Große Beute Ghetto Babe gefickt

Große Beute Ghetto Babe gefickt
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The next morning after my daily workout with Sienna including a blowjob while I was on the bench pressing some weights, I decided it was time to buy a new car that suited my new status as wealthy head of a growing harem. So me and my wife went out to check the close by car dealers, leaving Sienna and Kiran behind with some chores.

I knew I wanted a big ass SUV and after checking with Mercedes, BMW and Audi, we decided for the latest Audi Q7 S-Line fully equipped with all options and thanks to my powers the dealer even gave us a TT for my wife as bonus.


We took the Q7 home and had the TT and our old Volkswagen which we wanted to keep for the rest of the household delivered. What a feeling this new car was. In my old life I could never even have dreamed of ever driving such an expensive car. But now, everything was possible. Once home, I inspected the new double room I had ordered my two slaves to prepare for our new members that would arrive this afternoon.

As expected they had done a wonderful job and everything was tidy and prepared.


Christine and Megan could come. Kiran had already absolved her daily training so now my wife went to the gym with Sienna and left me alone with Kiran.

I asked her to mix me a drink and then prepare a second big room with candles and flowers for the defloration ceremony, tonight's big event. So she mixed me a Gimlet and then I gave her the keys to the VW and some money so she could go and buy everything.

Meanwhile, I went out on the patio and enjoyed my drink in the early afternoon sun. My two new slaves wouldn't arrive until half past 5 and then I would first fuck Mommy while my little girl could get settled into her new room with Kiran's help. Her big hour would come in the evening after dinner. While I was making my plans, the sun and my drink did their magic and I dozed off in the warm sunlight. I must have slept quite some time because when I was woken up in the best way a man could possibly imagine, that is to say getting my hard dick sucked by my wife and my slave Sienna, I saw a naked Milf stand right behind them.

At first the sun dazzled me but after a couple of seconds I recognized Christine, my hot Mommy. "Hello my Lord, I'm glad to be here and start my service for you. One of your servants took Megan up to our room to get settled, I hope that was in your interest. I can be at your service right now", she said and came closer. She was one hell of a Latina. Her beautiful curves got me so worked up I had to stop the to girls on my cock or I would have blown my load right away.

I pulled them both up to stand next to my head and motioned Christine to take their place. She didn't hesitate and stepped right over me so her glistening vulva was hovering right over my throbbing cock. I reached up to the to girls beside me and plucked two fingers into each of their pussies, wanting to reward them for their great wake-up call. They both gave loud groans and Mommy took that penetration as a signal to let my cock penetrate her dripping cunt. She lowered herself onto me, positioned my spear at her entrance and then sat down on it with provocative slowness.

Centimeter after centimeter it slid into her and finally after what seemed to have been an eternity her lips touched pubic bone. I was completely buried in her holy regions and I could see she was enjoying it at least as much as I was.

Without even having started to move, her eyes already had turned into the back of her head and she was starting to tremble.

I was so mesmerized by that sight, I couldn't bring myself to move my hips one millimeter. So I just lay there, fingered the two girls at my side who had started making out, their juices running down my arms and onto my chest and stared at this beautiful mother who was at the verge of cumming just from having my cock inside her.

This moment stretched for at least 20 seconds until she looked at me again, lifted her hips, slammed them back down onto me and roared out her orgasm with a passion and intensity that was simply stunning. She kept riding me all through her orgasm which lasted for at least 50 seconds and spilled pussy juices all over my body. I was completely drenched in here fluids when she finally calmed down a little. But her ceasing orgasm didn't mean she would slow down.

On the contrary: she upped her pace once more and gave me such a wild ride that her tits hit her face with every jump. I would have loved to hold them but my hands were still busy with the to pussies that were now starting to contract around my fingers and only seconds later both Sienna and Jennifer pressed their legs together, groaned loudly into each others mouth and came on my fingers at the same time, showering me with even more of their juices.

Meanwhile, Christine had bent down and pushed her magnificent boobs into my face while she was now twerking her ass on my cock.

And with that she pushed me over the edge as well, I roared my lust into her tits and shot my load up into her maternal pussy that kept slamming down onto me. My wife, who was just coming down form her own orgasmic bliss, had not been prepared for the second one to hit her right away and lost her balance as her knees gave in and her second orgasm would have thrown her to the ground if Sienna hadn't stabilized her.

I got up, kissed Christine passionately and said: "Welcome to my harem and your new home.


I have to say, I liked your entrance. And you really are a stunning beauty. We'll go through the house and harem rules later together with Megan so I don't have to repeat myself. For the moment I would say, soaked as we are race to the pool girls! The devil takes the hindmost!" And with that I started a little sprint to the pool and dove in to clean me off of all the female fluids.

After cleaning ourselves off, I sent Christine to get dried off and start her duty in the kitchen, to prepare a nice dinner for all of us. My wife and I went to the master bedroom to get ready and Sienna went to help Christine. Since we didn't see either of them, I figured Kiran was still taking care of Megan.

Maybe she was even giving her some tips for her big night.

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An hour later Christine called us all down for dinner and apparently Kiran had already instructed Megan on the dress code for women in our house since the young girl arrived in the dining hall wearing nothing but the most erotic red stockings with a matching garter belt.

She looked amazing. Her hair was open and her cute little breasts were standing out, stretching their hard nipples into the room like whiskers. She gave me a hard-on right away and all my ladies started giggling when they saw my reaction to the young girl.

"Our Master really seems to like you" and "I think our Lord has a new favorite toy" I could hear between the giggling. Megan blushed even more and came closer. "Greetings, my Lord. I'm so glad to be here and to finally see you again. I already missed you so much since yesterday, Daddy. I hope you like my outfit." Upon calling me Daddy in front of all the others, her cheeks became an even darker red.

"Yes honey, you look incredibly beautiful. Welcome to your new home and my harem. Now that you're both here, let's quickly go through our most important rules: You will both be my servants and sex slaves, you will fulfill my every wish and need. My wife is also your Lady, her commands are only second to mine and you will follow her orders just as mine unless they contradict mine. You will see all other girls in my harem as your sisters and you will get along with every one of them.

Of course you are allowed to build friendships with some of them. Besides serving me in general and sexually, you have a special role in this community. Christine, you will be our cook and take care of all meals. You will make shopping lists, do the groceries and cook for us. Make sure to find a good equilibrium between tasty and healthy cuisine, we don't want our girls to get fat!

If you need to go on any kind of training or seminar, feel free to ask. Megan, for the moment, you will be your mother's assistant and our waitress. We'll see if you have any other talents that allow you to fill out another role. Moreover, you will have a daily work out with Sienna, our personal trainer to keep you in shape.

And in this house, you are only allowed to wear stockings and open bras if necessary. That should be it for the moment. Now let's eat." Accepting her new role, Megan helped her mother set the table and served us the pasta, Christine had managed to whip up from our humble supplies. Groceries would be the most imminent task for her the next morning. However, despite the little variety of ingredients she'd had available, it tasted delicious and I saw myself confirmed in having chosen exactly the right woman.

Kiran served some really delicious red wine with the pasta and we all had a wonderful dinner. It was obvious Megan was still very nervous but her and Kiran had clearly already become friends and so she had her mind taken off the things to come most of the time. When dinner was finished, I ordered Sienna clean up with Kiran, so my wife and Christine could already take Megan to the specially prepared room and get her ready.

I sat down at the bar, had a little digestive until the girls were ready with the kitchen and had joined the rest upstairs. I wanted everyone to be present for this. Then I slowly made my way up and when I reached the door I could already hear the smooth jazz and smell the scented candles. I opened the door and entered the dimly lit room where all four women and the beautiful girl, waiting to become a woman, were waiting for my arrival.

Megan was sitting on the edge of the bed and the four women were standing at it's four corners. She had put on some perfume and her whole body was oiled up so she was glistening in the candle light. She was still wearing the red stockings and garter belt and I needed a couple of seconds to regain my composure since she looked so stunning. Then I started to walk up to her and she rose from the bed, waiting for me to guide her. I bent down, took her face between my hands and kissed her, softly at first then more passionately with every passing second.

After at least 2 minutes I let go of her, looked her in the eyes and said: "Honey, this will be your first time and I will be as gentle as I can. Your sex life will never be normal again after tonight, but tonight shall be perfect for you." Then I pushed her gently down onto the bed and started kissing her body.

Starting with her neck and up to her ears, she already started to breath heavily and faster. I realized her eyes were traveling back and forth between her mother and Kiran, probably looking for reassurance and encouragement. I made my way back down her neck over her clavicle and reached her chest. Her nipples were standing up straight like guarding towers, watching the road to her untouched realms.

I moved to her right breast and breathed slightly over the poking nipple and at he same time gave the left one just the slightest touch with my hand. She let out a deep moan and goose bumps ran all over her body, her hands finally moving and she caressed my back. I took her nipple into my mouth and started sucking it while I gently pinched the other one.

Her moaning now turned into a mixture of groaning and whimpering as she begged me not to stop. However, my journey was not supposed to end at her nipples and so my other hand took my mouths place at her right nipple and my tongue slowly wandered down her belly, circling her belly button a few times and then further south. Unconsciously, she spread her legs right away and move her hands from my back onto my head as if she wanted to push me further down.

I stopped only centimeters above her clit and just breathed onto it for a couple of seconds which elicited a muffled yelp from her. Looking up I saw Kiran who had bent down and sealed Megan's mouth with a passionate kiss. I moved on and touched her clit, which didn't fall short in erectness compared to her nipples, with my tongue.

This little touch made her push her hips up into the air, pressing her pussy into my mouth and then she screamed out her first man-made orgasm ever.

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I tried to stick to her clit and keep her orgasm running but she started to buck up and down, her orgasm seeming to be too intense ans so I let go of her sensitive center. When she had calmed down she looked at me and said "I love you, Daddy. Please let me return the favor with my mouth" - "No, honey. Now is not the time for that. You'll have enough time to spoil me with your innocent little mouth. But tonight is about you and now it's time to become a woman". I put her back down on the bed, kissed her and brought my rock hard member up to her uncharted entrance.

Christine, who apparently wanted to be part of this moment came onto the bed, took a hold of my cock and slowly adjusted the tip between Megan's swollen wet lips.

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Slowly, I pushed forward into this unexplored cave of joy and she started to move uncomfortably below me. When my tip had slipped in, I felt the expected barrier and stopped. "Are you ok, honey?", I asked. "It hurts a little, Daddy. You're so big, much bigger than my fingers.

But I want this. Please make me a woman." - "Ok, baby doll, brace yourself. It's only going to hurt for one moment, ok?" She nodded and I pushed forward. Her hymen offered some resistance for a second or two, then I felt it break and my cock slipped right into her with almost three quarters of its impressive length.

She cried out in pain and tears ran down her cheeks, while I could see Christine withdraw her hand with some blood on it.

I remained like this for a couple of seconds, kissing and soothing her and when I realized her pain fading, I started to move again. Slowly at first, out and in, slowly penetrating her aching pussy and now lust returned into her eyes. She started to moan again and found my rhythm with her hips, already trying to make me go faster.

Begging was now in her eyes, mixed with pure lust. "Faster, Daddy, deeper. Please fuck me. This is amazing! I want to feel like a woman!

I love you, Daddy. I'm so glad you're my first. Fuck me, faster, please!!!" How could I say 'No' to that and so I upped my speed and really started to fuck my little girl. The four women around us were still watching us, mesmerized by the lust Megan exuded and all of them had started to masturbate at the sight of the show we were giving. I got onto my knees, pulled her feet up to my chest and started to pound into this tight young body as if there was no tomorrow.

Megan was being shaken by the pure force with which I was now pumping into her but her screams and the obscenities she pressed out between moans proved I was doing just the right thing.

She seemed to have completely lost control and was screaming our an endless row of "Deeper, Faster, give me your cock, fuck my cunt, I'm your slut, I want your load, fuck me" and so on. I was sure she'd be pretty embarrassed by this afterwards. But for the moment I enjoyed her wild and naughty side, sucked on her toes and fucker her little pussy as if my life was depending on it. When she suddenly stopped talking and her screams turned into a constant moaning, I realized that despite her intense orgasm only minutes ago, she was already at the verge of her second one.

So I let go of her foot and started to caress her clit with my fingers while kept hammering into her. With this double treatment it only took me five more seconds to push her over the edge and make her cum on my cock even harder then she had before.

She bucked up and down, her feet trembling against my chest, eyes rolling into the back of her head and she pinched her own nipples so hard I was tempted to stop her. Then she let out a roar that made the other four women jump and started to squirt all over my belly and chest. Five times she shot out that clear liquid against my body, drenching us both and by that pushing me over the edge as well.

I wasn't prepared for that, hadn't felt that close to cumming yet, but her squirting surprised me so much I instantly felt my eggs boil over and I shot all I could give into her waiting womb. "Yesss, Daddy!! Cum with me, cum inside me, give me your cum, your sperm, your holy nectar.

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Fuck me, get me pregnant, Daddy!!!!", she screamed and tried to milk every last drop out of my cock with her hungry pussy. I tried to keep pushing into her but I couldn't and just collapsed on her sweaty body, both breathing heavily.

I kissed her and rolled off of her, pulling her into a tight embrace.

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"Now you're a woman, darling. And you were awesome!", I said. "Thank you, Daddy. This was incredible and I'm glad I could satisfy you as well.", and with that she buried her face in my embrace and cuddled at my side.

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I looked at Sienna and she knew right away what to do, came onto the bed and started to lick my slimy and bloody cock clean. While my cock was slowly getting hard again at this cleaning action, I could feel the steady breath against my cheek and realized, Megan had fallen asleep.

Meanwhile Kiran had joined Sienna and was now sucking my balls while Sienna was deep-throating me like the slut she was. My wife and Christine had started making out next to us and were scissoring.

I watched them while enjoying my blowjob, which took at least 20 minutes until I shot my load down Sienna's throat. Then I too fell asleep, exhausted from this amazing sex night.