Le gusta que me la coja diario

Le gusta que me la coja diario
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Alright, guys, the 1st part was a little rushed and there wasn't enough detail, so I took my time with this and it's more vivid now.

Enjoy! ------------------------------------------ As soon as my clock struck 9am, our eyes fluttered open and we sat up to stretch. The exhaustion that we felt that night was washed away, and we felt almost impossibly peaceful. I looked at Kazumi and said, "Good morning, beautiful." to which she replied, "Good morning, handsome." I looked down at the bed to see a pool of sperm that leaked out of her through our sleep, but it was easily wished away.

I stood up to stretch properly as I asked, "Hey, could you fully dress the two of us?" She smiled, nodded and clicked her fingers, and in a little flash, I was clad in my usual clothing; black jeans, band t-shirt, open black jacket and leather boots. But she had dressed herself in the same sheer garments she wore the night before.

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I questioned her about it, "Uh, Kazumi, you'll kinda stand out in public if you dress like that." She looked down at her clothes and asked, "Oh, sorry, Ryuugo, what should I wear?" Thinking for a minute for an easy way, an idea hit me, "Scan my mind for an example of what you should wear. Then, dress yourself that way." She nodded and clicked again, and I could feel her rooting through my mind. Once she found what she was looking for, she clicked again, and after another flash of light, she looked like the female version of myself; form-fitting black skinny jeans, a band t-shirt (she went for the same Disturbed t-shirt I was wearing), a black leather jacket, and black leather knee-high boots.

She'd also had make-up applied; black lipstick, mascara and thick eye-liner. She was my dream girl.


All I could say was "Wow." She did a little turn as she said, "Do I look good, Ryuugo?" but I just said, "Wow." again, and she giggled. I looked down at the bulge in my jeans, and the size I wish my cock to the night before seemed ridiculous then. I wished for it to shrink down to 7 inches soft and 9 inches hard, so it didn't look like I was hiding a python in my pants. I took her hand and led her downstairs to the kitchen, where Mom and Saki were already having breakfast.

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I don't know why, but Mom and Saki looked more attractive, more radiant, that morning. I noticed features about the two of them that I'd never paid attention to before; Mom's waist-length, sleek black hair, her hour-glass figure, her nicely shaped and sized breasts, and her round, firm ass.

She was 37, 5'7", but still looked like she'd have men drooling over her. And Saki was like a miniature figure of Mom.

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She was 5'3", with shoulder-length black hair, smaller but perky breasts, and a juicy butt that craved attention. I felt a certain sensation stirring below, but I fought it off. When they saw Kazumi and I, they both smiled and Mom said, "G'morning, you two. Breakfast's on the table." We sat down at the two plates of pancakes, across from Saki, and started eating.

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After a little while, Saki stood up, walked over to Mom, and the two started whispering. I couldn't here what they were saying so I leaned over to Kazumi and whispered, "I wish I could hear what they're saying. Oh, and I wish I could read people's minds." She nodded and clicked twice under the table, and suddenly, Mom's and Saki's conversation became more clear.

Saki was saying, ".He looks different than yesterday." "Maybe he's been working out and we haven't noticed until now." Mom replied.

I decided to dive into Saki mind to see what was going on in there. The thought that was rolling around was, "Why does Ryuugo look so hot?". I retracted from her mind and dove into Mom's, just in time to hear, "If I don't keep control of myself, I'll end up jumping on him and begging him to fuck me." I returned to my own mind, a little shocked about what I heard, but at least I knew that the attraction wish I asked for the night before worked.

I was just caught off-guard to hear such thoughts about myself from my mother and my sister. As me and Kazumi finished our pancakes, I put the plates in the dishwasher and said to Mom, "Me and Kazumi are going out.

I'll call you when I'm coming home." I then kissed her on the cheek, after which I'm sure I heard a little whimper from her, and led Kazumi outside.

The sky was blanketed in clouds as we started walking down the sidewalk. I looked to Kazumi and said, "Hey, I wanna ask you something." "Anything, Ryuugo." She replied. I looked up at the clouds as I asked, "Would you mind if I slept with other people as well as you?" She simply smiled brightly at me as she answered, "Of course, I wouldn't mind. As long as you're happy, I'm happy!" I nodded, satisfied with the result. She then smirked at me and asked, "You're thinking about having sex with your mother and your sister, aren't you?" I chuckled a little as I said, "Who wouldn't?

They're absolute babes! But don't get me wrong, I'll always love you the most." I winked at her, and she blushed heavily. She then shook it off as she asked, "So, where are we going?" I thought a little before saying, "The mall. I just wanna test out that attraction with for real. Oh, that reminds me, I wish that my dick's size will adapt to suit any girl's preference." She giggled as she clicked. Nothing happened immediately, but I trusted that it worked. We came across a bus-stop and waited for one to the mall.

We only waited a few minutes before one rolled up. I paid for the both of us and rode the bus for around 5 minutes before stopping outside the mall. We got off and walked inside to see a complex of stores and stalls. It was a lot better than the mall back in my hometown, so things were looking up. After walking around for a while, we came across a store called 'Beasts and Harlots', a store specializing in gothic and metal-head merchandise. We walked in and, I have to say, it was paradise.

There were sections of merchandise for every band under the sun (or the moon in this case). We were browsing through the Slipknot section when a female store clerk approached us. She looked a little taller than Kazumi, she had purple liberty spikes in her hair, make-up similar to Kazumi's, slightly smaller tits, and she wore a Paramore ripped vest and a plaid mini-skirt with tripp boots.

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"Can I help you two find anything?" She asked. Her voice was like velvet, and Kazumi knew that I'd found my test subject. "Uh, yeah, I was thinking about buying these black combats with the Slipknot logo on them and this Slipknot shirt, but I'm not sure if they're my size." I answered. She pointed past the Crossfaith section and said, "We have changing rooms just over there. I can stand outside your booth and hold your clothes as you try things on, if you want." I nodded and looked to Kazumi, "You keep having a look around.

I'll be back in a few minutes, okay?" Kazumi nodded, and me and the clerk made our way to the changing rooms. I entered the booth and started taking off my jeans.

"Crap", I thought, "I need to keep these with me." I folded my jeans and rested them on the bench, then I took my shirt off and handed it through the curtains to the clerk.

When I felt her take it, I retracted my hand, took my dick out of my boxers and started jerking off to get hard. Then, I stuffed my throbbing hard-on back into my boxers, pitching a large tent and asked, "Um, if you don't mind, could you come in here and help me out with something?" I heard her say "Certainly." before the curtains were drawn open and her eyes locked on to the bulge in my underwear.


She gasped in surprise as she said, "Oh my!" but she didn't back away. Instead, she closed the curtains behind her and knelt down on the floor, and she asked, "Is this what you need help with?" I nodded, to which she smiled, took my cock out, and began licking it up and down.

She kissed the tip, which sent a shiver through me, and then she stood up when my rod was nice and wet. She then bent over, leaning on the bench, and pulled her black thong down.

"I want you to fuck my ass." She said. I didn't need any further instructions as I positioned my dick at her tiny hole. I wiped some of her saliva on the opening to add lubrication, and I started to push inside.

It was incredibly tight and hot, as I pushed deeper and deeper until I was in to the hilt. She moaned and whimpered the entire time, which was music to my ears. I pulled out enough so that only the head remained inside, and then I started furiously pumping in and out of her sweet ass. She squealed when I began my attack, and started pushing herself back to meet my thrusts.

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I was grunting as I pounded her hole and I said, "Ugh, your ass is so fucking tight, baby." And through her moans and whimpers she replied, "You cock is filling me up so much." After a while, I was happy with the results and decided to pump my seed deep inside her. I buried myself balls deep and let loose a torrent of sperm, which brought upon her aching orgasm.

When I was done, I pulled out of her, and her ass dropped to the floor, exhausted. I dressed myself, put a card with my phone number on it in her skirt's waistband, grabbed my new clothes, and left to pay for them. I met up with Kazumi, who'd picked out a sexy, black lace bra and panties, which I gladly paid for.

We then left for the food court to get a drink, and Kazumi asked me, "So, was your first test successful?" I sipped on my chocolate milkshake before replying, "Oh, definitely. I left her my number, so I expect to hear from her again." After gulping down some Coke, she said, "So, I'm guessing your mother and sister are next?" I nodded as I took another sip.

"Oh, there's something I've been meaning to wish for. Can you create a mental link between the two of us so I can wish for things my thinking them? Or you can even make wishes on my behalf if I'm thinking about wishing for something." She clicked her fingers and smiled, "That's a wonderful idea!" Then I thought to her, "Also, I wish that I can control you no matter what, even if I'm not in possession of jeans or anything like that." She clicked again.

I then stood up and offered her my hand, "C'mon, let's go home." As we were riding the bus back home, I took my phone out of my pocket and dialled Mom's number.

After a couple of rings, she picked up, "Hello?" I spoke into the phone, "Hey, Mom, it's just me. We're on our way home now.

Just letting you know." And then she replied, but it sounded like she was ecstatic that I was coming home.

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"Oh, fantastic! I'll prepare some dinner for you and Kazumi!

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See you a few minutes!" "Alright, Mom, thanks. Bye." I hung up, put my phone away and chuckled as I looked to Kazumi, "This should be interesting." After a couple of minutes, the bus stopped a few yards away from my house, and we walked down the sidewalk to our front door.

When I knocked, I swear I could've heard excited squeals from inside. When the door opened, I saw my mother, dripping wet, wearing the skimpiest bikini I've ever seen her wear.

Her large breasts were barely contained and her bottoms seemed to disappear between her ass cheeks. "Hi, honey! Me and Saki were just having a little swim.

Do you wanna join us?" I felt my boner growing, so I quickly said, "Uh, Kazumi, why don't you go through to the pool without me? I gotta use the bathroom first." She was a little worried, as she didn't have any other clothes, but I thought to her, "I wish you had a closet full of clothes in my room." She secretly clicked as she made her way upstairs and I almost ran to the ground floor bathroom.

I closed the door behind me, forgetting to lock it, and I yanked my jeans down and began masturbating furiously. The thought of my mother's wet, nearly naked body was burned in my mind, and I was in a lusty trance. That is, until the door opened and Mom saw me.

"Oh my God, I'm so sorry!" She almost yelled. She then started stuttering as her gaze locked on to my boner, "I. I was just. gonna get the. suntan lotion." She then quickly entered the room, locked the door, and sauntered over to me. She kneeled down in front of me, giving me a great view of her cleavage, as she said, "Oh, did Mommy cause this?" I slowly nodded as I removed my hand and her's replaced it. She started slowly rubbing my everywhere; my shaft, my tip and my balls, she didn't leave any part unattended.

She asked me in a seductive voice, "Do you wanna fuck me, big boy? Do you wanna fuck your own mother with this big meat stick of yours?" I quickly nodded, and she smiled as she stood up to take of her bikini.

Mom's wet, naked body was absolutely glorious, especially when she straddled my hips and positioned my cock at her pussy. She sank all the way down with ease, and then I felt my cock grow slightly. It was adjusting to Mom's preference.

Now filling her pussy completely, she gasped lustfully and started to bounce up and down. Even at 37-years-old and after having two kids, her pussy was really tight. She was moaning and gasping as she rode me, and she kept saying, "Yes.

Ohhh fuck me, Ryuugo. Fuck Mommy's tight pussy." So I grabbed her by the hips and started slamming her down on to my rod, much to her pleasure. After around 20 minutes, she was nearly screaming in arousal, and she'd already came. When I'd had enough fun, I thought it was time to finish up. I didn't really like the thought of getting my mother pregnant, so I said, "Mom, I'm gonna cum.

Where should I-?" But she cut me off as she exclaimed, "Don't pull out! Cum inside me! Fill me with your hot seed! Don't worry, I'm on the pill." That was good enough for me, and I released. I pumped load after load deep inside her as I kept thrusting. When I'd finished, I slowed to a stop and lifted her off my cock, semen gushing out of her on to the tile floor. She dropped to her knees and started licking my seed from the floor.

"Mom, that looks so hot." She looked up at me with her tongue covered in my white gunk. I decided that she deserved more, and I made myself cum buckets again, coating her face, tongue and tits. She cleaned herself up before licking my dick clean, then we straightened ourselves up before leaving the bathroom. When I walked out to the pool, Kazumi was swimming laps, and Mom was whispering to Saki, but when they saw me, they stopped before I could hear anything.

Saki walked up to me, pressed her tits against me and gave my cock a playful squeeze through my jeans as she whispered, "Meet me in my room after dinner." And she walked inside.

I watched her swaying ass as she left, and I thought to myself, "This is gonna be a fun night." ---------------------------------------------------------------- Part 3 to come soon!