Captivating showing of hawt juggs

Captivating showing of hawt juggs
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Confessions of a Male Escort I want to tell you my story, it's one with a bit of everything. But a fair amount of sex, but before we get dirty I need to give you some Backstory and some context to let you know how I got to where I am now. My Name is Bradley, Bradley Brown but everyone calls me Brad, im 28, 6'4, athletic, strong build, i have dark brown hair and im fairly handsome, i have a strong jawline and Blue eyes.

I come from a humble background, I had a good upbringing, my parents where fantastic, I had a good relationship with them both, I always wanted to serve in the Army, when I was 18 I enlisted in the British Armed forces. It was around the time of 9/11 when everyone was caught up in patriotic fever and wanted to serve they're nation.

I served two tours where I went round on diplomatic service which is where you provide protection for domestic and foreign diplomats and politicians in far away nations, in the middle east, africa etc. I was fortunate that I never really saw anything too terrible, I only used a weapon against another person once, protecting a member of an African royal family, I can't specify which country.

After two tours id had enough, being a glorified body guard and wanted to do something else. When I got back to England there wasn't a lot of work for people with my skill sets, I ended up as the head of security at a london night club and personal security to a high roller in London, he was from Russia, his name was Roman, thats all i'll say. Unfortunately i ended up in another job where I just stood, watching and protecting others. To be fair Roman always treated and paid me reasonably well.

But one night I was guarding the lift in a hotel Roman owned, when a guy maybe slightly older than me changed everything. I was guarding Roman's Daughter Olive I was sentry outside her door, about midnight she opened her door and asked if she could talk to me. She told me she had a guy coming and to let him in. Her dad was fairly laid back with what she was allowed to do, she was 21 and stunning, she had a thinner hourglass figure.

Thick strong thighs, wide but alluring hips, Ample breasts and shoulder length Dirty blond hair. After about an hour a guy came up in the elevator, he wore what looked like an expensive suit. I let him into the room. After maybe 15-20 minutes later i could hear muffled noises start to come from the inside the room, i could hear the noises getting louder and louder. It made me chuckle as I stood outside listening to this guy fuck Olive's brains out.

After maybe an hour or so he left the room, when he walked out he had a huge grin on his face. We stood talking for a while and he told me about the company he works for, you get rich high end women who need a discreet high end service. I have to admit the job interested me. Get paid to have sex with beautiful rich women.

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Who wouldn't want that. He pulled out his wallet and handed me a card. That Card is my manager Michelle, she runs the business tell her Vinny sent you and if she likes you She may end up giving you a job.

About a week later I was out of a job, Roman was getting a lot of un wanted attention Legally and illegally, he told me his security team back home was already in place so he didn't need his team here anymore. I laid in bed that night wondering what to do, when I woke up I knew I didn't want to be security anymore, I was 28 and wanted to do something different.

I wasn't hard up for money, Roman paid me well and I looked after my money. I started thinking about the night Olive was fucked by that male escort. I could do that, like most men I loved sex and I loved women so what could go wrong? The next morning I found the card that Vinny had given me, and I phoned the number. She had an assertive voice, but a kind tone behind her words, after a brief conversation she told me she needed to meet with me and told me to meet at a hotel and that she would text me the details.

About 1pm I got a text. 'High Brad it's Michelle, meet me at the High Grand Hotel at 2pm room 509 Michelle X' About 1:55 I was at the hotel, I wore my Suit as I wanted to look smart for this meeting.

When I got the the room, I knocked. When the door opened there stood a tall beautiful woman. She must of been about 6'0 thin athletic build, beautifully light Red Hair, she was wearing a Light green dress that hugged her curves.

She probably had a B/C cup breast. I don't think she had an ounce of fat on her body. She couldn't of been too much older than me but I'd say she was between 32-35. 'Hi Brad I'm Michelle' She put her hand out in front of her.

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'Hi Michelle nice to meet you' I shook her hand in return. She showed me into the room and it was quite a large room, a desk and chairs on one side a bed on the other and what looked like a bathroom through a door near the window on the far wall.

'Please take a seat Brad' She ushered me to my seat. 'So Brad, you want a job?' 'Thats right' 'Vinny sent you to me, I can see why, you have an amazing physique, strong, tall athletic, handsome face and piercing eyes.


Which is perfect but also begs the question?' 'Whats that?' 'Why do you want to be an escort? You gorgeous, tall and handsome, surely you don't struggle to get women?' 'I do okay, but I've been a soldier, body guard, enforcer and sentry. Ive always protected others and I was good at it but I never enjoyed it, I want do something that's different, pays well and something I enjoy, what better than having sex for pay' Michelle sat there and we continued talking for maybe thirty minutes or so.

We went over money, percentages. The customers contact michelle she gives us the details, they pay her and we see to the client, at what ever location they wish, they're home, a hotel. its all about the customer, making sure she's comfortable and fully satisfied. The way we got around the legal side of of it all is that we're a security (sexcurity michelle calls it) company, customers pay for protection or someone to watch out for them and we fuck them.

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Depending on what service you provide you can earn 1-3k per service. 'Brad I hope you don't mind this but I need to see the hardware' I looked puzzled and she chuckled.

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'I need to see you naked' 'Oh. yeah sure' Im not Shy in the slightest im very comfortable with my body. I stood up and stepped away from the table, I slowly took my clothes off. First my jacket and shirt, since being in the army I looked after myself, I ate well, worked out everyday and I looked good.

Being in the protection business I was muscular and toned next to no fat on my body. 'Wow i can tell you work out Brad' I said nothing as I started to unbuckle my belt. I made sure that I kept eye contact with her. I noticed Michelle move slightly in her seat as if she was excited to see what was inside. Im pretty sure I even saw her lightly bite her lip as she let her gaze drop to my crotch.

I dropped my trousers and boxers and stood there, I saw a slight smirk and a acknowledging nod. Michelle stood up walked round the desk and sat on the edge and told me to come over.

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I walked over and stood infront of her and stood looking into her eyes. I felt her hand gently grasp my manhood, i has stop myself falling as the sensation nearly caused my legs to give out. She very gently jerked my cock, slowly and sensually. 'I have to say Brad, im impressed' My cock started to spring into life. She chuckled slightly 'Very impressed, how big is this thing?' I laughed slightly '9/9 & 1/2inches.' 'Wow that's a big boy, the ladies are going to love this'.

With that she started to jerk me with more purpose and I had to rest my hands on the table, I bent down slightly and rested my head on her shoulder.

She placed a hand on my ass as she continued to jerk me. I decided to make a move, I turned my face into her neck, I nuzzled at first and she adjusted her head to allow me access to her neck.

I started to nibble and kiss and I could feel her breathing and very light moans on my head. I gently re positioned myself between her legs and ran my hands up her thighs as she stopped jerking me. 'Carry me to the bed' She whispered in my ear.

I leaned down and gently kissed her, she kissed back and soon we were exploring eachothers mouths with our tongues. I ran my hands up her thighs again and slid my hands round and under her ass, giving her a firm squeeze, I lifted her and carried her to the bed. She squealed and laughed as I did.

As we go to the bed I felt her remove her hands from my neck and let her weight fall onto my hands. She unzipped the back of her dress. She told me to get onto the bed. I crawled onto the bed resting my self against the head board at the back of the bed. I sat looking at the beauty before me, Michelle turned around slowly allowing her dress to drop to her feet, she revealed she had no bra on. But she had lace green panties, they only covered half of her ass cheeks perfectly moulding to her skin.

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She looked back and smiled with her amazing brown eyes and puffy pert lips. She bent down to the waist and placing her index fingers in the lining of her panties and slowly pulled down, until finally everything was revealed, a pink puffy pussy, lightly glistening from the moisture seeping from inside. As she turned to face me she revealed her pert ample breasts with medium sized areolas and small but erect nipples.

She didn't say a word as she mounted and crawled on the bed creeping towards me on all fours, she slowly crept up my body, giving the tip of my un-circumcised penis a kiss on the tip, causing me to grunt.

She continued to kiss up my body until she mounted me and kissing my lips in one motion. I instantly sat up embracing her, running my hands hungrily over her smooth skin. I grabbed her curvy but firm ass and lifted and turned her so that we were in the missionary position, as I started to spread her legs as I was going to penetrate I stopped and slowly kissed my way down her body, taking my time to tease and tickle, her neck, her collarbone, her breasts, making sure every inch of her felt appreciated and understood.


Eventually I reached her thighs, her plump, smooth and toned thighs, I wanted them squeezed against my head. I slowly continued my passionate teasing along her thighs until I reached the treasure trove between her legs. She had a beautiful vagina, and I wanted it, I gently licked and teased the folds of her vagina, spreading them with my fingers so I could assault her clit. The instant my tongue touched her clit her body convulsed as if possessed.


As I assaulted her mercilessly with my tongue I felt her juices seeping out more and more coating her entrance, waiting for me. I slid one finger in, feeling her squirm and squeeze her voluptuous thighs against my head. After a few more minutes of this her gentle moans turned more guttural and she jerked and moved around like a crazed person.

She let out a shriek as more juices fell from her pussy onto my tongue, after a few more moments I felt her thighs release me and I knew her first orgasm had passes. I wasted no time, I repositioned myself once more between her legs, she laid there perfectly still other than her heaving breasts.

I adjusted myself so that I was ready to go. Michelle looked at me and I knew she was ready. I grabbed my nine inch man hood thick and throbbing and pressed my head at her entrance, I felt it welcome me as the head of my cock entered her, I could feel instantly it was going to be a tight fit, something I was used to, so I gently eased forward, Michelle instantly bit her lip and pushed her head back as I gathered a Rhythm I pushed more in slowly until I was about 7 inches in.

My cock was quite thick and I could feel her pussy trying to accommodate my girth and length. I added more strength to my thrusts and I was able to get all nine inches inside.

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When I bottomed out Michelle gasped pulling me into her embrace. Her nails dug into my back as she bit my neck. I held myself inside her, allowing her to adjust. I kissed her lightly as I continued my thrusting. After a few minutes of thrusting I could feel her tunnel tighten around me as all Michelle could let out was a guttural 'Oh God' as she kept letting out moans and shrieks, she calmed down again as I continued my assault.

Michelle pulled me down to her and whispered in my ear. 'I don't know if I can take much more, finish quick please' I sat up and sped my thrusts picking up her legs and putting them over my shoulders as I started fucking Michelle, jackhammering away. Michelle started to Shreik and even scream as her pussy tightened once more around my cock.

I knew she had reached her second orgasm, once she calmed down and stopped bucking I felt my own orgasm Approach like a freight train as I thrusted harder and harder nearlg jack hammering with each thrust eventually exploding rope after rope of cum inside her. I rolled off and leant once again against the head board of the bed, Michelle sat up and leant against me resting her head on my shoulder.

'So did I get the job?' Michelle laughed and kissed me gently. 'Id say so, but jesus I think my pussy needs to recover after that' I just laughed. I could certainly get used to this Please leave honesf feedback!