Anna Bell Peaks Gets Erotic Massage and Happy Ending

Anna Bell Peaks Gets Erotic Massage and Happy Ending
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Author's note: I'm sorry for the delay but chapter 4 is finally ready. For those who complain about how long it takes me to write a chapter: stop complaining.

I write as a hobby and I am NOT paid to do it so I can take all the time I want to write a new chapter. I have other things to do and I can't spend all my time writing. It's my first story ever and English is not my birth language so it takes efforts and time to write something good. I also have help from an editor to correct all my little mistakes and he takes his time to spot and correct as many errors as he can.

I like comments like "I can't wait to read your next chapter" but comments like "Checking everyday mate. It's getting a bit disappointing now" piss me off. I like the enthusiasm but please show respect and consideration for the writers who provide you with FREE entertainment. I'm done with my rant, here's your story: Brad was surprised to see Christine barging into his room. First, it was Saturday and she was supposed to spend the day at Helen's house, but more importantly she had always respected his privacy and knocked on his door before coming in.

Something had to be wrong. "What do you want, Sis?" he asked her. "I want to know what you, Mom and Grandma are doing in your room all day," Christine demanded firmly. "They are just helping me with my injuries," he lied. "Don't lie to me Brad. Your injuries are almost healed but they still spend a lot of time in your room," she observed.

Brad didn't know what to do. He couldn't tell her the truth but he had no idea what lie he could tell her either. He had to stall her long enough for him to come up with an excuse.

"I'm not lying. They are helping me," he stressed. "Yeah and what are they helping you for?" she asked, annoyed. "It's personal," he answered shyly.

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"Tell me," she demanded. "No, it's too embarrassing." He blushed as he said it. "Please, Brad. I'm the only one in the family who doesn't know. I feel so left out," she begged. "I promise not to tell anybody." "Since when do you care anyway? Nowadays you spend most of your time out of the house and we barely see you," he said harshly.

He was trying to deflect the problem onto her so she would forget why she came in. Unfortunately she began to cry. "Of course I care. I love you Brad," she shot back, "I'm just going through something right now and my friends are helping." "I'm sorry Sis. I didn't mean to hurt you," he said, and he went to hug her. He couldn't stand the sight of Christine crying. Last year Tommy Ballard asked Christine for a date and she refused.

He told her she was a cold bitch who was probably deformed and that's why she dressed like a peasant. It was uncalled for because what she wore made her look pretty. Sure she didn't dress all slutty like most girls but she still looked nice in her clothes. Christine came home crying because of his comment. As soon as he learned what happened Brad went to look for Tommy and beat the crap out of him. Brad got home with his share of bruises but Tommy got the worse of it.

Because Tommy was a starter on the basketball team Brad expected to have the other players to ambush him but they never did. Apparently Tommy wasn't liked as much as he thought and because he insulted Christine, another teammate's sister, they thought the beating was justified.

Coach Boom didn't think so, but because the fight was outside of school property and no charges were pressed the only thing he could do was punish Brad with intensive training. For weeks Brad went through hell during practice but it was worth it.

"Please Brad, tell me what's happening," she pleaded with him while she was crying. He couldn't refuse her anything when she was acting like that. "Alright, I'll tell you," he conceded. He told her about his condition and the fact that his injuries prevented him from relieving the tension. He just told her that his mother and his grandmother were helping him with that but he didn't give her any details. "How?" she asked, curious. She couldn't believe her mother had been allowing Brad to masturbate for nearly two years but the thing that surprised her more was that her mother was helping Brad in this area.

He didn't tell her anything concrete but it was clear he implied that her mother was masturbating Brad to help him with his hyperspermia. It seemed too far out to be true. He had to be lying to make fun of her. Then again, it would explain so much. "I'll show you," he offered when she showed her suspicions. Brad was still hugging her and was surprised his sister didn't stop hugging him as he told her the story.

He was also pretty sure she was suspecting what was happening and she didn't seem upset or anything. Brad felt like he had a sixth sense when it came to sex because his perverted brain just delivered a plan. It was risky but lately the more risk he took the better things evolved. "Just hide in my closet and don't make a sound," he ordered. Christine was curious. She had a little inkling about what was about to happen and she wanted to see it for herself.

Brad ran downstairs. He interrupted Mary and Eleanor who were talking in the living room. Eleanor immediately saw the gleam in Brad's eyes that told her he was planning something naughty. "Mom, can you help me? I don't think our last session was enough," Brad asked his mother. Mary was waiting for her mother to remind Brad it was her turn but Eleanor didn't say anything. Eleanor knew better than to ruin Brad's plan.

He asked for her help and she accepted. She was hurt that Brad was obsessed with his mother but she couldn't do anything because any action would hurt Brad. Besides, she was having so much fun lately that she wanted to see what he had in store this time. "Of course, Baby. Let's go," she eagerly agreed once she was sure her mother wouldn't volunteer. Christine was standing in the closet when she saw her mother and Brad come into the room.

The last few days she had noticed her mom dressing more provocative than usual. Her mother used to show little cleavage and never displayed her thighs.

When she wore pants they were nice but far from sexy. That day, however, she wore tight jeans and was displaying a lot of cleavage. After what Christine heard from Brad she was suspecting her mother was dressing to seduce and arouse Brad. It seemed impossible but the proof was there. She witnessed Brad taking off his pants and for the first time in her life she saw a penis.

It was much bigger than she thought. She heard penises were usually six inches long but Brad's seemed bigger, much bigger. Her mother took a cushion and set it down in front of Brad. Christine was speechless as she saw her mother plant a kiss on Brad's penis head. She expected Mary to jack him off but never would she have imagined her Christian mother would kiss her own son's penis. Mary followed her kiss by licking the cock head which was shining with pre-cum.

She enjoyed tasting his fluid for a few minutes and then took Brad's cock in her mouth. She was bobbing her head slowly as she swirled her tongue around the glans.

It was a sensitive part of his cock and he loved it when she did that. Neither Brad, Mary or Christine were aware of Eleanor's presence, who was watching her daughter suck her grandson's cock through a crack in the door. She was fingering herself as she spied on them. As she was watching her own mother sucking Brad's penis Christine didn't feel anger, outrage or disgust.

No, she was jealous. She envied her mom for bringing pleasure to Brad. She would have loved to be in her place. Everybody thought she was like her mother and disgusted by sex. They thought she didn't date because she was a prude. They were wrong, dead wrong. The only reason she was like this was because she had a secret. A secret she couldn't share with anybody.

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She was madly in love with a boy, but nothing could ever happen because that boy was her own brother. She realized this at the beginning of last summer. Brad was spending a lot of time in the pool with his friends and Christine had many opportunities to see Brad in a swimsuit. He was so hot she couldn't help herself from checking him out every chance she got. He was tall and very fit.

The sight of his muscles made her nipples get hard and her sex burn with desire. For her he was the most handsome boy in the world. But it wasn't just his body she loved. Brad was an easy going boy. He was very fun to hang with and never mean to anyone without good reason. He was also very kind and smart. Before this summer he was her reference when she was evaluating the boys who asked her out.

He had all the qualities she was looking for in a potential boyfriend. Unfortunately the other boys always came up short. She had always wondered why she didn't feel the need to go out with boys although she had sexual desires like her girlfriends. She had some fantasies about movie or pop stars so she knew she was straight.

She came to the conclusion that no boy she knew matched her standards and that's why she wasn't interested. For a couple of weeks she didn't see anything wrong with admiring her brother but things changed when the dreams started. Every night she saw her brother in her dreams and each night the dream became steamier than the one before. Christine hadn't had many erotic dreams before, but since then she dreamt about Brad every night, and she even had to masturbate to calm the fire in her loins.

She used to frig herself once a week before that summer but from that moment she did it every day. She knew her mother wouldn't approve but all of friends did it and told her it was perfectly normal so she wasn't ashamed to do it.

She was just careful not to be caught.

However the moment came when her fantasies weren't only sexual anymore. Her friend Anna made a comment one afternoon that would change everything.

Christine, Anna, Tanya, Helen and her cousin Kerry were sunbathing beside the Parker's pool. They were gossiping about boys and sharing their fantasies.

They spoke of the usual jocks until Kerry noticed Brad cleaning the pool. Being the one to use it principally, it was his job to look after the pool. "I wouldn't mind going out with Brad there.

He's a hunk," she noted. It was an unspoken rule not to talk about a brother or a father that way but Kerry didn't know it. She was just visiting Helen's family for a week before returning back North. "Yeah but he is Chris's brother," Helen tried to explain to her cousin. "I know but look at his muscles. I just want to rip off that shirt he is wearing and lick all over his pecs," Kerry said, oblivious to Helen's comment. "I know what you mean," Tanya responded without thinking.

Brad had been filling out lately and the girls noticed. They all had a crush on Brad but never talked about it because of Chris. "Tanya!" Helen shot out. She was the mediator of the group, always trying to fix things. "What? Don't tell me you wouldn't jump at the chance to be with Brad," Tanya retorted, trying to incriminate her friend instead of apologizing for her comment.

"Yes but that's not the point. He is off limits," she said peacefully. "It's alright Hel, I wouldn't mind if my brother wants to date one of you girls," Christine finally commented. It wasn't true but she knew they had no shot at dating Brad. They were nice and smart but not very beautiful. She didn't like to think that of them because they were her best friends but it was true nonetheless.

"You wouldn't?" Anna asked, happily surprised. "Of course not. You're my best friends," Christine answered. "In that case I would like to point out that Brad is not only hot but he is so nice. I remember one time when he walked me home because it was dark outside and he couldn't let a girl wander alone at night." Helen shared her memory with her friends.

It was the most romantic moment of her life. "And do you remember his fight with Tommy?" Anna asked. "Just to defend his sister's honor he went and fought him. He is some sort of Prince Charming." Christine remembered.

She remembered how she was hurt by Tommy's words and how seeing her crying, Brad lost it and went looking for Tommy. Brad came home with a few bruises and Tommy apologized to her the next day. She remembered other moments when Brad was there for her. He was always protecting her although he was her little brother. He really was her Prince Charming. That day she took notice of her romantic feelings toward Brad and nothing would be the same afterwards.

Every time she saw him she had butterflies in her stomach and the only thing she wanted was to throw herself at him and kiss him as they did in the movies. Her love for Brad grew stronger and it became more and more difficult staying near him when she couldn't have him.

He was her brother and nothing would ever change that. The past three weeks hadn't been easy for Christine. On the road to the hospital the night of the accident she was a total wreck, she was so worried about him. She was relieved when she heard Brad was going to be fine.

She couldn't believe what he did that night, it was so brave. He was not just her fantasy Prince Charming any more but a true hero. He came back to a burning building to rescue a classmate, unafraid for his own life. She would have loved to take care of him but she was such an emotional mess the week after the accident that she didn't trust herself to stay near Brad without crying or throwing herself at him and confessing her undying love for him.

She began to spend more time at her friends' houses to avoid seeing Brad injured. However lately Brad was getting better and she returned home more often and earlier than before. That's when she noticed something was wrong. First Brad was spending a lot of time in his room with either Mary or Eleanor. Second, her family didn't talk any more about what they did during the day. And lastly her mother was dressing sexier by the day. She looked like a woman on the prowl.

That's why she came home early that day from Helen's house to catch them off guard. Helen wanted to go to the mall with her mother and invited Christine to join them but Christine refused.

She often went to the mall with Helen and her mother but she was more interested in finding out what was happening in her own house. When she came home, her grandmother was reading a book in the yard and she suspected her mother and Brad were in his room. It was confirmed when Christine witnessed her mother exiting Brad's room. She was too late to catch them but she was determined to find out what was going on so her last resort was to confront her brother. She knew she could make him talk.

And now she knew what they hid from her and soon the jealousy Christine was feeling was replaced by another emotion: rage. Mary always told her that sex was wrong even between a man and his wife. It only served one purpose and it was reproduction. What a fucking hypocrite, Christine was thinking. If sex was so wrong, why was Mary was sucking Brad's penis like it was the most delicious thing in the world?

It sure wasn't for reproduction. Christine came to the conclusion that her mother was a slut, a slut who was trying to seduce her wonderful Brad with her slutty clothes and oral skills. She couldn't let that happen so she walked out of the closet and stood beside her mother.

"Hi Mom, having fun?" she asked sarcastically with a touch of disgust in her voice. Mary jumped when she heard Christine right next to her and bit a little on Brad's dick. "Ouch, watch it Mom. You bit me," he cried out. Thankfully it didn't hurt much. "Christine, wh… what are you doing here?" Mary asked, terrified. "Nothing much. I was just watching my mother sucking off my brother but no big deal," her daughter continued with her sarcasm. She wanted to crush her mother for betraying her like that.

In Christine's mind, Mary stole her man and she would pay for that. "It's not what it looks like, Christine," Mary pleaded desperately. "Really? So you weren't sucking your own son?" Christine asked rhetorically. "I… I… I had to," Mary barely managed to say. Just then Christine saw the door slightly move. She glanced that way and saw through the crack of the door her grandmother kneeling outside the room.

She remembered that Eleanor was also spending a lot of time in Brad's room lately. The slut must also suck his penis on a daily basis, she thought bitterly. "Stop, Sis. I already told you why she is doing this," Brad reminded her. All of a sudden Brad wasn't so sure of himself. His sister's eyes shot murderous glances.

He never saw her like that, she was usually so sweet. Christine seemed fine when he told her his story and he thought she would be too when he showed her their mother sucking his cock.

Everything was so easy for him lately that he didn't think about the consequences of Christine witnessing their mother making love to his cock with her mouth.

His perverted brain told him to do it and like an idiot, he listened. That's what happens when you think with your genitals. There was no way his innocent sister wouldn't be disgusted by what she just saw. Fucking moron, he told himself. His sister looked at him when he spoke. She stared at his blue eyes and lost herself in them.

It wasn't fair that her brother was so perfect. How was she supposed to not be in love with him? But her mother and grandmother had to ruin everything. They took advantage of innocent Brad.

They used his so called "disease" to quench their lust. They justified their lewd behavior with the excuse of helping him. She imagined Mary in her new slutty clothes swaying her hips at Brad and saying, "Hey Son, let Mommy help you and suck your big cock." But then the woman in her mind wasn't her mother anymore, it was her.

Just like that she saw an opportunity to realize her dream. Her anger cooled down and was replaced by a new resolve. She had the upper hand in this negotiation. "I'm sorry, Mom. Brad is right. He told me you have to help him but I didn't know you have been using your mouth to do it," she apologized. She was a mixture of different emotions but she would sort things out later. Now was the time to use her mother's embarrassing situation to her advantage.

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It was a once in a lifetime opportunity to fulfill her dream. Don't screw it up, she thought. "You told her!" Mary scolded Brad.


"Of course, Mom. Christine deserved to know. She is part of this family," Brad explained to his still kneeling mother. Mary didn't seem to want to move from her spot. "I know but I didn't want her to see me like this.

I'm so ashamed," his mother responded in a near tearful state. "Mom, you have nothing to be ashamed of. You are only doing this because you have to.

Without you I would be in so much pain," Brad reassured her. "It's okay, Mom. I understand now. I was only angry because I was shocked but now I see that it was the only solution," Christine lied to her mother. She was still very pissed but now was not the time for that emotion.

"You understand?" Mary asked, relieved. "Yes I do," Christine confirmed. "You know Christine, I'm only using my mouth because Brad's dick is chaffing and it hurts him when I use my hand." Mary had the need to explain.

"Of course, Mom," Christine supported her. I don't care for your stupid excuses, she thought. Brad and Eleanor watched the discussion dumfounded.

Neither of them expected Christine to be so understanding. "Could you let us have a moment so I can finish?" Mary asked Christine shyly. She was blushing with embarrassment when she said that. She didn't even wonder where Christine came from.

Her fear being eased, her horniness came back and with that the need to suck Brad's cock. "No, Mom. I'm going to stay to watch and learn how to do it," Christine calmly informed her mother. She had to press her advantage. "What? Why do you want to learn how to do it? You aren't planning to have sex, are you?" Mary inquired, alarmed. "Of course not. But if I want to help Brad I must learn how to take care of him," Christine stated.

"What? There is no way I'll let you suck your brother," the mother replied. "Why? Brad is my brother and I love him.

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Of course I'll help him. It's not like it's wrong to help him, is it?" Christine argued. "No, but… but… but you are too young." Mary finally found an excuse. "I'm 18 Mom. I'm an adult and I can make my own decisions. If there's nothing wrong with you helping Brad, then there shouldn't have a reason for me not to do it," Christine countered. She was not going to let her mother prevent her from pleasuring Brad.

No way. Mary couldn't argue with that but she couldn't suck her son in front of her daughter. She was too horny to think rationally and she desperately wanted her daughter to go away. "You're right but please go away. We'll talk later," Mary said. "So you're saying I can also give Brad blow jobs?" Christine kept pressing her mother. "Alright you can do it too. Now go away," Mary conceded. She didn't realize what she just did. The consequences of her concession weren't taken into account.

She just wanted Christine to go away. "Alright, I'm going," Christine joyfully responded. She just had her mother give her permission to be intimate with Brad. A part of her really wanted to stay and learn how to suck a penis and in the meantime embarrass her mother, but she didn't.

Mary gave in to make Christine go away so staying would only cause problems. It was the moment to retreat. Christine went to her bedroom to take care of her horniness. Mary was mortified to have been caught by Christine. She was still very embarrassed after Christine left. "It's alright, Mom. Now everybody knows and accepts the situation. We won't have to hide anymore," Brad reassured his mother.

"But it's so embarrassing," Mary said, blushing. "No Mom, it's not. What you are doing is so brave and selfless. You are doing something you would never do to help me and I love you for that. You should be proud," Brad encouraged her. His words made her very happy. She was still embarrassed but he made her feel much better. She put what happened in a corner of her mind and went back to business. She was here to make her son cum and she would do it. Brad lost his erection but Mary took his flaccid dick in her mouth and sucked gently on it.

In no time Brad was hard again and Mary resumed her blow job. She kept his cock head in her mouth for a few minutes and just sucked on it. She was also using her tongue to lick it and lap his pre-cum. After that she took more of his cock in her mouth and when she reached her gagging point she retracted.

Very slowly she bobbed her head on his cock. Her tongue was also playing with his shaft during that time. She took his cock out of her mouth to breath. Brad's cock was shiny with saliva and pre-cum was oozing from its head. Mary went to suck on his balls for a while and couldn't stop thinking about how big they were and how much cum they stored.

She was eager to have him shoot in her mouth. She stopped playing with his sack and with her tongue she slowly licked up his massive weapon. Once she reached his knob she engulfed Brad's cock again. "Oh, Mom. That feels so good," Brad moaned. He was enjoying his mother's skill at sucking cock. Never had he imagined he would experience a blow job like that, especially from his own mother. She was making love to his cock with her mouth. Thrilled by his reaction Mary became more enthusiastic.

Her head waggled faster and she was even twisting her head a little to add some effects. She succeeded at bringing him over the edge. "Oh fuck, Mom. I'm coming," Brad warned her all of a sudden. Mary stopped what she was doing but kept his cock in her mouth. She continued to swirl her tongue around his cock head until she felt his dick swell up and shoot the first spurt of cum. She rapidly swallowed it because the second one wasn't far behind.

She wasn't prepared the first time but at that moment she was. Wad after wad of cum, she gulped them down like she was dying of thirst. Not a single drop of cum escaped her mouth. Knowing he liked it, she kept the last loads of cum in her mouth until the eruption was finished.

After that she spit out his cock clean and shiny. She opened her mouth to show Brad the pool of cum gathered in her mouth and she started to play with it. She wouldn't admit that she did this also to savor his offering but that was what she was doing.

When the taste of cum was strongly coating her mouth, she swallowed the white nectar. She never took her eyes from Brad's and all she could see was love and lust. She was so happy with that look.

While Mary was sucking her son, Christine went downstairs to drink a glass of water. She had time to think after she brought herself to orgasm and she came to the conclusion that she couldn't blame her mother for what she did because she would have done the same thing. She found her grandmother sitting in the kitchen with a glass of wine in her hand.

She didn't know what to say so she just went to the cabinet and took a glass. She poured water from the pitcher into her glass and took a sip. "So, how long have you been in love with your brother?" Eleanor casually asked her. Surprised, Christine spit out some water. "What are you talking about?" she quavered. "Don't play innocent with me Christine. I know," Eleanor scolded her. "You're out of your mind Grandma. It's just sick to suggest that I have feelings for my own brother. Yuck," Christine lied.

"Let's be honest for a second. I know you saw me masturbating while I watched your mother sucking your brother. I also know that you were in Brad's closet the whole time so Brad probably orchestrated the whole thing. I don't know what he was thinking because this could have been a real disaster. Luckily for him you are in love with him," Eleanor stated. "I'm not," Christine interrupted her like a little kid caught in the cookie jar. "Let me finish. I know you are because of how you reacted.

You were mad at your mother for giving Brad a blow job," Eleanor continued. "Of course I was. It's disgusting," Christine interrupted her once again. "So why did you propose your services?" Eleanor questioned.

"Because he needs it and I'm not going to let Mom do this disgusting thing by herself. I'm just trying to help," Christine responded, lying. "Please, I saw the way you looked at your mother and it wasn't disgust I saw in your eyes. I saw jealousy and envy. I also saw betrayal. It was like she stole your boyfriend," Eleanor explained, and seeing Christine non-responsive she continued.

"I'm not judging because I'm in the same boat as you are. Not that I'm in love with him but I lust for him. I'm not going to tell you I sacrificed myself by sucking his dick because I didn't. I enjoy doing it.

Now be honest. I think you need it." "Alright. Since last summer I can't get him out of my head. He is the one I think about when I play with myself. He is the one I think about when I imagine my wedding. I just love him so much," Christine confessed finally, crying. Eleanor stood up and went to hug her.

"It's okay. It must be hard having him as a brother," Eleanor reassured her. After months of pretending that everything was fine and she wasn't in love with her brother, Christine finally broke down. She began crying in her grandmother arms as she let out all of her repressed emotions. Eleanor let her cry and patted her back to make her feel safe. They moved upstairs to Christine's room where they could be alone and undisturbed.

Christine talked about her feelings for Brad and Eleanor listened. Eleanor talked about the things she did with Brad and Christine took notes.

Later, there was a sort of tension in the house. Nobody talked about what had happened. Mary was embarrassed, Christine was thinking about her plans, Brad didn't want to upset his mother and Eleanor watched all of this relaxed. Brad also didn't ask for relief before dinner because he didn't know how the women would react.

After dinner Brad went to ask Eleanor to suck his dick. He wasn't sure how his mother would react now that Christine knew what was going on.

She finished him earlier but since then she was emitting a strange vibe. And the fact she wore her old clothes was like she put a shield on. Nana on the other hand didn't know anything yet. She wasn't in the room and he doubted his mom or Christine would talk to her about what had happened in his room.

That's why he thought it wouldn't be a problem to ask her. Eleanor jumped at the chance to suck Brad's cock so they headed toward his room. However, as soon as they climbed the stairs, Christine spotted them. "What are you doing?" she asked innocently, although she knew what they were going to do. "Oh, Sis, we're just going to my room to chat," Brad informed her with a look that said otherwise.

He knew she would understand and she did. "Maybe I could come and chat with you guys," Christine said after gathering her courage. She had never been so bold in her life but now wasn't the time for her usual shyness. "No, you see, Sis, it's a personal chat. A very personal one if you know what I mean," Brad explained to her. He thought she didn't understand the first time. "I know you are going to do sex stuff and I want to do it too," she announced brazenly to her clueless brother. Brad was surprised once again by his sister's behavior.

He expected her to accept the fact that her mother and grandmother were sucking his cock several times a day but he never hoped she would want to participate, not his pure and innocent sister. Well, truth be told, he had hoped that after some time of witnessing Eleanor and Mary doing it she would want to try it herself.

He didn't really know his family apparently. His mother went from jacking his cock in a neutral manner to hungrily sucking his cock in just a few weeks, and his sister wanted to participate in the sex action just a few hours after discovering what was going on in her house.

Two things he wouldn't have bet a penny on in his life. But Brad wasn't one to pass up a great opportunity. His sister was hot and made regular appearances in his sex dreams. She was different from Mary and Eleanor, who looked very alike. She was blonde for one and less endowed in the boobs department. But because she was shorter than them her breasts still seemed freakishly huge.

Luckily her 32E tits didn't made her grotesque but super sexy. If she dressed sexier she would be the most gorgeous girl in school in everybody's view and not just Brad's. Brad was a little happy she didn't because that way guys didn't talk about his sister much.

She dressed to hide her beauty and she was a prude so few rumors were about her. Christine, Eleanor and Brad went to Brad's room. It was a little awkward in Brad's room. Both Brad and Christine were too afraid to make the first move. Christine wasn't like his mother or grandmother to Brad.

It was his job as a brother to protect her. It didn't matter that he was younger. It was always like that. She was this pure and innocent girl and it was his mission to shield her from the horrors of this world. He had gotten in several fights to protect her honor over the years.

And now he was going to pervert her like he did his mother and a part of him didn't want that to happen. That part wished she would change her mind. The other part of him (located a little south from the first one) couldn't wait to have Christine sucking on it.

As for Christine, she was nervous. Her dream was about to become real and she didn't know what to do. She never even kissed a boy before. So like always, it was Eleanor who took charge of the situation. She walked to Brad and dropped his pants.

She also took off his shirt.

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"Come sit on the bed," she ordered Brad, and he obeyed. He sat on his bed with his back to the headboard. Eleanor knelt on his bed next to him and started to lick his dick. She was using her saliva to make his cock slick. Once she was satisfied with her work she engulfed his cock. She could only take about three quarters of it before gagging. Usually she would try to deep throat him but she didn't want to scare Christine with the noise she would make gagging.

Christine was fascinated by her grandmother's head bobbing on Brad's cock. She didn't want to be left out so she sat on the bed on the opposite side of Brad from her grandmother.

She watched for a few minutes Eleanor slowly sucking Brad's cock. She found the slurping sound her grandmother made very erotic. Before she took over from Eleanor, Christine had another thing to do. She turned her head toward Brad's and carefully approached it.

Brad was surprised to see his sister leaning toward him and even more surprised when her lips touched his. Christine kissed Brad with all the love she felt for him. She was lovingly sucking his upper lip and he was doing the same with her lower lip. They both felt tingles going down their spines as if they were passing electricity between them. It was a kiss full of love and they both lost themselves in it.

Of course it was a little harder for Brad because Nana was still sucking his dick and the erotic dance of her tongue on his dick was a delightful torture that prevented him from focusing only on his sister.

Having his cock sucked increased Brad's passion and quickly he grabbed Christine by the back of her head to press her lips harder on his. He opened his lips to ease out his tongue. He gently probed her lips until she slightly opened them and then his tongue entered her mouth. He found her tongue instantly and began to play with it. Christine felt his tongue sneaking into her mouth to meet her own.

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Her passion was also building. After months of waiting and dreaming she was finally kissing her one true love. Their tongues were dancing in a frantic rhythm and soon they forgot to breath.

Unfortunately they had to stop kissing to take a breath or risk death. They were willing to keep kissing until death so magical was the kiss but their instincts instructed them otherwise. They resumed their kissing after a few seconds. This time it was Christine's tongue which found its way into Brad's mouth. Unconsciously Brad's left hand grabbed Christine's right boob. He began to squeeze it a little too roughly but Christine kept on kissing.

The rough treatment Brad gave her boob only fuelled her passion and the kiss turned more intense. It was only the second time he was touching a girl's boobs, and the first time he was only allowed to barely touch them. That's why he was kneading Christine's breast so savagely. He didn't know that most girls preferred a gentle touch but luckily Christine was so worked up that not only didn't she mind the rough approach but it also made her hornier. Brad's only problem was her bra.

He couldn't really feel her amazing tits through her bra. He tried to unhook her bra with his right hand but he failed. One reason was his lack of experience in this domain but the other was his hand still had poor dexterity.

His hands weren't fully healed at that moment and he still had problem with handling small objects. Eleanor was still sucking his cock while Brad and Christine were exchanging saliva. It was humiliating to be sucking someone's dick when he didn't pay attention to your actions and was even more concerned about the kiss he was giving another woman.

That humiliation just turned her on more so she became more vigorous with her fellatio. She even tried to deep throat him but she had little success. She managed to swallow 7 inches so that his cock was in her throat but she couldn't hold on very long before gagging.

The kiss came to an end after several minutes of total abandonment. Both Christine and Brad were exhausted from that kiss - only Christine was here for something else. Her eyes turned to Brad's groin where Eleanor was trying to swallow his cock whole.

Christine tapped on her grandmother's shoulder. "Can I try?" she asked when Eleanor looked at her. Eleanor reluctantly eased the cock out of her mouth.

"It's all yours," she responded to her granddaughter. Christine grabbed Brad's big dick and slowly stroked it. She didn't really know what to do. She read about it and she saw videos of women doing it but it hadn't prepared her for this moment.

Brad was used to having Eleanor and Mary sucking his cock. They appeared to be two accomplished cock suckers and Christine feared she would disappoint Brad with her skill. Eleanor sensed her granddaughter's dilemma and came to her rescue. "Christine, first lick around his pee slit. There is a lot of pre-cum leaking and you should start by getting used to the taste," Eleanor explained.

Christine followed her instruction and lapped at his cock head. Her first taste of pre-cum was mind blowing. She heard it didn't really have a taste but Brad's was kind of sweet. She enjoyed washing his glans with her tongue. "Now, take his head into your mouth but continue to play with his cock with your tongue. There is that spot on the back of a guy's dick between the head and the shaft that is really sensitive," Eleanor continued.

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Christine closed her mouth around Brad's cock head. She swirled her tongue around it a few times before stimulating his frenulum with her tongue. Brad's excitement increased a lot when Christine swabbed that part of his cock. It was very sensitive and he wouldn't be able to hold off much longer. Eleanor saw all of this and informed Christine. "Don't focus only on that spot or he is going to cum. You don't want that, do you?" Christine shook her head to show her denial.

She wanted to suck his cock some more. "Good. It is always better when you make the pleasure last. Now you can bob your head up and down on his cock. Try not to take more than you can if you don't want to gag," Eleanor pointed out. And that was what Christine did. She swallowed his cock until she was about to gag and then backed off a little.


She continued this oscillating movement until Eleanor spoke once more. "Try to vary things. Don't do the same thing for too long or he is going to get bored. You also can try a few things and you'll know what he likes if you listen to his moans," she concluded her lesson. As a good student Christine increased the speed of her head jerking.

She also changed the length of her strokes. She heard Brad moaning approvingly so she knew she was doing well. Having finished with her lessons, Eleanor snuggled with Brad. She smiled at him before closing the distance to his lips.

She kissed him tenderly and he wrapped his left arm around her shoulders. It was a kiss full of love but soon the pleasure Brad was receiving from Christine prevented him from basking in the moment. His passion rose again and he forced his tongue into Nana's mouth. She didn't mind that because she loved it when he was forceful. She liked men who took charge. His tongue brushed against her teeth before finding her tongue. He played with it gently at first but as his excitement swelled he started to battle with her tongue.

It had been a long time since Eleanor was kissed like that and soon her panties were drenched. It didn't help when Brad's hand took hold of her left breast. He couldn't feel a bra under her top and it thrilled him. Christine chose that moment to swab over his frenulum and brought him to ecstasy. His body froze and he forcefully squeezed Eleanor breast. It turned her on a lot to be treated with such disregard that she almost came. Instead she broke the kiss. "Oh yes, just like that Darling.

I love it. Pinch my nipples now," she moaned lustfully. Brad didn't need to be told twice before he grabbed her nipple with his finger and pinched it strongly.

When he heard Eleanor moaning loudly he was inspired to go further. He attacked her mouth once again and shoved his tongue as far as he could into it. He also slowly twisted her nipple until it hurt. Eleanor was surprised of how much she enjoyed the pain. It accentuated her pleasure so much that she came just from her tits being played with. A chill went down her whole body and her pussy just exploded. It wasn't the best orgasm she ever had but it still was a very good one and her pussy hadn't even been touched.

She always had to have her pussy touched to cum but for the first time she experienced an orgasm without genital stimulation. It was amazing that Brad could do something like that to her.

Brad felt Nana's body tensing up and stopped what he was doing to watch her cum. But now that his mind wasn't focused on Eleanor he couldn't hold off the pleasure Christine was bringing him with her mouth.

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A minute after Eleanor came it was Brad's turn. "Fuck Sis, I'm going to cum," he warned his sister. Christine was intending to swallow her brother's nut juice so she didn't back away. She left his cock head in her mouth as Brad unleashed a torrent of cum.

Christine was caught unprepared and couldn't swallow every spurt that Brad was giving her. A lot of cum was leaking from her mouth and landed on Brad. When Brad was done cumming, Christine withdrew her mouth from Brad's cock. She licked the trace of cum left on his cock. She was thinking that the girls who told her cum tasted bad didn't know what they were talking about.

She couldn't really savor her brother's cum when he unloaded it in her mouth but now she had the aftertaste in her mouth and it was delicious. She was able to really taste his cum's flavor when she licked his pee slit afterward and when she licked her chin. It was better than anything she had ever eaten. She saw the pool of cum that was poured onto Brad's stomach and was about to lick it but she wasn't fast enough because Eleanor beat her to it. Eleanor conscientiously lapped all of the cum from Brad.

"Hey, it's mine," Christine jealously complained. Eleanor continued to lick until no trace of cum could be found on Brad. She hadn't swallowed yet and feeling wicked she sat up, grabbed Christine's head and kissed her. Christine was so surprised that she didn't do anything. She reacted when she felt her grandmother's tongue making its way into her mouth and was about to close her mouth. But Eleanor's tongue was already in her mouth and with it there was some cum.

That taste made her hungry for more so she opened her mouth wider. She was rewarded by a mouthful of cum flowing into her greedy mouth.

When Eleanor's tongue brushed against hers she had already forgotten who she was kissing and returned Eleanor's kiss. Their wide-opened mouths were glued to each other so Christine and Eleanor could easily swap the cum back and forth while they made out passionately.

They were forced to swallow a little of the cum from time to time so the moment came when only a little amount remained in their mouths. Eleanor hadn't been able to sample much of the white nectar so she swallowed that little amount. With no cum left she and Christine broke the kiss. They looked at each other and a feeling of embarrassment began to make an appearance as their sexual excitement faded away.

"Fuck, that was so hot," Brad said excitedly. It was like every guy's fantasy to have two gorgeous babes kissing and swapping his cum. Warning: the next chapter isn't likely to come out soon because I had a problem with my computer.

My hard drive fried and I lost all of my data. I have now time to write but I also have to recreate my notes so it may take some time.