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Sex best king story xxx
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Incestuous Bedtime Tale (An Incestuous Harem Story) Chapter Eight: Daddy's Incestuous Dream By mypenname3000 Copyright 2019 Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this! Vanessa Young May 2056 I trembled as I came to my parents' bed.

Grandma's pussy was leaking Daddy's cum. She was still a beautiful woman, her hair a wonderful shade of fiery red, her breasts round and plump. She had a toned body; Daddy made sure we were all in good shape and exercised.

He was a retired PE coach. Daddy was beside her in bed, his hair an iron gray. He was such a sexy man. So strong considering his age. He was older than Grandma. He was her daddy, too. And Mommy's daddy. And mine. I shuddered at how wonderful our family was. I wanted to have his baby, too. His daughter for him to breed. Daddy took my hand when I reached the bed, Mommy behind me. I trembled, my small breasts quivering as he drew me onto the mattress.

My virgin pussy clenched. His hand was so strong. He stared at me with such passion in his green eyes. Grandma took my other hand with a gentle touch. "It's okay, Vanessa," she said, her thumb stroking the back of my hand. "We just want you to be happy. You don't have to do anything you don't want to." "That's right," Mommy said.

She grabbed my rump and squeezed it. "Don't force yourself. We want you to have no regrets." "I don't have any," I said, still nervous, but I was buzzing from the orgasm Mommy gave me. "Okay," Daddy said, smiling. I was his third daughter to come to his bed. "Look at that. Isn't that a beautiful sight? Your grandmother's pussy leaking my cum." I nodded my head. She had shaved her pussy. It was leaking out of her, her pussy lips thick like Mommy's.

She was so gorgeous.

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She smiled, her cheeks smooth. Her eyes were blue, like mine. They sparkled. She didn't look like a Grandma, but a hot, mature woman.

"Oh, it's more than beautiful," Mommy said. "It's yummy." I nodded and licked my lips. Mommy hugged me from behind, her large breasts pressing into my back. She nuzzled into my ear, her nipples hard. They poked against my skin, feeling so naughty. She licked my ear and purred, "Your daddy wants to eat you out first. So why don't you devour your Grandma while he does it." I shuddered at how wicked that sounded. Mommy let me go, and I crawled between Grandma's thighs.

Everyone was moving around on the bed. I shuddered, my pussy clenching. Juices leaked out of me. They dribbled down my thighs as I shuddered. I leaned down, licking my lips. The heat rose in my cunt. My heart beat fast in my chest, surging hot blood through my veins. I leaned down and smelled the spicy musk of Grandma's pussy mixed with the salty scent of cum. My nose twitched. It was such a delight. My mouth watered. My hands rested on her thighs.

I felt the warmth of her skin. "It's okay," Grandma said. "Just relax and enjoy yourself. You can't mess it up. I'll enjoy it." Mommy straddled Grandma's face and nodded at me. "Yes, she will.

I love eating her out full of Daddy's cum." I pressed my head down to Grandma's twat. I nuzzled into her hot flesh. My tongue flicked out and dove through her pussy. I gathered up this wonderful, salty delight. I groaned at the flavor. This amazing treat. It melted across my tongue.

It was incredible. Salty and spicy. Grandma vulva and pussy lips felt silky smooth. Her labia felt so amazing on my tongue. I licked again and again. My hands tightened on hers as Grandma moaned into Mommy's pussy. I stared up her body, Grandma's smaller breasts jiggling while Mommy's large tits swayed.

Her green eyes smoldered as she watched me. "That's it," moaned Mommy. "Eat her out. Ooh, she loves it. She's moaning into my cunt." That emboldened me. I could hear Grandma's muffled moans. Her thighs flexed beneath my hands. I fluttered my tongue through her folds. I buried into her depths.

I swirled around inside of her. My hands gripped her rump. I massaged her. I squeezed her butt-cheeks. I scooped out Daddy's cum from Grandma's pussy.

I lapped up that wonderful treat. I fluttered my tongue around inside of her. She was so warm. Her spicy pussy juices coated my tongue. My lips. I moaned, pressing into her. "Oh, you are just getting into it, aren't you?" Daddy said. His hands grabbed my rump. He squeezed my butt-cheeks. He massaged me. "Just loving feasting on your Grandma's pussy, huh?" "Yes," I squeaked, this nervous twist rippling through my stomach at Daddy's touch.

He was so strong. His hands felt rough as they stroked over my rump. "She's loving it, Daddy," Mommy moaned, her hips wiggling from side to side. She ground herself upon Grandma's mouth. Mommy's breasts swayed back and forth. "Mmm, just feast on her. Make her cum.

She tastes so good." "Ate her out already, huh?" Daddy chuckled. "Your mommy always did want to be a bold thing." "I devoured her," Mommy said, sounding proud.

Daddy squeezed my rump again. I felt his breath on my pussy. I shaved it fresh. I trembled as Daddy's lips nuzzled into my virgin flesh. I whimpered as he licked me while I licked Grandma. This wonderful wave of bliss surged through me. I squeezed my eyes shut as the bliss swept through me. I groaned as his tongue fluttered through my pussy lips.

My hands squeezed Grandma's thighs. I whimpered as the pleasure surged through me. My hips wiggled from side to side as Daddy licked at my virgin twat. He swiped over my hymen, brushing my maidenhead. His whiskered cheeks felt incredible on me, so different from Mommy's smooth flesh.

Juices flowed out of me, and he licked them up. I whimpered into Grandma's pussy as this delight flowed through me. I thrust my tongue into Grandma's pussy, licking out all that wonderful cum that was in her. Daddy's seed. Soon it would be in me. Maybe it would start a child. Another generation bred by daddy. I whimpered, scooping out his salty jizz. "Ooh, eat her out, Daddy," Mommy moaned, her hips wiggling back and forth.

She ground her pussy on Grandma's face. "Devour my baby girl. We made her!" "Yes, we did," Daddy said, sounding proud. A hot ripple of joy flooded me. I moaned into Grandma's pussy as Daddy devoured me. His tongue lapped up and down my vulva. He brushed my little clit. Pleasure surged through me. My cunt squeezed tight. This incestuous heat rushed through me, making me feel dizzy and loved. I ground on his face, wiggling my hips back and forth.

I fluttered my tongue through Grandma's folds, stroking her. She whimpered, her breasts shaking. She feasted on Mommy's pussy as I devoured hers.

We were all moaning and gasping. Mommy grasped Grandma's tits, groping them. My orgasm built and built. I loved this wonderful delight. Daddy squeezed my rump. He massaged me. His fingers dug into my butt-cheeks. Pleasure surged through me. I groaned, my lips nuzzling into Grandma's pussy. I licked and lapped at her twat as Daddy ate me. We were all moaning and gasping. We were all shuddering. My tongue caressed her hot flesh. I wiggled around inside of her.

I couldn't find any more of Daddy's cum but there was plenty of her spicy juices. They were amazing to taste. I reveled in them. My tongue fluttered through her folds. I caressed her. I pleased her. Daddy did the same to me. I whimpered, this amazing pleasure built and built. My cunt squeezed tight.


Juices leaked out of me and spilled into his mouth. He growled as he feasted on me. His fingers dug into my rump. I trembled and whimpered. "Daddy!" "Cum!" Mommy moaned. "Just let yourself go. Surrender to the pleasure! Your daddy wants you to drown him in your cream." "Yes!" Daddy growled. He latched onto my clit. I squealed and found Grandma's clit. I sucked on her bud. I nibbled on her. My tongue caressed her as I whimpered.

The pressure in the depths of my cunny grew. The pleasure swelled and swelled my impending orgasm. It felt so wonderful.

I couldn't hold back. Didn't want to hold back. "Daddy!" I whimpered around Grandma's clit. "Cum on his mouth," moaned Mommy. "Oh, yes, yes, cum on her face! Drown her like I'm going to. to. Yes!" Mommy's tits heaved as she clearly orgasmed. I stared at those heaving tits, nipples beading with her yummy milk. Grandma's thighs tightened around my head as she licked up Mommy's juices. It gushed out of her and splashed into Grandma's mouth. I joined Mommy in climactic rapture.

My pussy convulsed. Pleasure rippled through my body. My cunt convulsed. Juices gushed out of me. They spilled into Daddy's hungry mouth. I squealed around Grandma's clit as the pleasure surged through me. Stars burst across my eyes as I whimpered in delight. It was incredible. Daddy was making me cum. He was giving me such wonderful bliss. It was the best thing in the world to experience. It was an amazing delight. I groaned and gasped, the incestuous rapture surging through my body.

Stars danced before my eyes. "Daddy! Daddy!" I moaned. "Oh, Vanessa!" Grandma whimpered. Her spicy juices flooded my mouth. They bathed my lips. As the pleasure roared through me, her cream spilled over my lips and down my chin. I licked and lapped at that hot flesh. My tongue darted through Grandma's folds as Daddy lapped up my juices.

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"Vanessa, honey!" Daddy groaned as he devoured me. My virgin pussy convulsed. The bliss surged through me. It was incredible. I wanted to be penetrated. My pussy ached. It was this itch deep inside of me. I wanted him in me. As the pleasure smothered my mind in ecstasy, I needed more.

"Daddy! Daddy! Make me a woman!" "Yes, yes, make our baby girl into a woman, Daddy!" moaned Mommy. "You're the best lover, Daddy! You made Mommy and me so happy." "So happy!" Grandma moaned. I could hear how happy they were. I knew they were. Our family had this amazing energy. We were all united in our love for our daddy.

He was the patriarch of the family. He cared for us all. He protected us all. And now he would make love to all of us. I licked up and down Grandma's pussy as the pleasure peaked in me. I shuddered as Daddy lifted his face from my pussy. I whimpered. I rubbed my face against Grandma's cunt.

Her juices coated me. I breathed in her spicy musk. It was incredible. "Oh, Vanessa, you're going to love becoming a woman," Mommy moaned. "You're going to melt in delight when Daddy's in you. He's going to breed you." I shuddered.

"I want that! Please, please, knock me up like you knocked Mommy and Grandma and Great-Grandma Rachel up." All the shyness I'd felt, the fear, was gone. I was ready. "I want your baby, Daddy. I want a piece of you, too." Daddy squeezed my rump. "Vanessa, I would be honored. I love you." I turned around to face him, my small breasts quivering.

We knelt there, his cock throbbing before him.

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His chest was still muscular despite his age. He had such a strength about him.

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He was handsome even with wrinkles across his face. He grabbed me and pulled me to him. He kissed me with hunger. I moaned as I tasted the tart flavor of my own pussy on his lips, merging with the spicy delight of Grandma's twat already staining my mouth. I whimpered as his cock rubbed into my stomach, throbbing hard. He pressed me against his chest. My nipples throbbed against him as I trembled in delight. My tongue darted around in his mouth. I played with him.

His hands grabbed my rump. He pulled me to him. I shuddered at feeling his cock throbbing against me. This was wonderful. I clung to him, loved him. I could kiss him for eternity. "Aren't they just beautiful together?" Grandma said. "I know," Mommy said.

"I'm starting to tear up." "That's not stopping you from donning your strap-on." "Well, I'm also horny." Mommy laughed. "But they are gorgeous. You know I've wanted this since before I made love to Daddy.

To have my own daughter love him like I did. To have that thrill you did." "It's a beautiful thing," Grandma said. "Just like you. Mmm, you going to use that on me?" "Yep." I shivered, the bed moving. I had a glimpse of Mommy out of the corner of my eye, her large breasts heaving as she pulled on her strap-on.

I'd heard of it. She loved using it on Grandma. I trembled as I saw the purple shaft bobbing before her, thrusting from a harness. I broke the kiss and moaned, "Is that the same strap-on from when you were my age?" "Same dildo," Mommy said. "Different harness. I broke the original." "So eager to fuck me, she yanked too hard and tore the strap," said Grandma. "You were about two or three Vanessa." I shuddered. "Don't worry," Mommy said, grabbing her fake cock.

"I'll fuck you with this, too. But your daddy gets your first time, doesn't he?" "He does," I said, nodding. I shuddered in Daddy's arms, his cock throbbing against my stomach. "I want him to make me into a woman. Right now!" "Right now?" Daddy asked. "I mean, it's late." I blinked at that. I glanced at the clock. It was late. Almost 2 in the morning, but I was eighteen now. An adult. I was so ready to lose my virginity. I didn't want to wait for morning.

What if I changed my mind? What if I got shy? "Daddy?" I asked, feeling nervous now. "Don't tease her," Grandma said. Her hand stroked down my back. "Trust me, your daddy is just messing with you. He wants to take your cherry.

He's been waiting for this day." Daddy grinned at me. I gave him a playful smack on the shoulder. "That's mean, Daddy. Maybe I don't want to let you pop my cherry." I thought I would tease him back, see that look of disappointment flick across his face. Instead, he kissed me. With hunger. I groaned as he pressed me back on the bed, his tongue darting into my mouth. I shuddered at his strength. His power. I felt so wonderfully helpless beneath him as he settled on top of me.

His whiskers rubbed on my cheeks. I groaned, my body trembling from my orgasm when he'd eaten out my pussy. He broke the kiss. "You don't want me to pop your cherry, huh?" I whimpered as his hand cupped my small breast.

He squeezed my little titties. I squirmed beneath him. I felt his cock pressing into my shaved flesh, his shaft rubbing on my naughty bits.

My clit throbbed as he ground his dick into me. Pleasure rippled through me. I stared into his eyes, those green depths. They were so powerful. I felt the strength of his passion, his cock so hard against me. It was incredible. I whimpered at the strength of him. His shaft rubbed up and down my pussy. "Don't want to feel my cock sliding into your pussy, do you?" he asked, his thumb massaging my clit. Pleasure stirred through me. My toes curled. I whimpered at the feel of him. It was a delicious thrill as he stared down at me.

My pussy drank in the feel of his cock rubbing against me. My virgin cunt squeezed. Juices leaked out of me, lubing the glide. "Daddy," I whimpered. "Huh?" he said. "I know your mother would love to feel my cock sliding into her." "Oh, I would," Mom said as she pressed Grandma down beside me.

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Grandma's round breasts jiggled. "I would love to have his cock in me." "Daddy," I groaned again, squirming on the bed. Ripples of pleasure washed through me. "I. I want you to. I was just teasing you." "Were you?" he asked, humping against me. "Huh.


What a naughty daughter I have." "You should spank her," Mommy said, mounting Grandma, the dildo thrusting before her. My eyes widened. I shook my head. "I haven't been bad, Daddy. I'm sorry." "Oh, honey, your daddy is still teasing you," Grandma said. Her hand found mine. She squeezed it. "Just relax. He's an amazing lover." "Yep," Mommy said. She winked at me. "Ooh, I'm going to fuck your Grandma so hard while you become a woman." "Yes!" Grandma moaned, squeezing me.

The dildo was sliding into her pussy, filling her up. Grandma's face twisted in delight. I wanted that. "Daddy, please," I moaned, my thighs locking around his waist. "Please, please, I want you in me." "Popping your cherry?" he asked, massaging my nipple. Pleasure rippled through me. Juices flowed out of me. "Yes!" I nodded my head. "Please, please, Daddy. Won't you do that for me? Won't you slide into me." He grinned at me.

"You're just perfect, Vanessa. I love you." I shuddered as he kissed me. His tongue thrust into my mouth. It was an amazing delight. A wonderful treat. I groaned into our incestuous kiss. His tongue darted around inside of me. I gripped him tight as my small body trembled beneath him.

Still massaging my nipple with his thumb, his other hand reached between us. I shuddered as he shifted his cock. I gasped when I felt his dick sliding down my pussy folds. I shuddered at the feel of him caressing me. Sparks burst from my little clit. His dick found the entrance to my pussy. He pressed right there on my hymen. I felt that wonderful pressure. That amazing delight. My maidenhead stretched and stretched. I whimpered into the kiss, feeling pain.

Grandma's hand squeezed mine.v My family was all here. Mommy, Daddy, and Grandma. They all loved me. None of them would ever hurt me. I knew I would feel such pleasure. I relaxed into this, trusting Daddy. His strong lips were on mine. His thumb massaged my clit. His cock popped my cherry. I squealed in delight as Daddy's cock buried into my pussy. My twat spread wider and wider, stretching to accommodate his huge dick.

My body trembled, my pussy clinging to him as he penetrated deeper into my depths. He entered my untouched flesh. Daddy was in me. Filling me. I was a woman now. Just like he'd made Mommy, Grandma, and even my great-grandmother into women. He loved us all. I clutched to him, my fingers clawing at his back as his cock filled me.

Pleasure rushed through me. Daddy broke the kiss. He stared down at me, his green eyes brimming with his passion. I smiled at him as my pussy clenched around his cock. He was so deep in me.

I was born to take his cock in me. To be stretched open by my Daddy. It felt so right. I was made to enjoy him. "Daddy, I love you." "My little Vanessa," he groaned, his cock twitching in my pussy. "You're perfect." "Daddy!" Grandma moaned, her fingers squeezing my hand.

"Oh, Daddy, love her. Give her all the bliss you gave Mommy and me and our Little Avalon." "Yes!" Mommy moaned, her hips pumping away. She fucked Grandma hard, their breasts rubbing together, her green eyes smoldering.

"Fuck her, Daddy! Pound our little girl's pussy. Cum in her! Breed her!" "Yes!" I gasped, seeing how wild Mommy was. She was pumping away so fast. "Do that to me, Daddy! Fuck me like Mommy's fucking Grandma." "Mmm, you are your mother's daughter," Daddy said. I smiled up at him then I groaned as he moved. His muscles clenched around his dick. I clung to him. The pleasure surged through me. This amazing heat rippled through my flesh.

I groaned out in delight, clawing at his back as he thrust into me. He buried his cock deep into my twat. It was incredible. I whimpered, clutching to him as Daddy moved on top of me. He pumped away at me. He thrust hard and deep into me. His dick filled me over and over. It was such a treat. A wonderful delight to experience. I whimpered and groaned as he plowed into me. He buried his cock again and again into me. My deflowered flesh clenched around him, pleasure rippling through me.

My thighs held him. I clung to him. I stared into his eyes as he rammed into me again and again. His cock was amazing. It was a delight to experience. I whimpered and moaned as he thrust hard and fast into me. It was a treat to feel his dick pumping in and out of me.

It was incredible. "Daddy!" I gasped. "She loves it!" Mommy moaned, pounding Grandma with the strap-on. "Yes, she does," Grandma moaned. "Ooh, Avalon, just like that.

Fuck Mommy's pussy. Mmm, you're such a sweet girl." Grandma clung to my hand as we both writhed beneath our lovers. Our family member. Incestuous delight rippled through me.

I groaned as the pleasure buried deep into me. Daddy rammed into me. My pussy clung to him, drinking in the friction. It swelled my orgasm. It was incredible. Better than getting eaten out. Definitely better than my own masturbation. My twat clung to Daddy's cock.

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I gripped him as he buried into me again and again. His balls smacked into me. He filled me over and over. "Daddy! Daddy!" "Yes," he growled. "My sweet Vanessa. You feel incredible. So tight." "Mmm, make him cum, honey!" Mommy moaned, her hips thrusting down, burying her dildo over and over into Grandma's pussy. "Make our daddy cum with that tight, little cunt of yours!" "Your so naughty, Mommy!" I moaned, the bed rocking, creaking from our passion.

Daddy thrust faster. Harder. I groaned as he pumped his cock into my twat. My flesh clenched around me. I groaned and squeezed around him.

My pussy clung to his dick. Pleasure surged through me. I whimpered and moaned. My nipples throbbed against his strong chest. His weight felt amazing on me. Comforting.

His nose nuzzled into mine. He kissed me. I groaned at the feel of him sliding into me. It was incredible. This wonderful delight. It was such an incredible passion. I groaned and gasped, my cunt holding Daddy tight. His every thrust brought me closer and closer to erupting. To that moment when his cum would spurt into me. I clung to him, whimpering and moaning. My fingernails clawed his back. The bed creaked as he hammered into me. "Daddy!" I whimpered. "Oh, Daddy!" "That's it," he growled.

"Don't fight it. Embrace it. I can feel how much you love it. You were made for this, honey. You were born to be united with me." "I was!" I gasped, my thighs squeezing tight around him. My cunt clenched around him. "I was born to love you, Daddy.

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I love you. I want you to cum in me. I want to have your baby! Please, please, Daddy!" He rammed into me. He buried hard. It was incredible. Such powerful strokes. I whimpered, my pussy clinging to him. The silky friction built and built my orgasm. I came closer and closer to erupting. I would explode on his cock. It would be amazing. Stars danced before my eyes. My fingernails clawed at his back. I gripped him. I shuddered beneath him. My pussy clung to him. I drank in the friction of Daddy's thrusts.

His balls smacked into me. "Look at her," whimpered Mommy. "Look at her. She's about to cum." "She is," Grandma moaned. "Oh, she's a beautiful girl. You and Daddy made something special." "So did Daddy and you," Mommy said. They kissed beside me, their bodies writhing together, building towards that same pleasure I felt growing in me.

Daddy grunted and groaned. He moaned. That must mean I made him feel good. That he loved my pussy as much as Mommy's and Grandma's. I clutched Grandma's hand. I clung to her as my orgasm swelled. I couldn't take much more of this wonderful delight. The pleasure swelled and swelled inside of me. This amazing rapture surged through me. I groaned, the sensations sending me screaming towards that amazing bliss.

I whimpered and groaned, my pussy squeezing down on Daddy's big cock. Daddy slammed into me. His pubic bone rubbed against my clit. My pussy clung to his dick. I squealed beneath him. I stared up into his green eyes. I saw the passion burning in them as he drew back and thrust in again.

"Oh, Daddy!" I whimpered. I felt it. I was moments away. "I love you," he groaned and rammed forward. "Yes, yes, Daddy!" I gasped as he buried into me. I came on my daddy's cock. On the dick that created me in Mommy's womb. Pleasure exploded inside my cunt. My pussy writhed around his shaft as he pumped in and out of me. The waves of incestuous bliss rushed through my body. "Oh, Daddy!" I howled. "Oh, yes, yes, Daddy! That's amazing!" It was incredible.

The bliss surged through me. My cunt rippled about his dick. My thighs clung to him, the pleasure bursting through my body with his every thrust. I trembled beneath him, my small breasts rubbing into his chest. His cock slammed hard into me as he moaned, "Vanessa!" "Cum in her, Daddy!" moaned Mommy. "Spurt all your jizz into her. Flood her!" "Yes, Ava!" he growled. "Love her, Daddy!" Grandma moaned, her voice throaty.

Was she cumming, too? "Breed her." My pussy convulsed harder. Another orgasm, bursting with ecstasy, swept through me. I bucked beneath daddy, clinging to him. My cunt writhed around his cock. His dick buried into me. He filled me to the hilt. His cum fired into me. Daddy bred me. "Vanessa!" he groaned. He flooded me with all his spunk. I whimpered and groaned beneath him, my pussy milking him. The delight surged through me. Stars danced before my eyes as more and more of his incestuous seed filled me.

"Give me a baby, Daddy!" I howled as my climatic rapture burst through my body. It was the best. Incredible. I was one with my Daddy, just like all the women who came before me. Mommy, Grandma, and Great-Grandma Rachel. They all had had this delight. This wonderful pleasure. They felt Daddy's seed fire into them and quicken new life in their wombs. I kissed Daddy hard. My tongue darted around inside his mouth.

Beside us, Mommy and Grandma moaned their pleasure, kissing and loving each other. We were a family. We were united in wild passion. Daddy fired a final blast of cum into me, groaning into our kiss. I felt so full of his cum. He brimmed in me. This was the best birthday of my life. It was an incredible passion. A delight that rippled through me. Daddy panted as he broke the kiss. He rolled off of me, his cock sliding out of my pussy. I groaned at the feel of him popping out of me.

It was just perfect. His seed was in me. I gasped as Mommy grabbed a pillow and shoved it up beneath my rump. "That's to let the cum pool around your cervix and make sure you're bred," she said as she slid out of Grandma's pussy. "Thank you," I said and then blinked as Mommy moved between my thighs.

"Um, are you going to eat me out?" "I want to give you another orgasm," she said. "Get your cervix spasming in the puddle of cum pooling against it. You know, make sure his sperm is getting to your egg." I blushed. "You know a lot about this." "I think she's just making things up because she wants to lick my cum out of your pussy," Daddy said, cuddling up beside me. Mommy winked at me. I giggled in delight.

I was so glad I had this amazing family. I turned my head and kissed Daddy while Grandma slipped up to my other side.

She cupped my breast and leaned over, sucking a nipple into my mouth. Then I groaned as Mommy nuzzled into my pussy. Her tongue licked through my folds, gathering up the jizz that was inside of me. My body trembled, my breasts jiggling. The pleasure flowed through me. I was surrounded by my family. I was so happy. I broke the kiss with Daddy and moaned, "When are we getting married?" "When your nine months pregnant," Mommy said, lifting her face.

"It's a tradition in this family." "It is?" Grandma asked. "I wasn't pregnant when I married Daddy." "It's a tradition now," Mommy said and then buried her face back into my pussy and licked. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Harrison "Harry" Young October 2058 Damn prostate. I slipped out of bed as quietly as I could, not wanting to disturb my three daughters slumbering away.

Most nights, I had to get up at least two times to piss. I sighed as I slipped out, feeling my age.

That was easy with three horny daughters, especially Avalon. Her sex drive only seemed to have increased since Vanessa joined our bed two and a half years ago. I grabbed a robe, belted it on, and made the lonely trek to the bathroom like I'd done so many times before. Light bled from downstairs. Someone had left the kitchen light on. The house's operating system should have shut it off at this time.

I'd have to look into that in the morning. I hoped it wasn't getting a bug. "Smart homes," I snorted. That was something I never imagined having when I was Vanessa's age. But that was a different century.

A different millennium.

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I burst into the bathroom and sighed as I stood over the toilet and released my urine. My toes flexed. Tomorrow would be a good day. I was eager for the marathon. I'd run it every year. Avalon and Vanessa were racing with it, though Melissa was giving it a pass. She was getting some soreness in her hip joints and had switched to swimming for her exercise.

I had both my knees replaced and my right hip. I was eager for it. Toilet flushing, I stumbled out and paused at my son's bedroom. After three daughters, I had a boy. I creaked open the door, staring at the toddler sleeping in his rocket ship bed. We had to buy whole new items for him. No hand me downs. I didn't mind the expense. He would grow up to be a fine, young man. Maybe I should make a sister. I never wanted more than one child, my first wife Rachel not wanting to contribute to overpopulation.

Maybe I should break that rule with Vanessa. See if she couldn't make a sister for Harry Junior to love. My dick twitched at that idea. I closed the door and padded down the hallway. I reached my bedroom. As I opened the door, the light from downstairs shed enough illumination to allow me to see the three generations of daughters I'd bred.

Vanessa was cuddled up to Melissa on one side of the bed while Avalon was on the other, her hand reaching towards my spot. They took turns on which two could sleep beside me. I paused, drinking in their beauty.

I was a lucky man. They all looked so peaceful. I didn't have the heart to wake them up. I could make a daughter in Vanessa another night. She was a young and fertile twenty now. I doffed my robe and closed the door behind me with a gentle touch.


I worked across the room and slipped into bed like a thief. Avalon murmured. She pulled herself to me, pressing her large, soft breasts into my side. "Daddy," she mewled in that half-sleep way she did. I kissed her forehead. Melissa's hand brushed my hip as she slept holding Vanessa, my youngest daughter sleeping with her back to me now, her face pressed into her grandmother's breasts.

I idly ran a finger down Vanessa's spine before I close my eyes. I drifted off to sleep. Into dreams.

I found myself standing in a familiar field of wildflowers. One that hadn't existed in the real world for decades. It was here that I first made love to Rachel and later our daughter, Melissa.

I'd wanted to take Avalon here, but the wildfire had destroyed it. "There you are," Rachel said. My first wife sat on a picnic blanket spread out in the little dell, that private valley that hid us from the sight of any hikers moving through the trail at the other end of the field. She was naked, looking as lovely as the first time I took her here. She had the same blue eyes as Melissa and Vanessa, her hair blonde, swaying in the breeze.

"I've been waiting for you," she said, shaking her head in mock exasperation. She patted the ground beside her. "Sorry," I said. "I just." I frowned. Why was I late? "You had our daughter to take care of," she said. "And my granddaughter and great-granddaughter." A smile crossed her lips before she let out an amused giggle. "I never imagined you for such a pervert, Harry." My cheeks warmed.

There had always been that lingering guilt in me when I wondered what Rachel would have thought about Melissa and me. It had faded after a while, but sometimes, especially when I thought of the first woman I'd loved, it would come back. "You're not mad?" I asked, approaching the blanket. "That I'd seduced our daughter?" She patted beside her. I sank down and studied her youthful face. She took my hand, and I noticed that the liver spots around my knuckles were gone.

My skin looked smooth. I stared down my chest and saw no gray hairs. I looked like I did when I was young. "You made our daughter happy," Rachel said. She leaned her head against mine. "And she made you happy.

How could I be mad about that?" I found my arm slipping around her shoulders. It felt so familiar. It had been so long since she'd died, and yet it felt like just yesterday that we'd cuddled together.

There was a long time when I thought she would be the only woman I would ever love. "I miss you," I said. "I wish." "That I could have been a part of your pervy harem?" She laughed. "Oh, I'm not sure the living me would have been okay with that, but." She smiled. "Perspective can change your views on things." I nodded. "Yeah." "Mmm, you knocked up my daughter, granddaughter, and great-granddaughter." She shook her head. "You are a randy thing." I gave her a proud smile.

She laughed. "Such a cocky man. That's the smile you had on your lips after you made me cum the first time." "Right here," I said.

"I remember you convulsing around me." "And I remember how scared I was until my period came." She shuddered. "I thought I was too young to have a baby. Our daughter, on the other hand, well, she didn't have that problem." "None of them did." Rachel laughed again, such a naughty sound. "Mmm, and I know you liked breeding them." "I can't deny that." I smiled as I turned to her. I stared into her blue eyes. "I never stopped loving you, though." "I know." She leaned in and kissed me.

Her lips were sweet. I groaned as I savored it, a heady rush surging through me. That young fire burned through my veins. She whimpered against me. Her hand pressed onto my chest, curling through my chest hairs. "Mmm," she purred when she broke our kiss. "I missed you, Harry. I love you." I smiled. I stretched out on my back, Rachel cuddling up beside me.

A perfect, blue sky spread out before me. I held her and smiled. This was a wonderful dream. I idly stroked her shoulder, her hand caressing my chest. Fingers twined through my chest hairs. Her lips nibbled against the side of my jaw.

I turned to her and found her eyes. They were the same color as the sky. Just as deep and intense. I stared into them, seeing eternity spreading out before me.

I kissed her again with hunger. I hadn't been with my wife in so long. I rolled on top of her, staring into her blue eyes, and slipped into rapture. I loved Rachel once again. She quivered beneath me. I felt so light. I could just float away. It was perfect. Peaceful. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Vanessa Young February 2067 My wedding ring flashed, the pink diamond glinting as I pumped my hand up my son's cock. He was eighteen now, just turned it only an hour ago. He was pounding on my bedroom door the moment it turned midnight, the scamp waiting in the hallway.

He groaned beside me on the bed, his chest rising and falling as I stroked his dick faster. "Mmm, and that's how your father took my virginity and made you," I purred, telling him such a wicked bedtime tale.

Harry Jr. groaned. His chest, filling out into a man's strength, rose and fell. His dick, as impressive as his father's, twitched in my hand. He stared at me with those intense, green eyes, his red hair swaying in a tangled mess. "Mom," he groaned, his voice deeper now. He was growing up so fast. "Oh, Mom. That story was hot!" "Mmm, that's it," I purred, stroking his cock for the first time. "Cum for Mommy. Show her how grown up you are." "Shit!" he cursed, his cock twitching.

He erupted. I smiled in delight as his hot cum splattered my round tits. They'd filled out since that day nearly fifteen years ago when Daddy had taken my virginity and turned a shy girl into a woman. Now I was turning his son into a man. I loved the feel of Harry's cum splattering my breasts. They spilled over my curves. His cum ran down my stomach, painting my flesh.

I shuddered, my pussy clenching. It had been so long since I had a dick in me. Only dildos and fingers for nearly twelve years. The drought ended tonight. "Oh, that's a big load," Mom said as she stood nearby filming it. She was streaming it to Grandma in her hospital room.

"Mmm, Harry, you're turning into such a man, aren't you?" "I am, Grandma," Harry said, panting. He sounded so proud of splattering me with his cum. "You are so much like your father," I said, savoring the jizz dripping down my tits. "I am?" Harry asked. He never really knew our father.

Daddy had passed away in his sleep when Harry Jr. was two-and-a-half. Old age had caught up to him. We buried him beside Great-Grandma Rachel. I had a dream that night that they were making love in a field of wildflowers. I liked to think they were there still, watching over us. "Yes, you are," I said, nuzzling into my son's cheek and kissing him. "Mmm, you're just as sexy as him. You make me just as wet." With a bold hand, he shoved it between my thighs and rubbed me.

I shuddered at the masculine touch. His fingers were rough and strong, sliding up and down my wet folds. I whimpered, my pussy clenching.

"Mmm, he's still hard," Mommy said. "No pill needed. That's youth for you, huh?" I giggled. "He's eager, Mom. Ooh, he's rubbing hard. He wants to slip in me." "I do!" Harry groaned then thrust a pair of fingers into my twat. I gasped, squeezing down on him. "So bad. I want to make love to you, Mom." "And I want you to make a baby in me," I moaned as he thrust his fingers in and out of me. "A sister. You have to carry on the family tradition.

Your own daughter to breed and love and marry. Just like your father." Harry Jr. beamed at me then kissed me with his hungry mouth. I closed my eyes and shuddered in delight. It was time to make my son into a man. To be continued.