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Teenage Asian girl feels unforgettable foreigner cock for first time
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Antonella was buried in the garden of her home, and everyone that had known her was invited. Many speeches were made, although Alexis declined the chance to make one of her own. She was silent throughout the whole ceremony, and Lumiosa thought that this was probably the only time she'd ever seen her best friend truly sad.

The funeral was followed by Alex's cremation, done in private. While no-one could say that they were sad, they couldn't help but feel something at his passing. As they'd said they would, they also sorted out the UN.

Aside from Frank, everyone was completely back to normal, remembering nothing at all about the genies. Frank was back in his normal job, although he retained possession of Barakaat for now. Although they'd been told they were welcome at Antonella's home any time, Charlie, Daniel and Harry decided that they just wanted to go home.

They made it home thanks to their genies' magic, and just went to sleep in their own beds, alone. For the next few days, the three of them lived their lives exactly as they'd been pre-genies, going to school as normal. Although they carried their lamps around with them, they never felt the need to summon them.

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They didn't want to think about anything that had happened. One Friday, about a week after returning home, Daniel was staying over at Charlie's. The two of them were sat on her bed in their school uniforms, gaming. Unfortunately for Daniel, Charlie was doing rather better than he was.

"Charlie, you sure you're not cheating with magic?" Daniel asked. "Positive. I don't need magic to beat you." "Yeah, well…I'm letting you win." "I'm sure you are." "Well then how about we make it interesting? Like…the loser has to give the winner head?" "You're just desperate to eat my pussy, aren't you?" "More like I want a blowjob." "Well then, you're on." Unfortunately for Daniel, Charlie was much more skilled than he was.

When it was over, she simply put her controller down and grinned. "Best two out of three?" Daniel asked. "In your dreams," Charlie said.


She stood up, and pulled down her pants and skirt, leaving her naked from the waist down. She laid back down on the bed, and spread her legs. "You may begin." Daniel crawled onto the bed with her, and positioned his head between her legs. He stuck his tongue out, and began licking at Charlie's womanhood. "Ahhhh…" she moaned.


"Mmmm…almost as good as when Afericus does it…" Not one to be beaten by a supernatural being, Daniel picked up his pace, desperately trying to please Charlie.

"Ohhhhhh…that's MUCH better." Charlie came hard, and Daniel lapped up her juices.

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He then moved up to kiss her, and laid next to her on the bed. After a few seconds, Daniel then began pulling his trousers down. "What are you doing?" Charlie asked him. "Well, isn't it my turn to get head?" "Woah mister, that's not how it works. Unless you wanna go for another round?" Charlie picked up her controller. "No way, or I'll just end up eating you out forever. I guess I'll just get Asrah to suck me off." "Hang on, this is meant to be our sleepover.

No genies." "Well sorry, but my cock needs some action." "Oh fine, but don't say I don't ever do anything for you." Charlie sat Daniel back down on the bed, and began stroking his cock. "Could you have imagined only a few weeks ago that we'd now be sat here doing this?" "Well I did imagine it quite a few times actually.

Although there weren't any genies involved." "Perv." "Oh, like you didn't imagine the same stuff." "I'm a girl so it's not weird.

When a guy thinks about sex it's messed up." "Oh? Is that how it works?" "Yep. That's how it works." Charlie pulled back Daniel's foreskin, and began rubbing the tip. "Uhhhhh…" he groaned.

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"Honestly, you've got no self-control," Charlie said as she continued, jerking his cock as she did so. "Well sorry, I'm still not used to this whole sex thing." "I'd have thought you'd probably wanked enough to be used to this though." "Yeah, but it's a lot different when it's a girl doing it to you." Charlie let go of Daniel's cock, and took it into her mouth, bobbing her head up and down on it.

"Oooohhhh…yeah, I definitely can't do this myself…" Daniel moaned. He ran his fingers through her hair, wondering what he'd done to deserve such a feeling. "Mmmm…" Charlie moaned, running her tongue along his length. "I love the taste of white boy cock." "And my white boy cock loves you…" Daniel moaned, and unleashed his load into Charlie's mouth. She pulled off his cock, looking rather disappointed.

"You stopped cumming," she said. "Yeah?" "Well I wished for you to always cum half a litre." "Oh yeah…Asrah said it'll have worn off when I rubbed her lamp." "A shame. I guess I'll just have to keep working you to get more of your spunk." Charlie crawled on top of Daniel, and kissed him passionately, before lowering her pussy down onto his cock.

This was gonna be a long night. ------------------------------- Back in America that night, Lumiosa was in her lamp, organising her belongings. Suddenly however she felt a tug, one which made her very excited indeed. The world around her was consumed with pink smoke, and when it cleared, she saw Matt and Sophie stood in front of her in his living room.

"Master!" she shouted, running to hug him. "I've missed you so much!" "I've missed you too, Lumiosa," Matt said, holding her close.

"Woo! Big reunion!" Alexis shouted, having materialised on the sofa. "Hello to you too, Alexis," Sophie said. "So have you missed us?" "Oh you know, I noticed you were gone." "Alexis, don't be rude," Lumiosa said. "Have you enjoyed your trip, Master?" "It was pretty good, we went to see that alien princess to see how she's doing.

Or will be doing. Have we missed much here?" "Oh you know, not much," Alexis said. "Just Alex Brookman trying to take over the world." "Oh, so not mu…wait, WHAT!?" Sophie asked.

"Alex Brookman came back," Lumiosa said. "He got the UN to start rounding up Masters and killing them to take their lamps," Alexis said. "He convinced them that they were a threat to the human race." "Oh my God, that bastard!" "But don't worry, he's gone now," Alexis said.

"He was killed." "Killed?" "Yes.

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The man he was working with at the UN realised what he intended to do when all the lamps were gone. So he killed him while he had the chance." "What was he gonna do, try and become a God?" "Pretty much." "That definitely sounds like Alex Brookman. What about this other guy?" "Well Miss Sophie, he was named Frank Johnson. Although he disagreed with Alex Brookman's end goals, he did agree that genies were a threat." "So where is he now?" Matt asked. "He is back in his old job, with his genie, Barakaat.

He agrees it would be silly of him to try and go against you. I would ask you to show mercy on him." "We'll keep an eye on him," Sophie said. "Of course, there's also those other three," Alexis said.

"What other three?" Matt asked. "Oh, the three British teenagers," Alexis said. "They helped out with things. Might wanna pay them a visit." "We will, yes." ------------------------------- The following morning, Charlie and Daniel went back to Daniel's house, to check on Harry. "Hey mum," Daniel said. "Where are Harry and Sarosa?" "I think they're in the shower," said Mrs Robinson. "They do spend a lot of time in there." "Thanks mum, I'm sure they'll be pleased to see we're here." The two of them walked upstairs, and could immediately confirm that Harry and Sarosa were in the shower.

"OH YES! OH GOD MASTER!" They heard Sarosa screaming from the bathroom. "YES MASTER! YOU'RE THE BEST, MASTER! I LOVE YOU MASTER! OH GOD MASTER! MAAASTER!" "Hey you two," Charlie said, banging on the door. "We'll be in your room when you're done." Charlie and Daniel went into Harry's room, and sat on the bed.

They pulled out their lamps, and summoned Afericus and Asrah. "What do you desire, Master?" Asrah asked. "For what does your heart yearn, Mistress?" Afericus asked.

"Nothing right now," Charlie said. "We're just waiting for Harry and Sarosa." Harry and Sarosa emerged a few minutes later, dried off but still naked as they teleported into the bedroom. "Hey guys," Harry said. "What's up?" "Just checking in on you," Charlie said. "Being nosey, are we?" Sarosa asked. "Now now Sarosa, be nice," Harry said. "Of course Master. I'm sorry Master," Sarosa said, squeezing Harry's bottom. "Sarosa…" "I see you're back to normal," Daniel said.

"If by that you mean Sarosa and I are back to being the eternally horny couple, then you fucking bet we are," Harry said. "My Master's pleasure is the most important thing in the world," Sarosa said. "I love fucking him." "Yes, there is no greater feeling than serving ones Master," Asrah smiled. "Although I am glad you guys are happy too," Sarosa said.

There was a flash, and the 6 of them saw two figures, a boy and a girl, appear in the bedroom before them. They were clothed in ordinary and yet magnificent clothing. They started at them, and it was Asrah who first figured out who they were. "Mother! Father!" She exclaimed, prostrating herself before them. The others looked confused.

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"Um…rise, child," Matt said, not quite used to such treatment. "Who the fuck are you?" Charlie asked. "Now now Charlotte," Sarosa said to annoy her. "Let's not be rude to our guests." "Truly you must be our creators, who brought all of us unto being from nought," Afericus said. "Wait, these are Matt and Sophie?" Harry asked. "The Gods." "We don't like to call ourselves that, but yes," Sophie said. "Oh my God," Daniel said. "We just wanted to visit you and thank you for everything you've done," Sophie said.

"You helped to defeat Alex Brookman." "Well, we didn't really do anything," Daniel said. "We may not be Gods, but if we are Gods, then we'd like to think we're kind ones," Matt said. "We give credit where it's due.

You all had a part to play." "We're only sorry about all the trouble that happened," Sophie said. "Had we known, we would never have allowed it." "Miss Swift, Mr Evans…sir, can I ask you something?" Harry asked. "Of course," Sophie replied. "Well, you guys are all-powerful, right? You can do anything?" "Yes." "Well then, can you please bring back everyone who Alex killed? Especially Antonella." "Oh yes, Antonella Acquarone. Alexis told us about her." "So can you bring her back?" "We can, yes.

But we're not going to." "WHY!?" Charlie asked. "What kind of Gods are you!?" "Charlie, don't," Daniel warned her.

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"We cannot just go around raising the dead whenever it suits us," Sophie explained. "Their deaths are tragic, yes, but the world must go on. Every death is a tragedy, and they shall be missed, but death is natural, and we must not abolish it." "So you're not going to do anything?" "We're going to keep an eye on Frank and the UN to make sure nothing like this happens again.

The Brookman family's tyranny is over." "So I guess it's all ended well…" Daniel said. "Death is a natural part of life. And Antonella lived more than most." "Mother, father," Sarosa said. "I'm thankful for everything you have done for us. The world would be a worse place without you." "The world wouldn't exist without them," Harry said. "Thank you." "Thank you." They all said. "No, thank all of you," Matt said. "You are the heroes of this story, not us." "But now it's drawn to a close, and you can all go back to your lives," Sophie said.

"Live them well. It's what we wanted for this universe." ------------------------------- Author's message: I first submitted this chapter on 18/8/16.


It is now 4/10/16 and it's still not up. So I'm completely re-submitting it. I am very pissed off as a result.

Here is the final Author's Message I wrote TWO MONTHS AGO: Shorter final chapter I'm afraid. I'd write an extended sex scene but I need to finish this within the next half an hour. So here's a story for you. On 21/8/15 I finished writing Divine Succession.

The next day I went on holiday to Disney World in Florida. That week I began planning what I wanted my next story to be, and I began writing "My Brother's Genies". Progress was slow. By November I'd only written the first 3 and a bit chapters, and not posted any of it. Now at this time I kept my stories on a memory stick, the same one I use for the rest of my "adult" content. The stuck became full, so I bought a new one with a higher capacity.

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My mistake was that, after I'd transferred everything over, I deleted the content from the original memory stick (Which I now use for University work). A few days later, the new one became corrupted. I lost pretty much anything which wasn't in a folder, including My Brother's Genie. I was distraught. I had no intention of re-writing the stuff, and so I simply decided to abandon it and move on to The Royal Genies. However, as I was finishing up that story, I discovered a copy I'd made of My Brother's Genie.

It was only the first chapter and a half, but it was better than nothing. So since then I've worked on completing the story, and now we're here, finally done after nearly a year. It's been a long time coming.

And surprisingly little has changed from my original plan. Chapter 1-2 are the original versions I wrote back then, and Chapter 3 was nearly identical to what I originally wrote. I ended up changing Sarosa's character slightly to try and make her less like Alexis. I always intended to bring back Alex Brookman and have him be behind the UN's efforts, so anyone who thinks that came out of nowhere, it didn't.

There's even foreshadowing to it if you look hard enough. Something I didn't originally plan was Daniel getting a genie. Very early on it was going to be him that got Afericus, but when I changed it to Charlie I didn't think he'd ever get a genie.

Back when I wrote Abducted on a School Trip I never intended to bring back Harry and Sarosa, it just kind of happened. One major theme of this story is loopholes. It's something explored previously, but in this story you can see a lot of examples of people abusing loopholes in the genies' rules to wish for things which may otherwise seem impossible. Frank and the UN using that prisoner to share a genie and to live forever.

Antonella living for centuries with magic thanks to her father. Antonella convincing Barakaat to let her go. I could list more but honestly I can't remember at this point.

Antonella went through a few versions. Back before I lost this story the stuff I'd written was basically everything before her debut.

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Originally she was going to be an ordinary Mistress, Japanese probably, and a teenager. I decided though that this new Antonella was far more interesting. Fuck, I really should have written down what I was going to say. I want to say Charlie being of Indian descent might be because of the people who wanted more interracial stuff but honestly it's been a year and I can't remember.

Fuck it, I can't remember anything else. This'll have to do. The next thing I'm writing (It's half done) is an extended one-shot not about genies.

I won't talk about it, but I quite like it. Although saying that, I did post a preview of it on Twitter. @Drago_Time After that there's another multi-part story, yet a short one.

It involves magic, but nothing I've covered before. After that I have an idea for a supernatural story. Not magical, but paranormal elements. So there we have it. If you're reading this this story has already been up elsewhere online for nearly 2 months. Or possibly longer depending on how long the mods take to post this.