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Angel A Novel By: S. Stevenson The Selection Part Two Master's House The first three women entered the Master's home and just started to look around. When they noticed that Beth had stopped at the door and removed her tunic. Hanging it on a hook by the door she was now dressed only in her sandals, collar, cuffs and her belt, which she had left on.

Ann questioned the need for this since they were nude under their tunics anyway. Marilynn just smiled at both Ann and Beth. While Angel remembered the words of her Master back at the motel and walked right back to the door and removed her tunic as well.

Mike had just finished bring in all the luggage and putting them in the front hall. He then turned to Beth and instructed her to show each of the ladies to their rooms.

He then turned to the others and stated, "You will take your bags to your room, and then you will return here immediately." Angel started to reach for her tunic when Mike put his hand on hers and said, "It is best that you leave that here ma'am. Just incase your Master has visitors and he desires that you be covered." Angel complied as she turned to follow Beth down the hall and up the stairs.

It never seemed to amaze Angel at just how large Master's house was on the inside. She knew that the center of the upper floor was taken by Master's suite. Then there was a wing at either side of the master suite.

As they walked Beth told Angel to wait were she was. Just outside Master's bedroom. Angel was in hopes that she was going to be assigned to sleep with her Master. As she waited Angel mused on how wonderful that would be.

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Master has a large bed that he would bind her to every night. She would have to remember to relieve herself before she went to bed, because once she turned in she would not be able to get up without waking Master.

Beth returned without the other two gals and simply said, "Follow me." That broke Angel's dream as she picked up her bag and followed Beth. They turned left and walked to the end of the hall of the west wing of the house. There, Angel was ushered into a very nice bedroom suite.

Beth said, "These will be your rooms while you are here. Master expects them to be picked up and clean at all times." With that Beth shut the door as she left Angel alone. Angel started to look around as she unpacked. The main room was divided into two sections by the placement of furniture. At one end there was the bed. King size, and in a nautical fashion. The mattress sat on a wooden platform, which sat on a chest of drawers. Angel studied the wood for just a bit.

Saying to her self, "I think this is oak." Wooden sides came up from the platform to about one half the thickness of the mattress. The headboard formed a shelf that was just right for books, clocks and the like. Above the shelf was a mirror. On either side of the bed was nightstand. Made of the same wood with a single drawer.

On top of the nightstand was a lamp. Again with a nautical theme. You know, the brass lamps that hang from a hook and will sway as a boat rolls with the sea. Then Angel noticed in the headboard, sides and foot of the bed there were these mettle rings inserted into the wood. At first thought she wondered about the uniqueness of these rings. They were chromed and inset so as to be flush with the wood.

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She guessed that the rings were in keeping with the nautical style as if they could be used as tie downs in rough seas. Running her finger over them she realized that these rings were not just decoration.

They are real. They are there in the bed and intended to be used as tie downs, but not for rough sea. Those rings are meant to tie her down. This concept brought a smile to her face. To the left of the bed there was an open door. Angel walked into what would be called a dressing room.

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At least that is what she would call it. On one side there was a walk-in closet with built in dressers. On the other side was a dressing table with stool and a lighted mirror. Passing through the dressing room there was the bathroom. It was also good size, with a shower stall that would hold at least three people. Angel opened the door and noticed that the showerheads ran from floor to ceiling.

Angel walked back into the main room and started to observe the sitting aspects of the other side. There were several chairs with side tables and lamps by each. A couch, coffee table and fireplace flanked on each side by bookshelves. On the shelves were all kinds of books, a TV, DVD/VCR player and a CD player/changer. As Angel was looking over the furniture the door to her room opened and she was startled to see her Master standing there. As Scott walked over to her holding out his arms and he asked, "How do you like your room?" Angel smiled as she opened her arms to receive him and said, "It is great, but I would rather be with you in your room." They held each other in tight embrace.

Angel was delighted with the feeling of her bare nipples rubbing against his shirt as her breast were pressed into her body.

Scott then reached up behind her and took a hand full of red hair. Not pulling, but guiding her to arch her back so he could place his mouth over hers. As he probed the inside of her mouth with his tongue his hand helped provided support to stop her from falling over.

Angel kept her arms around Scott's shoulders finding comfort in his abilities to support her. Then she felt his other hand slip in between her legs. This was the first that she noticed just how wet she was there. She felt the folds of skin willing open to him as he insert two fingers to probe the depths of her womanhood. There she was held in place by one hand behind her head and part of the other inside of her.

She noticed also that her Master's fingers that were still outside of her pussy were pushing on the butt plug seating it deeper within her. As Scott continued to hold her in this manor Angel forgot about everything else.

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She was in heaven, as she knew it to be. She was just as she wanted to be. For her Master. Totally open to his eyes, his touch, his every desire. Angel knew that this was a standard for her Master. To hold her open. Her mouth, pussy and ass all open to him. Angel knows that this was one of his more intimate ways of opening her up, so she was enjoying every second of it. Scott eased up the pressure on her mouth. Angel knew that he was ending this kiss, and she tried to hold him close with her arms around his neck.

Her effort was fruitless as his left hand, on the back of her head, pushed her back into a standing position. His right hand did not move though. Staying on her pelvis with his two middle fingers inserted deep within her. When Angel regained her own balance Scott moved his left hand from the back of her head to her right breast. Taking her nipple between his thumb and his index finger and pinching it until she winched.

Moving his right hand out of her pussy he brought his fingers up to her mouth. Angel opened for her Master. Sucking his fingers into her mouth and licking them both clean of her own juices.

It was almost as if the desire was greater than the both of them combined. Angel sucking and licking his fingers with a great deal of hustle. The one thing that should be understood at this point is that Angel may be a slave, but she is a very smart slave. Angel knows that it is intimacies just like this that binds a man and a woman together. When practiced on a regular basis this emotional binding can be stronger than any welded metal known to man.

When Angel had completed her cleaning services to her Master's fingers she slipped them from her mouth and brought his hand to her left breast.

As she did so she stated, "Master, please enjoy this breast. It is for you. Touch it, feel it, squeeze it or pinch it, whatever feels good to you. Take your energy from it as you suckle it. The very pulse that beats within is there for your pleasure." Angel then placed her hands behind Scott's head and brought her mouth to his. Both of them thrilled by the lustfulness of their kiss. This time Angel was the aggressor in the use of her tongue as she dashed in and out.

Teasing his tongue as she tried to twist it around her own. Angel could feel just how her Master was responding to her as she pressed her pelvis to his. Scott put his arms around her as she dispensed her passions. Taking this as a sign of acceptance she continued her kissing as she opened his shirt one button at a time.

With each release of a button she revealed more bare skin. As she did so she moved her body so that her nipples would brush against his newly bared skin. She could feel his passion increase with each move she made. Accepting this as encouragement she made her moves bolder. Breaking off her kisses Angel started to move down. First his neck. Then his shoulders, and then on to his chest. She took some time at his nipples as she reached down to release his belt. Reaching into his pants in order to free his manhood to the pleasures that she was offering.

Then Scott took hold of her hands. Lifting them up to his chest. Holding each of them close together he placed a snap on the rings set into Angel's wrist cuffs. Looking deep into her Master's blue eyes Angel could only smile as she said, "Thank you, Master. You know how much I love being bound for you." She continued, "Is there any other way that you would like to restrain me, or to bind me in a fashion that would open your slave to your desires?" Master Scott just smiled and took the back of her head in his hands as he directed her mouth towards his shaft of desire.

Angel willing, almost greedily, opened her mouth to receive him. She brought her hands down to caress the base of his shaft with one hand and his balls with the other. At the same time she took him into her mouth with a swift movement that placed the head of his dick at the very opening to her throat. It had been awhile since she had serviced any man with her mouth and Angel was surprised that she had to fight back the automatic urge to gag.

As she started to withdraw his cock from her mouth she ran her tongue up and down the under part of the shaft. As she applied her tongue to its task she flicked the tip back and forth across the vain that runs the length.

At the same time she suck as hard as she could. As if she was trying to draw out every drop that he had stored within him. She then let his shaft drop from her lips. Looking up into his eyes she smiled and said, "This is your mouth, to kiss, to gag, to use for your in any way that would bring you pleasure." Scott let his head fall back as he stood there enjoying being minister to in this manner.

He would allow himself to think of how wonderful it would be to have this woman as his personal 24/7 slave. At this moment he could feel her desire to please. That is much more important than a desire for kinky sex. Having gained control over her urge to gag, Angel continued to move up and down on her Master's scepter.

She ran the head of his cock back into her throat until her lips came to rest at the base. At first she would withdraw slowly, but as time continued she increased her speed. Jamming his cock deep with her and then rapidly pulling her head back. In a very short amount of time Angel could feel the pulse in her Master's cock as it started to shake.

Angel pulled back all the stops and just turned her mouth into a pussy for her Master to fuck. In his passion Scott had taken hold of Angel's head. With a hand on both sides he directed her movements. Angel opened her mouth wide to receive him, and lowered her hand to her own pussy.

With one hand she pulled and pinched her clit and with the other she inserted two fingers boldly, roughly. Giving to her the sensation of just being taken for the pleasure of another.

Whenever that sensation would over take her, Angel felt like she was in heaven. Scott's legs started to shake and Angel knew it was time for his release. She moved her hands from her pleasure and took hold of his shaft in one hand and his testicles in the other. She milked him with her hands and her mouth as the first gush of warm creamy liquid splashed against the back of her throat. As Scott continued his release, Angel continued to milk him dry. She massaged his balls in the one hand, ran her fingers up and down his shaft, along the long vain, pushing every drop into her waiting mouth.

As her Master started to relax Angel remained on her knees, but allowed herself to rest her bottom on her heels.

She kept her hands lifted and on the inside of Master's thighs. Looking up for some sign of approval on his part. Any sign at all. Just as she was beginning to think that Master was disapproving of her actions he reached down with his right hand and ran his finger along her left cheek.

He smiled. Then bending down he placed a light kiss on her forehead. Angel was complete. She knew that she had pleased her Master. Scott then took hold of Angel's hands and brought her to her feet.

As she rose he said, "We must go now. The others will be waiting for us." His voice trailed off as he was adjusting his clothing. As he turned towards the door Scott took hold of the latch between her cuffs, and lead her to out into the hall and down the stairs. Scott continued to hold the latch between Angel's cuffs as they descended the stairs.

The others were all there waiting for them. Looking up anxiously at them. Scott made no excuses to the others for the delay. He simple said, "Follow me ladies." As he continued to walk, with Angel in tow, into his study.

As soon as he was inside the study, Scott dropped his hold on Angel's cuffs. He turned to the others and told them to find a seat and to make themselves comfortable.

The room was a fairly large room with wood paneling on every wall that was not filled with wooden bookshelves. And those filled with books. Along one wall were windows that went from floor to ceiling. Except for the wood trim, and a few knickknacks scattered on the sills, the windows were bare of any treatment, like curtains or shades. In front of the windows sat a large desk with a chair upholstered in fine leather behind it. As was the rest of the furniture in the room upholstered in the same fine tan leather.

One could tell that this study was a man's room. Angel continued to walk with her Master as he made his way to the back of the desk. Angel stopped short of going behind the desk with her Master, taking a seat in front of the desk. She was still as close to him as she could be, and yet she understood that he was behind the desk in order to separate himself from the slaves. As Angel sat, waiting for her Master to speak, she noticed the fireplace to the right.

It looked as if it was carved out the shelves. Then her attention turned to the thick red carpet. She smiled as she thought about how it would feel on her knees as she serviced her Master, or anyone else that Master may direct her to serve.

As Scott sat in his chair Angel noticed that Beth was still standing. A quick motion of Master's hand and Beth was on her hands and knees.

It was then that Angel noticed Beth's plug. It had a tail of horsehair coming out of it. Beth then worked her way, on her hands and knees, behind the desk and sat like a dog by his side. Master then reached out and petted Beth as if she was a beloved pet. Master broke the silence, "I hope each of you found your room to your liking, and that you were able to unpack." Ann then spoke, "No Sir, we were instructed to report back to the hallway immediately." Scott broke in, "It does not matter.

You will be able to unpack later this evening." Continuing on, Scott said, "Dinner will be ready in a short bit. Tonight is the last night that the standard household help will be here.

Except for Mike. The normal duties of cooking, cleaning and the like will be done by the slaves. Mike will give each of you your schedules in the morning. You will find that you will have time for recreation as well as your chores." "Now I can see in each of your faces that you are wondering about Beth here.

I told you earlier that she is a special case. In this house Beth is a pet. Unless she has special permission she is not allowed on her feet. She is not allowed on the furniture.

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Beth is nude at all times and she will wear her tail 24/7, along with her collar. She is only allowed to remove the plug for cleaning, and/or, as she may need to relieve herself. At night, she is not allowed to sleep in a bed, but rather she sleeps in her dog cage." Scott went on, "At dinner tonight she will not have a place set at the table.

She will have her dish close by. If she comes by you begging for your food you are to slap her hard across the face." As he was speaking, Beth moved closer to Master and laid her head down on his thigh.

Master just petted her hair in return. "Now this may seem severe to you other slaves. If it does, then I remind you why we are all here. Each of us is here to meet our own needs.

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In Beth's case she craves this harshness, and then some. So, she is treated as the bitch that she is. As I told you she is not a match for me as my slave 24/7. However, she does serve me while we look for a full time Master for her. In her service to me she will also be serving you over the next two weeks." "Now Ann and Marilynn, you are to remove your tunics." As the two slaves stood up, and obeyed, Master continued, "All of you are to remain available to me at all times.

You will find, in your rooms, work tunics that may be worn while you are doing your chores. These are for the protection of your skin while cooking and using various cleaning chemicals. Again, I point out, that the important thing is that your mouth, pussy and ass remain open to me at all times.

This openness is to be both in the physical and in the emotional. And it is your attitude, or emotions, that are more important than the physical." Then Beth made some quick movement. No one could tell for sure what it was, but Master responded with a snapping of her leash and firm slap across the face.

Ann let out a sigh of discuss and turned her head from Scott. Scott then asked, "What is the matter, Ann?" Ann did not wish to answer her Master, but he insisted, "Ann, I demand that you answer me!" Finally, but still stumbling over the words Ann replied, "I.I.I do not like … w w wh w .what you are doing. I think … I think it … it is …mean & & & cruel, and I fear you will treat me like that." As Ann was talking Scott moved from behind the desk to just in from of Ann.

Softly he ran his fingers across her cheeks and then each breast. When he spoke it was in a soft, almost tender, voice, "Ann, do you need this type of control?" Ann said, "No!" "Then you have nothing to fear." Scott continued, "I do want you to learn something about yourself, so do a pussy check." Ann did not hesitate. Her right hand moved right between her legs and she inserted the middle to fingers into her vagina. As Ann pushed her fingers into her to the maximum depth Scott told the other two to do the same thing.

As Ann withdrew her fingers she told her Master, "I am very wet, Sir." She then stuck both fingers into her mouth to lick them clean of her own juices. At the same time Angel agreed with Ann that she too was very wet and Marilynn said, "I am dripping wet, Master." Scott smiled and said, "While you may fear what you see in this treatment of Beth you are also turned on by it." Ann made a face.

"Do not make faces my dear one." The Master replied, and then continued, "If you stay with me for very long we will push your limits until you have no limits. Except those limits that your Master has." "Now you gals will have some free time. I expect dinner will be ready in about two hours. Feel free to enjoy the grounds. Take a quick swim if you care to. Remember the grounds are very private and free of the prying eyes of neighbors.

We will get back together two hours from now, here in my study." Master walked over to Angel, removed the clamp between her cuffs and then turn to Beth and said, "Pet, heel." His pet then crawled on all fours to his left side and remained at his side as he left the room. The three slaves stood in their spots and mused over the swaying of the pet's tail as she crawled beside her Master.

Ann and Marilynn agreed to go for a little swim. Angel went back to her room hoping to get a little nap before dinner. At the appointed time the girls gathered in the study. Beth was in a dog cage in a corner of the room. Master Scott unlocked the cage, told Beth to heel and directed the others to follow him into the dinning room.

A place card assigned everyone her place at the table. Beth remained on the floor at Master's side. Each girl took her place behind the chair at her assigned position. That is each girl except Beth. She remained on all fours and took her place next to Master's chair. Master walked up behind each slave excusing himself as he pulled out her chair. As each chair came to rest a stainless steal phallus popped up in the middle of the seat.

The steal penis was not very big, about 6 inches long and about 2 ½ inches in girth at the base. Each of the three girls looked into their individual chair with the wide eyes of surprise and amazement. No one said a word. In turn, each girl reached between her legs and opened herself up as she lowered her pussy over this cock. As Scott walked to his chair at the head of the table he said, "You all did very well.

You attitudes are showing each of you in excellent form." Nothing more was said. Servants that did not seem to notice the attire of the guests served dinner. They just went on with their business … placing plates of food in front of each dinner and them picking up the plates later.

At one point Ann said something to Angel in an angry tone of voice. Before Ann could finish what she was saying her voice changed to a loud shrill cry. Ann's head shot as it turned to her Master. Her eyes were darts as she looked in to his blue eyes. Then there was another squeal and you could see that Ann was lifted off her seat.

Not much but lifted just the same. Master then said, "I am the only one that will speak with anger in this house. Do you understand Ann?" Lowering her eyes to the table in front of her Ann nodded her head yes. Then Master spoke in a very controlled voice, "I asked you a question Ann!" Ann then squealed, and was lifted out of her seat, again as she whimpered, "Yes, Master, I understand." Then Master called Beth to his side.

He was rather rough as he forced open her mouth and pushed a penis gag past her lips and teeth and seated it back into her throat. He then took another stainless steal dildo and shoved it into Beth's pussy. This one had straps attached to hold it in place.

When this task was completed Master told Beth to sit. She obeyed. Not like every one else, but like the bitch that she is. Allowing some time for all this to set into the minds of the girls Scott just sat there and ate his dinner. Then putting sown his fork he looked across the table. Speaking softly, but in full control of his words, Scott Said, "Did any one of you think that I was not in full control?

Did you think that could not, or would not, correct improper behavior?" He continued, "The device that each of you accepted into my pussies is remote controlled. On a light setting it is meant to give a slave pleasure. When correction is needed a higher setting will definitely get your attention." Just as Scott ended his sentence, all three girls jerked in their seats and looked to Scott with wide eyes. Although Master had is little toy set on a low setting each girl could feel jolt of electricity travel up the inner walls of her vagina until it reached her cervix.

Then the same jolt traveled through each slave's rectum. Starting the outer edge of the anus and traveling along the internal walls until it reached the tip of the butt plug.

As the three slaves started to recover from there little surprise mike entered the room with a large frame on a dolly.

Master reached down and took Beth's leash and gave it a very firm jerk. Just to get her attention. He then pointed to Mike. Beth got to her feet and walked over to the frame and placed herself in the center of it. Mike then attached her arms to upper corners. Then spreading her legs Mike attached each to a lower corner leaving Beth spread eagle inside this frame of torture.

Straps were then added just below her knees and pulled as tight to open her legs as much as Beth could handle. Angel noticed that the frame was made of thick metal tubing. She found it hard to imagine how any one could move when fully bound as Beth was right now.

Angel then smiled to herself as she realized that she was in envy of her slave sister. For Angel, heavy bondage is a treat. Mike then rolled the frame to a position that all could see clearly. Just as the frame came to rest, in the desired spot, Beth's head began to jump and twist violently. She would arch her back and then through her head back just as much as her restraints would allow.

The other three slaves realized that their slave sister was experiencing the same electrical jolt in her mouth, only stronger. When Beth's head stopped its violent movements Mike walked to the frame and turned it around. The tail on Beth's but plug was very prominent as it came into view. As Mike stepped to the side and Beth's tail started to shake from one side to the other.

Just as if she was a little puppy dog telling her Master that she wanted to play. It was very clear to her other slaves that it was their Master who was playing with Beth and her electric butt plug tail. As the tail stopped it's wagging Mike again moved to the frame and turned it around.

It was clear that Beth no longer had any energy to resist her Master. She just hung there on her bindings allowing anything her Master wanted to do. Mike then took a small spray bottle and sprayed its contents all over Beth. Angel thought this just might be water. Mike stepped away, and Beth's body started to jerk and dance. It was very clear that it was Beth's pussy receiving the jolts this time. Scott then said, "Just so you know that unit that Beth is wearing has a little wire coming out of the base and rest right on the head of her clit.

The jolt runs into her pussy right to the cervix, and then fades out to nothing. At that time a short jolt is sent to her clit. Each of you will have the opportunity to experience this little fun toy while you are here. Now lets return to our meal." No one felt much like eating. Every one, including Master, watched Beth with very keen interest. With in just a minute, or less, Beth's body's jerking motion abruptly changed. Mike turned to Master and said, "Sir, she is there." This statement did not need further clarification.

It was clear to all that had eyes. Beth was having an orgasm. Her nipples stood out like they were little bullets in their rock hard points.

Her pelvic muscles clamped down hard on the metal dick within her. Master just watch while he smiled at his little slave pet. Angel noticed that this orgasm did not seem to end. Beth's muscles never relaxed. Her body would jerk this way and then that way, and her muscles seemed to tighten more with each jerk. In Beth's case Master has found the way to a continuous orgasm. One that there was no defense against.

All Beth could do was to hang there and allow her body to be played and used just as her Master wanted to use it. Marilynn came alive by jerking herself up and down on the steal phallus in her cunt. Then she yelled, "Oh dear, Please Master may I have an orgasm? Please?" Master did not respond in words, but in an instant Marilynn jerked in her seat. She threw her head back, her chest out, as she forced her bottom down on her intruder. And still, Master waited to give her permission to cum.

Marilynn held tightly on to the chair beneath her. Then Ann started to jerk in her seat. Both girls yelled, "Please, Master, let us cu u u m m!" The electrical jolt then hit Angel's pussy. Angel was just noticing how Marilynn's nipples were standing at attention as her pelvic muscles clamped down with a great deal of force on her intruder.

Angel could hear Marilynn yell out, but did not have control over her own body and mind to know what she was saying. She did know that her own nipples were rock hard as her pelvic muscles tighten. Then the shock hit her in her ass. Angel did not know just how long she was lost to her own orgasms. She could feel the strength by the soreness of her muscles.

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As she looked around she noticed that Mike was removing Beth from her bindings. Beth did not even seem to care. She just hung in Mike's arms as limp as she rag doll. Mike tossed Beth over his shoulder and walked over to Marilynn. Holding out his arm he helped her to her feet. Off the three of them went. Master was by Angel's side as he kissed her on the cheek. I put out his hand to help her off the chair and the intruder between her legs.

Angel's legs were not very steady as she rose, and then she felt the emptiness in her pussy. Waiting a few minutes as she steady herself Angel wondered about the intensity of the orgasm and if there would be any more like that one.

Slowly at first Master guided Angel over to Ann's chair. Ann looked like she had been thrown from one side of the room to the other. There was no pattern to her hair. It just went every which way.

Scott steadied Angel by placing her hands on the back of a chair. Then he bent over and kissed Ann on the cheek, and helped her to her feet. As Ann rose and released herself from the joystick between her legs her pussy let out a little sucking noise as Ann just said, "Ooooo." Ann rapped her arms around Master's shoulders and laid her head on his chest as she cooed, "Are you going to fill that pussy again?

It feels better when it is full." Mike then returned and took Ann in his arms. As he started to half lead her and half carry her out of the room Master said, "Put her in her room and strap a dildo in her pussy.

Bind her hands and attach her collar to the hook." Scott led Angel to her room. Angel feel asleep as Scott put her to bed and attached the ankle cuff to the chain attached to her bed. Part Three is in the works