Slave gets his ass fisted and pecker pumped by nasty mistress

Slave gets his ass fisted and pecker pumped by nasty mistress
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LIKE EVERY TEENAGE BOY I HAD MY FANTASY GIRL. The one girl that i thought about evey night while i beat my meat. Well just like every boy i thought it would never come trie but boy was I wrong.

Whittney!!! what are you doing, the bus IS ABOUT TO LEAVE!!. Relax T.K they wouldnt leave with out us. IIght wat eva you say ,if we get left imma.imma. YOU GON WAT?.nuttin now COME ON!!!!!! Whittney and i ran out the school to catch the bus that was leavin for our school trip.



talkin bout o shoo i left my water bottle .iight cool your horses look there is another bus.iight lets catch it. Whittney and i again rushed off to catch the bus. SHHHIT if we didnt make it i would of neva herd the last of it. BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA and den im not talkin to you nomore. THen i got to beg like a puppy dog. Any way we made it. we got on the bus and went to the back where no one was sittin. All through the ride she didnt say nuttin to me.i knew she wouldnt, its just like her to stop talkin to me wen she is mad.

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.Anyway wen we got to clubb getaway she cheared up a little as she heard the music playin from the dance hall. Wow its like she was havin a sugar rush, she grabbed me and pulled me to one of the rides. We went on ride after ride.but the best one was the cyclone. WE lined up at the ticket man to go into the ride. SHE looked at me.T.k.memba the game we played on the retreat we went on in 6th grade?.O hell NO I AINT GETTIN CAUGHT DOIN THAT AGAIN, i GOT IN SO MUCH TROUBLE IT AINT FUNNY.but at the back of my mind i wanted to play so badly.



We got on the ride and went to the very last car and sat together. The person in charge of the ride came and locked the belts over us and said "let the games begin".whittney: hell yea.i I I I got semi hard just hearin the lust in her voice. i loosened my pants as soon as her turned and walked away gettin redy while whittney slakened the drawstring she had on her skintight phatpharm sweat pants.

THe ride started off slow risin to the first hill and turn. I looked over and saw Whittney gettin her hands ready to grab my cock and play the game.i got rock hard in a second.

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BAM! we hit the first drop. .o SHIT she jumped the gun and GRabbed my cock, i looked over and saw why, her pussy was drippin wet.omfg she was horny as ever, i felt it in the way she sucked my dick as the ride went on. .UGH SHE STARTED PLAYIN WITH MY HEAD WITH HER TOUNGE DEN LOWERIN HER LIPGLOSSED LIPS OVER MY COCK.

Wow it felt so good her luscusious lips on my cock she just kept sucking and licking. It was an intense combination. As she kept licking the shaft of my cock i knew sooner or later i was gioning to explod in her mouth.

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As we turn on the last turn she sucked like never before aw!!! shit splooshhhhhhhhhhh she suced it up like a vacum. When we reached the exit we were all ready dressed but she still had a little bit of cum around the edges of her mouth. After our little game we went to the club and boy did she rock my dick. As they played the song 'rock the boat she gave it to me nice and slow. then the song 'tempeataure came on dhe dubbed me grinding her nice ass against my already swelled cock all through the dance i poked her with my cock while she moaned with pleasure cause i was poking her.

After the club we went to her house and she asked me if i wanted to come in "hell ya' as i followed her to the couch she started to unbutton her clothes. When i sawe those luscusious tidys bounce out of her bra i got rock hard. I didn't wait for her to say come on in we went to the livin room den i grabbed her ass and threw her on to the couch striped my pants reveling my 6 inch cock. I asked her where she wanted to get fucked. But i saw the lust in her eyes and didn't wait for her to reply as i shoved my cock into her mouth and started thrusting.

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UH, UH uhhhhhuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! that'ss all she kept saying finally i put her on the floor opened up her thighs and put it right in to the open gaping virgin wet pussy uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuc she said.


Then i started to fuck her first slow then fast all i kept hearing was ahhhhhhhhhhhh fuc ah umm ah ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Then finally she said ah fuc i'm goina cum my response was another thrust which caused her to release a lot of virgin juices. I got on my neez and started to clean up the mess den spittin it bac in her pussy. ugh ugh ugh ,o yes. she started rubbin her swollen clit as I did her a tounge job. I got tired of that then pulled up my cock slapped her pussy wit it den wit one quick shove I shoved all six inches in.

In out in out in out i quickly found my rythm again den started puttin a dip into my stroke as to stimulate her g- spot. she realized the change cuz suddenly she grabbed my waist and threw her head back and moan madd loud. i felt her puling fuck hole throbb and contract over my dick and felt my balls contract. boom!

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I exploded in three bursts. We both calapsed in a weary state upon each otherembracing eachothers bodies. After we got bathed and dressed i got redy to leave we i walked back she called out to me and gonna come by some other time?. i simply turned back and said you wanna go one more round?

After that day started to get more than just sexual thoughts about whittney, it started to be sutten good.