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Chapter 5 Jeremiah was wondering how he should handle the scavangers and bandits. After nearly a day the scavenger who was trapped earlier was near death. Hours of torture and not being fed has made sure of that. Jeremiah pulled the scavenger's finger nails to get the information he needed. Turns out the scavangers old camp always been set near Romo borders but after the bombings they moved out to the north along with the bandits who protected them. Seems the Romo station was in charge of the district and they weren't to keen on having a camp of bandits and scavangers near by.

The scavengers were a small band no more then twenty eight scavengers who are always on the hunt and ten sellers.


The scavangers hunt down mainly electronics to pass to sellers for a cut of the profits.The sellers then go and sell the wears in different camps or bandit tribes with a large escort of bandits. Any guns or weapons are took by the bandits along with any women who were sold off to slave traders who just appear every few weeks. Armed with some weapons the scavanger stashed away hoping to sell it to another tribe of bandits the camp felt more secure so the survivors who were off hiding came back after the men got the ok from Jeremiah.

Even though most of the weapons were old the scrap metal also found in the stash were used to fix them. April was just fixing the last of the guns when Jeremiah came in to the apartment they lived in together with Gruff and Terrie. April was glad she could take her mind off the troubles of the camp and the world around it. Mostly April was glad to get her mind off Max her little brother.

Max was just sent to his evaluation training a month before the bombings. She knew were he was too in the Chicago Academy of Citizens. A highly ranking evaluation center but more importantly it in the heartland of the union where from some of the air waves she got on her small radio seemed to indicate was the only part of the North American Union that wasn't heavily bombed.

Just as she finished with the last gun she noticed her dad was on her mat checking out the last bunch of guns. "Didn't hear you come in daddy what's up?" April said in her cheerfull way although she looked physically exhausted. Jeremiah was checking the gun out it was a small semi-automatic hand pistol a 9mm just as most of the guns found were. "Nothing just checking in on you and your mother." Jeremiah said.

"Oh moms back thought she was going to stay and chat with Mary to keep watch" April sounded a little tired. "That was yesterday sweetie. You haven't gotten much rest huh?" Jeremiah said in a kind voice. "Not really I been trying to use the scrap to fix these guns and I was hoping I could use the rest to fix the radio better even with both Mary and Gruff plus my radio we can't seem to get very much." April said.

"Yeah I know and of course you can use the rest however you want April just let us know before you fire up the radio so we can keep an eye out for any Sunkin aircraft that happen to fly by."said Jeremiah. April shook her head yes and put down the pistol she just finished down slowly. "Daddy how come you haven't talked about Max?" Jeremiah look hurt." I think about him everyday but we can't do nothing for him he is in safe hand deep in the Midlands and we gotten some news that said the Midlands is the safest place in the union." Jeremiah did think about his one and only son everyday.

Truthfully he worries about him more then he does for anyone in the camp. April has Gruff to look over her and Gruff would never put his little girl in harm's way. Terrie was still optimistic as ever that the rebuilders corps. would be here any day and stayed with Mary in the watch tower to keep a eye out for them. Mary and Terrie built a nice bond over the past weeks. Jeremiah didn't have anyone to confine in and he liked it that way he was never good at expressing his own feelings.

Signing on with the Union Armed Forces straight out of evaluation he never had to confront his feelings. He was always taking orders and following them or making them himself.

Feelings got in the way of the objective he told himself but when it comes to Max he can't help but feel sad and worried over his only son being alone in a Evaluation academy having to wonder if his parents where even still alive.

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Jeremiah own thoughts were interrupted when Gruff entered the room. "We got more survivors coming in on the west Jeremiah." Gruff said with a concerned look on his face.

Jeremiah knew it was only a matter of time before more survivors came by, but he couldn't stop the idea of them being the scavangers looking for the camp. "Ok prepare the men in the camp I'll lead a small team to scout up the survivors to see if there on the level." Jeremiah grabbed a few extra clips and with a small team including Winston and a young man named Bobby they headed off to see what the survivors wanted. It didn't take long for the group to find the survivors they were a large group of survivors up to twenty people.

Mostly women and young teens the few men who were with them carried rifles and seemed to be well off for just coming out of the Wilds. Two men took point while the women and children were in the middle with three men at the rear classic guard position.

"They look hungry and scared." Noted Winston who was with Jeremiah in a building right across from the survivors. "Hungry and scared is a dangerous combination." Jeremiah replied. Bobby who was the youngest of the group noticed all the teens and even seemed like he knew a few of them from a social site back when he could surf the web. "I know some of them kids there from Churvanto a small assembly plant not to far from here to the north." Jeremiah figured he should make his presence known but ordered the other guys to stay back and cover him incase things go wrong.

Once making it around the building and not to far from the survivors Jeremiah yelled out. "Hey there!" The group was surprised but didn't immediately attack. With two semi-automatic rifles aimed at his face Jeremiah didn't feel to safe.

"Hey yourself who are you stranger? What you want from us?" said a large man who Jeremiah guessed was the leader of the group.

"Names Jeremiah Steel who are you people?" Jeremiah hoped they would stay friendly and not shoot at him but felt more at ease once he saw Bobby and Winston flanked the group on top of the buildings.

"My name is Christopher you can call me Chris." said the large man to Jeremiah. "Well always glad to meet new people you in need of any help?" Jeremiah asked. "Were just passing threw the city no thanks." Chris said in a clear tone obviously they didn't want a fight but they weren't going to roll over either.

"That's fine just fine if you have any injured I be happy to help or if you want how about we put the guns down and eat some?" The group seemed to get more lively when the food was mentioned. "You have food to spare?" asked a young woman who was hushed up by her mother. "Yeah I have food to spare it's yours if you want it." Jeremiah said in a kind tone.

"What you want for this food?" Chris asked suspiciously. "No one hands out food for free." Jeremiah looked at Chris " I don't need anything just looks like you have some hungry mouths to feed I have some food in my pack freshly caught and cooked." Chris kept his rifle aimed at Jeremiah as he fished out some jerky and wild berries. "Here take it there's more back at the camp if you guys want." Jeremiah tossed the bag to the group who passed it around. Some of young teens fought over the jerky until Chris pulled them apart.

"That's kind of you Mister but we on our way to Romo there in charge of the district and all the bandits and scavangers are fleeing the south to move up north." "We have regular meals and water better then a long walk in the Wilds we are safe in the camp we set up trust me it's better then marching in the Wilds." Jeremiah stated.

While Chris thought about it a few people came towards Jeremiah. "You have more food? Fresh water?" Jeremiah shook his head and said "Yeah and we have a few Guards set up in camp.

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Real City Guards." That won over most of the group and eventually even Chris. "Real Guards well it won't hurt to stay the night at least." Chris said. Soon Jeremiah and the group made it to the camp and saw it was a real fortified place. Walls erected up cars pushed near the gate for cover and booby traps all along the wall.

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Gruff was at the gate and welcomed the group. After a proper meal the group of survivors soon got along great. Chris told them how it was just him and his Pa at first but after finding a band of scavangers up near Churvanto they headed out. Along the way they noticed a few people camped out in the Wilds took them in and before they knew it there was twenty of them traveling down the south. Most heard of the presidents death on a small radio found in a stash left behind by a scavenger. The group was lucky to have made it so far south and most were dead set on getting to Romo but after a night most decided it was safer to wait in the camp then gamble on making past the Wilds.

"How is it you all made it to the city?" Asked Chris to Jeremiah who was sitting across him in the watch tower. "Well me and the wife knew our daughter was stationed here and we made our way here from Glencoe.

It was a hard day's walk but once we got here we saw our daughter with old Doc. Seems they was taking care of the wounded." Chris looked past the walls of the camp. "Glencoe that was were Pops and I found most of the people and then the rest from Churvanto. It wasn't an easy walk we had to fight off a pack of coyotes after the second night we lost a child." Chris words trailed off. "No need to worry about the wild animals here we set up traps we have walls and a twenty-four hour watch." Jeremiah assured Chris.

Mary who was now next on watch and just about to enter the watch tower noticed something about Chris. "Hey where did you get that ring?" Mary was referring to a shiny platinum ring that was shaped into a eagle and had red jeweled eyes. "This thing? Found it in one of the scavangers stash spots." Chris replied.


"No you didn't." Said Mary who was visibly upset. "You got that off of Solas dead hand." Mary stepped up and punched Chris in the nose and knocked him out cold.

Chris awoke in the medical area with a pounding headache and dry blood on his face. "Wha.? Where am I?" Doc was close by an saw that Chris had awoken. "Your in the medical center of the camp child." Chris was still confused " How did I get here?" Doc said in a kindly voice "You was hit pretty hard and knocked the concrete you'll be ok son." Chris sat up and wiped his nose off. "How long have I been here?" Doc replied "Not long child an hour at most." Chris started to remember he was asked about his ring and when he went to check on it he saw it wasn't on his finger.

"Where is my ring?" Doc looked at Chris and handed him a wet rag to clean off his face. "Oh that thing? Mary has it she is one of the Guards here and the one who gave you quite a punch." Chris wiped his face completely clean and made his way out of the medical area.

Once he was outside he noticed Mary was talking with Jeremiah. "He obviously robbed the grave of my fallen comrades. Even his people can't say if anything else was in the "scavangers stash" if the scavanger would've taken the ring they have taken everything of value." Mary argued to Jeremiah.

Chris's father was sticking up for his son. "My kid isn't any grave digger. If he says he found the ring in scavangers stash I believe him." Jeremiah knew if Mary said she buried everything with Solas then she was telling the truth.

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On the other hand Chris had no reason to lie either. Just as Jeremiah was about to say something he saw Chris was up and out of the Medical area. "Chris your up finally we can get to the bottom of things." Chris walked up in between Mary and his father.

"Where is my ring?" Chris asked Mary. Mary was stunned he still thought the pillaged ring was his. "This isn't your ring it's Solas ring he died at the hand of a Sunkin we buried him not to far north from here.

Its his ring and I am going to give it back to him." Chris looked at Jeremiah then at Mary "I found that ring in a locked box along with other jewelry. Most of it was fake and wasn't worth anything.

I figured the ring was also fake but it looked nice so I kept it for myself." Mary wanted to knock him out again but restrained herself. "Once Gruff comes back from his patrol he can agree we buried this ring along with the Solas dead body." Jeremiah didn't know what to do his gut told him marry wasn't lying, but he didn't want to think that Chris was lying either.

"I will hold onto the ring for now until Gruff comes back from his morning patrol then we will get his side then a decision will be made.I guess." Chris spat at the ground near Mary then walked away. Mary was pissed off and had enough of Chris's shit she went and kicked him in the back that kick sent Chris flying into the crowd.

Mary then went and spat on Chris while he was getting off the ground. Jeremiah stepped in between them both. "Enough I won't have this fighting inside the camp.

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Both of you walk away.now." Chris got up and dusted himself off and blew Mary a kiss and flashed a smug smile. Mary went to go swing at Chris but Jeremiah stopped her and walked with her back to the watch tower. Pops walked with Chris to the other end of the camp where his people stayed. Terrie was a bit shocked she never expected Mary to be so hot headed. Every time there was a crisis Mary seemed so in control of her emotions but this ring obviously ment something more to her then she let on.

Back in the watch tower Mary was still mad about the way Chris lied and how Jeremiah didn't believe her. "Fucking shit. I know what I did with the damn ring I didn't leave it obvious enough for some damn scavenger to find." Mary said as she pounded her fist into the wall as a tear rolled down her face. Terrie walked in and saw how torn Mary was. "I believe you and believe it or not so does Jeremiah." Mary was surprised and turned her face away from Terrie and tried to fight back the tears that were building up.

Terrie knew that stance she seen her daughter do the same thing when Gruff was bleeding out and Doc was desperately trying to save his life. Terrie also remember that's the same stance she did when she heard about Jeremiah whole platoon being wiped out and the chance of there being any survivors was slim if any. "Mary." Terrie then wrapped her arms around Mary and hugged her tightly.

"Mary it's fine to let it out show the world you miss him." Mary couldn't hold it back anymore and let out her tears and began to sob into Terrie's shoulders. After a few minutes Mary had calmed down and explained what Solas and her were.

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"We graduated in the same class Solas was a tall slim man, he had short brown hair the most beautiful green eyes and he wore his goofy small square framed glasses on the tip of his nose." Mary sighed." He was never the kind of guy I look at let alone think I love, but then again you never love who you think you would.

Once we were both assigned to the City Guard and stationed to Romo he hung on me like a bee does to a flower. I would be at mess hall late because I want to squeeze as much training as I could or off doing a extra patrol and he always save his dessert for me.

I was a bit of a fool not to notice he loved me I was always trying to work towards a promotion. Everyone else saw it before I did I only started to realize that when I was transferred into Jailer duty and he passed up a promotion because he wanted to stay stationed with me. He was a born leader who respected his comrades and superiors just the same." Mary chuckled to herself."He finally found the courage to kiss me and tell me how he truly felt when we were under heavy fire from a band of bandits and gang bangers on a drug deal in the middle of the wilds.

I was pinned down behind a turned over log and he fought his way to me just to kiss me and tell me he loved me ever since he saw me back on the first day of evaluation. The fool ended up taking a bullet to his shoulder from a bandit I didn't even know what to say I just kept quiet and tried to not look at him.

I hurt him worse then the bullet in his shoulder with my silence he told me later on. I came to my senses and asked him why he did that as we hauled the corpses back to Romo in our pick up truck. "I didn't want to die with out telling you how I felt." I told him he could've died getting to me and he said "Well thend it would have been worth it." Terrie smiled at Mary who seemed to finally show her true self to her that Mary wasn't just a cold calm Guard.

Mary went on with her story. "Once we made it back to Romo I invited him to a drink at the bar. I fucked his brains out that night. I jumped on his dick and it felt great we stayed in my room for the whole night it felt like forever like time slowed down and that night never ended.

There wasn't anything official with us we couldn't file for marriage documents or anything until after our fifth mandatory tour in the Guard and we were just on our third.

He saved up his cut from bounties said he was going to save enough for us to buy up a store and never have to kill anyone or put ourselves in danger ever again. I bought that ring for him it was a silly thing really here he was saving everything he could and I went and spent 3,000 credits on a ring for him as a birthday gift.

He never took it off he did say it was too much for him though I disagreed." Mary sighed heavily. "Then that bastard took him from me with his blades. The zealot cut him down before my very eyes. How I hated him for taking my Solas away from me, but I couldn't stand having to protect him and get him back to Romo safe it's the only reason I volunteered to stay back with Gruff." After Terrie and Mary finished there conversation Bobby came into the tower.

"Gruff's back in camp Jeremiah sent me here to cover for you just for a while." Mary made her way to Jeremiah who was in the middle of the camp with Gruff and Chris as Terrie followed. Jeremiah asked Gruff a few questions."So do you remember when Solas was killed?" Gruff just nodded yes. "Well what did you guys do after he was killed?" Gruff took a breath and then said.

"We buried him along with Jip who also was killed by the Sunkin Zealot." Jeremiah shook his head "Ok. Do you remember if Solas was buried with anything?" Gruff answered quickly "Yeah lots of stuff his armor his boots, Guard badge, and of course his most prized possession his ring." Jeremiah looked at Chris who wasn't showing any sign of worry or guilt. "Do you remember how the ring looked like?" Gruff smiled "Of course he was always polishing it and showing it off. It's an bald eagle with red jeweled eyes huge ring shiny can't ever forget it." Jeremiah showed Gruff the ring ".and this is it?" Gruff eyes went wide with disbelief.

"How you get that ring?" Jeremiah nodded his head "Chris said he found it in a stashed catché from a scavanger." Gruff eyes turned to anger and looked directly at Chris "He lies. I helped bury Solas the grave was well hidden no way a scavanger would be digging around in the middle of the wilds for anything of value." Mary stood next to Gruff.

"Now do you believe me? That piece of shit stole it right off my.right off Solas hand!" Chris showed no remorse. "I said it was in a scavangers stash spot besides wouldn't I take his gun and not some useless ring?" Gruff spoke up " I never mentioned we buried Solas with his gun." Mary was shaking with anger "You animal you dug up Solas grave and took his ring and lied about it to my face your fucking dead." As Mary went to attack Chris Gruff held her back.

"Now listen here I might have found the ring outside of the stash spot but it don't change the fact that it wasn't doing anybody any good in the ground. I figured I could use it until I got to Romo and sold it to feed the group.

Food ain't cheap and we know the Guard won't feed us for free I was thinking of the whole group." Gruff turned around "No one in Romo would've bought it Solas was stationed there everyone would've know you stole that ring and you and probably your group would've been hung for scavenging a Guards belongings." Chris took a step back as he caught the look in Mary's and Gruff's eyes.

"I'm sure I could've found somebody to buy it.What I did was look out for the whole group so a grave was disturbed and what I would do it again if I had the chance." Gruff let go of Mary who punched Chris with her heavy gloved hand right in the gut and then drove her knee into his face sending Chris to the ground. Jeremiah went to put a stop to it but was held back by Terri who shook her head no "Let her deal with it." Mary went on to repeatedly kicked Chris in the gut and stomping on his back.

"Grave digger.thief." Mary said in between kicks and stomps. Gruff finally stepped in and put his hand on her shoulder. "That's enough." Mary pulled out her blade and threw it at the ground embedding it close to Chris face.

"Pick up the knife! Get up and fight!" The group who was traveling with Chris was torn some wanted to stop it before it went to far others felt Chris got what he deserved. All of them didn't want to step in and try to stop Mary she was still a City Guard. Chris coughed up blood and spat at the ground. "You want to kill me?! You fucking cunt.I'll make you pay." As Chris got up he looked at the knife and grabbed it.

Pops pulled out a gun and aimed it at Mary. "Stop! I won't let you kill my boy." Jeremiah aimed his gun at the old man.

"Put down the gun. No one is getting killed." Pops didn't move his gun from Mary's face. "Look at my boy he is half beat and now she expects him to pick up a blade to a Guard no less. That a death sentence and a half." Mary was still angry and didn't care if she got shot. Gruff pulled her back though "Enough Mary relax! We are the law and we set order and deliver justice not go off and kill who ever pissed us off." Chris took this chance to kill Mary before he gets killed and lunge at Mary.

A single shot was fired and Chris was sent to the ground with a leg wound. Pops fired his pistol and shot his son in the leg.

Pops then threw the gun down and went to Chris "Stupid boy always getting into fights you can't win." Doc came with her medical bag in hand.

The bullet passed threw the leg and missed the major arteries. Mary left Chris bleeding in the middle of the camp and grabbed the ring from Jeremiah and made her way back to the watch tower. Gruff helped Doc out by carrying Chris to the medical area as the crowd in the camp went back to doing there exercise and Jeremiah was teaching them the proper way to defend themselves.

Winston was with the other new camp members explaining things weren't always this hectic and tried to convince them to stay. They brought with them men and more importantly weapons extra men and guns was worth keeping around no matter what in Winstons mind no matter the price.

Deep underground inside the Undercraft was Markus the Mouth for the Watcher clan of the Children of the Touched. Markus was working up a plan of what the Watchers can do for the topsided once the humans either die off or the Sunkin become to much for the Union to hold back. "The machines they use to build there cities are amazing creatures.


The ability to raise a city to house hundreds of thousands humans is unbelievable. Imagine the possibilities that a proper mind can do with that power." The Elder walked in to the Mouths room.

"Young one what would you do with such power huh?" Markus was caught off guard with the Elders intrusion. "Such power isn't mine to even dream of Elder." The Elder runs his hand over his long beard as he speaks to Markus. "If such power was able to be had what would you do with it Mouth?" Markus felt uneasy but knew better then to even try to lie to an Elder. "I would build a massive city that engulfs the whole of the North America to have all the Children of the Touched live in peace and tranquility." The Elder seemed to study the Mouths face intently.

"A utopia for our kind built on top of the ruins of the the humans?" Markus thought about if for a second. "The humans build there civilization on top the ruins of the old empires and nations of there defeated enemies threw out history." The Elder turned around facing the plan on the desk and said. "Your view of humans as being a vanquished foe will get you killed young one. Humans are nothing if not resourceful." Markus thought to himself."I never said humans were the enemies." The Elders voice boomed into Markus head.

"Didn't you?" Clive and Mitch were having a blast watching the screens in the observation room watching the survivors from the bombings being rounded up by the Zealots Slave hunters only for the slave hunters to be hunted down and destroyed by the packs of Bruisers. Butcher on the other hand was still trying to find a way out of the UnderCraft. After weeks of being imprisoned with the mutants Butcher realized there was only one way out of here.

"The front door is the only possible way out and with the commander circling the door like a shark it's impossible to escape." Butcher thought to himself. "Its about time you came to that conclusion human." said a surveyor who was next to him. "Can all of you mut--Children of the Touched read minds?" Butcher asked out loud. "No only the Surveyors,Mouths,Elder and Queen are telepathic. The rest of the Touched have other gifts." Said the Surveyor.

Butcher grunted "huh.so the Mouth that's Markus and what does he do exactly?" The Surveyor answered. "The Mouth speaks for the Queen in diplomatic meetings with other clans for the Queen so she doesn't have to risk an assassination attempt by enemies of the Touched." Butcher then asked what the Elder role is in the clan. "The Elder is the wisest and most powerful of us.

The Elder can use his telepathic powers to enhance a Fist strength or speed and boost our telepathic abilities." The Surveyor answered in a matter a fact tone. Butcher then asked what a surveyors job was. "We simply add details to battle maps and provide the strategic support to Fists in the heat of battles." Butcher never expected the mutants to be so complex with there leadership.

"Story's been said Bruisers go and kill zealots saving unionist from being enslaved." The Surveyor nods his head in agreement. "The Fist do fight the foreign enemy off the land even if a zealot spy is found in a human settlement we try to leave you unionist alone." As Butcher and the Surveyor walk down the corridor he saw the commander running toward the watching room.

They both came in behind the commander and say the wall of screens showing the party of Bruisers with the Queen entering the sewer system.

Markus came in and saw that the Queen was but half a days walk to the UnderCraft. "Prepare for the Queens arrival." Markus ordered and the Surveyors changed the angles of the cameras drones around the sewer system to look out for the Queen path.

The Bruisers went to put on there beast skin and finest leathers. The commander ordered the deserters into there cages.

Clive didn't like the idea of getting into the small cage, but Markus was in his head letting him know it was ok and for the best so reluctantly Clive and the others got into the cages.

All the other mutants got ready by cleaning up any mess left and then getting there best clothes on for the Queens arrival. After the sun set the Queen came into the UnderCraft the Queen was a fair haired beauty petite and beautiful. The Queen wore a long stylish coat that even the richest unionist and fashion models had trouble finding. "What a looker." Butcher thought to himself.

The Queen shot a look of discontent to him. "We have guest?" The commander spoke up "Murders.they killed my men and three breeding aged females my Queen. The Mouth said we should wait for your judgement before we kill them." Markus thought the commander's remake was a bit over the top. "My Queen it's not a simple case of murder. I seen what really happened and the case is more.complicated.

Any ways it's for a later time I'm sure your tired from your long travel and a bath has been drawn up." The Queen took a quick glance at Butcher. "Bring him to my chambers feed the others." The commander didn't like the idea of having the murder alone with his Queen but knew if he opposed her or even let her think it was a bad idea he would pay dearly for his rebellion and quickly shook the idea out of his head.


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Walk." The commander barked at Butcher. "Well don't have to ask me twice." Butcher said as he followed the Queen to her chambers. Down the corridor he pass by at least fifty times he saw the Queen put her hand on a pipe and the wall slid open to reveal a amazing luxurious bedroom.

Silk covers on a large bed a violin on a solid red oak table with decorated tiles of exotic animals. "Damn I had to pass by this place over a dozen times how did I miss it?" Butcher thought to himself. "You only see what I want you to see." The Queen answered. Butcher noticed the Queen was getting nude. "Your not turning away?" The Queen asked. "I only see what you let me see." The Queen stoped and then with a quick blink Butcher's vision became blurry.

"What the hell?" Butcher laughed. The Queen got changed and bathed while Butcher admiring the violin. "Used to be good at that thing back in evaluation. I wonder if I'm still any good at it." The Queen asked him "You should try it out." Butcher looked back but the Queen was still in her locked bathroom. "I don't like the idea of having people inside my head." and then with out a second thought he picked up the violin and played a few notes.

Then after remembering all the long practice sessions back in evaluation he played the Assembly a song that was dedicated to the Unions founding. After a quick bath the Queen came out in her high fashion clothing and smelling of vanilla and a slight flowery smell.

"That was lovely I knew you were a kind and sophisticated man. Tell me how did you get the name Butcher?" Butcher put the violin down and got up. "You had a reason for bringing me over here?" The Queen looked directly at Butcher "I brought you here because I'm trying to see if it's worth sparring your life." Butcher eyes grew as cold as the tile on the floor.

"I got the name Butcher by my superior officer. We had a engagement with some Sunkin sympathizers the battle was nearly done. My tank was crippled from a I.E.D. and I gave the order to fire into the building holding the sympathizers and I ended up killing eight women and children. I been known as the Butcher ever since." The Queen noticed he wasn't lying. "Ok thank you for being honest.

That's all for now but don't blame yourself you do know the enemy comes in all shapes and sizes." A few Bruisers came by and took him back to Clive and Mitch who were with Markus. "I believe you and your comrades will be spared death." Markus chimed happily.

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"You said others like us were here where are they?" Butcher asked. "They are not here but then again they are." Butcher was confused but didn't worry about it a chance to live is a chance to escape.