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Nasty titty girl is fucked hard with two cocks threesome group sex
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When I woke up that morning, I had to pee very badly. I sat up, but I immediately noticed that my body felt strange and unusual. I stood up and walked across the room and flipped on the light switch. My feet felt weird and weak, and I could hardly walk. I looked into the mirror. I didn't see myself, however. I saw a girl. Her hair was brown and straight, and it stretched to her shoulders. Her face was tired, but it was smooth, flawless, and adorable.

She looked like she could have been a twin sister whom I never knew. She wore a loose-fitting t-shirt and a pair of flannel pajama pants. I looked down at my body. I brought my hands to my face and looked at them: they were smaller than normal, and their fingernails were painted red. I took my hands and rubbed my stomach. My muscle tone was gone. Under the t-shirt, I slid my hands across my flat tummy until they reached an obstacle - I quickly grabbed the neck of the t-shirt and threw it over my head and onto the floor.

Reality slammed me - the girl in the mirror was me! My mouth hung open wide in disbelief. I had cantaloupe-sized breasts topped with brown nipples. I touched my boobs; they were soft, squishy, and bouncy, and from side to side and top to bottom, I felt every part of their area.

I looked down at the floor and looked at my breasts from above. Then I looked back into the mirror. My skin was tan, and my hips were curvy.

My underarms were shaven, and my face had no stubble.

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Bewildered by my predicament, I stood frozen for a few moments. I worried about my crotch; I was scared to see what was there. But finally and slowly, I slid the pajama bottoms down, and once they reached the bottom of my ass, they gravity pulled them to the floor. There I stood, totally naked, staring at a girl in the mirror I had never seen before.

My long cock, which I had been incredibly proud to have, was gone and replaced with a cute pussy.

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My fingers glided to it. I pulled apart the lips and examined my clitoris. I looked in the mirror again. I grabbed my ass. It was firm and full, but not fatty.

My hairless legs were shiny and smooth. After having been distracted by my body, I looked around the room, and I noticed that it wasn't my room.

Architecturally, it was the same, but the walls were pink instead of blue, there were girl's clothes in the dresser drawers, and my PlayStation was gone.

There was a makeup kit on the desk next to my computer, my phone had a flashy case, and the top drawer of my nightstand was filled with tampons. Reality settled - I was stuck in a girls body! I panicked and hyperventilated. "Oh, my fucking GOD," I mumbled to myself, and after having said that, I grabbed my throat with my hands. I said something else, "hello…one…two…three." My voice was girly. Everything I said sounded like a girl was saying it.

"Fuck," I whispered to myself. Clumsily, I ran down the hall into the bathroom. It was different too. In the shower, there was a girl's razor and feminine hair-care products. On the sink counter, there was more makeup, and under the sink, there were more tampons and some pads. I went through the dirty clothes hamper, and every article in there was meant for a girl: bras, stained panties, tank tops, and cute socks.

Suddenly, the need to urinate struck me again. Confused, I sat on the toilet and peed. I ran back into the hallway. Just as I was passing my parents' room, the door opened, and Mom walked out. "Alex!" she exclaimed.

My heart jumped. I thought she was going to ask why I was a girl, but instead, she said, "why aren't you wearing any clothes?" I jutted passed her without saying anything, went into my room, and closed the door behind me. I sat on the edge of the bed, which, by the way, was topped with blankets and comforters that I had never seen.

I contemplated the situation: not only had I somehow become a girl, but the world around me had changed. I must've sat on the bed for twenty minutes feeling my body before Mom knocked on the door. "Alex, are you almost ready for school?" I thought to myself, "school?

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I can't go to school!" I said to Mom, "I'm sick." "No, Alex, you have to go today," she insisted. "Today's your exam for history, remember?" "I can't go, Mom," I repeated in my feminine voice. "There's no arguing, Alex, you're going," she demanded. "I really don't feel good," I said again. I was becoming more and more agitated. Mom thought I was lying and opened the door. I tried to cover myself with the blanket. "Mom," I shouted.

"Don't yell at me," she said. "You're not even dressed!" "I'm sick," I pleaded. "You've missed too many days this year.

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You can't skip school whoever you want and blame it on being sick. Get dressed!" She closed the door behind her. Now, I was tasked with preparing a female body for the day, and I had no idea what to do. I opened the top drawer of my dresser, and there were panties and bras of all different shades and shapes. I picked a white pair of panties and slid them up to my hips.

They were tight around my pussy and ass and tried to wiggle their way into my crack. Next, I tried to put on a bra, but I had more trouble with this than imaginable. I tried, over and over, to snap the latch on the back, but I couldn't get it. Finally, I decided to snap it before I put it on, then I slid it over my head and shoulders.

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It hardly worked, but it worked. Next, I put on a pair of blue gym shorts and found a light green tank top. I put on my socks, then went downstairs. Mom was waiting in the kitchen. "Where are your shoes?" she asked with an attitude. "I don't know," I responded. "Well, find them," she shouted. As a boy, I threw my shoes off at the front door when I came home from school, but there was nothing there. I ran back up to my room and looked around, but I saw no shoes. Then I looked in the closet and saw about fifteen pairs of shoes.

I spent two more minutes trying to figure out what I was supposed to wear. Finally, I put on a pair and ran downstairs. "Let's go," Mom insisted. We climbed into the car, and she started driving. It was normally a twenty-minute ride to school, which gave me time to think about the situation I was in. "I'm a girl!" was the unbelievable thought that kept resounding through my head. I tried to examine my body more without Mom's seeing me. I glided my hand across my legs and thighs to feel how they felt shaved.

They felt smooth and glassy. I felt my underarm to see that it was also shaved. I opened my purse; inside was a pen, tissues, gum, money, and birth control pills. "Why would I have these pills," I thought to myself.

I hoped that I wasn't involved with any boy. My mind was already spinning out of control. While I was sitting still in the car, I had time to think. For the first time, my mind focused on my new genitals. I began wondering what it would feel like to masturbate, and I noticed a tingling feeling in my crotch. When I got to school, I went into the girl's bathroom. There were no urinals and four stalls.

A girl was fixing her makeup at the mirror, and other girl sat on the toilet with her panties and shorts at her ankles. I entered one of the stalls, pulled my pants and panties down, and sat down. I looked at my pussy again, still unable to believe what was going on.

This time, though, my pussy felt wet. I felt it for a few minutes, but then I put my panties back on and headed for my first class, hoping that it was the same. I entered the stairwell, which was in an enclosed area not visible to anyone that wasn't also in the area. Next to the stairs stood a six-foot boy: he had a nice figure, dirty-blond hair, and a cute face. The boy smiled at me when he saw me. I grinned back thinking that he was only being polite.

Suddenly, the boy walked toward me, grabbed me by the shoulders, and forced my body against the wall. Then he started kissing me.

I tightened my lips and blew air into his mouth to try to get him off of me. He pulled backward leaving his slobber in my mouth.

"What's the matter?" he said. I stared at him dazed and confused. "What's wrong, Alex?" he continued. He tried to kiss me again, but I turned my head to avoid his lips. He knew my name, so I understood that he was no stranger trying to grope me. "What's the matter?" he repeated. "I…I…I…don't know," I mumbled with a fragile voice. I tried to move from under his grip, but my body was weak, and he held me in place.

"Come on, Baby," he whispered, and I realized what was happening: Evidently, this was my boyfriend whom I had never seen or met before. He placed his big hand on my crotch and pushed hard. I gasped and pushed his hand away. "Alex, come on.

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Just like yesterday?" Once again, he placed his hand on my crotch. This time, I didn't resist, however. He pushed my pussy, and it almost hurt. Then he slid his hand into my pants and under my panties and rubbed his fingers over my slit. "Jesus," he exclaimed excitedly, "you're very wet today." He was all giggly, but he noticed that I was unresponsive.

Ultimately, I grabbed his hand and shoved it back toward him. "Okay, Alex," he said, "I'll take the hint." "I…I…just don't feel good," I said as I walked away and started up the stairs.


The boy watched me as I walked away. The thought of having a boyfriend was repulsive, and I would spend the remainder of the day looking out for him to attempt to avoid him. I had walked into my first class before the bell rang. Most of the students were already in their seats. I was worried that everyone would recognize me as having changed, but it didn't happen; everyone seemed to think that I had always been a girl.

I sat in my usual seat next to my friend, John. I looked at him and smiled, and he smiled back, but he said nothing to me. Normally, we high-five or something and say "howzit," "how's it going," or "what's up?" We did none of that, however. Then a Leslie, a girl whom I never spoke to when I was a boy, sat next to me.

Leslie had a perfect body. She had often been who I thought about at night when I jerked off. Surprisingly, she said, "hi," to me in a high-pitched, friendly voice. I smiled back but didn't say anything. Then she started talking to me like I was her friend. "Are we still going tomorrow," she asked. Unsure of what to say, I nodded. "Okay," she said. I was unsure what I agreed to.


I couldn't believe it. Never once did she say a word to me, now she's acting like my friend. Apparently, the female me was friends with Leslie, but not with John, and Leslie didn't know how to stop talking. "How come you didn't wear makeup today," she asked. I mumbled and shuddered, but was unable to complete a sentence. Leslie started talking again, and I just nodded as everything she was saying flew over my head.

But she was a hot blond, and her body was perfect. She had breasts that looked to be about C-cup in size. She had a wonderful hourglass figure, and her butt was firm. Her teeth were pearly white, and her smile was delightful. The teacher came into the room and began to talk about the invasion of Normandy, but I tuned him out. Leslie kept trying to talk to me throughout the entire class, but I was never able to keep my mind focused.

I still couldn't wrap my mind around the fact that I was in a girl's body. After class, Leslie and I walked into the hallway. "You seem upset today," she said. "What's wrong?" I replied, "I just don't feel good." "Oh," she mumbled.

"Well, I'll see you tomorrow. Is 9:00 okay?" "Yeah," I said, not knowing what I had agreed to. Leslie walked the opposite direction down the hall. For the remainder of the day, I could do nothing but think about my body, and the more I thought about it, the wetter my pussy became, and the more it begged to be touched.

When I got home, Mom was standing in the kitchen. "Fell alright now?" she asked. I nodded and sauntered passed her and headed for my room. "Alex," she stopped me. "Yes," I said. "Are you sure you're okay?" she wondered. "I'm fine, Mom," I said while retreating the kitchen. As I entered my bedroom, I closed the door behind me and locked it, and without wasting any time, I peeled off every article of clothing. I held my panties up and looked closely at them. There was a wet spot the size of a baseball where my pussy had been.

I smelled it, and it wasn't too pleasant. I touched the wet spot, and it wasn't like pee; it was gooey and slimy. I sat on the edge of my bed and spread my legs. I looked down at my pussy. I ran a few fingers across it. It was soaked, and out of curiosity, I smelled and tasted my fingers. Then I took my index finger and inserted it inside of myself. The walls of my pussy were tight and wet and hot. I wiggled the finger around, and it felt good.

Next, I lay on my back with my head on my pillows. I spread my legs as far as they would go and I began to finger myself. I mimicked what I had seen girls do in pornography; I used two fingers to imitate a cock and started pumping them in and out. Immediately, the nice tingling feeling in my crotch began to expand. I looked at my hand as I fingered myself; when I pulled my fingers out, they were covered in the goo from my pussy, shiny and glossy.

Every time I pushed them back in, they made a sopping noise. As the excitement continued to grow inside of me, I closed my eyes and relished the feeling. Suddenly, I felt the entirety of my body tingle, and without much warning, I was overcome by such a great feeling of pleasure that I yelped a moan that my mom probably heard me.

The orgasm caused my pussy to contract, my legs to quiver, my breathing to accelerate, and my heart to beat as if it were running a marathon. The orgasm was so strong that I had to pull my fingers out of my pussy and allow my body to stop its shaking.

I lay listening to my heavy breathing and noting the best orgasm I had had in my entire life. I looked at my dirty fingers that were covered in the goo from my pussy. I played with the gunk, running it between my fingers; then I wiped it on the bedsheets. I was exhausted, but the orgasm was so great that I wanted more. I plunged my fingers back into my dripping pussy.

Again, I pumped my fingers quickly in and out.


Immediately, that wonderful feeling returned. My hand pumped so fast that, in addition to my juices making wet noises, the palm of my hand slapped my pelvic bone and made a clapping noise. With my free hand, I clenched the bedsheets as hard as I could.

My breathing was becoming so loud that I wondered if Mom could hear me, but I didn't care. My heart was thumping so rapidly that I thought it was going to explode. It didn't take long before I felt another orgasm approaching, and it was better than the first.

It started in my pelvic area, then it crept into my legs, then into my upper body, and finally, it exploded.

The orgasm ravished through my body like a flood, causing every part of my body to shake and quiver uncontrollably: my hips jumped up and down, my legs flailed in every direction, and my mouth alternated between closed and open. My eyes were clenched shut, and one hand squeezed the life out of the bedsheets.

I didn't stop my fingering, however. Midway through the orgasm, I heard myself squirt, and it sounded like a sprinkler. I felt the warm ejaculation shoot from my pussy, and the fapping sounds of my hand became even louder. When I stopped squirting, I stopped my hand. Aside from my chest pumping up and down because of my rapid breathing, I lay still and hoped that Mom hadn't heard me. I wiped my cum-covered hand on the sheets, and I looked at the bed below my feet.

Where my ass sat, and in a stream toward the end of the bed, there was a stain from my orgasm. Also, my pussy had a thick, white liquid running from the hole down toward my ass. I laid myself back onto the bed and pondered what had happened. "I just fingered a pussy…my pussy," I mumbled to myself.

Then I pulled the covers over myself and went to sleep.