Interracial Lesbians Have Some Fun

Interracial Lesbians Have Some Fun
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Jamie and Michael were friends with benefits. Both enjoyed this non-committed relationship status and both felt comfortable using the other for sex only.

Most of time the sex was hot but vanilla. Michael was somewhat of a dominant personality and this came through some times during sex. Jamie enjoyed being submissive to him but she was also something of a switch.

She wanted to dominate Michael sometimes; make him her slave. She talked about that repeatedly but Michael would never go along with that.

He liked to be in control too much. Sometimes he would even spank her ass when she said something about it. Jamie had spoken to her friend Michelle about this relationship, but had never really mentioned this dom/sub aspect to her until one girls night over drinks it came out.

Jamie told Michelle she really wanted to dominate Michael and was aggravated that she couldn't make it work. Michelle perked up at this point. Michelle had never told Jamie this, but she had a lot of experience being a Domme and enjoyed making men her toys often. Jamie was blown away when Michelle described some of the things she liked to do - tie up, blindfold, whip.

But what got Jamie most excited was hearing Michelle talk about using a strapon dildo on her bitches, as she called them. They were in a bar talking about this and Jamie almost had an orgasm just hearing about it.

The two girls got very excited as they talked about this more and more and Michelle suggested they could work together to make Jamie's dream of turning Michael into her bitch a reality. They developed a plan based on the fact that Michael didn't know Michelle. Although Jamie was skeptical, Michelle was certain they could trap Michael by luring him into a potential threesome.

The plan worked perfectly. On the planned night, Jamie and Michael went to a seedy little bar. Jamie got Michael in under the pretense of doing something "different", something off the grid. At the bar, Jamie and Michael were doing some fooling around while this hot "stranger" Michelle watched from a few barstools away.

Michelle started to flirt with this couple and soon the three were all engaged in some very public fooling around with Michael thinking this was so great to be picking up this hot stranger. He was having visions of a three way with him getting satisfied by these two chicks. Michelle and Jamie were very careful to ensure that Michael was having more to drink then them but not too much. They wanted him pliable to their whims but not passing out drunk.

After a while, Michelle invited them to her place which was conveniently right around the corner. At the apartment, the girls kept up the charade for a little while, with some clothes coming off.

The girls were being careful to keep the early action just between the two of them - teasing Michael and getting him very turned on. They kept doing this and Michael kept getting hornier.dying to have his dick out and being serviced by these two babes. He finally was virtually begging to get in on the action, when Michelle started to focus on him just a little but keeping up the tease. Here at her apartment, they fed him a few more drinks so that when Michelle finally said to Jamie, "Wouldn't it be great to make him our sex slave?" he wouldn't object at all.

Rather than object, he immediately began agreeing with that idea. Of course, his idea of sex slave was very different than theirs. He was thinking he would be eating pussy and fucking two hot girls all night at their command. After more teasing, he was now begging to be their sex slave!

At this point, the girls still had bra and panties on although they had been playing with and kissing each other for a long while. Michael had been stripped naked; his dick was hard, but it had not received any attention from them at all. He was going crazy with desire. And with Michelle and Jamie continuing to taunt him with sex slave suggestions, all the while teasing his hard cock with brushes of their hands and lips, he was ready to do anything.

Suddenly Jamie perked up and said, "Well if he's our slave, then he ought to be handcuffed!" Michelle responded, "I have some!" Michael, as if he was reading from the same script laughingly agreed, "Yes, yes, handcuffs, cuff me please!" The girls laughed too - knowing what Michael did not - as Michelle got up to go to her bedroom and get the cuffs.

While she was out of the den, Jamie even began to teasingly suck his cock - just barely and just enough to keep him engaged with the ruse but also keep him desperate. Michelle came back and said, "I brought this too - a blindfold; sex slaves have to be blindfolded." Again, as if he was reading his lines, Michael said, "Yes. Yes. Blindfold me.

Cuff me. Make me your slave," Jamie and Michelle again laughed as they pulled his hands together behind his back and locked them together tight. They egged him on. "You want to be our slave don't you?" "Yes, I want to be your slave." They repeated the question as they were blindfolding him and he repeated the answer enthusiastically. One of them grabbed his cock and stroked as she said, "Beg us.

Beg us to make you our sex slave." Without hesitation came his reply: "Please please make me your sex slave," he said as they stroked his cock. Michelle grabbed his shoulders and pushed him down to his knees. While he was there, she got down real low and sucked his cock some, again just to keep him agreeing to all this and keep him wanting more. While she did that, Jamie barked at him in a rougher voice, "Are you sure you can handle being our slave??" "Yes" "Are you positive you want to be our slave, Michael?" she demanded loudly as Michelle's lips slid up and down his hard cock.

"YES." "Beg us again, Michael, beg us to let you be our slave!" With Michelle continuing to suck, and with the alcohol still keeping him loopy, Michael really had no idea what he was saying, but he proceeded: "Please.

Please! Please! Make me your slave! I will do anything you want! Please, I want to be your slave!" "Anything we want??" came the louder, bitchier, reply from Jamie "Anything you want!. Please!" he moaned as he felt Michelle sucking more voraciously. Hearing that, Michelle stopped sucking. Jamie fastened a collar that Michelle had supplied around his neck.

Then they pulled him forward by the collar and ordered him to crawl behind them. He eagerly did so, even though his hands were behind his back and he couldn't see. He "walked" on his knees where they led him. They led him into Michelle's second bedroom which she kept set up as her dungeon. Jamie had been amazed when she had first seen it before this night. Of course Michael couldn't see how the room was equipped.

The cross, the sawhorse with padding on the top and kneeler sides. The whips, paddles, flogs and other torture equipment hanging from the walls. What he also couldn't see was the video camera that the girls had started using as soon as the blindfold went on in the den.

All his desperate begging had thus far been recorded. In the room they made him stand up and then kneel onto the sides of the sawhorse, and before he really understood what was happening they had tied his legs to the kneelers, and then abruptly bent him over so his stomach and chest were laid along the top, his ass high up in the air. He mumbled a few words of drunken protest, but they yelled at him to shut up as they hooked the collar around his neck to the sawhorse; his head stretching out over the opposite end from his ass.

With his hands still cuffed behind his back, he had no control over any movement at all! The girls began laughing and reminded him how much he had just been begging to be their sex slave. He started to protest when they shoved a ball gag in his mouth and strapped it to the back of his head. Then the room went silent. After a very long wait, what seemed like hours and after maybe having nodded off for a little while, Michael was stunned alert by the brightness of the room as the blindfold was yanked off his eyes.

He was still tied helplessly and still had the ball gag in his mouth, but as his vision cleared up he could see his surroundings. He looked around and tried to say something but couldn't.

He felt a hard smack on his ass and he gasped as a tv screen came on in front of him. A video of him begging to be the girls slave was playing right in his face. Another smack cracked on his ass cheeks just as his videoed self was screaming that he would do anything they wanted.

He couldn't even see the girls; see who was spanking his ass, but then Jamie slowly walked in front of him. His eyes grew wide as he saw that in addition to her bra and panties, she now was wearing thigh high boots and had a large strapon dildo attached to her pelvis. She stood in his face a moment allowing him to absorb the scene.

Then she grabbed the big fake cock and started to tap his cheeks with it, saying, "anything we want," as she did Michelle came into view too and she was also wearing a big strapon cock. Michael was stunned. The sight of these two very hot women, nearly naked, with big rubber cocks protruding from the harnesses tied around their hips was astonishing to him. Jamie walked back and smacked his ass again. Michelle smacked the side of his face with her open hand.

"Be careful what you BEG for, bitch," she said to him tersely, "because you just might GET IT." Jamie loved hearing Michelle call Michael "bitch". She smacked his ass with a paddle harder and said, "You begged for this, BITCH! You BEGGED to be our slave." Michelle pulled the ball gag out of his mouth. Immediately he began to protest, but as soon as his mouth was open wide enough, she stuffed the head of her fake cock into it.

Of course he could not move, so he couldn't resist. He could only sit there with a fake dick between his lips. Jamie smacked his ass hard again.

"You are going to get exactly what you begged for earlier. You are going to be our slave. You are going to be our bitch." Each sentence was punctuated with a smack. "NOW DON'T JUST SIT THERE LOOKING STUPID WITH YOUR LIPS AROUND HER COCK. START SUCKING IT, YOU BITCH!" SMACK SMACK SMACK! Jamie loved calling him bitch! And she loved spanking his ass! Michael couldn't really do anything else at all. So he started to clumsily suck the dildo.

The girls immediately started laughing a cruel kind of laugh. Michelle didn't want to overwhelm him by jamming it in too hard and fast so she just held it to his lips and let him suck it. Jamie smacked his ass a couple times as they both were commanding him with insults. "C'mon you slut. You can suck better than that. Now suck it like you mean it," Jamie demanded. Michelle followed, "SUCK MY COCK YOU DIRTY WHORE!" Jamie came around the by his head and grabbed a handful of hair and pulled his head up.

"Oh and just so you know - you're still being videoed. So you can perform for the camera like the little porn star bitch you know you are." Then she pushed his head back onto Michelle's cock, jamming it into his mouth, "Get back to your job, SLAVE." She used the word slave so sarcastically that Michelle laughed loud again.

Michelle was impressed with how domineering Jamie could be without the same experience she had. They took turns with their cocks in his face. "Make sure you get my cock plenty wet with spit, you cocksucking bitch. Make sure you get it nice and lubed." Michelle said to him while he was sucking. "Because you know what's happening next don't you?" Jamie queried.

"She's going to start fucking your ass. How do you like that, 'SLAVE'?" More laughter. Michael quickly started protesting, trying to say no. But it's hard to speak when your mouth is filled with cock. Michelle kept thrusting over his attempts to speak, now going in deeper.

"Shut up and suck her cock, you stupid bitch," said Jamie contemptuously, as she smacked his ass hard a couple of times. Michael obeyed. With the smacks raining down on his ass, he started sucking more enthusiastically. Michelle said, "Jamie, look at your little cocksucking bitch go. He's really sucking my cock good. Are you sure he hasn't had practice doing this?" Jamie laughed. Michael felt something cool and wet on his raised up ass crack, and then a wet finger slipping into his hole. Jamie was lubing him up!

As she did this, she said, "a good little cocksucking bitch. Who would've known?" Michael even moaned a bit at her multiple fingers lubing and stretching his ass open. The girls heard that and really latched onto that big time. "WOW. He's enjoying being a bitch so much, he's moaning!" Michelle pulled out of his mouth and walked around the back.

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"You think he's ready?" she said to Jamie. "Ready? I think he's dying for it." "Maybe we should make him beg again?" "Yesss!" Jamie walked to his face and grabbed his hair. She turned his head up and said "Beg, bitch. Just like you begged to be our slave. Beg Michelle to fuck your ass!" She slapped his face hard as Michelle smacked his ass. Michael begged meekly. "Better than that, BITCH!" "PLEASE FUCK ME, MICHELLE" "Call her MISTRESS MICHELLE, BITCH!" SLAP.

SMACK. "PLEASE FUCK ME MISTRESS MICHELLE!" "Tell us what a cockwhore you want to be bitch!" SMACK. SLAP. The girls were really wearing him out. "PLEASE MISTRESS JAMIE. PLEASE MISTRESS MICHELLE. PLEASE I WANT TO BE YOUR SLAVE. PLEASE!" SLAP SMACk "I SAID TELL US WHAT A COCKWHORE YOU ARE, BITCH!" "PLEASE. I WANT TO BE A COCKWHORE. PLEASE!" came his screams. Michael was delirious by now, and starting to believe what he was being told to say. Michael let out a gasp as he felt Michelle start to slip her cock into his ass.

Before he could protest any more, Jamie pressed her strapon between his lips. Now they really had him where they wanted him. Spitroasted like a cheap slut. They started to work him. Michelle, again not wanting to overwhelm his virgin ass, taking her time but thrusting deeper each time. Jamie pushing her strapon cock in and out of his mouth. Michael was moaning more and more. The girls were into it much more aggressively now. Fucking his mouth and his ass at the same time.

Michael was moaning and sucking. He was humiliated. He hated it. He loved it. "You're our total bitch whore now, aren't you?" one of them said. He couldn't even tell who. He just kept feeling the thrusts in his ass and kept sucking harder and harder. "Look at the little bitch now! Getting cock in both ends. Moaning like a dirty little cocksucking slut." Michael was moaning around that strapon cock in his mouth as he was getting pounded and verbally abused.

They switched. Jamie went around back and Michelle came up to his face. While they were out of him, they made him beg again, "Beg for our cocks again, bitch!" "PLEASE GIVE ME YOUR COCKS MISTRESSES!" Both cocks were shoved in hard and deep. The strapon harness must have been giving Jamie's clit a nice workout, because she was really fucking Michael roughly now and moaning loud.

Finally with some brutally hard deep thrusts, she screamed out an orgasm. The girls stopped and left Michael there, worn out. He was too tired to ask to be untied so he just laid there - fucked like high-school slut. He was dazed and couldn't believe what had happened. He didn't like it.

After another long wait they came back in, dressed and laughing. This humiliated him more. One of them unhooked his collar and helped him up into an upright kneeling position. Michelle showed him the video camera and then left the room with it. He shuddered when he realized that whole ordeal was recorded. Just then the TV in front of him started playing the whole thing from the beginning. Jamie said, "we know you haven't had a chance to cum yet, so we're gonna let you do that now.

You can watch what a hungry little cocksucking whore you were and you can jerk yourself off to that." Michelle had come back in the room by that time. Michael's legs were still tied, his hands still cuffed.

Michelle said, "That video is now Jamie's insurance. She's your Mistress now. If you ever even think about disobeying a command of hers, that video will be broadcast all over the internet for the whole world to see what a cockslut bitch you really are!" She smacked his sore ass hard with her had for added impact. "So I'm going to uncuff your hands now and I know we can trust you will be obedient, can't we, BITCH!" SMACK!.

"Yes Mistress!" Michael's hands were free but his legs were still tied to the bench. "Go ahead, bitch!" "Go ahead what, Mistress?" The girls laughed. "Watch yourself taking those big hard cocks in both ends and jerk off, you stupid slut!" Michael felt so abused and worn down and humiliated that he could not resist their commands even though it was more humiliation.

"GO AHEAD!" So with the video playing he began stroking himself. He was surprised how quickly he was aroused, but the girls were not. "Look, Jamie. I told you. Just like all the other bitches I've had. They love being whores." Jamie was laughing so condescendingly at Michael that he could feel his cheeks turning red with embarrassment. She came over and whispered into his ear, "You're such a slutty little cocksucking whore.

We're going to have so much fun from now on." Michael didn't like the foreboding message, but he was stroking his hard cock while watching a video of two girls strapon fucking him from both ends.

In the video he could see himself hungrily sucking hard on a big fake cock in his mouth as the girls shouted humiliating insults at him. He heard his own moans as the big fake cock pumped in and out of his ass and couldn't believe that he was so into it. His cock was hard and he was nearing climax as Jamie smacked his ass a couple times and called him bitch again and again.

As he came, he was leaning back and so the cum sprayed onto his stomach as well as his hands. Without warning Michelle grabbed his hand and stuffed his cum covered fingers in his mouth. Jamie scooped some cum onto her fingers and brought them up to his mouth too.

"Eat this, you dirty little cumslut. Swallow this cum, bitch!" In an almost dazed stupor he obeyed and hated himself for it. The girls laughed so much. "Now it's complete. A cocksucking, cum swallowing whore." They untied his legs and then just left the room without another word. Michael felt so completely degraded and abused and humiliated. His ass cheeks hurt. His asshole was sore.

His jaw was sore. His face hurt from being slapped. He still had cum on his face and hands and stomach. He did not really know how he felt. He thought he hated it all, but he also saw himself on the video.

That person did not hate being used and turned into a "bitch". That person on the video was enjoying being used and fucked like a cheap whore and Michael hated that most of all. In the room by himself he didn't know what to do. There was nothing in there to clean himself with. His clothes were in the den. So he opened the door. As he did he heard voices in the den and it sounded like more than just Jamie and Michelle. Michelle had heard the door open and commanded, "Come in here, bitch." As he rounded the corner into the den he saw a few other girls and he was again humiliated.

Standing there naked, cum drying on his chin and his stomach, a collar still around his neck, The girls glanced at him but didn't really respond to his presence.

But they were oohing and ahhing and he quickly saw why. They were all WATCHING THE VIDEO. "This is Jamie's extra bit of insurance you stupid whore," Michelle began. "My friends here have now seen what a cockwhore you are in case you get any ideas of trying to steal the video. They already know you're a pathetic cocksucking slave!" "From now on," Jamie added devilishly.

They all laughed. Michael was looking to Jamie for some sign but she would not even make eye contact with him. "Get your clothes and get the fuck out of here," said Michelle. He moved around the room picking up things. He started to put them on, but Jamie stopped him. "Did you not hear what Mistress Michelle told you, you stupid slut? She said get the fuck out of here, not get dressed! So just get the fuck out of here." He stumbled out the door naked into the hallway of the apartment building hoping not to be seen by any more people.

He quickly pulled clothes on and scrambled away, delirious, humiliated and wondering what Jamie meant by "from now on." After he left the room, Michelle gave Jamie some advice.

"In order to make this permanent, you need to lock him into the idea that you are in charge now. You can switch and he can dominate you at times. I know you like that too. All of us do sometimes. But you need to let him know it will be on your terms from now on. Always on your terms." The others were agreeing and endorsing this. "So this is what you should do. Show up at his place tomorrow, unannounced. Bring at least a strapon, maybe something to spank his ass with.

But here's the key. You're going to be much less stern and domineering. You're still going to be in charge, and you're just going to proceed with whatever you do assuming that he will not resist at all.

He won't resist; trust me. He'll still be in shock. But you also talk more positively to him. Tell him how turned on you still are. Show him the strapon right away and calmly tell him you're going to fuck him again.

Don't even accept no; don't threaten him with the video. Just positively assume it. Pretend to be a little shocked about tonight yourself. While you're talking, be getting undressed and then putting on the strapon. Tell him something about you couldn't believe I was such a dominatrix.

But tell him how completely turned on you were watching him suck that cock. Add some good graphics here. 'I just LOVED seeing your lips tightly squeezing her cock as you sucked.' All that crap." Michelle's advice giving continued and Jamie absorbed it all. "Then," Michelle said with a wink, "proceed to fuck him like the little bitch he now is! Make sure he sucks your strapon for a long time. Don't force it into his mouth like tonight. Just guide him to his knees and guide his face to it.

No rough language; no need to call him names. You should fuck him from behind, but also make sure at some point, you're on top in a standard missionary position. Make sure he fully senses that he is not tied down, he's not handcuffed, he's not threatened.

He is just your bitch, just laying there with his legs raised up, just willingly submitting to his new Mistress, as you fuck his ass long and hard." The other girls practically applauded and Jamie smiled wide as she heard this.

"Oh and finally. make sure he doesn't get to cum while you're there. Don't be harsh about it, just avoid it. Don't even get it going.

When you've cum from fucking him - like I saw you do tonight - get up and get dressed right away and just leave. After you've gone, wait a bit and call him. I guarantee he will be jerking off. You can talk to him about it. Tell him to keep it up. Talk about this again. Talk about nothing but you fucking him. Not about anything else like his cock getting sucked or him fucking you.

Do all this right, and he will be locked into being your slave for as long as you want!" The next day, Jamie knocked on Michael's door about noon. He answered the door in some sweat pants and tshirt, looking a little shocked and pretty sheepish to see her.

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Jamie waltzed right into his apartment and proceeded just like Michelle had instructed. The very first thing she did without really saying much was put down her bag and pull out the strapon dildo and a small paddle she brought.

Michael wasn't saying much. Jamie calmly and even sweetly said, "I'm still so turned on from last night, Michael.

I just had to come over here and fuck you again." She had already started the whole scene as instructed, giving him no time to object - or consent (as if there was no decision of his involved in this at all).

She quickly had her shirt off revealing a very sexy bra. She was sliding her shorts down as she was talking about how hot it was watching him suck Michelle's and then her cock. She described it vividly. Michael was still not saying much at all; he was really caught off guard by all this. She could see his face turning red from embarrassment even. She finished getting ready and was standing there in the middle of his den with nothing on but panties a bra and a big strapon dildo which she held in one hand and stroked slowly.

She used the other hand to signal to him to come here, which he did - reluctantly. When he got close, she just gently pushed his shoulder down and he immediately went to his knees in front of her. She couldn't believe how good this feeling of power was! She was so turned on. She stroked his face and cheeks and his lips with the fake cock. She looked at him and saw that he looked scared and embarrassed. He may have even been shaking a bit and that really turned her on.

She pressed it to his lips and pressed it in between them. He resisted at first and she just pushed harder. His slowly opened his mouth and softly - still reluctantly - began sucking her big strapon cock. She had him locked in already. She knew it even before the rest of this afternoon played out.

She wasn't rough, but just firmly held his head as she pushed her cock in his mouth. She could see him succumb to her control and she almost had an orgasm just at that. As she watched him almost willingly go up and down on her strapon cock, she knew he was now her bitch for whatever she wanted. Michael knew it too. Jamie fucked his mouth for a very long time. She made him lick the shaft. She made him suck the fake balls.

She slapped his cheeks with it before slipping it back in. She was really making him give her strapon cock a good blowjob. She moaned as she became more turned on by this power and domination. She deviated from Michelle's script a bit by telling him what a good cocksucker he was; what a bitch he was.

She wanted to make sure he was humiliated. She had become a true Domme. She abruptly pulled out, leaned over and forcibly kissed him, then said, "Get up and get into the bedroom and get naked. Now." He - of course - obeyed. He got naked in the bedroom before she came in but he didn't really know what to do so he sat on the bed. When she came in she told him to kneel in front of the full length mirror, which he quickly did. She was still surprised at how obedient he was.

She made him position himself so he could see. And she stood before him and pushed her strapon cock between his lips again she told him to watch himself. "Watch yourself suck this cock, Michael." She grabbed his head and was more forceful about it.

She told him to suck harder as she fucked his mouth harder. "I don't want you to see a video right now. I want you to see yourself as you are in real time - my cocksucking bitch. Now suck my cock, bitch. And watch yourself suck it." Michael did as ordered. He sucked and sucked and watched in the mirror seeing the big thick fake cock slide in and out of his mouth. As she fucked his face, she said, "I must say Michael, I'm surprised how easy this has been.

I'm surprised you didn't put up more of a fight. You truly are a little cocksucking whore aren't you?" After no response, she slapped his face and demanded, "AREN'T YOU?" and made him answer even though her strapon cock was in his mouth. A muffled "yes" came in reply. "Of course you are," she replied. "Now get on the bed on your knees." He got up quickly and did as commanded.

"Bend over an reach back and spread your ass cheeks, you slut. And beg me to fuck you like the bitch you are." Now she was way off Michelle's script of not being harsh, but she was enjoying this too much; enjoying the humiliation of him. Michael begged. He couldn't believe this was happening, but he begged. "Please fuck me," he said as he was holding has ass cheeks. He was completely humiliated. "More," she said.


"Please fuck me, Jamie, please fuck me." She smacked his ass hard. "Mistress Jamie. From now on you will call me Mistress or Mistress Jamie." She smacked his ass hard again. "Now get back to begging. Show me your asshole that you want to be filled up with my cock and beg me properly." Michael was overwhelmed by all this. He didn't want to be fucked by her. He didn't want to be treated like this but he also did.

He was torn. He hesitated. SMACK. "Beg Michael. BEG ME TO LET YOU BE MY BITCH!" SMACK. "Please Mistress Jamie. Please fuck my ass," he stammered. "Please fuck me. Please let me be your bitch. Please." Jamie absolutely loved this particular sight: her formerly dominant lover bent over, willingly sticking his ass up in the air and begging to have it filled up with her cock. She wished she was recording this again.

She got behind him and slipped the head of her strapon cock in. She grabbed his hips. She thrust slowly forward, controlling his gasps. When buried to the hilt, she said, "Feel that, bitch? Feel me filling your ass with my cock?" "Yes." "Tell me you like it.

I know you like it. You know you like it. Now tell me." "I like it Mistress Jamie." SMACK. "You like what?" "I like your cock in my ass, Mistress Jamie!" he practically shouted. She slid it back and thrust it in again, eliciting another gasp from him. She starting thrusting her hips, fucking him lustily, holding his hips tight. Michael knew he was not restrained like last night. He was not tied, but yet she still was completely in control of him.

She wore him out for a while like this and then pulled out abruptly and ordered him onto his back. Now she was back on Michelle's script.

"Raise your legs up and show my that willing asshole, you dirty whore." He complied. "Now look me in the eyes, my sweet little bitch. Look at me and beg again." He complied. Laying on his back, holding his legs up, begging to be fucked, he was more humiliated then ever. As she was looking at him and hearing his feeble begs, she began to enter him again. Staring at him, she herself couldn't believe that her formerly dominant fuckbuddy was now her submissive slut.

The whole thing was a complete turn on for her and as she began thrusting regularly her clit began to get really stimulated. She soon was moaning loudly and about to cum. "I'm going to cum, bitch!" she practically screamed, and as she did she slammed her strapon cock hard and deep into his ass.

His cock had become hard and she noticed it and after she calmed down a bit, she remarked that she could see he was aroused by this. He didn't answer verbally but meekly nodded. He was hoping she would now start paying attention to his cock, but to his surprise, she simply slipped out and left the room, without another word. After a minute or so, he came into the den still naked and was embarrassed again, because she was fully dressed and about to leave.

"Oh. Well," she said dryly, "I guess I'll see you later, Michael." It sounded very condescending and dismissive, he thought and he didn't respond, and no matter, because she was already out the door. After a few minutes, she called just like Michelle had told her to. She thought she heard him breathing heavy and asked him had he already finished jerking off.

He stammered a bit and finally squeeked out a "no." "Well good then, because I want you to on the phone with me. Keep stroking Michael. I know you were already doing it. So just keep doing it." He obeyed.

"Keep stroking and keep thinking about last night. I'm sure that was what you were jerking off and thinking about, wasn't it?" "Yes." "Yes, what?" "Yes, Mistress Jamie, that's what I was thinking about." "I know it.

I know you're fully into this. I know you're a bitch Michael, a slut, a cock-whore. Keep stroking and thinking about how you had two of us at once - Mistress Michelle fucking your mouth with her cock and me fucking your ass with my cock, bitch!" Michael was already close to cumming. He was breathing heavy and moaning. "Tell me you loved that Michael. Tell me you loved those two cocks in you!" He started to answer, "I loved it Mistress Jamie, I loved those two cock." He exploded and came all over himself, moaning loudly as he did so.

Jamie smiled. She had him completely now, as if she hadn't had him already. She then said, "You were a good cumslut last night Michael, weren't you?" "Yes Mistress." "And what do good cumslut bitches like you do?" "Swallow, Mistress?" "Yes Micheal - so do it now. Clean yourself up and eat it all, you dirty cocksucking whore!" "Yes Mistress." Michael reluctantly did as ordered even as he wondered why he was doing it. He hated it - tasting cum, his own cum. He thought he could just tell her over the phone that he had done it and she wouldn't know, so he didn't understand why he was doing it anyway.

He got it into his mouth and swallowed and said softly, "ok." She laughed, "OK? Ok what?" "Ok, I'm done." "You're done what?" "I've cleaned it up and swallowed it, Mistress." "What is 'it', Michael?" "The cum Mistress." "Say the whole thing the right way Michael. You're trying my patience." "I've cleaned up and swallowed all of the cum, Mistress Jamie." She laughed out loud again. "Such a whore," she chortled and hung up.

Michael lay there dazed, not understanding really anything that just happened or even happened last night. Jamie, on the other hand went straight to Michelle's. When she got there, another girlfriend was there but Jamie couldn't hold back and started to tell Michelle what had just happened.

Michelle said it was ok, the friend was another Domme and would enjoy this. So Jamie recounted every detail. Michelle got a kick hearing how Jamie didn't follow her script and was impressed at Jamie's dominance of Michael. She definitely approved. "Now I have a harder suggestion," Michelle said. "What?" replied Jamie.

"Ignore him for a little while!" They all laughed at that. "No seriously. I mean it," she continued. "I know you. I know you'll want to be over there raping his ass every day!" Jamie nodded and grinned wide.

Michelle was right. "But it will be better to just ignore him for a while. Maybe a week or two. Don't call or text and don't answer his. This will completely humiliate him and torture his ego." They laughed again. "You're mean!" Jamie stated. "Noooo. This is actually what the little bitch wants. I saw him last night. You saw him. How easily was it to turn him into the little cocksucking bitch that you just fucked again?" "Too easy!" "Right.

Now he's yours and he knows it and he will soon realize he enjoys being used by you." "Ok Ok you're right." Jamie sighed. She did want to go back and rape his mouth and ass again and again, but knew this way would be better.

Right there she decided to wait at least two weeks. The time was going by agonizingly slowly for Michael. He couldn't believe Jamie hadn't called or texted.

He sent a couple texts and was upset she hadn't responded. In the meantime, Michelle took Jamie out the following weekend and the girls managed to hook up with some guys. Jamie went home and fucked one - regularly - voraciously all night. She was thinking about the previous weekend and she wanted to be as whorish as she possibly could. She was on her knees sucking the guy's cock almost before the door was closed to his apartment.

She let him use and abuse her and she loved it. He spanked her ass and pulled her hair and she came and came. She especially loved that she had this kind of control over Michael now. She could be a filthy whore herself, yet use him mercilessly as her whore slave. At home the next morning, she changed her mind and texted this message: "Get your ass over here now." "Yes Mistress." came the quick response.

She chuckled.

Fucking her shaved pussy POV

She was surprised by how quickly there was a knock on the door. From the couch in the den, she texted, "Get in here and get your clothes off." He turned the handle and found it unlocked. He came in and got naked in the entrance hall and walked into the den.

"Did you lock the door?" "Yes Mistress." "Go unlock it." She didn't explain why, which puzzled him. But he was quickly obedient - still a strange feeling. Also strange was being ordered around her place naked. When he came back she instructed him to kneel in front of where she was sitting on the couch.

She was sitting there with a robe on, opened, naked underneath. She had her knees spread and was exposing her familiar pussy to him. "I'm going to give you a reward for being so good last weekend Michael." He perked up and immediately his dick started to stiffen. He instantly thought he was going to be able to fuck her normally again! "Calm down, Michael. I want my pussy eaten and I'm going to let you do it.

You want to please your Mistress don't you?" "Yes Mistress" he replied eagerly and started to lean in. He was just pleased himself to be able to get close to her pussy again. Jamie stopped his head. "Now I want a long slow thorough session, Michael. Take your time and do it right and slow and deep." Michael grinned and obeyed - happily this time. He leaned all the way in and started to kiss and lick right away.

"Mmmmm. That's it boy, get that tongue inside my pussy." He obeyed again, really enjoying this but finding her taste different than the last time he was here.

And he had eaten her pussy many times during their relationship so he knew what she tasted like. No matter he thought and kept going. Jamie was moaning and pushing up her hips and holding his head. "Deeper with that tongue, boy, deeper." Her moans pushed him to work harder. He loved this and wanted to make her cum hard. "Clean it out," she said, "Clean my pussy, boy." This was an odd thing for her to say, but he kept going aggressively anyway, probing and licking and sucking on her pussy and clit.

"You know what I did, last night Michael." "No." "I was a whore last night Michael. I was fucked hard by a stranger. I let him abuse me like we abused your pussy ass last week." Michael was shocked and bewildered. He stopped what he was doing, but she had hold of the back of his head and held it firm to her pussy. "DON'T STOP LICKING BITCH BOY! Keep cleaning my cunt, you little whore." He was beginning to understand why she tasted different but didn't want to think about it.

No matter as Jamie was about to explain it to him regardless of what he wanted. "I let him abuse me and fuck me hard and good. I came multiple times as I was being his bitch. I let him cum inside me and I haven't had a shower yet. That's what you're here for - to clean his cum out of my worn out pussy." She was holding his head tight and ordering him to continue.

She was moaning and writhing as his tongue kept working inside her pussy and over her clit. "I bet this turns you on huh Michael. I bet your dick is hard knowing that your Mistress was fucked like a whore last night. Like you used to fuck me." He couldn't talk and didn't want to answer anyway because yes, his dick was hard.

The more she berated him about this, the more it turned her on and her moans were getting louder as she was getting close to cumming. "His cock exploded all that hot cum in me and you're the dirty little bitch cleaning it up now, Michael." As she said that she climaxed and moaned loudly, gripping his head tight to her pulsating cunt.

As she let go, he slipped back onto his heels, still kneeling between her legs. He was startled to see a guy sitting on the couch next to her. He had not seen or heard the guy come in.

It was someone he had never seen before. Even worse was the fact that he was naked and Jamie was stroking his cock! "Get up bitch" Jamie demanded. "Get up and go in my bedroom and fetch my strapon cock." This time he didn't obey so quickly. He couldn't wrap his mind around what he was seeing in the room.

Jamie reached over and slapped his face. "GET UP BITCH AND GET MY STRAPON COCK!" He was jolted into responding and embarrassed to reveal that his cock was still hard as he got up. He went to the bedroom and saw her strapon cock on the night stand next to her bed. He got it and brought it back into the den. He was very afraid of Jamie right now. He didn't know what was happening - again.

When he got back to the den Jamie was sucking the guy's cock! And not paying attention to him. More embarrassment. He just stood there not knowing what to do and feeling stupid. Then she looked up and told him to kneel. Obeying her by herself and with Michelle was one thing. But obeying her in front of a guy was too much. He didn't move. She got up and went right up to him and grabbed his hair and pushed him down.

"I said kneel you little BITCH!" she screamed, and then slapped his face again. "Help me put this on." He started to help her and while he did that the guy got up and came over to them. Michael was too stunned to really comprehend all this and just tried to ignore the guys presence. That wasn't going to work for long. After getting the strapon cock fastened to her naked hips, she grabbed his head and slapped his face with the cock.

"Get started bitch," she said almost matter-of-factly. She pushed it to his lips and he resisted. He did NOT want to be doing this in front of the guy.

She slapped his face with the cock again. "Don't worry bitch, he knows. In fact you're going to suck both of us right now." With that she forced the strapon cock into his mouth and ordered him to suck.

"SUCK IT BITCH!" Hearing Jamie call him bitch so much was so humiliating to Michael. But after last weekend he thought he liked it.

Even more humiliating was doing all this in front of another guy. He knew he didn't like that. But the thought of sucking the guy's cock was just too much for Michael and he was resisting Jamie's demands.

She didn't let that stop her. She had a grip of his hair and began fucking his mouth.


"Don't even think this is not going to happen, bitch. You know what you said last week, Michael. I know it. It's on my video. You're a cocksucking whore. You proclaimed it to me again last Sunday while your lips were tightly wrapped around my cock. You saw yourself in the mirror eagerly and hungrily sucking my cock." He just shuddered and he sucked like he had done last week. He was trying to obey her as she was pushing the shaft of her strapon cock in and out through his lips.

Suddenly she pulled his head from her strapon and pushed it toward the guy's cock. "SUCK IT, WHORE!" He stalled and she slapped his face with her hand.

"Open up, Michael, open up your fucking dirty whore mouth and get that cock inside it." He opened slowly and it was quickly filled, this time with a real, hard male cock. "Now suck it, BITCH!" He started sucking, just like he had sucked her strapon cock. He started to suck it hard while Jamie pushed his head back and forth, the shaft sliding in and out. "Look at you. Just like you said. A cocksucking whore." She yanked his head back, "What are you, Michael??" "A cocksucking whore," he said meekly.

"WHAT ARE YOU??" she demanded more loudly. "A COCKSUCKING WHORE!" Michael shouted deleriously. Jamie was a little surprised he said it so forcefully and she just laughed and pushed his head back and he started sucking again. "A cocksucking whore," she repeated into his ear. "You are a dirty filthy hungry cocksucking whore, aren't you Michael?" she said directly into his ear as he was being forced to suck this strange guys cock. "Yes Mistress Jamie," came the muffled reply. He was becoming more turned on to hear her talk to him like that.

He did not like sucking the cock, but he did like Jamie treating him this way. He liked her abusing and humiliating him. She kept talking, telling him what a bitch he was. She reached down and smacked his bare ass. He sucked harder as she was abusing him this way. She pulled his head back and then stuffed her strapon cock back into his mouth.

"Suck my cock, Michael" she demanded. He obeyed this quickly, squeezing his lips tight and sucking her strapon cock harder than he had yet. After going back and forth like this for a while, she ordered him up and over to the sofa. "Bend over the back of the sofa, you little bitch, bend over so you can get fucked.

I know your ass is burning to have my cock back inside it, isn't it??" "Yes Mistress Jamie, it is." He quickly did as ordered and bent over the back of the sofa. Jamie got behind him and the guy got in front of him. She entered him without hesitation and ordered him to start sucking again. And so he obeyed. She was quickly thrusting hard, bucking him onto the real cock in his mouth, which he was sucking like she ordered him to.

For the second time in as many weeks, Michael was stunned and couldn't believe what was happening. After last Sunday, he had gotten accustomed to the idea of being Jamie's slave. He had to admit that he liked what she and Michelle had done to him. Being called bitch while the two girls were fucking him turned him on. And when Jamie had him watch himself in the mirror as she fucked his mouth with the strapon cock, and told him how easy it was to turn him into a whore, he was turned on.

He didn't want to tell her that he jerked off all week thinking about her having him bent over and fucking him. But this? This was too much again. He just couldn't believe he was obediently sucking a real cock! He wanted to obey Jamie. He wanted to be her bitch, but sucking a real cock. He wanted to stop.

What on earth was he doing?? His thoughts were interrupted by her constant verbal and physical abuse. She slapped his ass hard.

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She shoved her strapon cock in his ass deep. She held his head as the guy fucked his mouth. He was getting worn out like a cheap prostitute. Her voice filled the room. "Bitch. Whore. Cocksucker. Slut." He kept sucking because he didn't know what else to do. Just then he thought he felt the guy start to tense in his mouth.

He heard him say to Jamie, I'm going to cum. "Good. Give the little bitch his reward. Fill his mouth with cum." Michael shuddered and Jamie smacked his ass. "You know what else you said, bitch.

You're a cum-swallowing cumslut. So you better not spill a drop!" Just as she smacked him again, she thrust in hard and the guy started to cum. Michael thought he was going to choke as he felt the cock pulse and cum explode into his mouth.

It was hot and thick and he almost gagged. He didn't swallow right away because he was so repulsed. Jamie was slamming her cock into his ass and having another orgasm, moaning loudly. The guy was moaning loudly too as he shot into Michael's mouth. He still didn't swallow. He just couldn't.

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The both stopped moving and the guy pulled back out of his mouth. Jamie was still inside him. She pulled his head back by his hair. "Well?" He shook his head side-to-side. He couldn't do it. She jammed her strapon cock hard all the way deep into his ass while she pulled his head back by the hair. "I said to swallow it all, you little fucking whore! NOW DO IT!" she screamed. "SWALLOW THAT FUCKING CUM!" And for good measure she slapped his ass hard with her other hand. Michael gulped it down.

"Put your cock back into his mouth," she told the guy, which he quickly did. "You proclaimed it to me last week, Michael. You said, 'I'm a cumslut.' That means you don't fucking hesitate when I order you to swallow AND you suck every last drop out of the cock you're sucking." She slapped his ass hard again.

She still hadn't pulled her strapon cock out of his ass. "Now drain that cock. Suck it like you mean it, bitch." Michael sucked hard on the guy's cock tasting a little drop of cum that came out. He kept sucking hard, because she was still pounding that cock into his ass and smacking his cheeks.

He kept sucking hard because he didn't want to anger her. He kept sucking hard because he wanted this to stop. He kept sucking the guy's cock hard because he was a cocksucker and a cumslut.

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He knew it. It all ended suddenly. The both pulled out of him. He couldn't see it but Jamie motioned the guy to follow her into the bedroom. They walked out of the room without saying a word to him, just left him bent over the sofa. He watched them walk out, watched the door close shut behind them.

He was numb - again. Just like last weekend. He was numb. He had jerked off during the week thinking about Michelle and Jamie using him. He felt used again today. He did not like it. He felt dumb standing there behind the sofa by himself naked. Jamie hadn't given him any orders. He wasn't sure what to do. Should he get dressed? Leave? Wait there naked? He couldn't take this and decided to leave. He got dressed and walked out the door alone, humiliated, ashamed, abused, fucked, satisfied.

He was a few blocks away when he got a text: "Where are you??" Jamie was pissed. He replied "around the corner". After pressing send, he immediately typed "Mistress" and immediately turned around and started walking back.

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"Good catch, slut" "If you're back here within 5 minutes you'll be forgiven." He had already started back so there was no problem meeting that time. In fact, he knocked on her door in under 2. He heard a laughing "Come in." He was relieved to see Jamie was alone. He was unsure about her still being naked except for the strapon cock dangling from her pelvis.

He didn't know what he wanted or expected. He was standing there doing nothing and Jamie said dryly, "Why aren't you naked, bitch?" He quickly shed his clothes. "Too bad you didn't stay or I wouldv'e allowed the little cumslut another go at that cock." She laughed as he turned red. "I didn't really like that Mistress" She laughed again, "And you think I care? This is about what I like and I like the cockslut you've become." She walked around him slowly and smacked his ass with her hand.

"You're lucky I'm in a good and forgiving mood, Michael." "Yes Mistress" "Now. I want to fuck you again Michael. Go and get into my bed." Jamie wanted to dominate him in a less harsh manner now. Sort of like Michelle had instructed her too. She wanted to dominate him, to take him, to fuck him. Just not abuse him. Michael didn't hesitate.

He walked rather quickly in fact into her bedroom and got into her bed although he didn't know what position she wanted him in. She followed right behind him and sat up against the backboard. "Come on and start with your mouth. You know what to do." Michael leaned over and went right to work sucking her strapon cock. It tasted clean - another relief to him. She started moaning right away, moving one of her hands underneath the harness to massage her own clit.

"I love to have you sucking my cock, Michael." This kind of reaction was one he liked. Although the abuse and humiliation and the dirty name-calling turned him on, hearing her moans was really the best part of this. So he really started to suck energetically, moaning onto her strapon cock as he was sucking.

"You really are a good little cocksucker Michael. I would swear you've done it before, because it hasn't taken you long at all." She moaned again and he sucked more voraciously, bobbing his own head up and down. He had never had more than a banana in his mouth and he wasn't sucking that! He said, "No Mistress, I haven't," he voice distorted by the strapon cock he was sucking. "Well you are a natural Michael.

A natural cocksucking bitch." She was bucking her hips up to him about to have an orgasm and grabbed his hair and bucked up hard and moaned very loudly. She kept a hold of his head and kept her strapon cock in his mouth, but moved his head to the side so she could look at him. "Look at you. Lips gripping tight around my cock. What a hungry little bitch!" She pulled him off of it. "Lay flat on your stomach." He obeyed. "She got on top of him. "Raise that ass up whore.

Raise it up because you know - you want - what's coming." He obeyed. She slipped her saliva covered cock right into his waiting ass. He wanted this bad and moaned loudly as she entered him. She heard that moan and pushed all the way in, while stretching her body across his back, so she could whisper in his ear.

"You like that my little slut don't you." "Yes Ma'am!" he moaned enthusiastically as she felt him push up against her. She was impressed that he said Ma'am. She kept whispering, "Feel my cock penetrate deep, slut" "Feel me owning your ass" "I do own you now, you know that, don't you, bitch!" He was incredibly turned on by this and moaned a shaky "Yes Mistress Jamie" Jamie kept fucking him this way.

It was an incredible turn on for her too and the inside of the strapon harness provided the right stimulation to her clit. As she thrusted, they both moaned. She never let up with the commentary. Again, all Michael could hear was "bitch" "whore" "slut" "cockwhore". He soaked it all up bucking up against her as her thrusts intensified. Soon Jamie was moaning loudly, cumming again. Michael could feel her intensely pumping the strapon cock deep into his ass as she did. Since this was about her 8th or 9th orgasm in the last 12 hours, Jamie was spent.

She pulled out and rolled over. Michael was spent too but in a different way since he hadn't cum at all, even though it seemed like he'd be having sex for 6 hours straight. In fact he had been (or nearly so) but he was just being used as a whore for everyone else's satisfaction and not his own. Jamie ordered him off the bed and onto his knees at bedside. He quickly obeyed her. She reached over and pressed a button on the remote control and the video of him being fucked by the girls came on.

Jamie simply said, "Go ahead." She didn't need to say more. He started jerking off while they both watched him get fucked at both ends. After being fucked so good by Jamie just now, it didn't take long at all til he came. He stopped and sat there, actually hoping she wouldn't say anything, but he wouldn't be so lucky.

"Don't stop." she said firmly. He knew what this meant. He collected his own cum on his fingers and raised them to his mouth.

He liked a lot of what had been happening to him, but he didn't like this part. He was nevertheless obedient. He knew what Mistress Jamie wanted and he gave it to her. He cleaned up and swallow every last drop.

She laughed. "Get on out of here, Michael. I will call you some time." She was deliberately ambivalent, knowing this would bother him. He did feel bad when he heard that tone but got up to leave without complaint.

"You pathetic little cocksucker," she laughed derisively as he left. The whole way home, Michael puzzled over all this. He really couldn't get over what had happened today at Jamie's. After last weekend he thought he could enjoy the strapon fucking by Jamie (and Michelle if that happened again). He had to admit that some aspects of the humiliation were a turn-on to him.

He did get s charge out of being called bitch especially when it was accompanied by a smack on his ass and a hard thrust of a strapon cock. Be he hated the fact that he sucked a real cock today. Hated it. He absolutely did not enjoy that. He may have gotten a charge out of being called a cocksucking bitch, but the real thing - no way. And the cum. He didn't even want to think about that at all! He fucking swallowed it.

Oh my god! For a week he had enjoyed this new aspect of his relationship with Jamie. For a week he jerked off and came thinking about the previous weekend. Now. no. He was not enjoying this feeling now.

He hated himself in fact. When got home, he resolved that he would call Jamie tomorrow night and straighten this all out. He wanted to go back to the way it was before last weekend and if she couldn't do that, well then they would just have to call it quits on their fwb relationship. Later that night, as he was jerking off, he was enjoying images of wearing out Jamie the way he used to, slapping her ass as he fucked her from bend.

As he was about to cum, the image of being bent over her sofa came into his mind. He came hard. Michael hated himself.