Nubiles get agonorgasmos at the casting hardcore and blowjob

Nubiles get agonorgasmos at the casting hardcore and blowjob
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Hello there!

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My name is Tryn. It's an odd name, I know, but my parents named me that way and I can't help it. I'm about nineteen now, and my body is slim and sexy if-I-do-say-so-my-self!

The story that I'm going to tell happened about four years ago (Was it five? I'm not sure). Well, It had to do with the Peter T. Ayanokoji boarding school. The school is co-ed, but the boys and girls dorms are seperate.

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My room-mate (Or 'roomie') was named Samantha. I always called her Sam.

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Well, it started about the beginning of the fall semester. We were working on our homework when, rather audaciously, Sam blurted out, "Hey, Tryn. You ever wonder what belongs down there." This mere comment made me blush. I mean, we'd learned all about what a vagina was in sex-ed in, like, fourth grade. Sam had gone through one of those "Sex is a big no-no" programs that was sponsored by the government, so all she'd been taught about down there by that point was pretty much where blood comes from once a month.

Oh, no, I'm rambling again, aren't I? "Wh.what?" I asked nervously. I had no idea how ignorant she was of sex and stuff like that. Who am I to talk, I was a virgin, too.

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"I've just been thinking about it," Sam said, tapping her pencil, "I mean, It's a hole, right? Something probably goes there.

I don't know why, but it's felt like something BELONGS in there lately." "Well, uh, weren't you taught that.uh." The sudden raising on the topic had made me rather nervous.

"Aw, you're blushing again," Sam said, leaning a little closer to me with a smirk across her face, "Well then," she said, "Why don't we try something?" Sam suddenly stood up and pulled down her skirt and underwear, revealing her slit. She was always rather bold. "You're just trying to avoid doing your homework, aren't you?" I said skeptically. "No," Sam said, "I'm serious!" She walked up to me, "Just stick your fingers in, or something." I blushed again.

Here I was trying to do my homework and I was suddenly being asked to probe my roomie. Feeling on the spot, I complied. I inserted my (well-manicured) fingers slowly inside and stopped when I put them in as deep as I could, "Feel anything?" I asked. "Not really." Sam said, looking down.

I looked up. Sam had a really killer body for someone her age. She was already a C-cup, "Wow, they're so big!" I said, putting my hand on her boob, "I wish I had boobs like this." I began to massage it, moving my hand around it. This was a game we often played with each other. Granted, I hadn't done it with my fingerd inside her pussy before, but there's a first time for everything, right? However, instead of the usual giggle and shoving away of my hand that I usually got, Sam let out a small peep.

Her face began to turn red and she hunched over slightly.


"Tryn." she said, trembling slightly, "Stop, a second." "Why?" I said, "They're so squooshy!" It was then that I felt something drip onto my fingers, "Huh?" I said, pulling my now wet fingers out, "What's this?" Sam was still standing there, panting lightly, "It's all slippery," I said as I returned to her slit, rubbing the slick stuff around her groin.

Sam let out a short moan that she was obviously trying to hold back. I pulled my hand away again, "You okay, Sam?" I asked. "K.Keep going." Sam said, "I think I'm learning something." She then began to unbutton her shirt as I rubbed around her slit some more.

I gulped, my mouth felt dry. I couldn't deny that I was enthralled by this experience, too. Sam moaned again as she undid her bra, her large tits flopping out. She stepped back and lay down on my bed, the bottom bunk. "Come on, Tryn," She said, now clad in only her socks and her skirt and underwear which were now around her ankles. I was so fascinated that I was compelled to join her. "Stick you fingers in like you were before," She said, "Only.try moving them around." I stuck my fingers in and, bending up to stroke the top of the inside of her vagina, I began to rub.

Sam slowly raised one shoulder as she let out another moan. She reached down and grabbed her breasts, rubbing both nipples lightly.

I continued my work as she rubbed her tits, moaning.

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I was getting excited, too, because my own pussy began to feel a little wet. Suddenly, the moans grew a little more energetic and Sam reached her hands down to join my own at working on her pussy. Juices were flowing, now, and Sam had her eyes closed, her face beet red. "Yes.Yes." She said, "Just a little more.something's coming." Something was coming, all right.


Suddenly, a new liquid burst forth from her slit, Sam let out the loudest moan yet as she lifted her hips slighly into the air. Startled by this, I pulled my hand away.


Sam then relaxed, her fingers still at her pussy, panting heavily. It was then that I realised that her gushing pussy had left a roughly one-foot stain on my bed. "Hey!" I said, "I have to sleep there tonight, ya know." "Don't worry." a still huffing and still naked Sam said, "I'll sleep here tonight, okay?" She weakly smiled in my direction.

"Whatever." I said, still looking at Sam as she puffed, a little sweat glimmering on her brow, her pussy glistening. It was quite arousing, actually. Needless to say, we didn't finish our homework that night, for I immediatly clambered up to the top bunk after wiping off my hand.