A lusciuos lesbian love making with charlotte stokley and jessa rhodes

A lusciuos lesbian love making with charlotte stokley and jessa rhodes
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Have you ever had the biggest mistake of your life turn into the best thing of your life? Well. my biggest mistake was allowing my daughter to crawl into my bed just weeks after her mother passed away after a long battle with cancer.

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We were both walking zombies after Tina's funeral. Kim cried often and I had no idea how to comfort her. I usually drank myself into a sorry state and passed out. But one night she came into my room with tears in her eyes and quietly asked if she could sleep with me. Must have been the booze talking when I answered yes.

I had completely forgotten that I always slept naked when she crawled under the covers and into my arms.

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Kim slept in a long night shirt, but as she moved around in my arms, I could feel her girl cock pressing against my own hard on. Oh yeah. Maybe I should back up here. My step daughter used to be a boy when I first met and fell in love with her mother, Tina. I was on project in Manila and met Tina during a lunch break. I was immediately attracted to her short, curvy body and spanish/asian face framed by long silky black hair. We were married within 6 months. Tina knew all along that her son Kim, who was fathered by a Vietnamese drifter, was heading toward being a transsexual.

When it came time to take the puberty blocking drugs and hormones, I was the one footing the bill. Eventually I also paid for minor facial surgery. Kim was always grateful for my role in her transition. I never thought much about it. I was too busy fucking her mom, who was one hot little tart. The thought of some kid with a cock had never turned me on. But here was 16 year old Kim lying in my arms for several nights and I kept getting erect.

Even worse, I knew that she knew I was getting erect. After about a week I put an end to it, but the damage was done.

Our thoughts about one another would never be the same again. We moved back to my home in California, and Kim felt relieved to be starting life anew where no one knew she had once been a boy. Her body had filled out nicely. Her tits appeared to be natural hormone grown b-cups. She had a very narrow waist which flared to a big set of hips.

I could have sworn she was one of those Latin American-big-assed cuties from some porn sites I enjoyed. As girlish as she was, however, our lives were that of a normal single father and teenage daughter.

She got good grades in high school and eventually went off to University of California. Once I was living alone again, I began to think about my tranny daughter. I missed her being around and for whatever reason, I began masturbating to the memories of her lying with me during her grief.

She had her mother's smell, the same beautiful black hair, and the same big dark eyes. Her skin was slightly darker, probably from her Vietnamese heritage. I started watching a lot of shemale and ladyboy porn on the internet.

I couldn't believe how beautiful these girls looked, and yet it seemed to me that Kim was even more pretty and sexy than these porn starlets. It was Christmas break during her sophomore year when the real trouble started. I was lying in bed when a thunderstorm broke out. Kim was watching late night tv at the time, and after one particularly bright flash of lightning, all the power went out.

"Daddy, the power is out." I opened my eyes to see her silhouette in the darkness.


"Yes Kim. I think the storm knocked it out. I'm sure the utility company will fix it in the morning." After a pause, Kim replied, "Daddy, this lightning is scaring the shit out of me." "Well, Kim, why don't you go to your bed-" Wham! A bolt of lightning must have landed very close to the house. Kim leapt with fright right into my bed. Once again, I was naked, and she was in nothing but a night shirt. She was shivering with fear, and I held her tight against me.

Eventually the storm passed and the thunder became more distant. Just as I thought about suggesting that she return to her own bed, she started kissing my chest. "Umm. baby?" "I love you Daddy." "I love you too, Kim.

But. uhhhh - " And before I could say anything else, she had kissed her way up my neck, and stopped me mid sentence with a hot sexy kiss on my mouth.


Our mouths mashed against one another for a few seconds and then our tongues went into action as we french kissed for minutes. My hands were roving all over her back and narrow waist but I was careful not to touch her ass or tits. She squirmed her hot little body all over mine.

Eventually her shirt hiked up around her waist and I could feel the bare skin of her tranny cock rubbing against my belly.

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I finally broke off the kiss and held her face above mine. She gasped, "Wow! Daddy! That was the best kiss in the world!." In the evening light from the street lamps that shone through the bedroom window, I could see a reflection of light in her sexy dark eyes. She looked like a goddess. "Uhh baby, maybe we shouldn't do thi-" She put a finger to my lips, and whispered, "Please Daddy, you paid for my hormones and surgery to make me a woman.

Please make love to me. Let me show you how grateful I am" and she drove her tongue down deep into my mouth.

This time our kissing was frantic. My hands were roaming everywhere. Our cocks rubbed against one another as she squirmed within my arms. She paused to pull her shirt over her head and wet her hand with saliva. She grasped my cock, lubing it up with saliva, saying "Ohhhh Daddy! I need this big thing inside me." "Kimmy. baby. sweety. Let's not do this. Please stop.

I don't want to hurt you." But she was having none of it. She wet her fingers again, plunging them into her ass to prepare for our incestuous Daddy-Daughter fuck. She pushed her big round ass back against my cock. It looked like she winced as the knob of my penis pushed into her warm tight anus.

But then I saw the outlines of her smile, "Ohhh Daddy. This is so naughty and it feels so good." She was right. As I slipped inch by inch into her tight asian fuckhole, the squeezing pleasure of her ass on my cock was sending electric jolts through my body. There was no power outage in this bed. Once my cock was fully embedded in her ass, she stopped and tongue kissed me again.

Slowly she started pushing her ass up and down on my rod. When she broke off the kiss, she pleaded with me, "Fuck me Daddy. Fuck your little girl who used to be your little boy." And that was it.

The mention of having been a boy clicked on something in my head. I became an animal. I let out a roar which seemed to scare her, but she couldn't get away with my cock buried in her warm little rectum. I grabbed her around the waist and vaulted to my feet. She kept her sexy legs clung around my back as I bounced her up and down on my cock.

Her fear dissipated and she locked lips with me once again. I broke off the kiss and growled, "Grrrrrr! Kimmy my little fuck princess. We're gonna screw all night!" "Yes! Yes! Yes! Daddy. My lover. My master." she buried her face into my shoulder and moaned as I kept pounding her ass. I especially loved how turned on she was.

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I teased her, "Princess has a little girl boner. You like having a cock in your ass?" She pulled her head back and looked at me with surprised eyes, "Yes master, I'm a dirty little whore. I love your cock in my ass. Treat me rough. It makes me hard." I reached up her back, grabbed a fistful of her long hair, and yanked hard. She screamed.

"Rape me Daddy! Rape your little princess! Hurt me! Keep fucking that cock into my ass!" The entire time I was bouncing her up and down, her cock was rubbing against my belly. Eventually as she got more and more turned on, she went quiet with her beautiful mouth stretched into a little "o", with no sounds escaping.

Her eyes rolled back into her head. I then started savagely bouncing her up and down on my cock. She moaned loudly and I felt something wet shooting up between us.

Her orgasm went on for several seconds. This excited and enraged me at the same time. "You filthy little slut! You came before me. I can feel your sticky juice between us." "I'm sorry Daddy. I'm so sorry. Please cum in my ass." I buried my tongue into her mouth as I felt my own orgasm rising. As we kissed, my cock exploded jets of semen into my daughter's ass.

In the middle of my orgasm I thought about how Kim had once been my son. That thought sent me over the edge. She seemed to feel the squirts deep within her ass. As I came down from the orgasm and broke off the kiss, she cooed. "Thank you Daddy. Thank you for ejaculating inside of me. You've made me a true woman." As I lowered her to the floor, exhausted, she went immediately to her knees and sucked my cock clean.

I could only imagine what that tasted like since I'd been inside her ass. But it didn't seem to matter to her. When she finished I collapsed on the bed and turned on the lamp at the bed stand. She was on the edge of the bed, digging her fingers into her ass and scooping out globs of cum and eating that, as well. I was amazed. In the soft light of the lamp she looked adorable. I grabbed her and started kissing her, and she melted into my arms.

Soon I was erect again, and she noticed. She scooted her back against the headboard and spread her legs. She ran her feet along my thighs. Her feet were small and feminine.

They drove me crazy. "Daddy, do you like my feet? I sometimes catch you looking at them. Would you like to lick and kiss them?" She waved them in front of my face, so I grabbed them and kissed them all over. I licked every inch of her feet and toes, practically swallowing half of her foot as I sucked them. She giggled, and moaned, and teased me.

"Mmmm Daddy. I think we can play foot games every day. I'll put on stockings or pantyhose or cute bobby sox to show off my feet. My Daddy is a big foot pervert." She paused as if she was thinking, then continued, "But your secret is safe with me Daddy.

I'll never tell anyone as long as you fuck me every day." This got me super erect again. She laid back with her legs spread, feet in the air. "Come make love to your little princess." I rubbed some saliva onto my dick and pushed right into her waiting asshole. She was plenty wet and was loosened up.

I slid right in, though it was still a tight fit. I kissed her feet as I fucked her.

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And I was amazed at how hard her little girl cock had become again. This time her penis was receiving no friction. She was not touching it, nor was I. And yet it jutted out erect from her body. As my cock pulsed within her ass, her own cock pulsed and waved in mid-air. Eventually I heard her heated and passionate talk again.

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"I love you Daddy. I loved you the moment Mommy brought you home. I was so sad when she died, but you made me happy again. I wanted you when I was 16. I felt your big cock against my tummy. It scared me so much. My ass was virgin then. I was afraid you would kill me if you stuffed it into my young ass.


But I wanted it. I didn't care if it killed me. We couldn't be lovers then. But now everything is perfect. We're lovers. This is what was meant to be.

My hot Daddy fucking me now that I'm an adult. My Daddy loving me, caressing me, kissing me, possessing me. Making me the woman I wanted to be since I was 4 years old." I couldn't take anymore.

I kissed her as I fucked her. It was our most passionate kiss, yet. I unloaded my balls into her sweet little ass, one more time.

She made cooing sounds in my ears.

Eventually she started singing some song in her native tagalog language. We fell asleep in each other's arms. When I awoke, I had a raging hard on. Her head and long hair were draped across my chest, as she quietly breathed in and out during her sleep. I carefully got out from underneath her without waking her and plodded into the kitchen. I made some coffee, and sat down at the kitchen table to think about what happened.

After weighing the delicious pros and incestuous cons of the situation, I was finally convinced that this was crazy and had to end. No sooner had I had this thought than she appeared at the door, naked as a jaybird with her own morning boner.

She was rubbing her eyes like a little kid would. She looked more like 13 than a 20 year old college cutie. "Daddy, why did you leave me? Why didn't you wake me up?" She walked over and straddled my lap with her arms around my neck.

"Sorry Kim. I needed some coffee and thinking time." Her eyes got big. "You want some milk in your coffee?" she asked me as her eyes narrowed and a little evil smirk broke out across her mouth.

"What? Huh?" She reached up and squeezed hard on her little tit, and out popped a big drop of milk. "See, you don't need to drink your coffee black with me around. She scooped the drop off her nipple and offered it to me on her finger. I sucked it right off and was amazed that this could happen. She laughed in her merry little way. But then my thoughts returned to what I had decided.

In fact, her sultry ways with me this morning sort of enraged me. I got up from the chair and set her on the floor, to her surprise. "Kim.

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You're tempting me. This is very bad." My voice rose in anger, "All I ever wanted was to be your loving father. Goddamn! I even paid for you to become a girl and this is how you repay me?" I hated my anger, and didn't want to be there anymore, lest I do something else I would regret.

I grabbed a jacket and stormed out of the house. Kim chased after me, calling me, pleading with me, saying she was sorry. I got in the car and drove off. I drove for miles in the country at very high speeds until a cop pulled me over for speeding. I then high tailed it back to town and headed to a tavern. By now my mobile phone was buzzing every 30 minutes.

I ignored it and ignored the messages that were stacking up. At the bar I drank heavily for 4 hours. Eventually I picked a fight with another guy and he laid me out with one blow to the eye.

The bartender threw cold water on me and told me to sober up. After nursing my black eye and drinking coffee, I finally faced the music about Kim. For starters, I listened to a few of my messages. "Daddy, pleaaaaaaaaaaaase! I am so sorry," she cried between huge sobs. "Please come back to me. I only want you as my father. I'm a terrible girl. It's all my fault." "Daddy, I'm going crazy. I lost mama, and now I might lose you," she couldn't continue during that message, as she broke down in sobs.

"Daddy, I am so afraid. Maybe something happened to you. Please answer my call." "Daddy, I now know there is something wrong with me. I need you to come home and take me to a doctor. I need a shrink to fix me. Please Daddy. I need you!" Listening to those messages, broke my heart. I couldn't believe how selfish I had been. I had always loved Kim. From the time he was a 10 year old boy until he was a brassy, smart 20 year old college girl.

Regardless of how I felt about our incest, it didn't change the love in my heart for her. And now I'd gone and screwed it up. I hurt the one person in the world that I never wanted to hurt. I felt like Tina was looking down on me from the heavens, with shame and embarrassment for me.

As I drove home, I knew I was going to apologize, but I wasn't sure what to do about the incest. In the end, all the pros and cons didn't matter. In the end, I loved fucking her. She loved fucking me. Why did anything else matter.

I wasn't sure. Maybe I now repelled her and that would be that. But if she still wanted to love in that special way, what would I want? How would I react? As I pulled into the driveway I had made my decision. I wanted Kim in every way. Fuck societal conventions. She wasn't my biological daughter. She was of legal, consenting age. She wasn't some sort of freak, she was a beautiful transsexual. This was the new 3rd gender, and more and more people were accepting this around the world.

If she would have me back, I resolved never to let her down, ever again. I shouted from the kitchen, "Hello Kim?" She ran down from upstairs. Her eyes were red from crying. She stopped at the doorway and put her little fist to her mouth.

"Daddy, what happened? Your eye is black." "Oh that. that's nothing. Don't worry about that." She rushed into my arms. She gently touched my eye with a look of concern, but then buried her face into my chest. She was crying again, "Daddy, promise me you'll never leave me like that again. Daddy promise." "I promise, Kim." "Ahhhh Daddy.

I don't believe you.

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You'll do it again because I'm a transsexual. You want a real woman." "You are a real woman Kimmy." "Nooooo. I'm not. I'll never be a real woman and one day you'll run from me again." She sobbed.

"Then we'll move to Europe. We can get married there. I'll get you a white dress and make you my wife before God, and the state. I'll be dutibound to stay with you." She stopped crying and looked up in surprise. "Oh my God, Daddy! Do you really mean it? You want me as your wife?" "Yes I do my little princess. Even though it's wrong for a father to marry his daughter, that's exactly what I want to do. I want to commit incest with my sexy daughter every day of my life.

Please say yes, my beautiful little Kim." "Yes! Yes! Yes! Of course!" She kissed me non-stop for an hour. I couldn't get enough of her and she wouldn't break it off. We rolled off the couch onto the floor. I picked her up without losing contact with her lips. I carried her to the bedroom and onto the bed.

We stripped ourselves naked while never stopping the dance of our tongues within our mouths. When we finally settled down, we were lying naked next to each other. Her slim cock was next to my bigger one and it all seemed perfectly natural to me.