Caty Cole In The Bedroom

Caty Cole In The Bedroom
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Ashleigh's Present Jack and stepdaughter Ashliegh had gone on fairly well after the departure of Jill. To be quite honest, Jack thought he might even be better off without Ashliegh's mother.

The house ran like clockwork with Ashleigh in charge. In the evening when Jack returned from work he was quite well attended to. A hot meal awaited him, the fire was made in his study, and Ashleigh was there. That was the important thing for Jack now-a-days. Ashleigh. After their initial intimate act, it seemed only natural that Ashleigh should share his bed at night.

Their trysts were hot and immoral. Nothing was taboo: spanking, binding, hot wax, anal, total unfettered submission to his desires. Ashleigh made Jack feel as though he were her god. Absolute submission to Jack's desires seemed to be her calling. What more could Jack want of her? At this point he felt supreme. His wish was her command. Soon, he found that there was more to be had from his pubescent slave.

Oh, so much more. There came a day when Jack came home from work to find Ashleigh entertaining one of her schoolmates. The house was in order and he could smell the delicious odors of dinner. Yet, the whole order seemed out of whack. There was another young girl in the house to whom Ashliegh seemed to be lavishing attention on. He noticed there was a nearly empty carafe of wine on the table and the girls were giggling.


For some reason Jack felt his castle, his domain, had been invaded. The girl, who was introduced as Michelle, was not as well proportioned as Ashleigh. As a matter of fact, to Jack's eye, she was on the heavy side. Oh, her face was cute enough. Still, she had a blocky figure. Her breasts being camouflaged by a bulky sweater were mysteries. It wasn't hard to tell she had a fulsome set of hips, though.

Her wide hips spread generously across the settee and her thighs, although firm looking, came jutting out of her school dress like small tree trunks. "May Michelle join us for dinner, Father," Ashleigh coyly asked.

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Jack put this change of Ashleigh's demeanor off to her intake of wine. Despite what she said, Jack was eager to speak to Ashleigh alone. This was the first time she had brought a stranger into their home. At his first opportunity after the introductions were made, Jack discreetly asked to speak to Ashleigh in the hallway.

Not knowing what he would say to her, yet knowing he wanted to say something, Jack led Ashleigh into the hallway. There, he grasped her slender wrists in a firm grip and asked, "What is the meaning of this?

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I was not told we would have a guest. What are you doing?" "Father, don't worry so. I have a present for you. May I have her while you watch?" Jack was flabbergasted at this. Did Ashleigh actually say what he thought he heard?

Did she actually say that she was going to attempt to have public sex with this lacrosse-looking girl for his benefit? Jack could feel his cock begin to harden ever so slightly. Ashleigh reached her right hand down to caress the growing bulge in Jack's pants. She gave it a playful rub and coyly asked, "Wouldn't that excite you?" Jack felt trapped. "What if she doesn't want what you offer?' "Don't worry. I have this under control.

I want to give this to you. I've got my cam on the phone and I will be sure to take pics she won't want to see spread around. Besides, Michelle has been wanting a dive at my muff for some time.


Let me handle this." Jack, with his hard-on, felt next to hopeless. "Go ahead, but be careful. This could ruin us both." Ashleigh gave his hard cock a brief playful squeeze and darted back into the sitting room with Michelle. Jack remained in the hall watching. What unfolded next took everyone's mind off of dinner. Ashleigh, smiling, plopped down on the settee next to Michelle. She grabbed up her wine glass, struck it against Michelle's, and drank it down.

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Setting her glass down, she put her arm around Michelle's shoulder and began to kiss her sensually, tongue and all. Jack had a ring side seat. Michelle responded by cupping her left hand over Ashleigh's left tit and grinding her mouth into Ashleigh's. Michelle drew back and, somewhat breathlessly, asked, "What about your father?

He might catch us." "Don't worry, he's gone to his den and we won't hear from him again for quite some time," said Ashleigh as she began to unbutton Michelle's sweater. "Let me get your tits out where I can have them. You've flirted with me long enough.

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I want you now and I intend to have you." "Ash, you're being so bold. I thought you were so goody-two-shoes." "Now you know different. Let's get our clothes off and get to it. Father only stays in his den long enough to catch up on his email and junk.

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Come on, I'm wet for you. Put your finger inside of me to see. Hell, put two or three fingers in there. I want you." Michelle hesitated only a few seconds and her own desires overtook her.

She shrugged out of the sweater and bra exposing small breasts with very pert nipples the size of blackberries distended and hard. Next, she wriggled out of her skirt leaving her clad in a thin silk thong that was obviously wet at her crotch.

As she made a move toward Ashliegh, Ashleigh stood coyly and said, "Let me get naked with you so I can feel you." At that, Ashleigh began to take her own clothes off. Knowing that Jack was hidden behind the door watching this whole tableau, she prolonged the affair, to both Jack and Michelle's agony. Jack had his cock in hand gently stoking it, letting the abundant pre-cum drip where it may. His cock was so hard for Ashleigh. Yet, the plump mound of Michelle did not miss his notice. He licked his dry lips as he stroked himself.

As Ashleigh revealed herself to Michelle, there was an audible silence in the room. Michelle's fingers, which had just recently been rubbing at her slit slowed to a stop. Her mouth parted slightly. Her tongue made a brief but discreet appearance between her lips. "God, Ash! I'm so horny for you. You've got me near to cumming already. Come here and let me have you." Ashleigh raised her hands and cupped her breasts. Slowly she approached Michelle with a hip bouncing motion imitating a cat-walk model.

Two feet from Michelle on the settee she stopped and did a slow 360 degree turn. As she came face to face with Michelle again she she asked sotto voce, "Would you let my father watch?" Dry mouthed Michelle said, " I don't care.

Let him watch. Just let me have you. Geez, I'm so wet for you right now I don't care if the whole world watches." Jack took this as his cue. He stepped through the doorway with his rampant cock in his hand. "It's okay, Michelle. Ashleigh and I are quite liberal with sex. Am I to understand that you wish to have her?


If I didn't misunderstand, you said I could watch." At the sight of Jack coming through the door Michelle became a bit rattled. Here she was; naked, fingers deep in her own pussy, and lusting after Ashliegh, Jack's daughter. She felt like peeing on herself.

"Uh, uh, Mr. Delacroix! It's not what it seems. We were only playing around. You know. Just a couple of girls having some fun." "Shush, Michelle. I know what is going on. Don't get overly excited. I'm okay with all of this. I simply want to observe, little one. Do you mind?" At this juncture, while standing naked, Ashleigh grasped Michelle's head and pulled it forcibly to her fuzzy mound. "Lick it, girl. You have been wanting to for a long time.

Taste it." Poor Michelle never knew what hit her. It was almost automatic that her tongue came out and began to lick at Ashleigh's pussy. Soon she was deeply into it and Ashleigh was beginning to moan. Jack said, "Get on the floor. You're Ashleigh's bitch, now. Put your tongue inside of her as deep as you can. Tongue fuck her. Play with yourself while you do it." With that pronouncement, Jack brought his wide belt down across Michelle's ass eliciting a howl.

Ashleigh grabbed her head and brought in even closer to muffle her noise.

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Jack directed them to both get on the floor. Ashleigh was to lay on her back with her legs spread. Michelle was to kneel between her legs so she could suck and kiss at Ashleigh's dripping pussy. With one hand on his cock and one hand wielding the belt Jack gave hefty whacks to Michelle's ass as she sobbed into Ashleigh's pussy. Jack's cock was hard as granite at this point. He looked into his daughters eyes and said, "I'm going to take her while you have her." With that he knelt behind Michelle with one hand on her back to keep her from coming up and the other hand guiding his cock into her drenched pussy.

As he entered her with his swollen 7 inch cock he felt her buck. He shoved it all in and heard her cry out against Ashleigh's pussy. Jack's cock may not have been the longest, but it was definitely in contention for being the fattest. "Oh, yes! Fuck her, Daddy," shouted Ashleigh! "Fuck her hard." Jack began to thrust himself inside this tiny youth of a girl.

Long strokes as he watched Michelle's head bob against his daughter Ashleigh's plump mound of pussy. He could feel that Michelle had stopped fighting it and was now hunching back against him as fed his thick cock into her. Michelle's moans changed from pain to lust. She wanted that cock n her as she sucked some pussy. Michelle almost growled with ecstasy as she matched rhythm with the cock in her and the pussy at her mouth. Jack was nearing the point of no return with his cock.

He grabbed Michelle's hips and flung her to the side and entered the very wet pussy of his daughter. There he made several thrusts with guttural noises and came. Moments later, after he had regained some of his breath, Jack rolled over and grabbed Michelle by the hair and forced her head into the wet morass of Ashleigh's pussy.

"Suck it, girl! Suck my cum out of that pussy you wanted so badly!" As Michelle obediently sucked at the ooze from Ashleigh's pussy, Ashleigh clasped Jack about the shoulders, kissed him girlishly, and said, "See.

I told you I had a present for you."