Teen cum sprayed in class

Teen cum sprayed in class
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Chapter Five: ----------------------------------------------------------- Paige moved around to kneel between her sister's spread legs, and pumped the dildo steadily as she stared at Stevie wriggling and moaning in front of her. "Harder! Harder!" Stevie gasped, her head jerking from side to side. Paige pumped harder, and thrust in deep. On one thrust the side of her hand hit Stevie's pussy and the redhead's eyes flew open wide.

"Again!" she gasped. "Hit my pussy again"' "What?" "Harder! Shove it in so your hand hits my pussy" Paige looked down nervously, then pulled the dildo back and thrust in hard until the side of her fist smashed into Stevie's pussy mound. Stevie gave a low cry and flung her head back, arching her back as her groin humped up against the dildo.

Paige slid it back, then jammed it into her again, once more letting the side of her fist mash into Stevie's pussy.

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The feel of the pussy, oily and hot, against her fist made her own pussy growl for attention. She ground her knuckles into Stevie's cunt as she slid her other hand down into her pajamas and rubbed furiously on her own slit. Stevie gurgled in ecstasy. Her hands gripped the front of her top and ripped it open, exposing her swollen breasts and hard little pink nipples. Her hands slapped down on the bulbous mammaries, fingers digging in deep as she squeezed repeatedly.

Paige watched the dildo as it slid back and forth in her sister's cunt opening. The rubber glistened wetly and she felt the pressure of Stevie's cunt muscles as she pumped it in and out. Her eyes stared at the beads of moisture on the red furred snatch, and at her pussy lips being pulled back and forth by the action of the dildo' pulled out, then pushed in, then pulled out again.

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She twisted the dildo to one side, drawing a gasp from the redhead, then she pressed it especially hard against the top of Stevie's pussy as she sawed it back and forth over her sister's clitty. Stevie arched her back again, clawing at her tits as she whined in heated passion. Her feet pawed at the bed, jerking and bouncing up and down as she humped up against the plunging rubber cock. Paige's own pussy was burning with excitement.

She ground her thumb down on it and exploded into her own climax, grunting and shaking as the pleasure washed over her. She humped against her fingers, still pumping the dildo up Stevie's snatch as she groaned in delight. Then it passed, leaving her weak, but still excited.

She stared down at Stevie's swat, then, daringly, pulled her hand out of her pants and slid her finger down against her sister's clitty, rubbing it as she pumped the dildo. Stevie was rolling her head back and forth in bliss, her eyes closed, mouth open as she panted and mewled in pleasure. She opened her eyes and stared at Paige as the blonde leaned closer and closer to her pussy. Paige licked her lips once, then bent over between Stevie's legs.

She stared at the cunt maw from inches away, still pumping the dildo in and out. Then she slid it out entirely and watched the pussy lips close again. She reached down with a tentative finger and slid it between the folds of the red furred pussy lips, prying them open once again, then used the fingers of both hands pull open Stevie's cunt and stare into the gleaming pink within.

"Paige," Stevie gasped. Paige ignored her, bending closer. She tried to remember how Jamie had done it to her. She pushed two fingers together and slid them into Stevie's box, sliding them deep, then used the thumb and forefinger of her other hand to hold open her pussy lips. She bent and slid her tongue up and down against Stevie's clitty. Stevie stared in shock, amazed and stunned as she saw her sister's tongue slide into her pussy slit and make contact with her clitty.

She felt a powerful burst of erotic lust as she felt the soft wet tongue dancing on her clitoris. Paige's fingers pumped back and forth inside her, rasping against the clitty from beneath as the blonde's tongue attacked it from the other side. Paige pressed her lips in close and sucked hard on the little bud, making Stevie cry out in delight, causing her legs to jerk up and down on the bed. Stevie came with a blast of deep, gut wrenching sexual bliss, her entire body rippling with electrical blastwaves of excitement as the climax grew and grew.

Her eyes rolled back in her head and she humped up desperately, her hands shooting down onto Paige's head and jamming it into her cunt. She jerked her head far back, actually lifting her shoulders off the bed as she ground her teeth together and blew out all the air in her lungs in sharp, forceful puffs. She gurgled helplessly, her vision blurring from lack of air. She could not remember how to inhale while the fiery sexual climax continued to rip through her body.

Then she fell limp to the bed, moaning tiredly as the orgasm ebbed. Her hands fell from Paige's head and the blonde purled her face free, then slowly crawled up along her sister's body, straddling her like a lion over its kill. She looked down at the bedraggled redhead, her eyes closed, her full breasts rising and falling quickly with her deep breathing, and felt a deep love and lust for her.

She bent, examining the long, thin, hard pink nipple. She slid her hands onto Stevie's big mammary mounds, amazed by how different they felt from her own. She squeezed Stevie's tits, watching her fingers mash the meaty flesh from side to side. Then she bent and licked her tongue back and forth across Stevie's left nipple several times before folding her lips on it and sucking. She sucked avidly, her tongue whipping back and forth against the nipple as she held it within her lips.

She continued to squeeze and knead the hot, swollen titties, and changed nipples several times as Stevie slowly regained her strength. Then Stevie sat up and the two stared into each other's eyes.

Bright green met deep blue. Stevie pushed the blonde over onto her back and lay alongside her for a moment. Paige lay on her back, her hands beside her head on the bed, watching as Stevie's nimble fingers quickly unfastened the buttons down the front of her pajama tops.

She felt strangely embarrassed as the redhead opened the top and revealed her naked chest.

Nobody had seen her tits except her doctor. Even the boys she'd made out with hadn't seen them really since they were always in darkened cars. She saw her own nipples were very hard and felt them tingling with excitement. Stevie slid her hands onto her breasts and Paige felt a terrific heat there. Her breasts, especially her nipples, were incredibly sensitive to her sister's touch.

In fact, as Stevie softly squeezed and kneaded her round hillocks, she felt the first real pleasure she had ever received from her mammaries. Her tits didn't feel that good when she squeezed them, and boys always squeezed them so hard she felt more pain than pleasure. Stevie was softly caressing them, her hands gliding over the rounded surfaces, fingers flicking across her aroused nipples.

She leaned over, her long red hair falling across Paige's breasts, tickling them. She pushed her tongue out and slid it down onto the blonde's left titty, down near the bottom. Then, as Paige watched, entranced, Stevie slid her tongue all around her tit, encircling it in a sizzling trail of heat.

She began to kiss across it, avoiding the nipple, her tongue gliding smoothly up and down, back and forth, then she began to circle the nipple, getting closer and closer. Suddenly her lips closed on the stiff nipple and she sucked hard, drawing it into her mouth and mashing her tongue against it. "Wuunuhhhhhh!" Paige gasped, astonished at the blast of sexual pleasure that ripped into her chest.

Stevie's hands were still stroking and rubbing against her breasts. Paige arched her back, pushing her round titties up into her hands.

Then she yelped as she felt a sting on her nipple. Stevie had seized it between her teeth and was gnawing on it, grinding her teeth from side to side as she suckled.

The intensity of the feeling on that nipple grew even greater as the redhead opened her teeth and began licking at it. She bit down again, then again, sucking and licking. Paige gasped and groaned, her body squirming helplessly. She humped upwards and felt a bolt of pure white fire in her cunt as she ground it against Stevie's thigh. The redhead was half laying over her, her right leg between Paige's thighs. Paige humped up again, rubbing her moist pussy against Stevie's thigh.

Her pajamas were wet in front from her seeping cunt milk and she felt a moment's shock at the realization. Then Stevie licked a smooth, curving line down her belly to the elastic waistband of her pants. Her fingers gripped them and she tugged them down the blonde's short legs. Paige pulled her legs up and back as her sister slipped the pants up and off, then tossed them on the ground. Paige's legs fell back to the bed, wide apart. Again she felt a moment's embarrassment as her sister gazed down into her hot, wet, gold furred fuck entrance.

Stevie bent over and licked up and down alongside her slit, then pried her pussy open and began to run her tongue along the pink flesh inside. She avoided her clitty at first, her tongue diving into Paige's cunt hole as deep as it would go.

She mashed her lips against the pink meat as she wiggled her tongue inside her sister's fuck tunnel. "Oh God! Oh God! Oh God! Oh, Oh! Oh! Ohhhhhh!" Paige gasped. She gasped, then gave a hard jerk, her legs flying open wide and her ass bouncing up and down on the bed. Stevie thrust her fingers deep into Paige's cunt hole and pumped furiously as the blonde came with a shattering bang.

Paige jerked and humped and rolled her head from side to side, her body heaving and wriggling in ecstasy as Stevie jammed a third finger up her hole, then closed her thumb against the clitty and ground it between them.

Paige's orgasm continued and grew more intense. Then she peaked and fell back exhausted. Stevie bent and began to lick her clitty, her tongue wiping back and forth as she sought to suck it into her mouth.

Her lungers continued to pump in and out of her sister's fuck pit as she blew and sucked and rubbed her lips and tongue over her clitty. She pulled back after long seconds, and reached for the dildo. Her tongue pressed against the blonde's clitty again as she slid the dildo up against the cunt hole and pushed it in. Paige felt herself split wide by the thick dildo and groaned in pleasure as it moved into her body.

Her cunt tube widened around the rubber click and her clitty buzzed with excitement as it felt the pressure against it. Paige pumped it in and out steadily as slurped on her clitoris, and within minutes Paige was wriggling and moaning once again as she was dung into another shattering orgasmic seizure.

Stevie locked her door that night, knowing either her father, or one of her brothers would try and visit her otherwise, and too fucked out to want more.

She slept soundly, her dreams filled with cocks and tits and cunts, and her body flushed with the eroticism of them all. She woke refreshed, and horny. She started to jerk off but then thought that maybe she could kind someone to help her. She pulled on her satin pajama top and padded to her door, unlocking and opening it, then peering out into the hall. She moved down the hall to Paige's room but it was empty.

She remembered then that the blonde had cheerleader practice this morning. She peeked into Mike's room but he was gone too, football practice. She grumbled unhappily then moved to the next room. The Dennis was sitting on his bed reading when she peeked inside. He glanced up with interest when she leaned in. "Who's home?" she asked. He knew exactly what she meant. "Rob and Dad." "Where's Donnie7" "Shower." She gave him a seductive look but he shook his head.

"Forget it, Steph." Her face fell. "Why?" she pouted.

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"Because if you're not downstairs in ten minutes Dad is going to come looking for you." "He won't find me in the shower." "He'll wonder where the hell you are. It's too dangerous. You'll have to wait until later." "I thought you guys liked it," she sulked. He grinned in smug amusement. "We did, Steph, but neither of us wants to get tossed out of the house." "Dad wouldn't do that, I guarantee it." "I'm afraid your guarantee won't put us through college." She heaved a sigh of regret.

"Hey," he called as she turned away. "What?" "Wanna ditch school today?"' "You'd ditch school?" she asked in amazement. "Me and Donnie." "Wow! you must have liked it!" "Want to?" "Okay." She went hack to her room and got her towel and robe, then went into the bathroom that adjoined both her and Paige's rooms. She stripped and had a quick shower, restraining herself from jerking off only by the greatest effort.

She blew dry her long red hair so it looked loose and wild, yet hung in perfect rows down the sides and back of her face. She also gave herself bangs today, brushing them to perfection.

She went back to her room and opened her dresser, wondering what to wear. She slipped on a lacy black G-string, then bent and pulled out some scantihose and pulled it on one leg at a time. Scantihose were a new kind of pantyhose. There were two separate stockings that slid up her legs to her crotch, almost touching her pussy on the inside and narrowing on the outside of her leg as it reached up her hips to attach to a lacy elastic belt around her waist.

It was more comfortable and sexier than a garter belt and stockings, and she could wear a really short skirt without the tops showing. Besides, she thought the effect would impress the twins. She drew out a lacy little black French bra and pulled that on as well, then drew on a black silk shirt and frilly black mini-skirt. All in black, she thought to herself, ready for evil deeds. She stepped into a pair of high heels and made her way downstairs.

Rob had gone and her father was just finishing his breakfast. "Hi, Daddy," she said. He glanced up from his paper, looked around warily, then winked at her. "How are you, Princess?" "Okay." She walked past him and he grabbed her wrist in one hand, then slid the other up under her skirt in back, rubbing his hand back and forth under her buttocks and cunt pad.

She gave a little whimper of pleasure. He leaned over and leered at her.

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"How's that hot little pussy of yours?" She blushed and smiled tentatively. He chuckled, sliding his hand back and forth over her lightly covered pussy mound.

He frowned and let go of her wrist to lift her skirt up. His eyes widened in appreciation when he saw the little string going down the middle of her ass and the scantihose on her thighs. "Now doesn't that look pretty?" he sighed.

"Where'd you get slutty underwear like that, Stephanie?" She shrugged, a little embarrassed as he stared at her bar buns and continued to rub his fingers over her pussy.

He pulled his chair out from the table and gripped her wrist again, pulling her hack onto his lap. She sat down a little worriedly, glancing towards the stairs. "Don't worry about the twins. They're never down on time," he whispered in her air.

He kissed the side of her throat, then licked up and down it as he held her on his lap. He had one arm around her waist, just like he used to hold her on his lap when she was little. But his time his other hand was in under her skirt, stroking her pussy through the little G-string. She spread her legs and squirmed as his fingers slid under the lacy panel and rubbed against her bare pussy.

"You were a better fuck than your Mom ever was," he whispered in her ear. He wriggled a finger up into the hot tightness of her pussy tunnel and pumped it in and out as he kissed her on the lips. She didn't resist but didn't really kiss back either, worried the twins would come and see them.

Then he deftly unbuttoned the front of her shirt. The French bra fastened together in front and he had it open and her hard breasts out in seconds. He sighed, then closed his lips on her right nipple, sucking contentedly as his fingers continued to stroke against her clitty.

She was squirming more and more, her insides quivering and burning under his careful touch. He pushed a second finger up into her twat and thumbed her clitty as he suckled at her breast. His other hand, the one around her waist, rose to Cup her left breast, kneading and fondling it as Stevie sighed and groaned in increasing sexual arousal Her head rolled slowly from side to side then fell forward, her chin hitting her chest momentarily.

Her father was fucking his fingers faster and faster, ripping them back and forth over her clitty and jamming them into her with hard pumping motions. Each hard thrust drew a gasp from her trembling lips. He suddenly grabbed the back of her hair with his left hand, jerking her head back hard, pulling it down onto the table as he leaned forward and locked his lips against her throat. Her gasp of pain and surprise was almost drowned out by his growl of lust as he bit down on her throat and sucked hard.

His fingers pumped faster and harder, making a meaty wet sound as they rammed up into her fuckbox. Stevie was shaking and wiggling her ass, her legs bouncing and jerking in mid-air. Her back was arched hard, thrusting her breasts up and out. Her father pulled his lips off her throat and gave another growl, then locked his teeth and lips on her right tit, biting down and sucking with ferocious power.

Her entire body was bouncing and jerking and shaking as he rammed his fingers up into her cunt, three of them now, pistoning back and forth between her oily cunt lips. She came, her back arching more, her tits exploding with sensory pleasure, her cunt spasming and shaking setting her entire body trembling with convulsions.

Her mouth opened wide and a gargling sound came from her tortured lungs as the force of the orgasm sent storms of ecstasy tearing through her mind. She humped against him maniacally, her eyes closed tightly as she mewled in dazed satisfaction. Then, just as her orgasm began to wane, her shoved her off, holding her by hips and hair and pushing her face down across the table.

He lifted her skirt and unzipped his cock, then, with one eye on the stairs and the other on her rounded buttocks, her pulled the panel of her G-string aside and slid his hot, hard boner into her steamy snatch. Stevie felt herself pierced and gasped in delight. The big thick prong drove balls deep into her furnace of a cunt in one hard thrust, but she was so hot and wet she felt no pain. Her father gripped her hips tightly and pounded his tool down her pink fuck- tunnel as he grunted in heated passion.

Stevie's thighs ground against the corner of her table as her father rutted into her. But he was only after a quickie. Less than two minutes later he gave a hiss of satisfaction and pumped thick white gobs of sperm up his redheaded daughter's fuck-opening. He shuddered, then swayed back and forth for a second before pulling his softening prick from her warm depths' stuffing it back into his pants, and doing up his zipper.

he gave her ass a sharp smack, then pulled her skirt down and pulled her off the table, setting her on a chair. "Wish I had time to see to you properly, but I've gotta get to work. Maybe if you're lucky I'll give you a long ride tonight." She knew exactly what he meant by ride and it wasn't in a car. Her pussy gave a little spurt of heat at the thought.

She dazedly did up her bra, then buttoned up her shirt, just as Dennis started down the stairs. She wondered what the twins would say if they knew she was getting fucked by Dad, or what he would think if he knew the twins and Mike were fucking her, or what any of them would think if they knew she and Paige had fucked, or what Paige would think. Rob would be pissed. He was the only member of the family she hadn't fucked. The thought stunned her.

How had so much changed in a day?


She greeted Dennis noncommittally, and got up to get her breakfast. He went into the kitchen with her but said and did nothing other than get his own breakfast. The twins were nothing if not careful. Donnie came downstairs a couple of minutes later.

The four of them ate together, talking about school and things, then her Dad left. She glanced at Dennis but he continued to eat his breakfast.

She looked the other way but Donnie was also eating. She finished her milk and stood up. "Well?" She said. "Plenty of time," Donnie said. "Go up and brush your teeth and take a shower, Dennis said.

"I already took a shower." "We want you clean," Donnie said. "I am clean!" she glared. "We want you extra clean." "What about you guys?" "We haven't just been fucking someone," Dennis said. She gasped and her eyes widened. Both twins were looking at her strangely and she blushed in embarrassment. "It wasn't my idea," She said. "No?" "No! He's the one who fucked me in the first place.

Yesterday after he spanked me." "And you loved it." "Well. well, yeah, kinda." "And came and got us to fuck you." "I didn't invite you into my room'" she scowled. "You waved your ass around us making it perfectly clear what you wanted." "So?" "So go upstairs and take a shower," Donnie said calmly.

"Yeah, or you'll get another spanking before we fuck you," Dennis added. She started for the stairs, then stopped and turned back, standing in front of the table. "You guys don't, like.


mind that I fucked Daddy, do you?" "If you don't mind, we don't mind," Dennis shrugged. She unbuttoned her shirt and took it off, then wiggled her skirt down her long legs, stepping out of it. Both boys were eyeing her body with careful attention as she posed there in her lacy black lingerie. "Take your time now," she taunted, turning to present her bare ass to them, then sauntering to the stairs and up.

She didn't think they'd be long in following.

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