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Boquete no carro com neg atilde_o dotado
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I entered the old barn and found her sleeping there, bound and gagged, wearing nothing besides the pair of sexy high heels and knee socks that I loved so much. My wife's hands were chained to the wall and each leg had its own restraint on the floor. Under her hips was a large pillow, forcing her ass into the air. A mix of semen and lubrication was dripping out of her pussy and had stained the pillow. I was hit with a flurry of emotions, ranging from anger to resentment to a kind of twisted pleasure.

I turned and asked the first question that came to mind: how long has this been going on?

I married my wife five years ago, while we were both attending college. We met our freshman year and fell in love almost immediately.


Amy can best be described as a small and cute girl. She is 5'2'', 115 pounds, and speaks with a barely audible lisp that was far worse when she was a child.

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She is beautiful. I am an attractive young man, not quite dashing, but handsome enough. I am 6'1'' and well proportioned at 170 pounds. When I went off to university, I went with my best friend from high school, Jerry. He is a little shorter and smaller than I, and of course not quite as handsome, but he is also a good-looking fellow.

Amy, Jerry and I were the best of friends throughout our college years. After graduation, I moved with Amy to a rural area no more than a dozen miles from our former college.

Jerry went off to Denver to med school and, after several years of hard work, he became a doctor and opened a practice near our old campus. To my great surprise (there were many instances when I questioned his sexuality), he came back with a fiery young wife, a few years younger than us. Katie is a very attractive 23-year-old red head. She is tall, nearly 5'10'', and very skinny, although I never have learned her weight.

She has an athletic build with a very respectable b-cup. One warm summer night, Jerry, Katie, Amy and I were sitting around a blazing bonfire, drinking a few beers and having an enjoyable time.

Our talk turned from quite innocent to sexually explicit in a matter of minutes. Through casual conversation, it came out that Amy and I were both virgins when we met and she had never seen another man's cock in person. After a great deal of teasing from Katie, Amy shockingly proclaimed, "Fine, if this is such a big deal, let me see Jerry's dick." All three looked to me for approval.

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I sat thinking for a while. We were certainly not in an open relationship of any sort, but what harm could it do? "Alright, go ahead." With that, my friend stood up, unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans. The sex talk must have been pretty arousing, because he pulled out a three-quarters hard seven-inch penis. It was nothing I hadn't seen before over many years of friendship. We sat there for a few more seconds admiring before he zipped up and sat back down.

Katie began to protest. "If Amy gets to see you, I want to see Jake." We were all fairly loose and in good spirits, so Jerry agreed and I stood up, revealing my fully erect six-inch cock.

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It was smaller than Jerry's, but not tremendously so. After I sat back down, our sex talk continued fairly uneventfully until we reached the subject of blowjobs. I complained pretty severely about Amy's inability to get me to orgasm through oral. After a short while, Katie, always the troublemaker, suggested that Amy demonstrate her technique on me, "for the class." We consider this to be a fairly private matter, but not much more private than the erection I had just exposed, so we both agreed.

I sat back in my chair and slipped down my shorts while Amy got on her knees before me. I received several minutes of sub par head before Katie interrupted. "Sweetie, when your daddy told you it was just like licking a lollypop, he was just trying to get it in your mouth. Watch how to give a good bj." She got on her knees and sucked on Jerry's already exposed cock like a pro. Amy tried to emulate Katie's style, but I still didn't reach orgasm.

I didn't realize it at the time, but that was the point when our lives changed forever. It started with a characteristic Katie quip, "Maybe I should give it a try?" That evoked a very long pause from everyone. A million thoughts ran through my mind. Was she serious?

Do I want this? Am I going to end up in a trunk somewhere, killed by at least one, maybe two people sitting around this fire? I kept my mouth shut while Katie turned to her husband and questioned, "Can I?" Perhaps it was the alcohol, or just the excitement in the air, but nonetheless Jerry gave a simple nod. Feeling the thrill and nervousness grow in my chest, I began to turn to my wife when she asked, "What do you want to do?" I was hoping to ask her first and gauge her response.

If she was against the whole idea and I vacillated, I would be in for a world of hurt for the indefinite future. I sat there briefly trying to read her face in the firelight. My answer came from one of nature's greatest miracles. You see, animals have sex because it is their instinct. Males will fuck whenever they can, and females only when they are in heat.

Humans are possibly the only species to have sex for pleasure. When aroused, the human female secretes a thick mucus to lubricate the vaginal passage, allowing the penis easy entry. This natural lubrication has its own special scent, and each woman has her own unique smell. When, sitting in my chair, I smelled my wife's unique scent, I knew she was into it.


I said, "I guess I'm ok with it," and Katie slowly sauntered over towards me. As she passed by the firelight, I got a clear picture of Jerry's beautiful wife. She wore a very sexy white tank top and blue jeans, the classic country girl look.

I stood up and she dropped to her knees. My cock slid into her mouth and she began bobbing back and forth, each time inching closer to my pubic hair. At last, she had my entire cock in her mouth and down her throat. I was coming close to an orgasm when she stopped.

She turned to Amy and proudly stated, "See, that's how you do it." I knew that Jerry wasn't going to let me penetrate his wife without something in return, so I quickly offered, "I think it's time we take this party inside." Everyone agreed, so we put out the fire, folded up the chairs and walked into my home.

I offered another round of beers, but nobody was interested. We almost immediately found ourselves in my bedroom. I was sitting on our queen-sized bed with my wife, while Jerry and Katie sat on the nearby couch. I posed the question, "Where do we go from here?" Jerry responded, "That all depends on what Amy wants." Looking at my wife, he asked, "What would you like to do with me?" Briefly glancing at me with a slight smirk, Amy stated, "I haven't gotten really good oral in a long time, do you feel like you're up to it?" "Of course babe," Jerry replied.

With that, Amy removed her t-shirt and bra, exposing her perky breasts, a c-cup. She shimmied out of her jeans and panties. Socks were kicked off and she inched her butt towards the end of the bed. Jerry got down on his knees and buried his face in my wife's freshly shaved cunt.

This was not what I expected. Once in high school after a Halloween party with classmates, I went out in the woods with three friends, two guys and a girl. The young girl performed oral sex on all three of us. It seemed like a huge deal at the time, but blowjobs have become almost commonplace in society. I didn't especially like the idea of my friend's cock being in Amy's mouth, but I could live with it. This was completely different. I found it hard to watch as my wife moaned with pleasure and my friend probed every corner of her vagina with his tongue.

As I stared at my wife's face, contorted with great pleasure, Katie put my mind elsewhere. Already naked, she helped me removed my clothes. Unlike Amy, Katie kept her pussy completely natural. Her pubic hair wasn't overbearing, and was a nice brownish red color. I slipped two fingers inside it while she played with my hard cock. We kissed passionately as Amy squirmed on the bed, inches away.

She became more and more vocal, as her moans turned into screams of pleasure. With my jealousy growing, I reasoned that if he could give Amy an orgasm, it wouldn't be a problem if I fucked his wife. She was thoroughly enjoying the fast pace of my fingering, so I flipped over on top of her and spread her legs with my own.

Her pussy was very accepting of my cock, as I slid it inside her. I worked up to a good pace but was distracted by Amy, thrashing around in the troughs of a major orgasm. I propped myself up on my hands while Amy turned over, recovering from the pleasure she had just received.

Katie moaned as Amy kissed and fondled her breasts. Amy then let out a surprised gasp as Jerry eased in behind her, lifting her left leg and slipping his dick into her dripping wet pussy. He only got in a few thrusts until she stopped him, got up and pushed him down on the bed. Amy began to ride Jerry's seven inches, speeding up to a quick pace. She shifted her hips backwards and forwards on his cock while he played with her breasts.

"Stop," Katie told me mid-thrust. I pulled out and we stood up together. She walked around to the foot of the bed and pushed Amy forwards so her face was level with Jerry's, splitting Amy's cheeks and fully exposing her asshole and the penis ramming inside her.

Katie then planted her feet in a wide stance and bent forward, licking my wife's ass and pussy, and her husband's penis. Taking the cue, I came up behind her and began copulation, the force of my blows smashing her face into Amy's cute behind. I continued to pound Katie for several minutes, until she revealed to us one of her deepest fantasies. "I want to be double teamed." Jerry and I agreed. Amy reluctantly stopped riding Jerry's cock and I retrieved a bottle of lube.

I warmed her up slowly, inserting one, then two, and three fingers into her tight asshole. Once comfortable, she laid on her back on top of her husband.

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We helped position her onto his dick, which slipped into her ass with a satisfying pop. I got on top of her, in a three-person sandwich, and began to thrust into her pussy. Katie screamed with ecstasy while her fantasy was being fulfilled.

Amy was exhausted and passed the time watching, gently playing with her clitoris. Sandwiched between two men with a cock in each hole, Katie had a very loud orgasm.

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Her greatest pleasure came from touching and holding both dicks as they were sliding in and out of her in unison. Katie begged and Jerry and I happily obliged her. After ten minutes of pumping, I filled up her pussy while Jerry made a deposit of semen in her ass. Her face told the whole story, scrunched in pleasure while she felt every squirt inside her. After we finished, cum oozed out from both holes.

Amy had fallen asleep on the couch by this point, and I joined her and feel asleep almost immediately. Katie and Jerry passed out in exhaustion on the bed.