Charming legal age teenager takes off clothes to get drilled

Charming legal age teenager takes off clothes to get drilled
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I was nudged awake, we'd arrived. This would be fun, i helped dad take all of the stuff out of the car and into the cabin while mom stayed inside to "Check the rooms". We got an early night so we could go walking in the morning, "Seeing nature at it's finest" As dad would say. The next morning dad came into my room and told me to get ready, i arrived downstairs for breakfast and dad told me the days plans, complete with a map. "So if we walk until 11.30, we'll reach here" He pointed at a point on the map "There we can eat dinner, mom will pack the lunches.

Then down to here" He pointed to a different spot "to speak with the rangers and see if there's anything interesting in the area" Well apparently dad's idea of a meeting as just telling us the plan, didnt even ask for our ideas. But then again my only idea would be me railing his wife. We began walking and kept walking.and walking.and walking. Felt like id walked half the earth, i could feel my feet burning and my toes starting to blister. Then came the best possible sentence "Okay, lets stop here and grab a bite to eat." Mom passed me 2 sandwiches and i wolfed them down in no time.

All too soon we were back to walking. As we got further up the path i noticed mom and dad were holding hands, which didnt really bother me, until we got to a small lake, where they started lightly kissing, thinking i wasnt watching. That make me a little jealous and mom would pay for that in her own way. "Oh look, look at that bird" dad said holding binoculars up to the sky. But as he did i took the time to appreciate mom's amazing ass, never really noticed it as much before but she was stacked in the back as well as the front.

Id have to give her ass a once over before i leave here. Dad saw lots of nature's beauty, every time he did i'd just stare and undress mom with my eyes, which was really getting irritating, it's almost 3pm normally id of fucked her 3 times by now.

Wonder if it was getting to her too? "Aha!


Here we are, the ranger outpost" Dad said triumphantly. Outpost? Id looked like an overgrown, wooden outhouse. "Honey" Mom piped up "Yes, dear?" Dad turned to her, smiling. "Well you need to ask the rangers some questions and stuff, and i think our little guy is a bit bored. Why dont i take him to see some 'cooler' stuff?" Mom asked "He's not bored!

Are ya?" Dad asked. Sensing what mom was up to, i went along with it. "A little, i mean seen one bird, seen 'em all. Is there actually cool things here?" I asked "There's tons! So much wildlife and even the area itself is amazing" He was so enthusiastic, but what he was saying was so boring. Animals and plants are cool now? "So ill go take him to see some good stuff, and we'll meet you back here when we're done" Mom said cheerily.

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"Well, okay. Just dont go too far, you might get lost without the map" Dad said, with that he entered the ranger's outpost and mom grabbed my hand "You heard him, let go find something better to do" She winked at me. Mom led me down a small set of wodden steps, going into the woods.

We went deeper than we probably should do, then we came to the biggest rock ive ever seen. Must of been 15 feet tall. "Okay, have at it" Mom said, shrugging off her backpack and pulled down her shorts. "Oh no, not good enough" I barked "Wha?" Mom stood there looking shocked and confused "You've been kissing dad all day, i need something more.

We'll do it full on this time" I commanded "Full on?" "Yeah, tits out, get naked, you can keep the boots on though" I said, forcefully "We cant, least my way if we get caught-" I cut her off "So what?

Dont tell me you dont get a little turned on if someone caught us?" I took a few steps towards her "N-no, not at all, why cant we play it safe?" She asked, sounding very desperate.

"Because we dont play by your rules" I said, i pushed her against the rock by her throat, pulling at her shirt with my other hand. Mom gasped when she hit the rock "Take it off, or ill rip it off. Try explaining that one to dad" I started licking her neck and moved onto her ear, one hand still on her throat, not really applying pressure but more letting her know who's boss.

"Okay, okay" She said. I released her and she complied, stripped down completely, putting her clothes ontop of her back pack, her nipples instantly went hard, and her pussy was already glistening.

"Now we're talking" I was on a roll with the force thing, so ill keep it up. I put my hand back on her throat a squeezed lightly, my other hand reaching for her glorious wet spot. she started to moan lightly, lets turn it up.

I started rubbing her clit and rubbing her throat with my thumb, which caused her to moan louder but still barely more than a hushed tone.

I leaned in and started to kiss her, she kissed back with her full passion, as she did i sped up my fingers on her clit and tighten my grip slightly, i finished kissing her and started to nibble on her earlobe, i know that drives her wild.

As i did she started breathing heavier and heavier. "I'm.gonna.uh.cum" She gasped through heavy breaths, i kept up my speed, squeezed her throat a little harder and started nicking her earlobe with my teeth, soon enough she let out a low moan as juice began to errupt from her pussy soaking my fingers, as the last her drops came out she let out a loud squeal. Upon doing so, she'd realised what she'd done.

"We need to go, quick!" She said in a hurry, reaching for her bag. I grabbed her hand "Whats the hurry? I havnt come yet, thats a little unfair, isnt it?" I said with an evil smirk "What if someone comes?" Mom pleaded "Someone will come, and that someone will be me" As i said that i twisted her wrist and she fell to her knees, my erect dick hanging an inch from her face "Now suck, you dirty bitch" she didnt at first, but she just needs some persuasion, i pushed my dick against her lips, which remained sealed.

I pulled back and she said whispered "Please" I was kind of hoping someone heard that squeal of hers, and i was willing to wait to find out.

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I pushed her head back against the rock and pushed my dick upto her mouth again, i still had her wrist and i was about to have my fun, i twisted her wrist again, much further than before she let out a small cry of pain, and that was the only opening i needed.

I pushed my full dick into her mouth, as i started thrusting i heard her muffled words, but i didnt care. After only a minute i felt her start sucking.

Good girl. I pulled back and let her stand up, i wasnt going to cum in her mouth, i wanted her pussy too badly.

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"Bend over, whore" She did as she was told, i leaned upto her, grabbing her breasts and ramming my dick into her, she tried to remain quiet but that effort didnt last long. Soon she was panting and moaning.

"Oh yeah, right there. Ohh fuck momma's pussy, squeeze my tittes, i want you to cum in me, baby!" Suddenly i heard a twig snap, mom did too and we both jerked our heads towards the source. A man was standing there, he was about 5'8, skinny and was standing with a dumbstruck look on his face.

I stood for a second wondering what to do, but he didnt say anything.


Maybe it was because i wanted to come, maybe i was a little turned on my an audience, maybe i just went insane. But for some reason i said "Enjoying the show?" The man finally blinked. "How you doing, uh.?" "Uh.James" He finally said.

"Well James, like what you see?" I said, boldly "Yeah.she's very um." He didnt need to say anything else "I know, right?!" I said loudly "Watch her cum" And went back to fucking her, with our new buddy James watching. "No, stop. Seriously stop" mom protested, i leaned in close and said "Just give it a shot, who knows maybe you'll like it" Before mom could think, i started pounding her at mach 5, as fast as ive ever gone.

It was amazing her greased up hole was ripe for a fast fucking, i think she was more turned on than i was. I think this is my chance. I began to fuck her slower and slower, pulling out, and pushing in as far as i could. Then, lubed up from her pussy juice, i pulled her asscheeks apart and put the tip of my dick in her ass, she tightened instantly. "No, im not doing that.not infront of.him" She whispered, i ignored her and pushed further and further in.

"If i were you, mom. Id be using your fingers more constructively" I whispered back. Before i had even gotten all the way in, mom had reached down to her pussy and started rubbing her clit.

Her ass was tight and warm, sucking me in further and futher with each thrust, I gave a quick glance to our viewer and i noticed he had just popped a boner, the shorts he was wearing didnt hide it too well. I was so arroused knowing i was in a position someone merely feet from me wanted to be in. "You having fun over there?" I asked, James just stood there, still dumbstruck, eventually he said "Uh huh" Then some stroke of genius hit me, "You look uncomfortable, why not releave some tension?" he scratched at his boner through his pants, not sure what to do.

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"Here, ill make it easier for you" I pulled my dick from my mother's warm, tender asshole "On your knees" With an arkward look at me, she did as she was told and opened her mouth. "No, no thats for our guest" i grabbed one of her breasts "These are for me" she glared at me. "No, this is it. No more" she growled firmly. I leaned in close and said "Come on, our little secret, you know you loved him watching, just give it a few sucks, if you dont like it fine, i wont ask again" She looked down at the ground, i knew id won.

I motioned over to James who slowly made his way over, still unsure of what's going on. I rubbed my dick against my mom's tits, and she took noticed and cupped her tits around my dick, James stopped inches away from mom's face, "Come on, whip it out, show her what you've got" James then unbuttoned his shorts and pulled down his underwear and his dick sprung forward, it was a decent size, but a little fatter than mine, mom took a deep breath and took his dick into her mouth, as soon as her lips touched the head, he moaned with joy.

"Hey, hey dont forget me" i said, just as i said it, mom's hands started moving fast, giving an angelic titfuck.


I stood there, watching mom's face, eyes closed, slurping James' dick, as he slowly started thrusting. I was getting more turned on from watching her suck a stranger's dick than from her using her tits. The slurping and moaning got louder and louder, until i found myself moaning, just the sight alone was enough to almost make me cum, but when you add that to mom's soft breasts, you have an errupting volcano.

I started moaning low at first, but eventually i was moaning as loud as James, mom's eyes shot open and looked at me, as our eyes made contact she slowed down on her titfucking, and opened her mouth fully and pushed her head into James' crotch. James placed his hand on mom's head, and a stepped away from mom, I lent myself against the rock and began to jerk off, it was amazing, id never jerked off so fast or so hard before.

I was almost there when the inevitable happened, James screwed up his face and breathed a sign of happiness, and minute later i heard a large gulp and mom released James' dick from her grip and took long deep breaths, as this happened i felt my dick start to go soft and weak.

Mom looked over at me, and she saw the dissappointed look on my face, she stood up and kissed James, taking us both by suprise, as soon as their lips touched, mom began to rub her clit and moan through the kiss. My dick sprung back to life and a burst of energy hit me, i began jerking off even faster than before, i was afraid of starting a forest fire from the friction on my dick. Mom slowly backed up towards me, James still attached to her, The closer she came to me, the closer i came to an amazing orgasm, as she got to me, she stopped kissing James, grabbed the back of his head and pushed it onto her breast, James needed to encouragment this time, he began sucking on her large, supple breasts, mom then began to moan for me.

Just a few seconds later i felt the feeling of accomplishment coming, I said "Im gonna cum" as i did, Mom quickly took a step back, removing James' head so fast im sure she gave the poor guy whiplash, she whirled around and sunk her gums deep into my dick, and she started sucking, not much help was needed through, as my balls erupted and i shot rope after rope of my hot, sticky cum down mom's throat.

James pulled his pants back up, "Phew" I said, standing up, pulling up my own pants, "That was fun, so where are you staying?" I asked "The uh.the north camp grounds, why?" He asked "No reason" I said as i extended my hand to shake his, he oblidged, as our hands met i pulled him closer "You up for round 2 at some point?" I whispered "Nothing too serious, just if she needs topping off" James smiled "Sure, that was pretty amazing, is she your girlfriend?" James enquired, "Um.More like my chaperone, making sure i dont get into too much trouble, ya know" I replied "Oh i see, well i hope to see you two again" "Oh, you can count on it" I gave him a sly wink, and James jogged off up the path he was originally on.

As i turned around, i saw mom picking up her clothes and putting them on. I watched her for a moment, but i had to step in when it came to retying her shoes. Her hands were shaking like a leaf, so i decided to tie them for her. "So how was that?" i asked, she was silent. "Come on, you know you liked it a little" "It was.okay, better than i thought it would" She eventually pipped up.

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"I thought you'd like it, we going back now? Dad might come looking soon" I said, and we walked back in silence. As we got near the Ranger's post a voice said "There you are! Ive been looking everywhere for you two" It was dad, he'd found us. "Looking a little hot under the collar there, dear. You okay?" He asked, now he mensions it, mom was slightly red.

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"Yeah, just this one" She patted my head "Thought it was funny to go for a little run, turns out im not as fit as i thought, was hard keeping up with him" "Now son, you should know better than to go nuts on your mother like that" Dad said in his best fatherly tone. "Yeah, sorry, couldnt resist. This place is boring, but its good for jogging" "Great!" Dad bellowed "Lets go back, i wanted to see some of the features, but they only do tours and theres not one for another 3 hours, so we'll do it tomorrow" On the way back dad was doing his normal routine of pointing out animals and plants he thought were interesting.

But in the mean time, i was hatching an amazing plan. This would either make mom hate me and spill everything to dad, or make her mine forever.