the sides of the head, licking around, trying to make out with my cock in the middle. "We want to try" Cloey said. At Holly's instructions, Cloey and Shannon swapped places with Lindsey and Ashley. I still had five sets of eyes trained on my cock.

I watched Cloey's massive tits as she moved around, kneeling down. Shannon took charge immediately, trying to stick my cock down her throat. She didn't make it too far. Shannon pulled off gagging right away.

All the other girls laughed. Cloey grabbed my cock, and shoved it in her mouth, banging it up against her cheek, making it protrude out. Shannon kept a steady stroke of my cock as Cloey sucked on the end. "How did you take all of it in like that?" Ashley asked Holly. "You have to relax your throat, like this." Holly demonstrated. Cloey decided to try it. Cloey got most of my cock down her throat, but not quite all of it.

She held my cock in her throat for a few seconds before pulling back. "There you go" Holly encouraged. Shannon started sucking on my balls. "Does that feel good?" Ashley asked me. "What?" I asked. "Like your balls?" she clarified.

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"No it doesn't really do anything, it is visually pleasing" I said. "I don't get it" Ashley said. "Does it really fell good to have someone grope your tits?" I asked her. "Well my nipples yes, but otherwise no" She said. "Same kind of thing" I said. "Who is the best so far?" Lindsey asked me, these girls were the competitive type. "Holly" I said. "No, of us" Lindsey said.

I was still getting tag team head from Shannon and Cloey. "Well it's hard to say, your all new, besides two of you have my cock in their mouths, and I wouldn't want to offend either of them" I said.

At the instructions of Holly, Cloey started to thrust her mouth back and forth on the end of my cock rapidly, swirling her tongue, while Shannon stroked the rest of my cock. Soon I was close to coming. "I'm close" I said. "Pull off" Holly warned Cloey. Cloey and Shannon sat back, Shannon still had my cock in her hand. These two in front of me had no idea what they were in for. Holly and I hadn't had sex in three days, and I had been sexually excited for probably half an hour at least now.

Any guy would shoot a load, but as Holly liked to take advantage of, I was going to shoot a massive load. Neither Cloey nor Shannon had ever given head before, and presumably had no idea what to expect. Cloey had massive tits, and Shannon wasn't too far behind.

So I picked my targets. I grabbed my cock, stroking quickly, until I blasted my first thick shot onto Cloey's left breast, splattering up into her neck, running down her tit. The second shot hit Shannon in the face, shocking her pretty good, then I went back hitting Cloey with another thick stream right into her cheek. I stepped forward, allowing my remaining cum to drip onto their lips.

Holly was laughing, and the other four girls were in shock. My cum splattered and dripping all over them, they sat in stunned silence for a few seconds. "Holy shit" Cloey said. Cloey and Shannon looked at each other. "Does it taste good?" Shannon asked Holly. "Some girls like it, personally I like it" Holly said.

Shannon slowly leaned forward, grabbing Cloey's large breast, and licking the cum off her nipple. Cloey started giggling. "Not bad" Shannon said, then she lapped her tongue up Cloey's jizz splattered tit, going straight to Cloey's mouth, thrusting her tongue in. They fell back, making out deeply.

"I want to try it" Ashley said, running around the stall to the floor where Cloey and Shannon now laid. Ashley jumped on top of them, licking at their tits, trying to taste my jizz.

Shannon, Ashley, and Cloey were rolling around on the floor, making out, rubbing their tits together, and hands wandering south. Holly and Lindsey were now in one of the stalls. Holly leaning against the wall, Lindsey on her knees. I got on my knees, and went over to the trio rolling around on the floor.

I had six legs and three wet pussies in front of me. Cloey was on the bottom, Ashley was straddling her, and Shannon was on the side. They didn't know I was down there. I crawled up, leading with my outstretched tongue, I dove into Ashley's exposed pussy.

I spread her apart with my hands, lapping quickly. Ashley immediately started moaning her approval. I sucked on her clit, fingering her pussy.

Ashley was sucking on Cloey's nipples, alternating every minute or so. Shannon moved so her pussy was right over Cloey's face, her knees on either side of Cloey's head, her ass facing back towards Ashley.

Ashley's beautifully round ass, and exposed pussy in front of my face, Cloey's wet pussy just below it, I am licking and sucking on Ashley's clit.

I reach a hand forward, and I begin fingering Cloey's dripping pussy. I switch pussys going down to Cloey, while now fingering Ashley. The two slits acting as floodgates, releasing their juices. My cock is ready to go again, pushing down into the tile floor. The three girls in front of me all making various grunts groans and moans of pleasure.

I start lapping from the bottom of Cloey's slit up to the top of Ashley's, the pussys grinding together as Ashley seemingly tries to fuck Cloey. I hear Holly climaxing, yelling out her pleasure in the stall behind us.

I move up to Ashley's pussy, and focus on her clit, using two fingers to vigorously pump her slit. "Awww YESSS" Ashley screams out, arching her back, and squirting juices out of her pussy. I sit up, contemplating the next move. Shannon started screaming out her orgasm, throwing her body around, before falling to rest on the floor.

Ashley nearly fell off of Cloey, landing on her side, laying face up, panting. Holly and Lindsey came over and stood over the four of us on the ground, recuperating. My cock was clearly ready to go again. Holly, her knees still a little weak, looked down at my erect cock, "Your certainly ready to go" she said. "I want to see you two go at it" Ashley said. "Yeah, show us how to do it properly" Lindsey said, kind of playing along. "Okay" Holly said, jokingly faking reluctance.

I stood up, moving in to Holly. The four girls were all sitting on the floor around us. Holly hugged me, we whispered in each other's ears, figuring out how we should 'wow' our audience.


Holly turned around, holding her arms out to the side. I grabbed each hand and held them out to the side, behind her. Holly leaned forward, somewhat supported by her arms outstretched to each side behind her. Her ass was establishing its presence in the air behind her. I had to no-handed guide my cock into her pussy, hitting her thigh first, then getting it right.

I pulled on her arms, and pushed forward, thrusting into her. Her pussy was tight hot and very wet from its workout beforehand. Her ass slapped against my thighs.

Her pussy impaled on my cock, she leaned forward, pulling away, and then I pulled back, thrusting forward, and our bodies met in the middle with a slap of flesh. We repeated our motion, shifting weight, pushing and pulling, that resulted in a full on pounding of bodies and flesh and dripping juices. Holly was breathing very heavily, her still wet hair swinging around messed up, semi covering her face, her tits swinging and shaking to and fro about her chest.

As I felt myself getting closer, and from the noises holly was closing in as well, I decided to make the position change, to lengthen our demonstration.

I dropped to the floor, laying on my back, and Holly dropped down on top of me just as quickly. Holly, her tits in front of my face, guided my juiced up cock into her dripping pussy. I groped and massaged her tits, and Holly started raising and lowering her torso on my cock.

Her tits bouncing at an ever increasing in fervor as Holly increased her thrusting. Holly immediately returned to her near orgasmic state, breathing heavier and heavier. "Fuck fuck fuck" Holly kept repeating, in a tone that went from a deep grunt straight up to the piercing highest octaves.

Her pussy grinding and grabbing my cock, she flooded my crotch with her sweet juices. Holly finally collapsed down on my chest, my cock still throbbing inside her throbbing pussy. I could feel her heart pounding on my chest. I wasn't finished yet, and she was unable to continue the thrusting. I helped her roll over onto her back, she split her legs out wide and into the air. I put my hands down beside her, bracing myself.

Her legs up against my shoulders feet off in the air. I went into what Holly occasionally called 'hyperfuck'. I pounded Holly deep, trying to drive my cock straight through her, hammering her body into the tile floor. Her screams of pleasure were not distinguishable from screams of pain. I fucked her as hard and deep as I could. Her body orgasmed again, in the middle of her screaming, her pleasure uncontrollable she threw her head and arms around.

Her pussy again milking my cock, this time successfully as I came blasting deep in her pussy. I could not hold myself up, and we both collapsed into an awkward position. After the little demonstration, we all followed the parents orders and 'celebrated'. We took the girls back to the hotel. It wasn't the orgy you would expect, but quite the contrary. We stayed up all night talking about everything. The girls all had questions about sex, they had very little experience between them.

We talked about school, what college is really like, what to expect etc. The girls discussed boyfriends and crushes. We also discussed their attraction to girls. It was clear that these girls had some things that they knew, but many things that they were clueless about. Holly turns out to be quite a teacher it seems. Is I hadn't know better, I would have thought Holly was ten years older than these girls, but only held a two year difference over them.


Lindsey seemed to be quite the lesbian in the making. She actually reminded me of Holly. Honestly I think that if I hadn't come along when I did, Holly would have been lost to the pink mafia. Holly obviously has attraction to both men and women, but she is more straight than gay. I think Lindsey is the opposite of Holly in that sense. In the end, these two would end up having much more in common than you might think.