Examinando el ano de mi suegra

Examinando el ano de mi suegra
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My story starts when my dad left us There was my Mum me and my sister My mum had me when she was 16 and now sshe was 28 and she was a good looking women and a size 8 when dad left she started drinking and would fall asleep on the sofa drunk Me being a 12 year old horny boy was looking at my mum in a diff way and geting feeling in my cock which i had never had before at first i just tried to get a peek down her top or up her skirt then i started going in her room and going in her draws and getting knickers out i used to wank into them it felt so good then i started wearing them to wank my younger sister was always asleep early so it was just me and mum up by about 10 at night she was out cold on the sofa and i would pull my cock out to wank and i started to pull my trousers down with her knickers on Then i started to get abit braveri would go over to my mum and shake her see if she woke and when she didnt i felt her little tits through her top and would cum so quick day by day i would feel them and cum then i wanted more.

So the next day i wanted to actually undo her top and see her bra which i had never seen on her but did in her draws so i was waiting for her to start feeling drowsy and it was about 9 she was wearing a white blouse and and a white bra i could see it through her top my cock was rock hard as i sat waiting i was talking to her and looking at her tits when i noticed thaat her eyes were shutting i started to feel my cock through my trousers then i heard her breathe deep i went over to her and i lifted her hand up it was dead she was drunk again this time i was going to undo her top i undonr the first button then the second i had to let m cock out i was standing with my trousers on the floor wearing a pair of mums knickers purple ones undoing her buttons two more and her top was open wow a nice white bra i rubbed my hand over it and bang my cock was starting to move itself i could feel me starting to cum which has always been dry i grabbed my cock and wanked it then i felt it my orgasm but this time i t felt different and i shot out it landed on my mums bra i panicked i donre up her buttons and fled to the bathroom and as i did my sister came out of her room and saw me in mums knickers i dont know what she thought all i wanted to do was clean up and got to bed i got washed and then i went down stairs to make sure mum was ok when i went into the lounge she had moved lying down i could see up her skirt the first girl or women i had seen up a skirt i could see her knickers which were black ones with a patern on my cock went hard again i wanted a proper view i made sure that stacy was in bed and i went back to the lounge she had moved again and i could see her knickers better they looked so nice on her i moved closer and lifted her skirt up to see more off them i could not believe what i was doing my mum and i was only 12 wanking over her i got my cock in my hand and started to wank again i felt my mums legs she didnt move i was wanking so hard i moved closer to touch her knickers when i did it was so silky feeling as i rubbed a bit and as idid i could feel my legs shake and then bang i cum again but this time i shot and it went onto the floor i quickly went to my room not believing what i had just done looking at my mum.

I could not sleep i tossed and turned thinking of what i could actually do to my mum when she was drunk and she would not even know im must of wanked most of the night as in the morning my cock was red and as i went to the bathroom my sister come out of her room and said that she saw me wearing some knickers and why was i wearing them last night i went red and tried to explain that i had put them on by mistake out of my draws but she would not have any off it and asked where i got them from i told her they were mums and i liked to wear them as they were nicer to wear them my boxers and it was up to me if i wanted to but dont tell mum it was our secret i was amazed when she agreed as long as she could see me in them I was not sure if i wanted that but then my mind was working overtime what if i could flash at my sister and maybe if she saw my cock i could see her bits as never seen them before except on internet and for her age 11 she was wearing a little bra and i had tried her panties on before but hers were ore cotton with pictures on not like mums which were silky or lacey but what if i could have fun with her and know body would find out my mind pondered as i thought of her and then my mum both my family members and i could have fun with both of them if it worked out ok so i told her that i would let her see tonight when mum had been drinking for a while but she had to promise not to tell anyone only me and her secret She smiled and said she could not wait but really it was me who could not wait i could feel my cock getting hard at the thought of her 11 year old pussy and my mums 28 year old body and i was planning for them both to be mine to do what i wanted to do

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