Rochelle and Kat are in the bathtub and licking pussy

Rochelle and Kat are in the bathtub and licking pussy
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I kept up my regular visits to the downstairs toilets, sucking as much cock as I could during my hour long lunch breaks, I'd normally get at least 3 a day.

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The odd repeat customer so to speak they'd recognise my mouth and would make small talk while I worked there hard cocks and licked and sucked there balls, I was loving life and looked forward to work everyday. Every Wednesday I'd get a visit from Dom who would fuck my mouth for a while then come into the cubicle and fuck me and command me to suck whatever cock would come through the hole, he would blow inside me whilst jerking me to completion, my asshole was still not used to taking his huge thick cock but it never stopped me, it felt right riding his fat dick and feeling his cock twitching inside me while his balls blasted coat after coat of hot cum into my ass.

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I arrived to work early one day hoping to pay an early visit to the toilets before I began, I sat my bag down at my cubicle desk and heard my boss call my name "come into my office please, this cannot wait" I gulped wondering what was about to happen, I didn't want to lose this job. I got paid to suck cock during my lunch breaks and it was quite cushy, I dragged my feet and entered his office. He shut the door behind me and told me to sit. He cleared his throat and sat on his large leather office chair, he looked me in my eyes and said "now, the reason I've asked you to see me is.

well. Look for yourself" He pushed the single file he had on his desk to me spinning it so it was facing the right direction, my hands were shaking, I had a cold sweat and I could hear my heart beating in my ear as I slowly opened the folder. My heart stopped when I saw the contents.


Inside were several still shots of me, sucking cock while Dom fucked my ass, how these photos even came to be is beyond me but I was caught red handed. I accepted the fact I was about to be fired, I adjusted my gaze back up to my boss, his eyes were locked on me as if he was trying to read me.


"Are you going to explain yourself?" He asked me, still glaring at me with a focused stare. "I. I can't, there's nothing to say. Please don't fire me ill do anything this job means so much to me" I began to plead as tears rolled down my face, beside the obvious cock benefits this job entailed losing it would mean tough times for me, I had to somehow keep this job.

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"I'm sorry but that can't happen, this is beyond inappropriate." He replied sternly, I wasn't gonna give up that easily. "I will honestly do anything, I'll work double the hours, do your dishes, walk your dog, whatever it takes I will do it, I cannot lose this job.

I'll stop my visits to the bathroom too! Just please give me another chance" My boss looked at me, not shaking his angry look. "There is something you can do for me, you see.

my wife to put things bluntly is a cunt. We haven't fucked in years and I don't even remember the last time I've blown a load, now I'm not gay, at all.

Let me make this perfectly clear, but fucking is fucking right?" He said with a cheeky grin. Was my boss coercing me / black mailing me into fucking to keep my job?

I thought this only happened in pornos.


I don't even think he realised I liked sucking cock and getting fucked in the ass but I wasn't gonna say it, I nodded to him and said "Yes it is, what are you getting at sir?" "If you suck my cock and make me blow in 10 minutes, you can keep your job.

Consider it an audition for what you have to do next to keep your job" A game ? A race to make him cum? If his load was as backed up as he says it is this would be easy, "Okay let's do this" He smiled then rolled back his chair and nodded his head to the floor in between his legs, "come get it while I set up the timer" I got up and got in between his legs, he pushed me with his foot under the desk and rolled his chair forward a bit, I shrugged and unzipped his suit paints, the smell of cock met me and my mouth began to water, I swallowed my drool and rubbed his crotch, feeling his cock through his boxer shorts.

I undid the button on his boxers and took his cock out, it was 8-8.5 inches and veiny as hell, I was certainly impressed. I took his balls out too and they felt heavy and looked huge. I was still salivating and in awe when he said "ready?

Your time starts. Now" I quickly licked all around his member and got it nice and wet and began working it like I had learnt on those several cocks before his, he twitched and groaned.

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I was going to keep this job for sure at this rate. I was sucking him and using my tongue to circle his swollen cock head with passion and speed when I heard the door open, his secretary said "Pearson Constructions CEO Stuart will be here at 9, is that okay?" The desk had me covered thankfully, I didn't stop.

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I didn't want to lose time. "Oooooo, ahhhh, y-yessssss god yessssss, th-that's fine" he said, my mouth was taking him to new heights of pleasure and he could barely construct a sentence, the thought of him squirming and us almost getting caught made me harder than I already was, his pre cum began to seep out and mix with my saliva as I slurped it up quietly.

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The door had closed and I began to pick up the pace, sucking like a man on a mission. "Suck that cock boy, you're my personal cock sucking assistant now. Whenever I need a load sucked out your mouth better find its way around my cock or you'll be out of here quicker than you can count to 10" he said through gritted teeth, he was on the edge and I knew it.

The idea of me sucking his cock daily just sweetened the deal of me keeping my job, I kept up my cock sucking technique till I heard him say " it's been 4 minutes boy, you might just keep your job" he said again, jaw still locked shut so he could speak without a stutter.

I want his cum in half the time so I sped up as fast as I could, tugged his shaft with my right hand, fondled his balls with my left and sucked his shaft and head, he tensed up and barked "if one single drop of cum is dropped you better start packing your things" This was fine by me as I had no intention of spitting, he put a hand on the back of my head and blew his load HARD down my throat, gushing out of his cock like a tsunami of semen I had a hard time not choking on the sheer volume, it tasted so good that I managed.

I sucked his cock of every last drop, he was certainly honest about having a backed up load. That was probably the most cum I've ever swallowed in a single sitting. I made sure his cock was cleaned up, I gave it a little kiss on the head then gently placed it into his boxers, buttoned his boxers up and zipped his suit pants too. He rolled his chair back and let me out, I got up and smiled relieved I could keep my job.

"Wipe the smile off your face boy, as I said this was only the audition to the next step of you keeping your job, I'll tell you my address and you'll be there on time or else.

Better be prepare to come home late, my wife's out of town and I have big plans.

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Lets see how much you love cock" His words echoed in my head, I felt a cold shiver down my spine and I shuddered at what he could have planned but i remained rock hard wondering what could come next.