Ava addams caught the panties thief andinvited him in house

Ava addams caught the panties thief andinvited him in house
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It had been a really long, frustrating day at work, and as I was unlocking and opening the front door to my apartment the only things on my mind were to making a quick hot meal for my daughter Deanna and myself, a cold beer and a warm shower. As soon as I had the front door completely open I realized this was not going to be the plan. The sound of crying was the first thing my mind registered, it took an extra second for my eyes to focus on the figure sprawled out on the livingroom floor.

My daughter. My precious twelve year old daughter Deanna was laying on her back on the carpeted floor, and her cries immediately made my heart sink.

I could see in her eyes that I had walked into a bad situation, but it wasn't until I took a step forward and felt the cold steel barrel of a hand gun being pressed into my temple that I realized how bad of a situation this had been. "Hello, Jack." Said the voice behind the gun and I knew in an instant that it was my boss at work, Jim.

Even before I turned my head to see his wild eyes and evil grin. I began to speak and Jack clicked the safety button on the pistol and my mouth snapped shut. Jack offered a chuckle as he moved the barrel of the gun from my temple to my mouth as I just stared into those mad eyes of his.

Then Jim spoke again. "Welcome home, Jack" he said in a sarcastic tone, "I have just been getting better aquanted with your daughter while I was waiting your arrival." My eyes dashed from the crazy eyes of the man speaking to me to the barrel of his gun resting against my lips and then to my daughter, still laying completely flat on her back in the middle of the room. She was still completely dressed and I took that to be a good sign, but the red puffy eyes and streaks of tears down her blushed cheeks made me wonder just what had been taking place in my absence.

Jim pointed to the couch with his gun and told me to sit down, and the barrel of his gun follwed my every step as I walked slowly around the back side and then sat on the couch. Jim follwed and sat next to me, a wide grin on his face and the gun never leaving its trained aim on my face. "Your daughter and I have been watching a video, Jack" said Jim, a big grin bearing his teeth in what seemed like a devilish smile.

I glanced over to Deanna and she lowered her eyes in shame, as Jim continued to speak. "I think you should see this video too." With that he pressed the buton on the remote and the television turned on, a moment later a grainy black and white video appeared on the screen and I immediately reconized the scene as my office at work. "Seen this one before, Jack?" Jim laughed heartedly and slapped me on the back. I let out a groan, knowing exactly what was coming next, and knowing that my twelve year old daughter had already seen it happen.

Seconds later the three of us were watching the video of me arriving at my office and logging into the computer at my desk. The camera began to zoom in on my computer and moments later my computer screen could be read in the video. It showed a spreadsheet of sorts with numerous dollar ammount entries, and in the video I was clicking the mouse on the screen and entering different sets of numbers.

"Why don't you tell your daughter exactly what you're doing on the companies computer, Jack" I could see in my daughter's eyes that she didn't want to believe, but I knew that Jim had already informed her what was happening. I didn't answer and Jim nudged my shoulder with the barrel of his pistol. "Go on, Jack. She didn't believe me, maybe she'll believe it coming from her father." I hung my head down to my chest and sighed loudly.

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This caused Jim to errupt into laugher again momentarily, and then his face got completely serious again in a flash. "Tell your daughter how you've been stealing money from the company, Jack" he said in a serious but calm tone, and then he added; "I have been telling her all about how much time in prison a person who steals such a large sum of money could face." A evil smile curled the corners of Jim's lips as he spoke.

"You don't want your daddy to go away for a long, long time now do you, little girl?" Deanna didn't answer him, but a fresh tear rolled down one cheek as she lowered her eyes to the floor.

"Tell her, Jack" Jim spoke in a louder, firmer tone as he slid a tiny bit closer towards me on the couch with his outstretched hand waving the end of his pistol under my nose. I tried to speak and nothing but air came out, and it made an odd sighing sound that caused a new wave of embarassment flow over me. "Yes, I have been stealing" I mumbled, barely audible.


Jim then used the barrel of his gun to direct my chin towards him and he told me to look at him. I did so and immediately felt coldness from his eyes. "We will deal with this problem among ourselves, Jack" he said in a lowered, somehow more serious sounding tone that scared me even more. "But first" Jim said as he looked over my shoulder at my daughter laying on the floor and smiled, "the video gets even better." I turned back to face the screen as Jim fast forwarded the video beyond the scenes of me altering the cost logs in my favor.

"I saved this part for you, Jack" he said with a big grin, "your daughter hasn't seen this part yet." He stopped fast forwarding the video as I returned to my computer on the tape. Soon the camera lense was refocusing again, this time on images of nude women that could be seen on my computer screen.

"Now what were you doing, Jack" Jim asked in a mocking tone as the video clearly showed me rubbing a visible lump in the front of my slacks as my computer screen flipped from image to image.

Just as I was hoping it wouldn't, the camera focused even tighter on my computer screen and it was clear that I was on tape looking at child porn on the company computer.

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"Shit!" I mumbled as Jim let out a roar of laughter. As he laughed he was poking his gun into my side and an image of him accidentily pulling the trigger flashed through my mind's eye. "How old would you say these girls I am paying you to look at are, Jack?" I couldn't answer, I was so ashemed. It was bad enough being caught looking at porn at work, but having my daughter see me on tape looking at child porn on my work computer as I rubbed my hard prick through my tight slacks almost caused me to break down in tears.

"So you like them young, huh Jack?" Jim said with a chuckle, and through tear-blurred eyes I saw him steal a glance at Deanna as he said the word young. I felt myself getting angry inside at his comment, but with his gun still pressed into my side I bit my tongue and dropped my head with another sigh. "Stealing thousands of dollars from the company is a very serious crime, Jack" he said in an almost casual matter of fact tone, "and looking at child porn is very illegal too" Jim continued in the same tone, the evil smile still curling the corners of his sinister looking mouth.

He looked over to Deanna, still laying flat on her back with her knees now bent into the air. "I think your daddy would probably go away for at least twenty years, little girl.

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Do you want that?" Jim said to my daughter. Deanna shook her head as if to say no, but said nothing. Jim smiled broadly as I watched my daughter cry silently on the floor. "Perhaps we can work things out between the three of us" Jim began again in a voice just barely above a whisper. "Maybe the authorities don't need to get involved in this mess" he continued. PART TWO With a gun pointed at my head and the knowledge that Jim had me completely red handed with the video, I offered no resistance when he ordered me to tell my daughter to come sit on daddy's lap.

I could see the hesitation in her step and the shame in her eyes as she began to realize what was starting to happen, but she slowly made her way to where Jim and I were sitting on the couch, and a moment later she had climbed up and sat in my lap. "Tell her that's a good girl" Jim said, and as I repeated his words back to my twelve year old daughter I actually felt a twitch in my groin as her tiny butt clad in jeans pressed against me. A wave of guilt rushed through me as I realized that what I sometimes jacked off late at night about was actually about to happen, but this caused my cock to continue to grow in my lap and I knew that it probably wouldn't be long before my daughter could feel it growing under her.

"Remove her t-shirt, Jack" Jim barked the order. "I'm sure you'd like to see a little girl's tits close up, wouldn't you?" I didn't move, although my mind flashed images of the burned in memories of previous times when I had caught a glimpse of a bare nipple through a shirt sleeve or uncovered cleavage when my daughter had bent over.

She's young, but she's already begun to blossom a little and had small but shaply breasts. These mind images had my cock growing even bigger as I lost myself in a dream world for a second, but I jumped immediately into action when the barrel of Jim's gun pressed into my ear.

Deanna raised her arms towards my head as I fumbled with the bottom of her t-shirt, then I slowly began to lift and expose her pale, bare young pink flesh of her stomach.

Dispite this being my own daughter, by the time I had raised the shirt up enough to show the dark pink nipple on her chest I had to adjust the way I was sitting due to my cock being at full mast and throbbing. "Remove the shirt completely, Jack" Jim demanded and like a emotionless robot I complied as my daughter offered a sad sigh. Deanna shifted slightly to one side in an obvious attempt to be off of my hard cock, but the sight of her bare chest and stiff pink nipples had my hands reaching around and squeezing her tiny tits without an order from Jim.

Jim's smile showed his approval as I pinched and squeezed my twelve year old daughter's tiny stiff nipples, and even though I felt shame and embarassment of what was happening there was no denying the throbbing of my hard cock as it pressed into the weight of her ass on my lap. I was lost in the moment, my grip squeezing tighter and tighter and slowly grinding my hips into the pressure of my daughter's ass, almost completely forgetting the fact that a loaded gun was pointed at my temple and that I was molesting a child, let alone my own pre-teen daughter.

A quiet cry from Deanna brought me back around as I realized I had been kneeding her nipples so hard it must have hurt her, and as I eased up and began just gently rubbing her nipples with one finger I glanced over to look at Jim.

Jim was smiling, but it was not a friendly smile. Jim was staring at my daughter's nipples, watching me kneed them gently as he rubbed the buldge growing in his own pants. With this I felt mixed emotions, I knew Jim had me dead to rights and the last thing I wanted was to go to prison and leave my daughter to a foster home, but the thought of Jim getting a hard on from the sight of my young daughter's breasts caused the anger to grow within me. "Ask her if she likes that, Jack." His words broke the silence and brought me out of my thoughts.

I jumped just a tiny bit when he spoke and turned my head to look back at him. "Ask the little slut if she likes the way it feels when you pinch her nipples, Jack." I didn't speak, I didn't move.

It was almost as if the words he spoke were of a foreign language to me, and I just stare into his crazed eyes, my fingers still holding my daughter's stiff nipples in each of my hands as the anger of my fantasy-come-true taking place in this horrible way rose within me. "Go on Jack, ask her if her little pussy gets wet when her daddy rubs her stiff nipples between his strong fingers." Jim was loving it, the complete control over both me and my daughter.

The lust in his eyes, the evil grin on his face, the way he began to rub the obvious hard-on through his slacks a little faster, he was in complete control and he was loving every last second of it.

Deanna was sobbing quietly and I had become so angry with Jim that all thoughts of lust had left my mind, yet I still held Deanna's small stiff nipples in each of my hands, pinching and rubbing them between my finger and thumb as I burned daggers into Jim with my eyes. "Not going to ask her, Jack?" Jim asked me as he raised the barrel of his pistol back to my face, "then perhaps you should just check it for yourself." With that Jim moved the gun from my face and placed the barrel into my daughter's ear.

"Stand up, little bitch" Jim demanded and without hesitation Deanna slipped from my lap and stood before us, staring at the wall with her back facing the couch we were sitting on. "Your daddy is going to find out just how wet your little pussy got while he was touching your titties" Jack spoke directly to Deanna. Deanna's sobs became a little louder and her small frame began to tremble from head to toe as I just continued to stare at my daughter's bare back.

"Now, Jack" Jim turned his attention back to me with both his eyes and his gun, "now you're going to begin working off your debt to my company." PART THREE "Back up a step or two, little slut" Jim whispered at my daughter's back from his position of the couch.

"Daddy wants to see your sweet little ass." Deanna reluctantly shuffled her feet backwards a couple steps until her tennis shoes met the base of the couch between my legs.

"That's a good little whore" Jack cackled as my daughter contined to sob. "That sure is a sweet little ass, isn't it Jack?" Jim asked in a demonic tone. I said nothing and thankfully Jim didn't push the issue, I just looked straight ahead at the pair of now too tight blue jeans holding my twelve year old daughter's ass directly in front of me. Can this really be happening I thought to myself, and how much further will this go on? My answer came quickly as Jim did not hesitate to bark out his next command.

He moved in even closer to me on the couch, the tip of his pistol pushing into my side and he began whispering in my ear. "Pretty hot stuff, huh Jack?" I could smell the cigarettes on his breath as he continued to whisper right by my ear. "Bet you'd love to taste a sweet ass like that, wouldn't you Jack?


Go on, undo those jeans, Jack. Let's get a good look at that sweet little ass this bitch is offering you." A quick poke with the tip of his gun got me moving and I reached around my daughter's hips and found the button fly of her jeans.

As I undid the top button Deanna let out a heavy sigh, but offered no resistance other than her sobs, and when I was having difficulty getting the tight jeans down over her little hips she actually reached up and helped me.

A moment later my daughter stood in front of us, her back still facing us but now with her blue jeans around her ankles and the smallest pair of soft pink cotton panties holding her ass within inches of both Jim and my faces. The soft, sweet smell of young girl pesperation and nervous excitement almost immediately filled the room's air and I couldn't help but inhale the aroma deeply. Jim smelt it as well and made no effort to hide the fact that he was enjoying both the smell and the view.

"Ahhh, isn't that beautiful?" Jim exclaimed as he took another loud, deep sniff of the perfumed air, and as I glanced towards him I saw that he had gone back to rubbing his erection through his slacks that now had a small damp spot forming on the material at his crotch from the pre-cum of his cock.

"Yes, that's beautiful indeed" Jim answered his own question as he continued to rub his cock through his slacks. "Hey slut" Jim continued, directing his demand towards my daughter's back, "let's see you pull them panties up the crack of your ass like you're wearing a thong.

I'd bet daddy would like to see your sweet little ass in a thong." Jim looked back at me, smiled and said; "Tell her Jack. Tell your little whore of a daughter how you want to see her little pink panties pulled tight up into that little sweet ass crack." When I didn't immediately speak up Jim's smile disappeared and his tone grew angry.

Deanna didn't move, and I didn't speak, and this pissed Jim off. "I'm not fucking around here, Jack" he said in a angry but even tone, "we can stop all of this right now if you wish and I'll be on my way to the police department if that's what you want?" he asked.

"No, please." I mumbled a moment later, which brought Jim's evil smile back to his lips, then he motioned towards my daughter with his gun. Without his direction I reached out and grabbed the material of my daughter's panties in both of my hands and raised them up until the pink cotton slipped between her tiny ass cheeks. "Yes, that's sweet" Jim remarked. "Work them in there deep" he said, and as I did as I was told the combination of the sight before me mixed with the unmistakable aroma of young pussy and my own cock began to grow again in my own slacks.

I was inches away from a twelve year old's pussy, and it was again starting to make no difference that it was my own daughter, lust was taking over again and my throbbing cock was beginning to ache. Jim stood up from the couch then and stepped in front of my daughter. I watched from behind Deanna as Jim's eyes looked my daughter up and down for a second. He then bent down in front of her and for a split second it flashed in my mind that this was my opportunity to hit him over the head and knock him down in hopes of bringing this incident to an end.

I made no moves and a moment later Jim had untied my daughter's tennis shoes and then stood back up. Smiling, I could see him hold the gun up to my daughter's chin as he told her to step out of her shoes and then her pants. I could hear Deanna's sobs as she complied and a moment later she was standing before us in only her white socks and the pink panties that were still pulled up into her ass crack.

Jim returned to his seat next to me on the couch, then he looked at me and smiled. "Not bad at all, is it Jack?" He asked and I found myself nodding yes as I stared at the panties in my daughter's ass crack. "Okay, bitch" Jim continued from his position on the couch, his tone still of an angry yet even and calm nature. "Turn around and face us, and have a seat on the carpet in front of us" he demanded.

Deanna's only move was to reach behind her in an attempt to pull the panties out of the crack of her ass, still facing away from us as she attempted this move. This immediately angered Jim and he kicked one of his legs out in front of him and connected with the back of my daughter's leg just below her knee, causing her to buckle slightly and sit down hard.

"Do not fuck with me, bitch!" Jim announced, and the tone alone told her that he meant business. She sat up, then turned herself around on the carpet to face us.

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Her legs stretched out in front of her but closed tightly, her head down and not looking at us. Jim returned his focus to me, and then demanded "It's time you got a close up look at her sweet little pussy, Jack. Get them panties off of her and get those legs spread." I jumped at his command. I couldn't look my daughter in the face, but I crawled down beside her on the carpet, focusing at the task at hand. Part of me couldn't stand what I was doing, part of me couldn't wait to remove her panties and see the little pussy I've been dreaming about for many years.

Deanna lifted her hips up slightly without a fight as I slipped my fingers under the waistband on either hip and began sliding the cotton off her hips and down her small, smooth legs. "I can smell her sweet pussy from here, Jack" Jim quipped and then laughed heartedly. I could smell her pussy as well, and even though Jim's laugh was starting to make the anger within me rise I couldn't deny that the smell of my own pre-teen daughter's pussy was making my cock so hard it hurt.

Jim continued to laugh from behind me and kept repeating the words "yes" and "that's good" as I slowly pulled the pink cotton panties down my daughter's thighs. I didn't look up at my daughter but I knew that she never looked up, and I stopped with her panties around her ankles as I stared at the small mound that was just starting to sprout soft golden blond public hairs just above her small slit.

"Remove them all the way, Jack. Get those panties off of that whore and spread them legs wide" Jim commanded. "Let's get a real good look at the little slut's twat." Deanna's sobs grew a little louder but she still offered no resistance as I methotically slid the panties off my daughter's small, red painted toenails to Jim's approval. I then grabbed one small ankle in each of my hands and spread them as wide as her small legs would allow, never looking away from the tiny pink pussy lips.

My daughter allowed me to spread her legs wide, exposing her most private possession to her father and his boss and then she sat still, spread eagle on the carpet before us with her eyes closed, tears running freely down her small cheeks.

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A long moment passed as Jim and I silently stared at the flesh before us, a clock ticking away the seconds in the kitchen and my daughter's soft sobs the only sounds to fill the air. "Come back up here and sit with me, Jack." Jim broke the moment with his next direction, "get yourself a front row seat for the show your little whore of a daughter's going to put on for us next" Jim continued.

Lost in lust, almost drooling and my rock hard cock throbbing painfully as the sweet aroma of my daughter's pussy filled my nose, I couldn't take my eyes away from her tiny little pussy lips as I stood up and backed myself to the couch and sat down next to Jim. Jim laughed as I sat, my cock causing an obvious buldge in my slacks.

Continuing to rub his own hard cock through his pants he used the barrel of his gun to point at the tent in mine and laughed. "Looks like you're enjoying this, Jack." "Now we're gonna see a real good show, Jack" Jim smiled for a moment while he faced me, I turned my head to look at him for just a second before returning my gaze to the exposed crotch of my twelve year old daughter.

"Hey slut" Jim turned his attention back to Deanna, "play with that sweet little twat of yours like a good whore" he instructed. "Rub that sweet little pussy like you do late at night in your bed when you think of the hard cocks of the boys at your school, little bitch." I was almost embarassed by the way my boss was openly speaking to my daughter, yet the thought of my little girl pleasing herself in front of me was almost more than I could stand.

Under different circumstances I would never admit to wanting to see a pre-teen masturbating but at this moment I was almost ready to beg to see it happen. Deanna, for the first time since Jim started making sexual demands of her, looked up and into my eyes. I could see pleading in her red swollen eyes and part of me wanted to run and hold her and ease her pain. I read in those eyes that she wanted me to do something, anything to make this event stop before it could go another moment longer.

My heart sunk, I was torn. I wanted so badly to be able to be there for my daughter and make her pain go away, but my lust was so strong that I couldn't stop dropping my eyes from hers to take another look at her exposed pussy just a few feet away from me.

"Let's go, you little whore" Jim continued, "daddy wants to watch your pussy get wet while you