Bangladeshi gf showing her everything with audio

Bangladeshi gf showing her everything with audio
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Krish Revin grumbles as he shuffles a stack of papers and sets them on the corner of his desk. This teaching job was about to drive him nuts. All these hot little sluts running around and him not allowed to touch. Looking towards the back row, he rested his eyes on a particular female.


Hmm.maybe he would try living a little dangerously. "Miss Ramwell, please see me before you leave today." It wasn't long before the final bell rang and the students got up to head home, filing out of the classroom. All save the one." Bianca Ramwell grinned and nodded. She had always kept an eye out for that Mr.Revin.

He was what her and her friends liked to call a hunk. She had no idea why he wanted her to stay after class. Surely a hot teacher like him would have a beautiful wife at home he was just waiting to get back to and fuck. She thought in her head how great it would be to fuck someone like Mr.Revin. Hard and rough.thinking about this made her surprisingly hot. All she could think about was hurrying up after school to get home and fuck her own little cunt.

Krish closed his door as the last person left, walking back to his desk and pretending to go through papers as the school emptied. Finally, he looked up to her with a smirk on his face, "Hmm.getting pretty late in the year isn't it Miss Ramwell? Almost done.but that's no reason to slack off in school work. I'm looking at my records and it seems you've been slipping lately.

Don't worry, it's common among seniors." He smiles disarmingly, "I know you're a bright girl and have just become restless. That's why I'm willing to help you." He sits down on his desk, a bulge apparent in his slacks. "If you were willing to stay after school on some days and do a little.extra credit, I could turn that C- into an A+ very easily." He winked broadly at her, running his tongue across his lips.

Bianca blushed as he spoke to her. Her mouth dropped open as she heard him. Could her ears be lying to her? Was this true? She closed her mouth and walked up to his desk. She looked down holding her books in her hand crossed in front of her chest. Her chest was medium in size but a bit too big for the shirt she was wearing that day as a few of the buttons had popped open to reveal the tips of her black bra. This little teen had a bit of a slut to her.

She bit her bottom lip innocently and looked up to him "Okay." she smiled Krish murrs, "Let's get started then.are you prepared to give an oral presentation?" He grinned wickedly, his hands moving to unto his pants, slowly riding the zipper down. His pants dropped down, his boxers soon to follow to reveal his firm sheath. Gripping it in his hand, he slowly stroked it up and down, coaxing the pink flesh of his member out into view.

It slowly slipped out to greet her, "Whenever you are ready, Miss Ramwell. I warn you, I grade harshly." Bianca's eyes widened as she saw his member snake out of its covering.

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She licked her lips and nodded. She got on her knees and took it in her hands. She looked up at him and bit her lip again with a slight giggle, a little toying from her part like a normal school girl would. She returned her gaze to the job at hand. She leaned down, and slowly licked the stip of it with her tongue, her warm breath brushing against his stiffend member.

She began to lick at it almost like it were a lollypop, licking from the nutsack up to the head at first. Krish murred, his hands gripping the edges of his desk as his legs spread wider.

"Mmm.excellent, I trust that you've studied for this haven't you?" His flesh grew warm at her licks, pulsing gently as it stood rigid before her face. He leaned back slightly, enjoying the sensation of her young tongue on his firm flesh, tail flicking back and forth behind him.

Bianca continued to lick at it before she looked up and saw he was enjoying it she went for the clencher. She went completely down on him, deep throating him so to speak. She would keep her mouth on him as her soft tongue flickered back and forth on his mouth covered prick. She came back up and began to bob her head up and down on it. Each time she came up, her hand would go down on it.

Krish shuddered as he watched you engulf his cock. A hand went to the back of your head, guiding you as you bob your head up and down, fingers sifting through your hair. "Oh! Good.good.I think you'll be receiving high marks for this. He started to seep sweet tasting precum from his tip, hips rocking in time with your bobs to moving his member against your lips. Bianca continued to bob her head up and down on his member.

She began to suck on the head of his member sucking up all the bittersweet precum she could. While she sucked the head off she would jack him off with her hand.

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Then she would go all the way down sucking on it again. Her tongue twirling and lapping over it lusiously, letting the juices from her mouth mix with his precum. She could feel her cunt growing wetter and wetter. Aurelia: I dunno. Do I care? Krish closes his eyes and growled, living the fantasy of being sucked off by one of his students.

He was starting to peak a little too soon but refused to fight it. His cock throbbed in her mouth, hitting the back of her throat. Her hand moving up and down along his prick only excited him more and his sac filled with his seed. Suddenly, with a yell, his shaft started to spasm, spraying thick ropes of his cum into her throat, both hands gripping her head in ectsacy. Bianca continued to bob her head up and down and when she felt his seeds hitting her at the back of the throat she came up and sucked on the head on his member vigorously before stopping once she saw he had enough.

She looked up and licked her cum drenched lips. She smiled and tilted her head "So how did you enjoy your first student slut Mr.Revin?" she asked grinning, her hand still toying with his prodding member. Krish sighed, smiling to you lustfully, "You are doing excellent Miss Ramwell. You've already worked yourself into the B range. Why stop short though? Stand up here and take of your top so I can continue your review." His flesh was still hard, standing straight up.

It wouldn't be satisfied until it fucked a sweet young cunny.and he had no plans to deny it that. Bianca grinned and nodded as she stood up she stared streight at him with those big green eyes of hers.

She began to unbutton her top and before he knew it she slid it off tossing it aside. Her breasts were perky and perfectly round to about a c cup. Her hard nipples stood out against the black lace fabric of her bra. She looked to him and raised a brow as she walked around to the end of his desk and bent over, her skirt being so short he could clearly see what was underneath.

No undies, just a tight pink blossom ready to be fucked. Krish could hardly contain himself, circling behind her while licking her lips.

Pressing his crotch against her rear, his rigid flesh grinded against her cleft, tip brushing her cunny now and then.

His paws wrapped around to her front, groping her delightlful breasted before pushing the bra up and grinding his palms against her bare nipples. "It looks like you're excited about extra credit.tell me how much you want it, Miss Ramwell. I only cater to dedicated students." Bianca grinned and turned her head around as he asked her that.

She licked her lips "Well Mr.Revin I just cant tell you how long ive waited for you to ram my teen slut pussy." she licked her lips again "I want it so bad." she said almost begging in a little girl way as she pouted and pressed her bottom up against him member lightly, hinting. She arched her back and stuck her rear up more, her tight teen cunt was a perfect blossom of pink folds with a tiny bead like bump at the top indicating her sensitive clit.

Krish purred, bending down behind her. "Well, let's see just how about you want it then, shall we?" Grinning, he pressed his face up to her sex, his soft tongue slipping out to lap against her folds. He enjoyed her taste and soon started lapping at her cunny, flicking in and out of her entrance.

His hand found her clit, finger tip rubbing slowly against it as he groaned strongly against her flower. Bianca bit her lip again feeling him licking at her pussy. She let out a soft sigh of please as he did so. "Mhm, lick my pussy more Mr.Revin" she murred pushing her rump back more and spreading her legs a bit so he could get to it easier.

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She liked the sinful pleasure of him messing around with her cunny but she wanted him to fuck her so badly, rough and hard like she had always imagined it. Krish chuckles, licking his lips, "Becoming a bit demanding now, aren't we?" He grins and gives a slap on her rear before wilding flicking his tongue against her tight opening, lapping up her hot juices in this forbidden student/teacher relationship.

" tastey.but now it's time for your final grading today." He stood up and took his shaft in his hand, stroking the tip where his tongue just was before slipping his rigidness slowly into her.

Bianca let out a little whimper when he slapped her ass. She didnt mind though, she loved it when men slapped her ass. She stood there bent over awaiting his large member to dig itself deep in her lower inner walls.

She began to breathe a little heavier as she waited, knowing what pleasure was to come. She could feel her juices from being so wet mixed with those of his mouth glide down her thigh which made her even hornier, boy was she feeling slutty, but she liked it. Krish groans as his tip invades her warm cunny, hand moving to squeeze her ass as he sinks deeply into her. He hilts himself, hips against her ass.

"Mmm.very nice Miss should have told me you wanted to do extra credit so bad." Knowing had badly she needed it, he started thrusting forcefully, his thickness ramming into her again and again, making her steady herself against his desk. Bianca let out a loud yelp as he thrusted into her the first time. She held onto the desk tightly as he ramed into her again and again. She loved it, who knew he would be this good at it.

Moans and whimpers could be heard comming from her gentle but naughty lips.


She pushed her ass up in the air a little higher so he could get in her pussy even more so. Her nails scratching at his desk as he pumped her. She begged for it more "Mhm.Mr.Revin.please.fuck me harder!" she begged Krish growled, nails digging into her hips as he pulled her back into each thrust. He leaned into it, fucking his new slut with more force. He felt empowered in this position over her, not just a lowly public school teacher.

Wet slapping sounds could be heard as his sac beat against the top of her cunt, slapping against her slit with each inward movement. He grunted behind her, growling ferally in his lust. Bianca moaned even louder this time. Her moans being both sexy and young. When he dug his nails into her it hurt, but sent her into wavelengths of pleasure as she thrusted her hips back furiously for more. She felt a bit greedy as she found herself just wanting more and more of it.

She whimpered wanting him to slap her ass so bad. The slapping of his sack on her cunt made her lick her lips with imagining how her pussy tasted, wet and full with cum.


She just continued moaning, that sweet moan of hers. Krish relished in the sounds of her sweet cries, "Mmm.I never knew you were such a naughtly slut.I think I'll give you extra homework over the weekend." He brought his hand back and gave her rear a sharp swat, pounding her cunt again and again with his throbbing shaft. He was breathing hard, starting to sweat, but was enjoying himself immensely. He gave her ass another swat and started to feel a tension growing as he climbed near his peak.

Bianca murred with exotic pleasure as he slapped her rump a few good times letting her know who was boss.

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She licked her lips again as persperation built up on her chest and forhead, her long hair draping over the desk of his. She moaned "Mhm." as he rammed in her sensitive flower. Her muscles contracted as she could feel herself diving steadfast to an orgasm.

She continued to pound her cunny back on his meat as she gasped and let out a series of uncontrolable moans, whimpers and pants as she came, her juices flowing out. Krish felt her pussy contract wildly around his prick in her orgasm, her moans echoing in the room around him.

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He growled again, pounding her more furiously as his own orgasm built. Lost in lust, he shoved his cock as deep as it would go into her as it spasmed, shooting load after load of his warm seed into her, cum leaking out around his flesh and splattering heavily on the floor beneath them. Bianca murred and layed her hot cheek down on his cold desk. She sighed and stayed there out of breath from the beating. She smiled and spoke "Mr.Revin!

Who wouldve thought you were such a good fucker!" she teased looking back at him and giving him a wink as she licked her lips. Her mouth was dry from all that moaning. She pulled out from him and bent down licking up cum from his member and looked up at him "Mhm.soooo refreshing" she said with a wink as she stood back up.

Krish gasped, closing his eyes as her sweet lips wrapped around his flesh once again. As she stood back up, he gripped her ass and tugged her against him, lips pressing to hers in a rough kiss. Pulling back, he smirked, "I never thought you were such a naughty slut, Miss Ramwell, letting your teacher fuck you over his desk. will have to study with me at home in the evenings to keep your grades up." Bianca shrugged and licked her lips after the kiss "I think I should most definetly come over in the evenings for you to help me." she paused, letting her hand go down to his member once again "After all.I need all the help I can get right?" she asked raising a brow moving closer to him.

With that he nodded and she clothed herself untill he agreed she looked decent enough to leave. She was on her way back home after a wonderful slut fucking with her stud muffin teacher.

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It wasnt over though, she still had those private lessons she had to attend.