Auf dem gynäkologenstuhl

Auf dem gynäkologenstuhl
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Hi this is mathan I m 24 yrs old.I work in a IT company and I was living in a apartment of 16 floor building.Many families were there and my salary is 1 lakh per month.I live a sophisticated life there and I'm single in relationship.Im dark skinned but very muscular body I work out regularly in gym and I will be bigger in comparison of other guys in age and I was 6'4 and broad shoulders, muscular arm, six packed abs.As my company have many women co workers and I hook with them and some are older mostly and I have secret affair with them and have fucked most of my coworkers.But they are just passed by and I don't got into a sincere realtionship.they are kind a whores.I was well experience in fucking and my cock is so huge 9 inches dark ramrod waiting to hear pussiess apart.I got bored up fucking tose office whores and now I was addicted to sex and always horny.

Some times after I was browsing in net and opened up my insta account after some long time I have some request from girls and I accepted it and was seeing in the suggestion list and I saw a real beauty South Indian women named vaishnavi.I suddenly gave request to her.After some time I was accepted by her and she gave me request and I accepted it.

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Then I was shocked a msg frm her hi it's u ????? I was confused and I replied do u know me before and I saw her pics some of them with her hubby and she is gorgeous cury sexy milf and his hubby is absolutely waste of nonsense.he is really aan ugly creture.i got jealous of him.Now she told tat she had seen me and we were in same appartment.Now I was completely shocked hearing it I have never seen such a beauty in my apartment.most are old aged and not as attaractive as her.And I told her I have never seen u here .And she told tat she is working as a nurse in hospital and she has duty mostly and tat would have made u doesn't seen me.

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Then we chatted about the families of each and about her hubby and she told about there love and I was burning inside with jealous against tat man.Then I was close and I have noted tat the guy is not in good relationship with her.She is horny all the time and I had an idea to have a good relationship with this sexy milf.

After some days of.chatting I got her mobile number and we then chated in what'spp and I asked her to hang out with me and she was refused to go with me as if her hubby finds it may be difficult for her and I was really upset hearing this and I have reduced spent time with her chatting.I concentrate more on my day I was parking my bike in yard I saw vaishnavi at first time .I was stunned by her beauty.she wore a white tops and black leggings.her colour was milky white, pink lips,long dark hair,chubby cheeks and I saw her wearing some oranments and ear rings .Her tops was so huge and her Melons are so huge may be 36 dd sized heavy watermelon.huge ass and thighs.She smiled at me and I came close to her and I saw her close I was really amazed at her views and I can't stop oogling at her tits .And she noticed me seeing naughty.she said hey u r looking handsome nad hot and I told u too vaish.We chatted in the lift and her floor is 8 and my floor is 13.Her floor arrived and she waved at me and said bye mathan I will text u later .I was waiting for her text and she came online very late.She asked me about tat date and I asked wat about ur hubby and she told he is always fighting with me and I lost my interest in him and she was upset I think she asked me to take her out one day and I was Soo happy hearing it.We went to a themed restaurant in City and we went and chatted and took photos and selfies and she enjoyed a lot spending time with me I was always hard wen she is so close to me I have touched her body so many times during selfie.I was really enjoying time with her.Then we have call taxi and we arrived home late and she waved at me and told tat she will catch me later and I went into my room and I was mastrubating about her 3 times and I really want to fuck her babdly.At morning bi saw her msg tat she fought with her hubby and tat bastarsd left her to some where and hearing this I was Soo happy and it was my chance to go into her life.

After that she was very close to me and she was always in contact with me.she is so Carin about me and so possessive over me.But all I want was to always fuck her.One day we were chatting and she was so horny and I was at the work and she asked me can I call u baby and I was so happy and I said okk and I asked wat can I call u and she replied whatever u want and she smiled and I said darling.She smiled and she said tat she will give kiss if I go to her room and I was so hard hearing this and my duty will be over by 1/2 he and I asked special permission from HR and I went to medical shop and I bought 2 packets of condoms and I rushed into the room and I watched near by anyone there and no was there and knocked the door and she opened And she was wearing a tops and chudi and her melons are bulging out and she closed the door I was very curious in fucking her but she was such romantic and she wants some hugging and cuddling not the rough sex I prefer I asked her to come near me and she came and sat on my lap and I started to kiss.

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Her cheeks and she was enjoying it.she was moaning ahahahahahahahahahahshshshshshhshshshshshhshhshshhshshhahhahahhohohohohohohohohoyayayauauausysy and I was kissing her neck and ears and I started to hug her tightly and now she refused it.Now I stood and hugged her tightly and started to suck her pink lips and I kissed all over Face and sucked her lips her lips are so soft and I inserted my tongue into her mouth and sucked her sweet saliva and now I pressed her butt.Now she pushed me and told.Enough mathan for tdy.I was shocked hearing it anyhow I kissed her and touched her and want to wait a long to fuck her.Though I asked her can we enjoy together darling and she asked me all u want is to fuck me right .now she cried and I told noo she replied ur having just lust on me right not love .and I told I luv u babe.she asked me really.i said yees and now she kissed and hugged me tightly and she told that sex doesn't matter baby I all yours so wait will have after wards I will tell u and will have fun later.

Hearing it kisssed her and she also done it and i went to my room and we were hooking up around and romaning like couples and went to movie beach hotels and have fun around and some days are gone she asked me ome to her room for sleep she felt lonely and i went in with shorts and i took condoms for a safety if we had sex means and i went near her room nobobdy ter and i knocked on door she was wearing a white nightie and her melons are bouning and her levage is soo sexy to see and it made me so horny she took me to her bed room and she kissed me over face and she loked the room and on the ac and sh etold tat she is on fertile period so u cant hav fun baby she smiled and showed the condom packet and she was shoked to see it and i told lets have fun baby and now i started to kis her forcefully and hugged her and i bite over her neck and lips i was so wild in fucking her and now i removed her nightie and i was shoked to see wowwwww those huge white melons are hanged inside those white bras and her clevage is so huge and sexy i pressed her melons and she was smiling ahhahhahhahaha shhhshshhshshsh and now i removed her hair pin and her long hair and now her melons are hanging down so huge 36dd melons and her areola is soo dark and her nipples are erect and are so big like grapes and was needed to be sucked hard and bitten.

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Her melons are the biggest i have ever seen and fuked and she is really a hotie to i removed her pantie and sh ewas completely nude and her ass is so fatty 44 in size for that and her milky thighs and cleanly shaved pussy and is soo pinkish in colour and is want to be fucked hard her navel is so sexy with some sexy fatty tissue and an absolute beauty her navel she removed my shorts and she was shoked to see my huge bulge and now she removed the boxer and she opened her mouth and said ohhhhhhh myyyyy goddddddd so huge ur cock is and is full of veins protruding and its girth is almot 5 inch so huge iron rod like.noe she removed my shirt and was shoked to see my ribbed abs and she loved it and now i took her and dropped on the bed nad i jumped over her.NOW I started to suck her melons hard and bite her nipples she was moanin with intense pleasure ahahhhahahahhhahshhshhshshhshhhshhshhshshhshshhhshs.

Now i stood tal and made her kneel and i brought my cock near her mouth it was huge and she was eager to fuck it she took it her soft ahnd and licked it likea slut sucking ice cream and now now she removed my prefuse foreskin of my shaft and licked it and now she took it in her mouth and gave me a finest blowjob it was so nice and he was so eagerly licking my cock.after sometime i plucked her hair and started to fuck her insid ethe mouth and she was gagged by my huge cock she cant handle my cock and her mouth is so soft then i took out my cock and now made her lie on the bed and now i laid over her and started kissing her lips and ear and smooched her and she was enjoyin a lot and now i licked all over body armpits and now came near sexy navel and pressed it hard and and licked the umblical region and now came near her milky thigs and i kissed her fatty thighs she was moanin shhshshshhshshhshhshhhshshshhshshhshshhshshhshshshahahahhahahhahhahah aloudly and now i acme near her pussy it so soft and pinkish and i licked it she was tremblin a lot and she was nearin a orgasm and her pusssy is gona wet and ready for a graet fuck.i fingered her pussy she was shouting ahhahhahahhahahhyayayyayayayyyayayayyayayyayayyyyayayyaysshshhshshshshshhshshs and she squited and i was repetdly doing it and she was squirting a lot and now i stopeed it and now took the condom and she wore the condom in my cock it cant resist my force so i put one more condom and now i she spread her legs wide and and now i pushed my cock insid eher pussy.she closed her eyes in pleasuree and she hugged me tighter and i was in missionary position so she thightened her thighs and now started to fuck her half of my cock went inside her pussy and i slowly increased the speed i bite her nipples and manhnndled her melons and now in full speed i fucked her for 40 min in smae position.

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and ploughed her very hard and she squited no of times and now i too ejaculated a huge load inside the condom. now i removed tthe condom and she sucked my cum and yet my cock is hard and now i made her in doggy position and started to fuck her she was scared about the preganancy and i was not wearin the condoms tooo so she wanted me not to cum inside her pussy i was very hard in fucking her as i hav fucked a lot of sluts in my office and some whores and call girls i was pressingher melons so hard as it was swinging like a pendulum.then i took my cock out now iwas nearin the orgasm and now i inserted inside her ass hole she was hsocked and said noooo and i told visha wait it will be so nice for u and it was her first anal and now i inserted my cock inside her ass and now she was in so pain and i spanked on her ass cheecks and now fucked her asss holes she cant bear it and she was shoutin ahhahahhahohohoohohoohohohoohoohohohohohohshshshshs and it was so tight i relesed a huge load on her ass and now we ook some fruitts and chocolates and whiskey i smoked a cigarette and now she went into the bath room it took a condom in my hand and i followed her.


She told me it enough you go out and i told her a quick fast fuck and she opened the shower and she gave blowjob o me and now i fucke dher very hard and ripped her pussy for 30 min in the shower and she too enjoyed it .now i eajaculated inside the condom and now she removed it and claned my cock and i claened her body and she but some lotion for body and some cream for tits and i noe wrubbed and pressed her melons and both cleaned our bodies.Now we came to bed and took some rest and after some time we had some more sessions and i fucked her that whole night nearly 12 times i fucked her pussy and ass with condoms.she wa so scared about the preganancy and in morning i went to office and we had sex all day and i enjoyed her daily basis fucked her and strteched her ass holes and pussy till it get sore and after 6 mon of intense affair with i was havin an new assistant in my office.She is a anglo indian named Alaia buxom beauty she is.Huge tits sexy body and pretty than vyshanavi.I have some pressure on me by my family for marriage and i liked her to be my wife and i propsed her and she was also okay in the proposal.I toldthis in my house and they told okk and both families met and arranged for marriage.

I told vyshanavi about my marriage and she was happy for it and also sad nad now i kissed her that i told her that i will not levae her in fucking and now i had an idea wat about bringin your husband back inher life and she was okkay with that and she texted him and he was also ready to join her.Till my marraige i fucked her secretly and fullfilled her anytime she neeeda and ploghed her hard and now her hubby arrived and she had good fucking with him as they were plannin about a child and his problems were now okk with it.I had a grant marriage fucntion and Alaia family is well rich and they offered an audi car and lot of jewels and money for her and the falt i was livin was also bought in name of her and all imported households and we lived in a wealthy manner.about maraige i had good sex life with Alaia she is really a beauty and i immersed my body into her with full of love and i fillled her womb with my cum and i was really a caring and lovable husband and lover to her and after 2 mon she missed her periods and now Alaia was preganant and i fucked her till 5 month of pregnancy and then she went to her moms hosue for pregnancy care i never missed fucking her tll the first day of marriage i had a lot of sex with her and she too enjoyed now i m lonely.Now i had ideas about vyshanvi i texted her about a sex date and she worrried about her not getting pregnant and now i had an idea of fucking her daily and would fill her womb and she was okk abt it.

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So now i had an idea about fuckin her whole day time and she was on leave for a month and i fucked her whole day time and impregnated my cum inside her womb after one month of fucking i acnt have time and i fucked whenever i haad time after 2 mon she told that she missed her periods and she was happy to be a mom and she told her hubby that she was pregnant and he was also happy.My wife was at a peak of 9 month and she had twins in womb and she gave birth vyshnavi was 6 mon pregnancy scan showed triplets and she told me at the time of ninth month i ahv seen her belly grown sooo huge havin my cum grown as triplets then she agve birth and now we both lived happy life i fucked her whenver i had chance and had an sceret affair with her and was enjoyinnnnnnnnnnnnnn a lotttttttttttttttttttt.