Cute stepdaughter fucked by her stepdad while role playing

Cute stepdaughter fucked by her stepdad while role playing
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As he walked quickly down the alleyway, he jingled the few coins he had in his pocket, along with that key. That key was the answer to his prayers.the fix he had been searching for, the elixir for the wound. left by being gone too long, way too long.

He shook his head to clear his mind, a bit. Almost there, he said to himself.feeling as giddy as a child with candy. He came to the door, and pulled out the key.

He inserted it in the lock, at the exact same moment as the bell's began to chime, some ways further down the street. He unlocked the door, and went inside.

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The lights were very dim, lit only by a black light bulb. Further down the corridor, he glimpsed a familiar sight.a sight that made him go ice cold, and steamy hot at the same time. The walls of that room shone, a pale blue. But the lighting in that room, was not the cause of his joy. That cause, was the solitary chair, directly in the center of the otherwise empty room. He fairly flew those last 2 feet, and sat slowly on the chair.

Suddenly a voice, very firm, but very feminine said, Mistress Kaylene is in your presence.Kneel at my feet!! He immediately sank to the floor, and lowered his face, til his nose touched the cheap carpet.

She then cracked her whip, and with visible effort he rose slowly, peering cautiously at first the leather booted feet; then the shapely legs, lean stomach and firm breasts.all encased in ultra tight leather.looking as though she had been poured into it.

And if all that didn't take your breath away, the long, jet-black hair, and knock out face, would. She commanded him to sit back in trhe chair, and he immediately scrambled to obey. She stood in front of him and turned around and bent over at the waist, as though she was examining the carpet, and moved her asss invitingly towards him.

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Instantly forgetting previous lessons, he leaned forward, and with both arms outstretched, reached out and grabbed her tight little bottom.

She immediately straightened and whirling around, cracked him hard on his head, with the butt of her whip, and asked him if he thought himself clever? When he answered no, she suddenly developed an evil grin.we shall see!!! She turned around once again, and slowly and seductively lowered her ass onto his lap. It was all he could do to keep from screaming out and lose this important time with her.but he resisted the urge, and sat rigidly straight.

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She started moving slowly on his lap, a sort of fidgeting like a restless child in church. But the longer and more intense it got, the more aroused he got, until finally; she was not so much fidgeting, but rubbing herself on the bulge in his pants he realized, as he shifted and slightly groaned. She sprung off of him like a live wire, and stood before him.

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She cracked her whip so close to his manhood, that he felt pain in the very tip. Her frown was so sultry, that he almost didn't hear her order him to the next room. He walked silently, and wondered what punishment lay ahead.

They made it to a room with red glowing bulbs, idly swing around and above a solitary bed. She had him lay on his back, and stood at the foot of the bed, eyeing him critically. She then pounced on the bed, and slapped his face. He didn't make a move, so she tore off his shirt, and was reminded why he was her favorite client. He had a wrestler's body, and an actor's face.and oh how he knew to fire her desire. But she must not let on that it pleased her; because a Mistress of Pain, should have no heart!

She used her long sharp nails to pinch the nipple of his right pec.


He blinked once, and a drop of sweat rolled down his face. She giggled cruelly, and took his pants off with her teeth. She smiled deeply at the sight of his neatly shaved member. She was also happy to see, he had not worn his boxers, as she had fiercely tortured him to remember to arrive with nothing underneath.

He laid there and waited for her to make up what his punishment was tonight. Secretly he enjoyed the degradation, humiliation, and down right best orgasms of his life here.


He had been gone too long! Anticipation made more untolerable, by the fact that she was coiling and uncoiling her whip, caused his leg to twitch.

Damn! he thought, Will I ever learn? he wondered briefully, as the pleasure center in his brain took hold. She was beating his upturned ass with a steel hair brush, his cheeks flaming red. She saw him lay there and take her torture and never show anger. It's almost as if.she was doing him a favor.

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She stopped, rolled him over, and began caressing his cock. then she lowered her mouth to it, and tongued the head of it with slow small circles.

Sensing his enjoyment made her stop and lean back to grab her whip. She snapped it very close to the head. She knelt down once again, and bathed the shaft with long slow licks----up and down. She had reached the top, and was on a downward motion when.he sneezed!!!! The sound had caused her to lurch forward, and before she could stop it, she had bitten him!

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He felt unimaginable pain, which was likely the reason that things turned out as they had. He screamed in pain and while sitting up, grabbed her whip. He turned her over and pulling both of her arms behind her.used the whip on her ass, until no fabric covered the angry red welts; fueling an obvious machine, bent on getting satisfaction. He flipped her over on threw her on the bed, where he slapped her back and forth, across her face, the flawless skin, stained red.

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He moved down and thrust his finger up inside her pussy, moving it in-and-out so fast; praying she was in agony. But agony, was the last thing on her mind. She was in the throes of passion and was nearing a blinding orgasm. He lifted her legs and leanned forward, and entered her pussy. Years of lessons, and punishment, had come out in this sweetest revenge, for he was driving her full throttle.nearing his own finale.

One last thrust, and he swept her up and swiftly bit a nipple. She screamed out - partly in pain, partly in earth shattering ecstasy! One year later, they are still together, sampling life's buffet of up's and downs.but Never in the bedroom.because no matter who cracks the whip, the both "snap to Attention".