Old Men Taking Turns to Fuck a Hot Pregnant Wife While Cuckold Films

Old Men Taking Turns to Fuck a Hot Pregnant Wife While Cuckold Films
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The Chauffeur…&hellip. The Plan Written by PABLO DIABLO Copyright 2018 CHAPTER 1 It's been a couple of weeks since Jill and I married. Lots of people from the Happee, Happy Limo company have called to congratulate us. Yet, oddly enough, not Sasha and not Tina.

Jill, at first was disappointed at Tina, but as the days progressed, she just chalked it up to Sasha's interference. I certainly could understand her disappointment since I finally got the two of them to realize that it was Sasha not each other they needed to be angry at. But, alas, Sasha's control over Tina was much too strong. Jill and I got congratulatory calls from virtually every hotel and the key people all asking when Jill will be back on the road.

I smiled to myself, knowing the treasure that I have as my wife. We discussed several ideas: about her going back to work; about her getting out of the business entirely; of both of us starting our own limo service; even us leaving the country and starting over somewhere else.

As it turns out, Jill is better with money than I am. She spends only what she absolutely needs and puts the rest in her safe; in her savings account; in her brokerage account; and of course, a small amount in her checking account. Jill only has one credit card, an American Express, that she pays the balance off every month. I called my attorney to let him know what transpired at the limo company.

He laughed long and hard before letting me in on the joke. The limo company must pay me my salary, unless either one of two violations occur. Violation one: I bring or use drugs. Violations two: Physical assault of any employee/manager/customer or client of the Happee, Happy Limo Company. Neither of those occurred. However, Jill did mention that Sasha and maybe even Tina might 'accuse' me of assault.

That did give me reason to pause and think about that one. No way she could prove or even point a finger at me about drugs. Hell, she couldn't even say I drank since I have not had any alcohol for several months. Not that I needed it, I just quite frankly decided it was much more difficult to get over a hangover at my age.

As Jill was recovering, I received a phone call from Mr. Jaxson. "Hey there David, I heard a couple of rumors about you. Do you have some time to talk?" "Absolutely!" I replied. "Great. Let me start by telling you that Mrs. Jaxson is the one who has been following you. She was disappointed that you didn't call us as soon as Sasha fired you.

What happened?" Mr. Jaxson asked. I took a deep breath and began to tell him the story, "Mr. Jaxson, technically speaking, I haven't been fired&hellip. yet. According to my lawyer, my contract only allows them to fire me for two reasons: Assault on a manager/employee/or customer or anything to do with drugs. I can't be accused of the drug thing, but I'm sure that Sasha has a trick up her sleeve.

I don't want to go into what I suspect over the phone, but maybe in person, when I see you next time my suspicions would be better discussed. However, do you remember when I met you the first time?" "Well, yes I do. Which is why my offer is still on the table. I would love for you to come work for me. Top flight people, such as yourself, are a rare find." "Um, Mr. Jaxson, the young lady that drove us that night&hellip.

Jill&hellip. I married her. We tied the knot just two weeks ago right after she was in a horrible accident." "Really? Oh, my goodness. Is she alright?" He asked while telling his wife. "Yes. She has bruised ribs, but nothing more serious as her car was totaled." I explained. "Hey, David. I would like to see you and Jill, if it's ok for the both of you to travel. Is she ok to travel?" Mr.

Jaxson inquired. "I believe so, but I'll check with her doctor in the morning then I'll let your secretary know. Is that alright with you?" "That sounds wonderful. David, once you get the clearance from her doctor and call my assistant, I will be sending my jet for you and Jill. I think a week here in New York could do you two well.

Any objections?" Mr. Jaxson proposed. "None, sir." I hung up the phone and just sat there looking at my wife. I am still in awe of how beautiful she is.

Long black hair with cute straight cut bangs. Pale skin. An ass and chest most men would love to see on their wife and, the sexiest things of all about her&hellip. her personality and brains.

Yes, Jill, to me, is the total package. As I just sat in the chair, I heard Jill say, "Hello, Earth to David. " I smiled at her. My mind could be a thousand miles away and yet her angelic voice would bring me home. "Hun, that was Mr. Jaxson. He wants to know if you're ok to travel." I said. "Oh, I'm sure I'm ok, why?" She replied. "He would like us to come see him in New York." "Well, why don't you just book a flight up to see him.

I'll be alright here while you're away." Jill responded. "NO! He wants to see us BOTH. If you get clearance from your doctor, I'm supposed to call his secretary and they will send their personal jet for us." "WHAT????

Oh, my gawd. That would be so amazing. I've never even been on a private jet. I've flown all over the world in the Marines, usually those big C130's, but never have I ever had the opportunity to even step on a private jet.

Oh, David, I think this calls for a 'treat'." Jill said with excitement in her voice. "Oh really? What kind of treat did you have in mind?" I said to her with a wicked grin. "Let me show you." Jill got up off the couch and sauntered over to me. I was still sitting in the chair as she reached down and began to unbutton my loose-fitting Cuban-style shirt. Her soft hand went inside my shirt and caressed my chest. She tweaked my nipple giggling as she did that. I reached up and pulled her head down level with mine.

As our lips met, we both opened our mouths a small bit allowing our tongues to intertwine. I softly bit her lower lip. She let out a small moan. Somewhere in the back of my head, I was worried about her rib injury. Could we get through a love-making session?

Would I end up hurting her? Is she comfortable enough to go through with our physical intimacy? Lots and lots of questions swirled around in my head while I was kissing her.

My own rationality won out and I decided that she will tell me if there's an issue. However, BE GENTLE my head screamed. As we were in a sexy lip lock, I could feel my manhood stirring. It has been 2 weeks since we have even attempted to try intimacy. I felt her breathing get shorter and shorter as we kept the magical kiss. While we were kissing, I reached up and began unbuttoning her blouse. With my other hand, I untucked the blouse from her jeans.

As I finished unbuttoning her blouse, I gently slipped it off her shoulders. I caressed her neck, remembering that this was one of the erogenous zones on her body. I broke from our kiss. I stood up and put my arms around Jill. I leaned into her licking and kissing her neck. I licked from the shoulders up to her ear, nibbling on her earlobe. I kissed her ear and blew gently into her ear which drew a low moan from her.

As I was doing that, she pushed the shirt off my shoulders. She began unbuckling the belt I had on holding my jeans up to my waist.

As I heard the buckle clanging it made my dick hard. My brain kept saying&hellip. oh yeah! This is finally going to happen! When she finished unbuckling my belt, she unsnapped my jeans and let them drop to the floor. At the same time, I began unsnapping her jeans and let them fall to the floor also.

We held each other, trying to resist the animalistic lust that was brewing between us. I whispered into her ear, "Jill, I love you." "David, I love you so much. No one has taken such good care of me&hellip. ever!" Jill responded. I gently reached down and picked her up and began walking towards the bedroom. Once in there, I laid her down in the middle of the bed. I removed the rest of her attire until she was completely naked in front of me. I removed my remaining clothes and climbed onto the bed.

I laid next to her, kissing her and gently massaging her beautiful breasts. I tugged on her nipples, gently. I ran my fingers around the areolas. I kept kissing her neck hearing her moan soft little moans.

Her breathing was sporadic to say the least. Lots of panting, quick shallow breaths. I moved down from her neck to her beautiful chest. I licked, nibbled, and sucked as much as her wonderful boobs into my mouth as would fit.

I heard a soft moan escape her lips. She was lightly caressing my shoulders and back. Her light touch sent shivers down my spine. I knew that it had been too long since the both of us had intimacy with each other. Hell, because of the accident, we never really consummated our wedding. My cock was aching. It wanted to be touched, caressed, yanked, swallowed, or any of the dozens of things that might happen to my manhood tonight.

I felt Jill's soft hands working their way down to my rock-hard cock. To surprise her, I shifted my position so that I was between her legs, out of her grasp.

I softly put her ankles upon my shoulders, being as gentle as possible. My cock head was now touching the entrance to her love hole. I could both feel and smell the wetness her cunny had produced. I gently pushed the head of my cock into her. She let out a long deep moan. "Oh, my gawd, I have been waiting for this much too long." Jill expressed. I pushed my manhood deeper into her until I felt my balls against her ass. Rhythmically, I began the in and out motion.

I kept the see-saw action going gently as I did not want to hurt her ribs. "Oh, David, fuck me. Please fuck me. I've waited so long to feel you inside of me again." Jill asked with a bit of desperation in her voice. I began to quicken my pace. My cock was feeling her cervix at the tip of my cockhead. In and out, repeatedly picking up more and more speed but still trying to be as gentle as possible. My mind drifted off a bit. Tina flashed into my brain while I was making love to my wife.

What the hell? Why am I thinking of Tina, NOT NOW I thought to myself…? NOT FUCKING NOW! What the hell is going on? Why am I thinking about Tina? I'm in the middle of making love to my wife&hellip.

what the hell is going on? While my mind was in a state of turmoil, Jill playfully kicked me on the side of the head. "Huh?" Was all I could manage. "Honey, where are you?" Jill asked with a voice of concern. "I don't know. My mind just drifted for a moment. It feels so good to be inside you again. I was starting to worry about us." I said, not telling her the whole truth. I began to increase my fucking. I pushed in as deep as I could get.

I heard her moaning get more sporadic and heavier. Harder and harder, In and out. I was giving her my all. I was looking directly into her eyes. I saw a lust that I had not seen before, even when we were at that hotel the first time.

Without any warning, Jill arched her back and let out a scream, well it was more like a howl. She was grunting and panting like a woman possessed with wanton lust.

I felt her wetness bathe my cock, which was now balls deep into her. Faster and faster I went. I felt my balls start to tighten. I knew that I was close. Just as I began to cum, I said loudly, "FUCK&hellip. I'M&hellip. I'M CUMMING SO HARD INTO YOU JILL. I, FUCKING LOVE YOU!" With that, Jill came as hard as I did. Her legs tried to straighten out, but they were locked onto my shoulders.

I felt her whole-body spasm again and again. I felt my cock being bathed in her love juice. I kept my rhythm going in and out, repeatedly. Jill was moaning loudly, as if she had become possessed. When without warning, "OW, OW, OW&hellip.

fuck, that hurts" Jill said, wincing. I stopped. I didn't move. I held my breath. My brain going a thousand miles a second. "What the hell did I just do?" I thought to myself. CHAPTER 2 As I knelt there frozen, there was a loud knock on the front door.

The knocking went from knocking to pounding on the door. I got up, slid on my boxers and a tee shirt. I went to the front door getting madder with each step. As I reached the front door, I yelled, "Who the hell is it?" Silence. The knocking/pounding on the front door had stopped. I heard a faint sound coming from the other side of the door.

Jill's house didn't have a peep hole to see whom was on the other side of the door. I unlocked the deadbolt. I unlocked the door knob. I opened the door only to see someone I had not expected to ever see at Jill's house. It was Tina. "Who's at the door?" Jill asked from the bedroom. I ushered Tina in. She was sobbing. She was trying to speak, but no words came out. Tears flowed. Snot bubbles.

What seemed like endless drool escaped her swollen mouth. My heart stopped. I closed and locked the door behind Tina. I gently took her by the arm and walked her over to the large leather couch and sat her down.

"Tina, you just sit there. I'll be right back." I said trying not to freak out and keep her calm. I literally ran back to the bedroom.

I grabbed Jill's hand, pulling her out of bed and pushing her towards the bedroom door. Forgetting for a moment that I had just hurt my darling wife. All I could manage to say was, "Living room now" Jill grabbed her robe that was draped over her dressing chair and put it on. She left the bedroom quickly.


When she got to the living room, she stood there stunned. Sitting on her couch was a bruised, beaten, and battered Tina. Unable to stop the crying. Unable to breathe. Essentially in a state of shock and bewilderment. It was several seconds before Jill came to her senses and rushed over to Tina. Jill yelled to me, "David, get some towels and ice." "Already doing that Hun." When I got into the living room with the towels and ice, I saw Jill kneeling in front of Tina. She held her hand out to me.

I gave her several towels and one that had ice in it. I thought to myself 'thank goodness Jill has a crushed ice button on the fridge'. Jill gave Tina the towel with the ice in it. Tina held it to the side of her face. Jill unfolded one of the towels and began to gently wipe Tina's eyes, nose, and what drool she could off her cheeks, chin, and neck.

Tina continued to sob. As I stood there, I felt like a prize fool. Somehow, I felt deep down that this was Sasha's doing. My worry began to turn to anger, yet I couldn't express any of that anger. Not at this moment, at least. Jill gently kept wiping. I went back into the kitchen to get a pot of warm water and brought it out to Jill. She made a mouth gesture of a kiss, dipping a corner of the towel into the warm water. That's when I noticed that the tee shirt she was wearing had what looked like a blood stain at the shoulder.

Even though her tee shirt was maroon in color, to me at least, it looked like blood. I reached towards the shoulder and pointed the stain out to Jill without saying a word. Jill's eyes got big. "Tina, you're safe here. No one will hurt you&hellip. ever again." Jill said in her most comforting tone possible. I walked around Jill to the other side of Tina. I sat down on the couch, which caused Tina to shift and wince in pain.

With the softest touch, I began to feel her broken body to try and discover the extent of her injuries. I touched her left forearm. It showed signs of bruises. One on the underside of her wrist looked like a large thumb print bruise.

I checked her bicep. It showed signs of redness. 'Rope burn' I thought to myself. I gently touched her shoulder and felt. It didn't seem like anything was broken, at least not in that specific spot. Jill motioned for us to switch sides of Tina, so she could begin wiping Tina's left side. "Tina, who did this to you?" I asked even though I knew the answer. Silence, except for more tears and more sobbing. My heart was in my throat.

Jill was now tearing up also. "Jill, I think I should call 911 to get her medical help." Tina's eyes got big. She begged, "NO, PLEASE DON'T".

Jill said she knew whom to call for help. She asked me to get her cell phone. I had not sat down on the couch for fear of hurting Tina again. Since I was already standing, I hustled to Jill's bedroom and grabbed her phone.

I quickly returned to the living room and handed the phone to Jill. Jill made a call to someone, "Hey, yeah, this is Jill. I need you right now. No questions, right now……ok, see you in a couple of minutes.

Thanks." With that, Jill hung up the phone and went back to tending to Tina. I asked the unanswered question again, "Tina, who did this to you?" I was so sure she would say Sasha.

I felt the anger building inside of me. "The Do-Wops" she said meekly. "Huh?" Jill and I said in unison. "The five Italian guys" Jill got the joke, well, it wasn't really a joke, but she understood the reference. Jill, put her index finger to her lips with a gentle 'shhhh' sound. Tina lowered her head and began crying again. I was still confused. 'Was it, Sasha or not?' Jill made a shake of her head, telling me not to say anything more.

Again, there was a knock on the door. Jill just pointed to the door. I went to the door, unlocked it, and opened it to see a beautiful woman standing there with a black doctor's bag. "Hello, I'm Ronda. Is Jill here?" I looked over to Jill, who had Tina resting her head on Jill's robe covered shoulder.

I stepped aside and invited Ronda into the house. Ronda went over to Jill and Tina. She politely introduced herself and explained that she was going to check Tina for injuries. "Doc, do you need me to help or should I wait in the kitchen to give you privacy?" I asked.

Tina piped up again, "Don't leave. I need you here." "I won't. I'll be right here.

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Please let the doctor examine you." I said. All three of us waited for an answer. "alright" Tina said in almost a whisper. I touched her right hand. I knelt on one knee right next to her. Jill got up and moved out of the way, allowing Dr.

Ronda to begin her examination of a broken Tina. The doctor started with a physical touching and asking Tina to say when she touches something that hurts, even if it hurts just a little bit. Jill went over to a small end table that had a single drawer on it.

She pulled out a pen and a small yellow tablet. Apparently, Jill knew what the doctor needed to have done. Someone to list all the hurt parts of Tina's body, the doctor took nearly an hour touching, poking, prodding, and moving various body parts Jill filled up an entire page with the locations of pain on Tina's body. "Tina, could you please lift your arms over your head, so I can remove your tee shirt?" the doctor asked.

"I don't think I can. My right shoulder hurts too much." Tina replied. I pointed to what I thought was a blood stain at the top of her right shoulder. The doctor looked at me and asked if we had scissors, so she could cut the tee shirt off her. Jill set the pen and paper down to go get scissors.

She returned a few seconds later handing them to the doctor. Dr. Ronda gently told Tina to remain as still as she could. She began cutting the shirt off her. Once the shirt was off and discarded, we all saw Tina's injury. Her collarbone was broken and a small tip of it was protruding through the skin. The blood had coagulated. The doctor went to touch it and Tina flinched so hard that she shrieked in pain.

The doctor reached into her black bag and pulled out a syringe and an alcohol wipe. She wiped a spot on the arm with the collarbone injury and gave Tina the shot. It only took a few seconds for Tina to pass out. I caught her and gently as I could I laid her down on the couch. Jill lifted her legs, so they would be on the couch also.

Jill gently removed her slip-on shoes. I got up and went to the closet to get a blanket for Tina. I unfolded it and placed it on a now sleeping Tina. The doctor directed Jill and I to go to the kitchen to talk. CHAPTER 3 The three of us went to the kitchen to discuss Tina. Dr. Ronda spoke first, "She's in dire need of serious medical help. She has multiple contusions, a broken bone-maybe two, lots of bruising.

I'm sure that she has been raped but I didn't check for that. She needed to sleep. Do either of you know what happened?" I looked at the doctor then to Jill. I spoke up saying, "We don't exactly know. We only have suspicions of who and how Tina got this way." Jill chimed in, "We suspect it was our former boss and the 'goon' squad." "Well then Jill, tell me who the guy is, and I'll get the authorities involved. She's been brutally molested and clearly needs more medical care than I can give her here." The doctor plied back.

"While she is out, maybe we should call an ambulance and get her to the hospital?" I asked. "If you do, you run the risk of Tina feeling alienated and betrayed." Dr. Ronda said. The doctor went on to say that we should call the Police, the Sheriff, or a law enforcement group to have her photographed and checked for sexual assault.

They will then put her under their protective care until she regains consciousness and can make her own decisions. "Jill, we've served in Croatia together. We're Marines, no one left behind…remember that? Who did this to her? What's his name?" The doctor retorted. This time I spoke, "Doc. It's not a HE." "Well, SHE had her band of goons do the actual dirty work. Her name is Sasha. She was David's boss and I guess mine still as I haven't been fired yet, but I'm sure that is coming." Jill explained.

"Jill, David, do you have someone in law enforcement that you can trust?" "Um, yes…kind of&hellip. Sgt. Johnson of the Police department. "CALL HIM. Right now! Get him over here as soon as possible. You have to trust me, Jill." The doctor directed. I said that I would call and stepped onto the back patio to make the call. I gave him a quick summary of what happened. He told me that he would be over in 15 minutes.

While I was outside, I phoned Mr. Jaxson to let him know something drastic has happened that Jill and I needed to handle, before we could travel to see him. He said that he understood and if we need anything to just call.

I hung up and as I was heading back into the house, I saw Jill answer the front door. Sgt. Johnson was standing there with 2 additional people. Jill let them all in. She introduced Dr.

Ronda to all the law enforcement. Jill, the doctor, and I took Sgt. Johnson and his team into the kitchen to talk. Sgt. Johnson introduced the two people he had with him. "Jill, David, this is Wayne Williams. He's on our violent crimes team. This with him is Valerie Davis. She is in our sexual crimes' unit. He also mentioned that their forensic evidence people should be along in just a couple of minutes. Doctor Ronda explained to the three what trauma she could see on Tina.

She also explained that she only suspected sexual abuse and since she didn't have a rape kit with her, she was unable to verify any sexual assault. It took more than 3 hours for the Police to conduct their investigation and take their photographs. As they finished up, they had an ambulance arrive to transport Tina to the hospital that Dr. Ronda worked. Sgt. Johnson thanked us, gave us another of his cards along with cards from Williams and Davis.

When everyone was gone, Jill and I felt wiped out. We took a shower together and headed off to bed. We decided against any lovemaking since the day's activities were so emotionally draining. CHAPTER 4 Jill was the first to wake the next morning.

I was holding her, my front to her back with an arm draped over her mid-section. To wake me, Jill wiggled her beautiful ass which had my flaccid cock resting against her crack. She wiggled again, this time with a bit more force trying to wake me. "Huh, what?" I said with my mind still not clear. "Hey Darling, can I interest you&hellip." Her words trailed off.

"Whatever you have in mind, YES!" I said, much more awake. I felt my cock begin to stir. Jill felt me growing and giggled. "Oh, such a naughty boy&hellip.

hee hee." she giggled. I reached down and gave my nearly hard cock a quick yank. I ran my finger up and down her crack. I spit into my hand and wiped the saliva on my cock. I spit again rubbing that into her ass. We stayed on our sides. Jill began a slow moaning. I began rubbing my now hard cock up and down the crack. I spit into my hand once again for just a bit more lube for Jill's ass.

I laid the head of my cock, that had a droplet of pre-cum on the tip at the entrance to her anal rosebud. Slowly, very slowly, I pushed forward.

Once the head of my cock entered her, I stopped. I waited patiently for her sphincter to relax. When I felt that happen, I slowly pushed forward.

When I felt my pelvis reached her fleshy beautiful ass cheeks, I held still allowing her time to adjust. She pushed back onto me. I began to withdraw and came almost all the way out only stopping before my bulbous head left her. I gently pushed back into her all the way. Slowly and rhythmically I began the in and out motion of ass sex. Jill was breathing erratically and moaning loudly. She kept pushing herself backwards towards me. I was still worried that this would get out of hand, like yesterday and I would hurt her again.

"David let's change positions. I would like you to take me from behind. It just seems sexier and a little naughtier, like our first time in the hotel." Jill quipped.

I backed my rigid cock out of her and rolled away to give her room on the bed to get herself up on all fours. When she was in position, I deftly moved behind her. I remembered her nightstand drawer had lube in it. I stopped again and leaned over to the nightstand and grabbed the tube of lube.

I squeezed some out onto her ass rosebud and some more onto my dick. Gently, I pushed myself back into Jill's tight backdoor hole. I slid in all the way to the hilt. I paused for a couple of moments. When I began pushing again, I heard Jill begin to moan louder and louder. I reached under her and began massaging her clit. I kept making little tight circles on her clit while my steel hard cock was invading her ass over and over. Jill had moved past moaning into full-on panting. Her occasional moans were closer to that of a howling wolf.

Her breathing was shallow and stuttered. I was still making little circles around her clit. She started balling her hands into small fists. "OOOOOOHHHH FFFFFFUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKK!" was all that Jill could say when that big orgasm hit. I felt her anal cavity clamping down on my cock, which in turn caused me to begin my own orgasm. "I LOVE YOU JILL. Oh, my gawd, I love you sooooooo much." I managed to verbalize. When we finished orgasming, we both stopped.

I withdrew my deflating cock and rolled off her. We both laid there for a couple of minutes gathering our breath. Her cell phone rang.

"Hello……yes, this is Jill&hellip. Ok, tell her that David and I are on the way." Jill hung-up. Without telling me who called she began dialing another number. "Sgt. Johnson please&hellip. Yes, I'll wait" Jill put her finger to her lips signaling me to stay quiet. "Hello, Sgt. Johnson, this is Jill Morgan. Yes, I'm fine, thank you for asking. I called to let you know that Tina is awake.

The charge nurse just called me saying that she is asking for David and me……what? Oh, the charge nurse just called you also&hellip. wonderful. Then, we'll see you at the hospital in a few minutes. Ok, see you shortly. Bye." "Get up, get your ass into the shower for a quick shower. You've got less than 5 minutes to shower. Noooooo, don't give me that look. We're going to go to the hospital, as fast as we can.

Now get your cute ass in the shower." Jill directed. I took a deep breath and rolled out of bed, disappointed that we didn't finish our love making.

I hustled to the shower and took a quick one, 6 minutes later I was out of the bathroom and turned it over to Jill.

9 minutes after she began her shower, she was finished. Quite possibly the quickest shower by a woman that I have ever known. I thought to myself, 'someone should call Ripley's'. I heard the hair dryer start up. I opened a couple of dresser drawers to get clean clothes to wear. I slid on boxers, a white tee shirt, black shorts and my favorite light blue bowling style shirt. I heard the hair dryer cease. Jill came out completely naked.

"OH, MY GAWD, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!" I exclaimed. Jill smiled, acknowledging the compliment but tapping on her wrist signaling that we were pressed for time. I put on my socks and sneakers, picked up my keys/wallet/cell phone.


Being ready, I left the bedroom to wait for Jill. I headed to the kitchen to make Jill a cup of her favorite coffee&hellip. Sumatra By the time the Keurig had the coffee ready, Jill came out of the bedroom ready to go.

"Damn, you look beautiful&hellip.no matter what you wear&hellip. or don't wear." I said smiling at her. "Are you ready to go?" She asked. "I am." "Good, then you drive. That way I can drink my coffee while you drive like a crazy man." Jill said. We turned out the lights, locked the front door and got into my car. It only took a few minutes to get to the hospital. Jill and I remained quiet during the drive. I felt as if Jill was in deep thought. Even though she didn't say anything, her face just had that 'far away' look.

As I pulled into the hospital entrance to find a parking spot, Jill spoke up, "After we're done seeing Tina, can we go by the limo office?" "WHAT?" "I think I may have a plan, but I need a couple of things first, before I tell you any of the details.

Please trust me on this." Jill said in a solemn voice. "Um, ok." I replied thinking 'what else could I say'?

We got out of the car and headed into the hospital. We ran into Sgt. Johnson waiting at the elevator. We rode in silence up to the 8th floor where the hospital receptionist told us Tina's room was located. I felt a bit uncomfortable but shook it off as me overthinking this. "That coffee smells wonderful.

What brand is it? At the station we only get cheap coffee. Maxwell House, Folgers, store brand, Chock-Full-O'Nuts. Whatever they can find cheap. I know it seems petty, but they think that bad coffee is ok. Disappointing if you ask me." "It's Sumatra.

I don't remember which brand it is, but the blend is my favorite. Dark, rich, and full bodied. No cream, no sugar&hellip. that's what I have him for." Jill said giggling seeing me blush a bit. The elevator dinged, and we all got off. Jill and I decided to just follow Sgt. Johnson as he seemed to know where he was going. We got to Tina's room (803 bed 1).

Sgt. Johnson knocked lightly on the partially open door. "C'mon in" Tina said sheepishly. All three of us went into Tina's room. Jill practically knocked the officer over rushing to Tina. I piped up, "Tina, this is Sgt. Johnson of the City Police Department. We called him last night when you appeared on Jill's door. You can trust him. We do, or we never would have called him to come help. I think he has some questions for you about what happened to you." "I'm not sure I can help much. I'll certainly try." Tina replied.

"Tina, as David said, my name is Sargent Johnson. How much do you remember from what happened to you last night?" "Well…" Tina paused "I don't remember how I got to Jill's house.

I seem to vaguely remember some lady giving me a shot, then waking up here. Before that&hellip.um……" Tina stopped. Her eyes welling up, obviously remembering what happened to her. Jill interjected, "Do we really need to do this right now?" "Yes ma'am. The longer it takes to get the information the easier it is for people to forget the details. The officer asked in a gentle tone 'what happened'; where did it occur; who was involved; and how did she get away.

As I suspected, it was all of Sasha's doing. Apparently, Tina was depressed that I had married Jill, after telling her that 'I loved her'.

My heart sank. I went from angry to stunned. I tried not to look at Tina, but my heart ached. I kept thinking to myself, "Did I cause this? Did she get hurt because of me?" As Sgt. Johnson was talking with Tina, nurses came in and out doing their thing. Dr.

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Ronda came in and told us to wait outside for her. She needed to talk to us. The three of us left the hospital room. Tina and the doctor had a private discussion which ended with Tina sobbing again.

We all heard it. Our hearts sank. We knew that the news must have been dire. I looked down at the floor trying not to tear-up. My heart ached. I kept going over and over in my head 'how could I have prevented this from happening'? Jill reached over and started rubbing my back. She knew what I was thinking. She kissed me gently on the cheek. Dr. Ronda came out of Tina's room and asked us to head down to a closed-door waiting room.

We followed the doctor. CHAPTER 5 Once inside the doctor instructed us to sit. We started to protest, but the doctor reassured us that we needed to sit. We sat. Jill held my hand tightly waiting for the news.

"Tina gave me permission to talk to you about her injuries." The doctor began. "Sargent, I'm glad you're here. I have several reports for you and your team. Jill, David, here's what's going on with Tina. She was indeed raped and molested. We did a rape kit and found semen of 8 guys. We also found splinters inside of her." The Doctor said.

"What? What do you mean 'splinters inside of her'?" Jill exclaimed. "I mean, someone used something wooden on her female parts. Probably, a broom handle because the lab found red paint on the splinters." "OH, MY GAWD, David…did you hear that? I mean it's bad enough that the goon squad raped her, but using a broom handle on her? DAVID? David? What did we do???" Jill said now beginning to cry. "Hold on Jill, let the doctor speak.

I don't believe she is done." I retorted. "No, I'm not done…&hellip. Whatever they used on her did lots of internal damage. At best there is a 50% chance she will ever be able to have children." The doctor said solemnly. "Are you telling us……" Jill's words trailed off.

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She was now sobbing putting her head on my shoulder. Sgt. Johnson spoke up, "Doctor, what about the other injuries? How severe are they? Will she be ok?" "Well, she has a broken collarbone, a separated shoulder, a severely bruised wrist and elbow, and…&hellip.

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well…&hellip.and we found heroin in her system." The doctor said. With that final word, it hung in the air like a burning zeppelin. "But Doc……" I was trying to keep it together the best I could. "Doc……she doesn't use drugs&hellip. At least not since I've known her&hellip.no drugs, no way&hellip. are you sure? Couldn't this be a mistake?" I kept trying to deflect the possibility.

"No, the lab ran her blood test three times. I'm sorry." "Doctor can the lab tell if she has a history of drug abuse or is there a possibility that she was forced to use the drugs?" Sgt. Johnson asked.

"I don't know the answer to that. I'll have the lab check for trace elements of drugs in her system from any prior use. That will show up, but it's not a test we usually perform." The doctor offered a glimmer of hope to us. "Doctor, thank you for your time.

If there isn't any further information currently, I need to contact my team and update them&hellip. You said you have reports for me? Where can I get them?" Sgt. Johnson said. "Let me take you to them. David/Jill that's all the information I have right now. You two can go see her, if you would like to." The doctor and Sgt.

Johnson left the room. I just stood there holding Jill. "David, what do we do now?" "Let's collect ourselves and go see Tina. She needs us now more than ever." We took a couple of minutes to dry our eyes and reign in our emotions, but it was hard&hellip.

harder than anything else we've ever done. Once we thought we were ready, we left the room and headed back to Tina's room. As we walked down the hospital corridor, both of our heads were a million miles from the hospital.

We arrived at Tina's door and went in to see her. I just knew that Tina knew. We did everything we could trying our hardest to keep it together. Jill sat in a chair next to the head of Tina's bed holding her hand and quietly talking to her. Me? I sat in a chair at her feet. My mind in a swirl, as if I it was the center of a tornado.

All I did was sit there in a stunned silence. I looked at Tina and kept thinking&hellip. did I cause all this? Did my arrogance bring this suffering down on Tina? I don't remember saying anything. I just sat there looking at Tina. Although I wasn't a religious person, my mind kept going back to a verse out of the old testament, "Vengeance is mine and recompense; their foot shall slip in due time; For the day of their calamity is at hand, and the things to come hasten upon them." Deuteronomy 32:35.

"Jill, can you give me a couple of minutes alone with Tina?" I asked gently. Jill just sat there stunned. She nodded her head and leaned over and kissed Tina on the forehead, got up and stepped outside to the hallway. Tina looked so helpless. So afraid. So, hurt. I got up from my chair and walked over to her.

I cupped her face with my hands as gently as I could. "Tina, I'm sorry I hurt you." I whispered in her ear just loud enough so only she could hear me.

"David, I knew, I just knew deep in my heart that our time was coming to an end in IHOP. I just knew it deep down. I fucked up. I pushed you away.

You were THE most caring person and I fucked it up." Tina said to me in a voice barely audible. I looked into her eyes. They were overflowing with tears. My heart felt heavy. "Tina, you didn't fuck anything up. You are a wonderful vibrant person. Your someone very special to me…and to Jill. We both love you, we always will." I leaned in and kissed her on each cheek, on the forehead, on the tip of her nose, and then gently on the lips.

"Tina, Jill and I need to do somethings. We won't be back for a couple of weeks. We must head out of town. We're always available on our cell phones. Is there anything we can get you from your&hellip.?" My mouth almost said those words. "From your home" but I remembered that she lived with Sasha. "No, there's nothing I need, but to know that you do love me?" Tina whispered. "Tina, I do love you. I will always love you." I felt my eyes tearing up.

I kissed her again and left. CHAPTER 6 Jill and I walked in silence.

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We left the hospital. Sgt. Johnson was outside talking on his cell phone. When he saw us, he waved us over to him. "That's fine. I'm going Ten-7B. I'll be off for a couple of hours." He said into his cell phone and hung up. "David, Jill I've been out here hoping to catch you before you go off and do something stupid.

I don't know how I know, but I think you're ready to go and do something really, really stupid. Aren't you?" He read us like a book. I guess all those years interacting with the public gave him a good sense of what people were thinking in times of crisis. I looked at the ground. "Yeah, we were." "Good, I'll go with you." Sgt. Johnson replied, surprising both Jill and me. A look of shock on our face. Jill was stunned. I was stunned. Sgt. Johnson just stood there with a smile.

"Let me drive." Johnson said. We followed him in silence to his car. This was not a police vehicle, it was his personal car. We climbed into his Cadillac and headed off. "Where to?" Johnson asked. "Happee, Happy Limo" Jill said. "I just knew you two were going to head there. I called in a favor and have a couple of 'off duty' friends meeting us there." He replied. I just sat there smiling. Jill looked over her shoulder at me sitting in the back seat. She smiled. "Sargent Johnson, what the heck is your first name?

I feel like we should know your name instead of continuing to call you Sargent." Jill asked. "It's Roger. Roger Johnson. My close friends call me RJ." He answered. "Roger are you married?" Jill asked. That was a question that I did not expect. "Um, no. Not anymore. I divorced a few years ago. Why do you ask?" "RJ, are you in a relationship? I mean, I can't imagine you being alone for very long." Jill said in a flirtatious voice.

"Jill are you hitting on me?" he said with a huge smile on his face. "No. I just know someone who would be interested in you." Jill replied. "Oh, I see, you're one of THEM." RJ retorted chuckling a bit, "Well, if you mean someone who tries to introduce people to other people, so they can be happy&hellip.

then yes, I'm one of THEM." Jill said with a devilish grin. I interjected from the back seat, "Who would that be darling?" "My friend Donna.

She's got a thing for big strong handsome men. Like YOU darling." Jill was really turning the charms on now. We pulled into a parking spot in front of the building where the Limo office was located. We all got out and headed inside. "I'm sorry sir, you are not allowed on this property. You no longer work for the limo company." The security guard said pointing to me. "I'm Sgt. Johnson, City Police." Flashing his badge at the security guard.

"What can I do for you officer?" "We are heading up to the limo office, all of us." RJ said to the guard. "Yes sir." We headed over to the elevator. When we arrived to the 8th floor we were met by RJ's buddies from the Police force.

"Are we all set?" RJ asked the other two officers. "Yes" The five of walked into the office without even knocking. One lady stood up and said that I was not allowed to be there, and I must leave right now, or she would be calling the Police.

"Ma'am, I'm Sgt. Johnson with City Police. We're here to see&hellip. Sasha, the owner." "Oh, she's not the owner, she's the manager." The woman replied. "I see, and who is Tina?" Sgt. Johnson replied. "That's her personal assistant. However, she didn't show for work today. First time since she started working here that she didn't show up for work, nor call into Sasha." The woman went on to explain. "Well, thank you ma'am. Where can I find Sasha?" "Well, she called a few minutes ago saying she was going home because she wasn't feeling well." "Who's in charge then?" Sgt.

Johnson inquired, "Well, I guess that would be me." "And who are you?" Sgt. Johnson asked. "Deloris, Deloris Mitchell." "Ms. Mitchell, we need to see Sasha's office" "Ok, follow me." Deloris lead all of us to the large wooden doors. "David, I think you should stay out here. Jill can some with us, but you should just find a chair and wait for us to be done." RJ said to me. I saw Paula and went over to her desk and sat down. I smiled and began some inane chit chat reminding myself that the twins were close by and would be listening intently.

Sgt. Johnson and the other two officers went into Sasha's office along with Deloris. They were inside her office for more than an hour. I carefully kept an eye on the twins.

They kept making outbound phone calls and looking very frustrated. They kept whispering back and forth, yet their body actions told me whatever they were up to was not coming to fruition. Finally, the 3 officers, Deloris, and Jill exited Sasha's office. They had several clear plastic bags that looked to be sealed.

Jill had an armful of files. She motioned for me to join them. I said my goodbyes to Paula, slipping a business card with my cell phone number on it for her to call later. The five of us left the office. We got on the elevator and headed down to the lobby. We all rode silently. I just knew that whatever Jill had in mind was certainly successful so far. We left the lobby and headed to the cars. RJ said thank you to the other two officers and we all got into our respective cars.

CHAPTER 7 RJ took us back to the hospital and dropped us off. She still had several files under her arm. We decided to head up to see Tina before leaving the hospital. I took the files from Jill and put them in the trunk of our car.

We went inside the hospital and up to Tina's floor to see her. Tina was sitting up in her bed trying to eat her meal with one hand. Jill raced over to her, kissed her on the top of her head and began to help her with her meal. She cut the meatloaf in to small manageable bites. She kept alternating between the carrot slices, the mashed potatoes, and the meatloaf feeding her slowly. Jill also lifted the carton of juice up to her lips, so she could take a sip from the bendable straw.

I sat back at the foot of the bed. I just sat there and marveled at how quickly they went back to being friends. We stayed more than 2 hours in the room with Tina.

At some point, Tina began nodding off as her body needed some sleep. Jill kissed Tina on the top of her head again. I walked over to Tina and kissed her lightly on her lips as she was starting to dose off. Jill and I left. As we drove back to her place, Jill was excited and began to tell me her plan. Jill asked if we could stop for some food as she realized that she was very hungry. I pulled into this healthy chicken place. We got out and went inside to have a relaxing meal.

While we stood in line, I called Mr. Jaxson. I let him know that Jill and I were ok to travel whenever he wanted us. As I hung up, I whispered into Jill's ear, "Mr. Jaxson wants us in New York tonight. The plane will be here in about 4 ½ hours." Jill just smiled and kissed me.

We ate, finally getting to relax a bit before we headed home to pack. Jill made a phone call from the table ordering a limo&hellip. but from a competitor&hellip. Black Car Limo. I just smiled and shook my head. Her sense of humor was delightful.

I sat there amazed at how in just a short time, my life had turned for the better. Here I am sitting with a wonderfully beautiful woman, who I'm married to.

We have a plan for things to get better for us and our friends. And&hellip. we're going to have a little girl in just a few short months. Yes, life is getting better. She's my wife…and I'm her chauffeur. Thank you for reading this chapter of "The Chauffeur" series. Please leave a comment (good or bad) so I can continue to craft my stories for all&hellip.

Thanks, Paul.