Small Sorority Girl Is Dangerous

Small Sorority Girl Is Dangerous
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Fbailey story number 366 Stuck In Her Bicycle Chain Angie was standing in front of my house crying when my wife sent me out to help her. Angie had her long skirt caught in her bicycle chain and she couldn't get it out. I lifted her bike and carried it as she walked along with me toward my tool shed out back.

She was really concerned about her dress getting ruined. I was concerned about how I was going to get it out of the sprocket with her still in it. Obviously that was not a problem because she unbuttoned her dress a little and slipped it off.

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Well that took care of one problem but then it created another one. I now had a naked fourteen-year-old girl in my tool shed. That couldn't be good. Just then my wife entered to see if she could be of any help. Caught immediately but at least my wife was there.

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Angie then said, "Oh its okay. I'm always naked at home. Daddy liked Mommy and me that way. I'm not allowed to wear any pants or underwear any more either. That's why I can't wear my miniskirts to ride my bicycle any more.

Daddy doesn't want any boys seeing my pussy when I ride. You're okay though, you're not a boy." She had been looking directly at me for that last remark. My wife never offered Angie anything to wear letting me get a good view of her breasts and her shaved pussy. My wife even had Angie squat down to hold the bike for me. That opened up her pussy lips nicely.

I think that my wife enjoyed the view too. I loosened the rear axle and freed up her dress, which my wife then took inside the house bringing the naked girl along with her as if it were a normal thing to do.

I put her bike back together and tightened everything up for her. Then I went into the house. There was Angie still naked sitting in my chair.


My wife explained to me that Angie's dress was being washed and that she could probably get the stain out. Then she told me that Angie and her mother had to be nude at all times in their house so she let Angie be nude in our house too.

My wife really was enjoying looking at the naked teenage girl. Apparently Angie was not allowed to put her knees together either. My wife patted a spot next to her on the couch to sit where I had a great view of Angie's open pussy.

When my wife asked Angie if she were sexually active she replied that she wasn't. Then she said that her father was the only one that could fuck her until she turned fifteen in a few weeks and then his friends could fuck her too…for money that is. Then she would become sexually active. My wife asked Angie about her mother and found out that the two women were sexual with one another whenever her father wanted to watch them.

Then of course there was more to the story. The men that pay to fuck her mother sometimes pay extra to watch Angie lick their cum from her mother's pussy. And she doesn't call that being sexually active. When my wife had washed and dried Angie's dress she had her put it back on and go home but not before making Angie promise to come back the very next day and to bring her mother with her.

Right after Angie was out of the house my wife turned off the computer camera and played back the recording. The quality sucked but what do you expect for a cheap web cam? She had recorded the girl's story but we were both more interested in her body. As Angie had been telling my wife her story she had been fingering her clit too. My wife and I both noticed that, as she was talking. My wife told me that she herself hadn't been with another girl or woman since high school but that Angie gave her a funny feeling between her legs that only another girl could scratch.

Despite the fact that she wanted Angie I took my wife to our bedroom for a pretty good session. I hadn't seen my wife that excited in a long time. For the rest of the night my wife stayed naked. She told me that it seemed like a pretty nice rule and besides if it was good enough for Angie and her mother then it was good enough for her too. Great! That night I loved watching my wife move around the house. The next day when Angie knocked on the door my wife greeted them and invited them in.

Angie seemed surprised that my wife was naked. She told Angie that she had only been allowed to stay dressed the day before because of her guest. Angie bought that story then she undressed, as long as it was our house rule too. Angie's mother Vickie followed suite and undressed too. I myself remained dressed.

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I sat in my chair that time and the three women all sat across from me on the couch. I saw my wife close her knees, notice that the others had theirs open, and then opened her knees up for me too. I was looking right into Vickie's crotch the whole time.

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It was quite red and puffy, from extended use I believe. My wife pretty much went over the same things that Angie had mentioned the previous day. Vickie confirmed everything that Angie had said. Vickie said that neither of them is allowed to wear clothes inside their house, close their knees, or close any doors in the house. They are not allowed to wear underwear either. Her husband prostitutes her to other men and that in a few weeks when Angie turns fifteen that he will prostitute her too.

Apparently there is quite a waiting line to get in her pussy. After the confession Vickie looked directly at me and asked me what I wanted in exchange for my silence. She assumed that I was going to blackmail her, which I was. My wife and I had actually discussed that very thing before going to bed the night before. So I told her that I wanted them to join my wife and I for an orgy, that I wanted to fuck Angie, and that I wanted payment twice a week.

Without batting an eye Vickie agreed and then she asked me if we were to get started right away. I said yes, but that I had to set up my video recorders first. Again she never batted an eye, then asked me if I needed any help. I looked her over and got the impression that she wanted to talk in private so I said yes and led her to my bedroom, where I closed the door. Vickie whispered that if her husband found out about this that he would kill them both.

She said that she was deathly afraid of her husband. Then she asked me if I could get Angie out of here before she turned fifteen. I told her that I would give it a lot of thought and told her that the better she and Angie were the better my help would be. She said that I wouldn't be disappointed.

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Then I handed her two tripods to carry out. I actually wanted to molest her right there but I also wanted it to be recorded. I followed Vickie back into the living room, told my wife to close the drapes, lock the doors and to do anything that she needed to do to get ready. She had Vickie and Angie help her move the furniture back, get some blankets and pillows, and then light several candles, put on some mood music, and wait for me.

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I had two video cameras set up along with the web cam. One of the video cameras had a remote control and was connected to the big screen plasma television set.

Everything was a go. I started out with introductions just to record their names, birth dates, and address. I then told the ladies to enjoy one another until I felt the need to join them. Vickie was true to her word she ravished my wife giving her multiple orgasm before give her to Angie.

Then Angie had a good time of it.

I could tell that Vickie had told Angie to do everything to her fullest. When one was eating my wife's pussy the other one was sitting on her face. They double teamed her senseless. When my wife was totally exhausted I got in. I was naked when I stepped into the camera range. Angie rushed to my hard cock and praised it highly. Both her and her mother said that I was a good inch longer than their father or husband and that I was thicker too. I had no idea if they were telling me the truth but it would sure sound good when I played it back later.

Angie licked my cock, my balls, and even my asshole as I used the remote control to capture all of the action. My wife and Vickie stopped what they were doing to watch the big screen along with me.

Then Angie sank her mouth over the head of my cock and slowly started down the shaft. Her head bounced up and down, going down further each time.

I could feel my cock hit the back of her throat but she didn't stop. She continued until the head of my cock entered her throat and her nose was pressed into my thick pubic hair. I could feel her tongue along the bottom of my shaft, her teeth gently caressing the top side, and her throat muscles trying to swallow it further down her throat.

It was the best blowjob ever and I was excited, so obviously I started to fill her with cum. Angie didn't let one single drop escape her lips. My wife and Angie's mother took turns sucking my cock hard again so that I could fuck Angie face to face in the missionary position.


I wanted to look into her face as I fucked her. Her father may have fucked her a hundred times but I was still only the second cock to enter her…and according to her I was bigger and longer. I knew in my heart that I was better too and I was going to prove it to her.

I saw the look in her eyes as I slipped into her slowly, I saw the look again as I started to fuck that tight pussy of hers, and then I saw the smile that came over her face when she got used to the feel.

That in itself was precious. Soon Angie was telling me how good that it felt, how much bigger I was, and how much better I was than her father.

She told me that with her father she was just another piece of meat, another piece of ass, and just another hole for him to fuck. In just a matter of minutes this teenage girl knew that I was different, that I was treating her special, and that I loved her more than her own father did. It was all true too. That day with the women helping me I made love to Angie two more times.

They did not return home that night or any other night for that matter. My wife and I took them to my in-laws in another state where they got a fresh start. We now visit my wife's parents a lot more often than we used too. Angie is doing well in school and will graduate in the spring.

Vickie has found a good man. However, they both make sure to show their appreciation to my wife and I in our motel room while we are there. The End Stuck In Her Bicycle Chain 366