French want make black baby

French want make black baby
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I'm sorry for last post. David's wife is not Jarrys aunt. That was a mix up and I've already emailed to get it fixed.

I'm writing on a iPod device sense my computer died four weeks ago.

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It makes it very hard to fix problems. I do my best. Read first chapter to understand. As I said befor. There are some themes that you might not like . Under age sex is one of them. _________________________________________________________________________________________ "Ohthe sweet smell of virgin pussy. I wounder if you taste just as good " he then started to lick my panties like it is a candy.

' Oh thank godthat's all he wanted ' I think but then David dropped the panties and kneeled in front of me. His face was right by my crotch. I tried to kick him but he grabbed both of my feet. He then pushed my legs so he could have more acces to my pussy. " Time to get the honey from the source " David said befor he started to lick my pussy. Tiny sparks of pleasure was forming around my pussy and my nipples. " David .please .stop " I said between breaths but he just agnorned me.

He started licking faster and my pussy started to feel like a river.

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He stop licking and I hoped that he was done but he started to poke his right pointer finger around the edge of my pussy lips. I realized that my right leg was not held down and I tried to kick him again but he removed his finger and held it down again. " you should stop doing that " he said with a evil sneer.


" just please stop " I begged again. "Fine if you are not going to listen to me. Then I'll just tie you down. " he got some ties from his pants pocket and quickly tied my feet to the bedbefor I had a chance to kick him. " now back to business" he then used both of his pointer fingers to circle around my pussy lips.

" stop David now " I cryied " You know what you stupid bitch.

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I'm going to gag you " he then took of his left shoe and took of his sock. Befor I could say anything he shoved the smelly sock in my mouth.

" now I can get back to work " he then kneeled back down and pushed both of his pointer fingers into my pussy. My body started to feel weird. He started to push his fingers back and fourth. My body started to shack from pleasure. He went a little further and it hurt a little but then more pleasure followed. My body shook faster intell I felt a powerfull releaseit felt so good.

I then realized that was what girls call a orgasim. I can't describe it but its the best feeling ever. " I think your almost ready for my dick " he got up and I could see the bump at his crotch. He most have seen the scarierd look in my eyes because he started laughing again. He then got on top of me and started sucking on my sensitive right nipple again. I felt his hard cock on my leg.

It was straining from his pants. He started sucking faster and harder and my all ready soaked pussy was getting wetter.

He moved for ward so he was at eye length with me. I could see the crazyness in his eyes. He looked like a sociopath. Why did I have to go to the ice-cream shop. He then got up and took off lab coatshirthis remaining shoe and sock.

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He then took off his belt and let it fall. He slowly worked the zipper of his pants down and his underwear covered dick sprung out. I looked at it in a mixture of awe and fearit looked huge. He then took off the pants and they fell to the ground. He slowly pushed his underwear down and they feel to the ground as well. His dick had to be at leased seven inches. It's dip was cherry red and I could see clear liquid at the tip.

" OhI'm going to enjoy this " he then straddled memaking his dick hit my chin. " your going to be a good slut and when I take the gag out. Your going to suck my dick " I shook my head no and he back handed me. " you will suck my cock " and this time I shook yes. He took the sock out and put his dick at my lips.


I opened up my lip and he put his dick in my mouth. I liked the tip of his cookgetting a taste of the clear liquid. It tasted good. I then licked the rest of the head and David started to shake. I then started to lick the edges of the head. When David started pushing his dick back and forth.

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More of the clear liquid started to come out. " Ohyour such a good little cock sucking whore. I'm going to give my first load in you throat ." he said the last part with a evil laugh behind it. He started to pound my mouth with his large cock. It started to hurt my mouth and top teeth. He started to go very fast making my head bounce up from the impact. He then stiffened and shot a large amount of think salty liquid into my mouth.

It tasted weirdnot bad but weird.


" shallow my cum you whore " he yelled. I let the liquid go into my throatit went down very slow.

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" I havet cum that hard and fast in a long time " he said. He got up and his huge cock was still hard. " I'm going to deflower you tight virgin pussy " he said with a hungry look in his eye.