Cum con mi primo pollon

Cum con mi primo pollon
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The girl woke up. She was standing. Air was blowing onto her. She was standing on top of a hospital bed, and there was a ran above her. Wounds on her legs made it hard to stand. She put her arms out. She held tightly to the blanket to her toes. But soon, the inevitable happened. She leaned a bit too far and flapped her arms to regain balance, but to no use.

A hole opened up in the fiery ceiling of Hell and the redheaded 19-year-old girl fell through, screaming. She landed on a red bed, facing up so she could see the hole closing up above her. She turned her attention to the scene around her. There were lots of demons, but mostly succubi and incubi fucking damned individuals. 'Damn,' she thought. 'This place is a hell of a lot seedier then I imagined.' "Welcome to your new home." At hearing the voice, she turned around and saw a demon girl with red skin, dark red hair, and a cat-like tail.

"What's your name, sex, and fetish?" She said with a flick of her tail. "Carla, female, and none, though I prefer oral." Carla looked around.

"How do I get to rule this place?" "Challenge me. In sex. Last person standing wins rulership of Hell." "Alright, sure, I'll challenge you. Go ahead. Try me." Carla smiled smugly. She could withstand hours of oral, more then most people she had met. But she went along with it anyway. The demoness reached under Carla's skirt and pulled down her panties. She started by stroking Carla's clitoris softly.


Then she began to press down a little. And a little more. Her motions slowly sped up. Slow stroking and moving back and forth turned to hardcore flicking. Carla noticed both her and the demoness's clothes fading away into nothing. "Not doing it for you all that much, huh? Alright then." The demoness kept vigorously flicking her clit and started to lick around Carla's slit. Honey from Carla's soaking pussy leaked into her mouth. She entered Carla with her tongue, wiggling it aroundnwhere she had room.

A moan escaped from Carla's lips. The demoness, clearly frustrated with how little this was affecting her, completely stopped. Carla sat up and closed her legs. "Well, that was easy." Their clothes had completely disappeared now. "My turn now." Carla leaned down toward the demoness's pussy, but a cock had appeared above it.

"I'm not done with you yet, slave." The demoness's sharp red eyes stared into hers. Carla sat on her hands and her knees. The demoness poked her she-dick around the girl's slit before pushing it in. First one inch.

Then three. Then seven. Then ten. Then she stopped. They were so close their labias rubbed together. Then the demoness started slowly pulling out. From ten. To eight.

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To six. To four. Then back in again, slightly faster. Four to eight to ten to eleven. Eleven to eight to four. Four to nine to eleven to thirteen.

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The Demoness's cock seemed to grow each time. Carla's breathing grew shallower. The pumping grew faster. Four. Ten. Fifteen. Eight. Four. Twelve. Seventeen. Ten. "Ah. Ohh!" Three. Eighteen.

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Three. Nineteen. Three. Nineteen. The pumps were so powerful Carla's breasts flew up to hit her chest then stomach with each thrust. Three. Twenty.

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The demoness stopped for a moment and just let her cock grow. It became over two feet long inside the teenage girl. The demoness shot a load of sperm into her pussy. Carla let out a moan. Then the demoness started pumping again, and without warning plunged her tail into Carla's pussy as well. Carla let out a scream.

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The Demoness's tail quickly joined the rhythm. Carla could barely withstand the extreme stretch of having her hole stretched so far. "Ah- Oh- Oh- Fuck! Fuck!" The demoness's cock kept growing so far Carla wondered how she wasn't being split in two.

"How- Fuck! How am i- Oh! How can your cock get so long but i- Ahhh! Don't get torn in two?!" "This is Hell, sweetie. Anything is possible. And you can't die or be injured. No matter how extreme the sexual pleasure. " With that, she spontaneously sprouted another cock, three and a half feet long, as big as the other one, and plunged it into Carla's asshole. Carla screamed, pain and pleasure rushing through her, almost too much to take.

But she willed her body on, barely managing to not orgasm, though her body was barely strong enough to keep herself up. The feeling of having both her holes stretched so far made her scream.


The demoness cummed inside her once again, with both cocks. It proved to be too much for the teenage girl. Hrr eyes rolled back. She thrashed about with the strength of her orgasm, every muscle in her body tensing. The Demoness's cocks easily slipped out of her. "That's a loss if I've ever seen one. " Carla just lay there, face-down, for a moment, until rolling over. "No more.

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No. No. I'm done." "Well, not really, since you're going to be, ah, eternally fucked for the rest of your damned life." "Wait, what?" Before she could say any more, two incubi appeared beside her and lifted her up.

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They disappeared, then reappeared far away. The demoness laughed. Carla screamed while being double penetrated by two incubi, until a third shoved his cock into her mouth. The demoness smiled and waved. "Now, let's clean this up." She waved her hand and her cocks disappeared, leaving a perfect pussy.

A small female demon almost identical to the demoness, except wearing a dress, came up to her. "Y-your Dominance." "Yes?" "We've found another on the edge of death.


Angelface is already there." "Oh, I hate that little bitch!" The demoness made a red dress appear on her body and clenched her hands into fists.

She began to shoot up toward the surface world.