Homemade Amateur German Cheating Wife

Homemade Amateur German Cheating Wife
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Assaulted in the Pension Hotel. Note: This is a totally true story, it happened to me, many years ago.


I may have lost some of the detail over the years, but basically, it's almost exactly as it happened. . I was on a touring/budget type of holiday, along the south coast of Spain. Everything had gone okay, my motorbike had run well, with no trouble at all. I hadn't been bothered by the Guardia, not once, even though the bike had completely illegal, racing megaphones fitted, rather than silencers. Most evenings, I camped, it hadn't been too difficult to find suitable spots.

Today, however, I just could not find anywhere, and it was now getting somewhat late in the day. Back in those days, 1964 to be precise, the stretch of coast along from Gibraltar to Torremolinos, was still completely undeveloped. Estepona was still a tiny fishing village, and even Marbella wasn't much more. The beaches simply went on, for mile after mile, with nothing and no one.

So, back to the trip. I hadn't seen a building for some distance, then I spotted a long row of pine trees. A little path meandered, through the trees and down to the beach. I rode the bike along the path and parked up among the pines. It was a warm still night, as it had been, the past couple of weeks, so I thought that I might just as well get my sleeping bag, and kip right here. There was a sharp nudge in my back. I came awake, expecting trouble, but I couldn't see a thing, with the high power torch beam, shining directly in my face.

A voice jabbered away in Spanish, far too fast for me to follow. I did speak some Spanish, but it needed to be spoken slowly, for me to understand when spoken to. The beam dropped from my face. It was then I saw the rifle butt, that had nudged me awake, and the Policia Local guy standing holding it.

He wasn't rude, he wasn't angry, in fact, he was quite pleasant. After a bit conversation, back and forth, I gathered that it was against the law to sleep on the beach at night. Extremely helpfully, he offered to take me to the nearest Pension Hotel. So following on my bike, we hadn't actually gone far, when we arrived it this somewhat decrepit looking place. He waved a cheery "Adios, buenas Noches," and was gone.

In the scruffy reception, an old guy explained that he had no rooms left. Only one bed, in a shared dormitory.


It worked out at the equivalent of two shillings and sixpence (twelve and a half pence) a night. There was no alternative but to take it. He explained, the other occupants were still out, but I would find one untouched bed. An hour later, snuggled under my sheet, and I was fast asleep. I had left one light, on at the far end of the room. The door crashed open with a bang, followed by a gaggle of shouting and laughing.

That's a good deion really, a bunch of cackling geese just about covered it! Needless to say, I was rudely awakened. I knew immediately, that they were as pissed as assholes. Best keep your head down, I thought, pretend you're asleep.

I soon sussed, that they were Australian, in fact, eight or nine of them, all girls! Now, I won't try putting on an Aussie accent, I can't.

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The language being used was totally foul, and I'm no prude. It was like a dozen machine guns firing off - shit, fuck, bollocks, up yer ass, and so on. I then made the mistake of taking a quick peek, to be confronted with all these gorgeous girls, ranging in age from maybe eighteen, to somewhere around twenty-five. And bloody hell! They were all in various states of undress, some in bra and panties, one or two even with nothing at all. Disaster struck! I hadn't been sneaky enough.

"Hey guys, we've got another roomy over here!" I heard footsteps approach, the edge of the sheet moved, and then a little face was peering in at me. A shriek, "It's a fella, an' I saw him taking a quick gander." The next second, I'm laid there, in my underpants, the sheet snatched away.

The bed was surrounded by all these semi-clad females, several swaying quite badly. And it was one of the latter, who literally fell on top of me. Her hands grabbed my head. Her lips were planted on mine, none too gently, I might add. Her panty clad hips rubbed against me like crazy. She was like a sex-starved, demented demon. I reached my hands to push her away. Now I don't mind a good fuck, at the best of times, but this was something else.

This totally pissed girl, slobbering all over my face, not to mention, all the encouragement being shouted out in the meantime, all in very expressive terms. "Come on Jillie girl, fuck the bastard." and various other words of similar meaning. As I was saying, I did try to push her away, but before you could say, 'hey presto', my arms and legs were grabbed, by god knows how many hands.

I was trapped, with nowhere to go, and clearly no help expected. Someone reached under Jillie, and before I knew it, my pants were gone, at the same time they pushed Jillie's legs apart. I felt another hand pull my cock from under her, and with a firm grip, started on wanking me. The next thing I knew, was that my hands and feet were being tied to the iron bedposts. Two of the girls, literally ripped Jillie's panties off her, then several hands were lifting her hips up, until they could push, my now throbbing cock, to her pussy.

It was somewhat roughly guided in, as several shouted things like. "Come on Jillie, now fuck!" Unfortunately, Jillie was too far gone, she seemed have lost her motive ability, her hips didn't move, not a bit.

Yelling derision, they lifted her off, to dump her unceremoniously, to the floor. Another, appearing to me at least, to be a bit more sober, dropped her panties down, and climbed aboard. She straddled me with her knees, and raising her hips, whilst holding her own pussy lips apart, she lowered herself down onto my member, to surprisingly gently, and slowly ease me all the way into her, until she was sat on my balls.

She called to another girl, "Come 'ere Midge, climb up front, and get ya' twat on his face." Midge duly did as she was bid, and she manoeuvred herself above my head, facing towards the other girl. With no hesitation, her pussy lips, ground down on my mouth, my nose, by simple geography, was stuck between her ass cheeks. Now these girls had all been out on the piss, all night.

I don't mind a bit off ass, but I really do prefer it nice and clean. Unfortunately, here, I had no choice in the matter. As she rubbed her clit over my lips, my nose was jammed hard against her rear hole. I saw both girls reach for the others tits, and excuse me, as one fucked my cock, and the other my mouth, as they groped and tweaked breasts and nipples. Meanwhile, the rest were loudly, cheering them encouragement.

The girl above my face shouted at me, "Get your tongue out, and stop fucking about!" Well, she was hurting my lips, and anyway I could barely breathe, what with my nose well and truly buried.

Between her thrusting, I opened my mouth, caught a quick breath of life-saving air as she rose a bit. Then thrust my tongue out, to search for her clit. It didn't take too much searching, because it was quite big, the only problem was, the taste wasn't the best I had experienced before. Stale pee was what came mostly to mind.

The one riding my cock, I never did catch her name, screamed aloud that she was gonna cum, then "This bastard's built like a fucking stallion," she shouted. I remember that she went completely still, no bucking or writhing. Naturally, I couldn't see any of this, but I felt it, I did feel her inner muscles clench on my cock, just once, I think. Next, I could fell her lifting up, and my cock hit open air. That didn't mean for one second that I was off the hook because no sooner had she gone, I knew another was taking her place.

Once more, they shouted for her to "Ride him, baby," as she, in turn, lowered herself to encase my cock. "Fuckin' hell!" I heard her call out, before she went for it, pounding up and down like she was riding in the Derby.

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I have to confess, through no fault of my own, my cock was by now enjoying the fun. The girl above my licking tongue began to grind hard against me, once more, I struggled to breathe.

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But I was saved from suffocation when at that moment, she began to orgasm, she did buck up and down, and I managed to grab a quick gasp of air. She was wet, I've no idea whether she was a squirter, or whether she just peed herself, but I do remember thinking that I was as likely going to drown.

She again commanded me, "Keep licking lover." But I heard another say, "Fuck off Midge, you've had your go, get out'a there." And I do think, she was actually pushed off me, quite hard. With no further ado, another was over my face, facing the same way again.

Whether it was simply me, getting into the swing of things, I don't know, but I remember thinking that this one's ass smelled much sweeter, as it happens, so did her pussy, so I felt much happier, attacking her clit.

She'd let it have a good doing, then inched forwards to my chest. "Stick your tongue up my ass hole, bucko," she ordered. Of course, it wouldn't go in, no matter how hard I tried, but I suppose she did get a good rimming during my efforts. Somehow, I managed to get one hand free from its restraint. I reached under her ass, then leaned forward to give me better access, my finger found the target, and I pressed hard, Her hole was already nice and slippery, from my tonguing, so the finger eased in, without too much trouble.

She scooted backwards until her cunt was back over my mouth, and because she was now bent over my chest, I had a much easier job of licking along her slit, as well as tweaking her clit.

The girl on my cock had done her job, I knew I was going to shoot my load, as it started to rise in me, I could hear her screaming, "Yes, fuck, I'm gonna cum." She bounced on me like mad, and then I let loose.

"Oh shit, I can feel him cumming as well, fucking bloody marvellous!" I felt her lift herself, and her hand took hold of my cock as it came out, dripping cum all over. She bent down and shoved it in her mouth, rubbing and sucking for all she was worth. The remaining girl still astride me, started to wriggle about fast, so I fucked my finger in her ass harder, at the same time, sucked on her clit with gusto.

Her hands gripped my sides like a vice, as she in her turn, reached her peak. This one wasn't as long before she was spent, no sooner had she orgasmed, and she just fell forward. The one at my cock had now let it go, well, it had gone limp.

The two girls got off the bed, and for the first time, I could breathe properly. I thought I was now home and dry, but I was wrong. Three of the girls still standing around had grabbed my loose hand and promptly tied it, back to the top of the bed. "Gotta keep you there until he's recovered." One said, pointing at my dick, the others chorused their agreement. I heard one say, "I'm going for a piss, anyone else coming?" Another answered, "Where you going, we've got a piss pot right here." I struggled in vain against my bonds, but there was no getting away.

The first girl who had spoken, climbed up on me, legs either side of my chest. She took hold of her pussy lips, and took aim, at first nothing happened, but I could see her clenching her muscles, as she pushed. Then it came, a stream of pee splashing all over my face, "Come on, open your mouth, you dingbat." I suppose I couldn't do much else, so I duly opened and took what she had left. They weren't finished with me though, the other two girls went to each side of the bed.

They both spread their legs, aimed their pussies, and then let fly. I mean, I could've drowned there and then, as I desperately swallowed. I did start choking badly because the force of their pee was also going up my nose. When they were done, give them their due, they take the wet pillow away, and fetched a towel and dried me. What next, I wondered, but there was no next.

I was left in peace until I eventually fell asleep. I woke with a start, a women's voice jabbering away in Spanish, and I saw this middle-aged plus woman, cleaner or something I imagine. She was still jabbering on, as she untied my aching arms.


She tutted away to herself, as I massaged my sore wrists. I looked about the room, all the girl's gear had gone. The woman by the bed flicked a duster at my cock. Shit! it twitched. She undid my feet ties and helped me sit up. The bed smelled and was still quite wet. In my bad Spanish, I said, "las chicas, yo no." (the girls, not me). "Ah, sí, entiendo," (yes, I understand), she replied, looking at the ropes.

She helped me stand, my ankles really hurt, then she grabbed a towel and helped me hobble to the bathroom. She pushed me to sit, while she ran a bath, then she helped me climb in and sit, I lay back it was bliss. I had closed my eyes, as I relaxed. I expected her to be gone when I opened them, but no, she was still there, kneeling next to the bath, with her arms resting on the side. She wasn't looking at me, not my face that is but was staring at my cock lazily floating about the water.

She suddenly took my shoulders and sat me up, then a soapy sponge was scrubbing my head, followed by my shoulders and back.

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She then washed my face and chest, just like mum when you were a little kid. But unlike mum, she also washed my cock. What did you expect, right away it started to go hard.

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She looked at me and wagged a finger in my face, I didn't understand what she said. But in the meantime, her other hand was still cleaning my cock. Well maybe it wasn't cleaning anymore, but kind of rubbing.

She rubbed a bit harder, it got stiffer, and more she rubbed, now with two hands, a wicked smile on her face. She watched me begin to tense, and she positively beamed. My load shot up into the air, and she chuckled with glee. Then she rinsed her hand in the bath water, she gave my cock a sharp smack, all the time muttering away still. With that, she stood and was gone. When I went back to the room, the bed had been stripped, my gear all on the next bed.

On top, a saw a piece of paper. It was a note, in English, "Thanks for a good fuck fella." It was just signed, "From your Aussie girls, with love." When I went downstairs, the old boy was behind the desk, the lady from the bathroom stood beside him.

"Mi esposa y yo deseamos un viaje seguro." (My wife and I wish you a safe journey). The end.