En cuatro culiando con tanga

En cuatro culiando con tanga
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Punishing An Angel: Thursday SMACK."Ouch! Please don't." Matty pleaded with Ryan as he came up to her from behind. She knew it was him.

No one else would grab her like that in public. Actually, she had to reconsider that now. "I talked to Mikey and I guess he finished varnishing the paddle. He said he showed you it. What do you think, worth ten bucks or should we try it out first you think?" Ten dollars, hell if Mikey couldn't sell it for 30. "Why is it you want it?" Matty, with her back to Ryan took all her frustrations out on the books she tried to stuff into her locker.

"We want it, I told you. Well, we have out problems" there he went again acting all superior, "like every other couple, and our arrangement works.

An angelic kitten like you needs to stay my little girl. We need to keep you in line and I think this will work better. Hurt more." Matty use to hate listening to Ryan when on his power trips but now things didn't seem that bad.


Ignoring Ryan's repetitive speech, she thought to herself only two more days. ".tonight. Matty? Is tonight alright?" "Huh? what did you say, Ryan. I'm sorry, I'm trying to get these on the top, but.urrg." Ryan stepped in and shoved the books to the back of the upper shelf and then spun around his beauty. "Wow, you are a-looker, aren't you.

I can see why Mikey keeps you at his house so long. I never see you anymore. But tonight your coming out with me." "No, I cant," suddenly waken from her daydream of dinner and dancing, she remembers her obligations. "I promised Mikey." "I see how it is.

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New guy, huh? Trying to make me jealous, huh? That's alright." Ryan was just playing cute with her. "No, its not like.that, see." She didn't catch on. "Darlin', its alright, go study. I'm just playing with you. How come you don't play with me anymore. First I never see you and now you don't want to play. Maybe you're losing interest. We are gonna see about that.

Keep your mind from wandering." "Oh, no please.I'm sorry." "Its too late now." He was still playing with her, genital and all but was also serious.

Ryan was just to anxious to try out his Patience. He kisses her on the forehead before walking away, grabbing a little soar ass before leaving her. He shouts one last thing as he walks down the hall turning towards her.

"Tomorrow at Mikey's, six O'clock movie. You'll be there studying already. Love ya!" The 20 minute walk was the same as usual. A cool breast blew up Matty's legs, under her skirt. She was sort of thankful she wasn't wearing panties. They would be too tight on her soar Bottom. But she missed her bra.

Her poor tits and nipples rub inside her shirts and blouses without one. As she approached the steps to Mikey's house, she Matty noticed a post-it. "I'm upstairs. Come ready." Ready? Ready how? Matty was confused with what he ment. Just physically or mentally prepared too? As his property, she would do her best. Matty entered quietly and slowly undressed, no thought about it. The choker was there, the leash was not but that was typical.

She crept upstairs and right before getting to Mikey's room down the hall she got down on all fours. Mikey was no where to be found so she just crawled the corner she usually was commanded to stand at. Time flew and thoughts soon consumed Matty's senses. Music, she then hear music. Matty stooped her head up to see Mike now gone, just left the room. What did she think she saw him wearing, a suit? Rose pedals on the bed and lit candles transformed the room into something from a trashy romance novel.

"Oh-cunt, stand up, close your eyes." Mikey was singing, humming, whistling. Matty was baffled by Mikey's mood, but she wouldn't argue if she could. He spun her around so she was facing him. First the blind fold and then the leash. "Come this way, slut." Master led his obedient slave to bathroom down the hall. Matty wouldn't have known where she was if it wasn't for the distinct design tiling on the floor.

"On your knees now." The cold floor travels from her knees all the way up her spine. ZIP She felt the smooth sensation of skin on her lips. She knew exactly what to do but as soon as she opened her mouth, she felt it no more. Matty leaned forward to only be pushed back again. Trying to keep up she head and tongue followed Mikey's 'power' around in the darkness. The slaves head would move with Master, trying to get a taste of Mikey's meat.

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He was so genital, playing hard to get. He was laughing at her, looking down at her and what she has become. She was dyeing for it, or at least acted like it to please Mikey. He was in control and they both knew it. Matty knew it deep down, even though she hadn't realized it. She just wanted to save her own ass, pay up what was impaled into that she owes. She was broken down, slowly and playfully be Ryan but mostly by Mikey.

She no longer had to play the part to save her, she was the part. Matty the slave of Mikey had transformed into slave of her Masters. She didn't even try to argue with Ryan today. She just pleaded and begged. He loved it when she begs so she never did it. Things have changed. "Mmmmh" All of a sudden the genital skin that teased her lips was shoved all the way to the back of Matty's through. She couldn't breath, swallow, move. Mikey had a firm grip on her head, especially the ponytail she was told to wear.

This was not like times before.

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This time she was truly choking. Mikey would loosen his grip so Matty could steal air. With tearing eyes and gagging throat Matty struggled. Mikey just rammed her. What did he care?


He was just enjoying himself to his full potential and besides he loved to see her struggle. Soon hot bullets oozes and squirmed down Matty's throat.

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Boiling cum filled her lungs and stomach. She resisted and pulled back, spilling and spitting all over the bathroom floor. Mikey was flush and weak in the knees. He had to lean against the counter to keep himself upright. "Wow!" First thing she had done was taken off her blindfold. She couldn't bare it anymore. Matty remained sitting on her knees sprawled out on the cold, cruel floor. She couldn't quite catch her breath. She was a mess.

So was the floor, and Mikey. Mikey's chest heaved. He looked down at her more now then he ever did before. He had just now raped her mouth in his mind. A eerie smirk shined through his deep breathes. Guilt, no far worse: pride and glory. "What are you waiting for? Clean this shit up now. First me, then the floor, finally yourself. Toilet paper there, bathroom supplies in here.

Go cunt!" He ordered her has if he owned her. She complied. Broke, she was back on her knees and cleaning her Master off sedulously.

As son as Mikey caught his breath he finally walked off skipping and humming. Something was going on and coming up. Matty quickly finished up in the bathroom and with herself. Unsure of what to do next, she went in search of her Master. She followed the path of the music, to the lightly lit room. At first sight she saw Mikey dancing with himself, a waltz.

"Finally, you've made it. I have prepared something special for us tonight, something that we will always remember." Matty didn't like that sound of this at all. She had experienced enough that she cant help but remember. "Come, lie down." Mikey jumped to the bed, dangling his lengthy legs over. He sightly patted his thighs. He was motioning her to bend over him. Matty obliged and crawled to him, stood and took her rightful place. "I'd love to say, 'this is going to hurt me more than it will you' but I can't bare SMACK it." SMACK SMACK "In fact, I'm going to enjoy this so much." SMACK These first few strikes were nothing.

No pinkness even. Mike tightened his grip of his left hand around her waste. His right had roughly patted and stroked the length of Matty's tights and backside. A finger would even find its way inside her cheeks. All the pounding she had taken all week had resulted in read marks all over spanding the area of her back side, and inner thighs. Barely any cuts remained from the orange plastic.

A few purple marks from the paddle where left. Mikey decided not to use that today. Let her heal for the next day, Friday. Besides, from talking to Ryan he had gotten the idea that he would be using it a lot. And that's why it was made. SLAP SMACK SLAP Mikey wished she could be as fresh as she was Monday with the obedience of today. Today's fun and pain is to be just fun, no marking. SLAP SLAM SMACK A and would bounce from right to left and to center.

Not to hard, but enough for them to jiggle. Mikey would grab and pinch and stroke too. He was taking his time.

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"Alright, up ya-go." He pulled her up and then commanded her to lie face up on the bed. "That's it, legs up, roll on your shoulders, legs above your head. I want that fat shit hole in the air. Yeah, support your back with your hands." Mikey removed his belt from his pants and wound it around his hand. With Matty's legs back and back arched, Mikey had perfect access to the goods.

SNAP WHOOSH CRACK "Ohh, no! ew-ohh ow!" SWISH CRACK SNAP SLAP "Oops, I don't want to mark you today. But good Fatty-Matty.

You were able to keep your insert cunt holes in the air. Here, stand up." Matty was crying. She was horrified. Mikey Turned his fuck toy around and grabber her wrists and yanked them up so her body slightly bent, ass out. SLAP SLAP Smacking each cheek, and then rubbing them harshly he laughs at her, "Aw now common, they aren't that hot babe, stop being just a baby. There's more to come yet." Mikey jumped down on the bed while releasing Matty.

He was lying very comfortable when he told her what to do next. "Start over there, slide up the bed front. Keep your legs open, remember that? Slowly now. Ass up. Be the slut that you are. Your nothing be a dirty wench." As Matty rose up the bed and slid and hovered over her cruel Master, he cupped and pulled and her breasts. "Easy, stop. Be a little higher, spread your legs more. that's it.

I want to be able to see you from here." Matty complied with every command. She now supported herself as if she was in a very high pushup position. This was only somewhat difficult. Mikey manipulated her nipples, teasing them with his fingers.

He would pinch and twist and grab. He could feel the weight of her bust shake and bounce. He commanded her to under button his shirt and pants. She had straddle him to do this. They both helped get Mikey undressed. He would stroke and pinch her every once and a while in a whim.

He would run his greedy hands the length of her body. "Slide down, like underneath." He was replying to his balls when he told her to glide down his naked warm body. She was soft. Matty gently obeyed, not thinking twice. She went down, softly kissing his lower body and then up. Mikey pulled her up, roughly and brutefully grabbing her hips.

Straddling her Master. He controlled himself, teasing her naked mound. Mikey leaned over to the night stand to grab a condom. This was perfect timing, and a perfect moment.


Mikey fucks Matty good. They are both sharing the work and this is the first time Matty is feeling something pleasurable to her body. Even though her ass still hurts, she is pouncing down on Mikey's power with all her might. Mikey is pinching her nipples, playing with her clit and even grabbing her ass rudefully. While Mikey finally lets out his load, he spanks his greedy, wanting slave with his belt.

Matty finally collapses on Mikey's naked chest. He his holding her hot ass in his dirty hands. "So, slut, you like?" "Uh huh." She is trying to catch her breath, and would rather fall asleep right there than do anything. SMACK "Up we go. Come on slave. Time to do your work. Clean me off. If you succeed well, then maybe you wont be beaten. What am I kidding? Maybe not beaten badly." Mikey laughs to himself. He knows what an as he can be. "Turn around. I want that ass." Matty scoots so that they are in a sixty nine position.

Mikey is again, spanking, pitching and grabbing Matty's ass. He is even spreading her cheeks apart painfully to torture her hole. Greedy hands always run all over her still shaved pussy. He is examining her, checking to see if she has listened to his commands.

Apparently not, Mikey finds many hairs. SMACK this is just one of many things that are to come for Matty. SMACK SLAP SMACK "You listening slave? Tomorrow is our last day for fun. Hear me now. You are a disgrace. You don't listen. SMACK I want you smooth. You got that? SLAP SMACK I want you to wear your shortest skirt tomorrow and you most see through shirt. I want you better shaved, your nasty legs too. Look your best. A little make-up would do your ugly self some good.

Be here at 4. You got that, SLAVE?" SMACK SLAP SMACK Mikey is spanking Matty at his whim and pulling and twisting her clit at the same time. He is just thinking of the fun for tomorrow and for his special surprise.