Teen shaft drilling three cougar wet cunts

Teen shaft drilling three cougar wet cunts
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Renee is age 30 attractive divorced woman, who is fridged to sex. She was married at age 27 to her high school boyfriend. She had one assumption about marriage, and she was tragically mistaken. She had thought that when relating sexually with me he would express love by: Hugging me, Caressing me, Passionately kissing me, Using affectionate terms, Telling me how much I meant to him, Making me feel loved, wanted, cherished and special.

He had no such intention. He made it clear that since I was his wife, I wasn't going to say, " No," so why waste time on preliminaries? He seemed interested in just one thing: relieving himself sexually. It took next to nothing to sexually arouse him, and once he was aroused, he wanted only to climax and go to sleep. Occasionally, if I begged hard enough, I could hope for a few seconds of manual stimulation to bring me to orgasm.

If it took me longer than 30 seconds, his rubbing would be accompanied by heavy sighs of exasperation. His harsh, hurried rubbing hurt me so much that it wasn't worth begging for. So I gave up asking and got a divorce after two years of marriage.

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Renee has not dated for the last year. I called her to my office, I met her cordially and showed her into my office.

She is expecting a new inquiry for more work. " Do you know why I got you here today?" I asked her after she sat down. " No, If you don't step away from me and conduct yourself in a professional manner, I'm going to.," She began, her eyes firing up. She flinched as I stepped closer, my hand brushed against her nipple and she blushed as it tightened even more. I whisper softly against the tip of her ear. " You want me to fuck you?" " I do NOT!" She snarled hotly looking up at me, so close her lips are just a whisper from me as she glares at me.

She took a step back coming up hard against the wall as I crowded her even more, my palms moving to rest against the wall on either side of her. " Maybe not yet, but you will." I laugh softly, my breath sliding slowly down her jaw and over her ear. Leaning into her I drag my shirt across her nipples, listening to the hitch in her breath as it sped up.

" I'll bet there's a soft sexy woman inside that bitchy exterior. I'd like to find her. Will you let me find her?" I asked, my breath trailing down her neck to nip softly at the base, slowly dragging the tip of my tongue back up her neck. Violent trembling sent shock waves up my chest as her nipples swished back and forth against my shirt.

" I don't know what you're talking about!" She managed as she pushes past me, shaking as she reaches for the door. I lunged up behind her pressing her body into the door, my hands braced as I grind against her softly. " Oh, I think you do, princess. I think you know exactly what the fuck I'm talking about." I muttered in her ear as I grind my hard cock against her through our clothes. My lips pressing against the back of her ear trailing down slowly softly about halfway. Feeling her shiver violently I gently bite her neck, that one spot.her knees give way momentarily.

Leaning into her I wrap one arm around her hips pulling her tighter against my lower body, grinding and stroking against her slowly.

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" Don't." She whispers quietly, resting her head against the door. In answer my free hand slides down her thigh, snaking underneath her slim skirt, slowly hiking it higher. I trailed the pad of my thumb down across her clit, circling it. " Don't what, princess? Don't do this?" I ask and pinch her clit thru the lacy panties she wore. " Don't feel how wet you're getting?" I asked, sliding my fingers under the hem of the panties to trace them over her slit.

" Tell me, what don't you want?" My fingers circling her clit again. " Don't.oh god don't stop," She whispers, pushing against me, back and forth between my grinding cock and my fingers. A soft whimper escapes her lips as I slide my fingers back along her slit, sliding them a little deeper. " Don't stop? Where's my ice queen now?

Uh uh, you have to tell me where it hurts, what you want me to do to you." I corrected as she moves to cover my hand with hers. I pull my hand out of her panties and turn her to face me. I tell her how hot she looks in her tight dress. I move my hand from her hip to her ass. " John what are you doing? I pull her closer leaning my cock into her. She nearly gasps as she feels the thickness. She feels the beginning of my arousal. Bending over to nuzzle her neck, " You like that don't you?" In a quiet voice she replies, " Yes I like it.

I don't know why I feel this way." Renee turns around leaning her elbows on the desk pressing her ass into my hand. I nuzzle the back of her neck. She lets out a low moan.

We stay in this position for a few minutes with me caressing the globes of her ass and pressing my cock into her hip telling her how hot she makes me feel. Renee knows she should stop but my attention feels to good. She feels a tingle in her pussy, wetness is seeping from her pussy.

Patting her ass and giving it a squeeze, before Renee can say anything I pull my shirt off. " What are you doing? You didn't say anything about getting undressed." She compliments me on my chest and asks if he is ready.

" Almost. Why don't you take off your dress?" " What for? I don't need to do that to jack you off." I explain that looking at her tits will make me hornier and I will not last as long.

Renee sees the logic in that. Turning to face me she reaches around her back to undo her dress. I offer to help. I undo her clasp and pull the zipper down. Taking both hands I pull her dress to her waist exposing her breasts. I like the way her firm breasts stand high on her chest with small pink fully erect nipples. I take them in my hands telling her how I wanted to feel them. She lets out a moan. Renee knows this is going too far, but having me play with her breasts just feels too good.

Taking my hands from her breasts I raise her dress up to her hips, showing all of her well developed thighs and exposing her thong covered pussy. Dampness is seeping through the fabric. I open her legs a little more giving a better view. Renee does nothing to stop me. I tell her I'm ready for my hand job. She runs her hands across my abs to my belt buckle.

She has to concentrate so her hands don't tremble from nervousness. Using both hands she unbuckles my pants and unzips me. She feels my hardness as she lowers the zipper over my cock. I help her by lowering my pants and briefs in one motion. Unfettered by my pants my cock springs upright. " Ohh my God! It's huge!" My cock looks like a granite shaft sticking out of the dark thatch of my pubic hair. It is over eight inches long and very thick.

But the most prominent feature is my huge mushroom head. Renee has never seen a cock so large. Other cocks she has seen including her ex-husband's have a nice little helmet on top of the shaft. She knows this is not going to end with a hand job. Why did her ex-husband put her into this situation?

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" Do you like it?" " Ohh fuck yes." She puts her hand around it exploring the ridges and veins. She feels the heat emanating from my turgid organ. I relax, encouraging her to play with me. Her fingers barely fit around my shaft it is so thick. With her ex, when she grasped him by the base, just an inch or so of the shaft and the head stick up from her hand.

With me, there is easily two inches on either side of her hand. She uses a firmer grasp and with an upward motion coaxing some per-cum from my slit.

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With her palm, she lubricates the head and part of the shaft with my cum. With a smirk on my face I notice that she is stroking me with her left hand. She loses sight of the fact she is sitting in my office, with her dress bunched around her waist stroking my cock, letting my hands wander over her body.

She performs a slow stroking motion on my cock. After concentrating on my cock she pays attention to my big balls. She anticipates the amount of cum they hold. Stroking me with one hand she moves the other and cups my tight cum filled balls. I moan as she plays with me. I have a hand on her back caressing her. With the other I stroke her thigh brushing her pussy. I pull her to me lowering my head to kiss her.

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Renee eagerly opens her mouth to accept my probing tongue. I may be arrogant but I have good hands and can really kiss.


As I kiss her, " You really like my cock don't you? I know you want more. Tell me what you want." " Ohh yes I love your cock. I do want more. I want you to fuck my pussy." " What kind of pussy?" " My hot pussy." " Its time for me to ruin that pussy." Renee begins to protest from fear but I never give her a real chance.

Next thing she knew, she is on her back and my body is between her spread legs. I pull KY gel from the bedside table and begin to massage it into her hot and wet pussy. I put a generous amount on my big throbbing cock. She feels the huge head of my cock rubbing up and down on her labia. I look huge against her small slit. Renee whimpers as I push against her.

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No way she thought. It will never fit. " Oh Renee this is going to change your life. This will be painful at first." I lean forward putting my weight against her. I slide my cock up spreading her lips. She feels pressure building. My growl is low and menacing as I push harder. She feels her small tight pussy stretching. Nothing this size has ever been inside of her.Her pussy resisting but it is stretching and I'm not easing up giving her pussy constant pressure with minimal penetration.


Not even all the head has entered her. Renee thought she is going to be torn in half. " Fuck you are so fucking tight." I grunted and jerked my hips forward.

Renee feels something tearing, something giving way. A deep burn filling her entire pelvis as my hot throbbing cock forces its way into her tight tender pussy.

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A split second ago the tip of my cock is barely entering her then all of a sudden my head forced her pussy open. Renee's scream is high pitched and painful sounding. Tears fill her eyes. My growls give way to grunts as I push my hips forward again. I push deeper as her pussy stretches. Renee reaches up pushing against my belly wanting me out of her and I complied, pulling almost out of her. Renee tries to push me the rest of the way out and I grab her hands pinning them at her side.

With a laugh I slam back into her. Deeper this time, she screams again as my cock hit places never before touched. I hold her hands down so she can't stop me from thrusting into her. Each thrust touches her deeper and deeper. Each thrust brought another scream and more tears. Eventually I let go of her wrists. I'm vicious as I growl in her ear. All Renee can do is whimper as her lungs burned. During the pounding I gave her, my hands grab her breasts pulling her nipples and squeezing her breasts over and over.

Her face is red when she thinks about how wonderful the abuse feels and how my cock feels inside of her. Her hands found my ass and she squeezes my cheeks as my cock rocked in and out of her pussy. My cock punishing her with hard deep thrusts. Soon she feels my cock hitting her cervix and she came again moaning and squirming against my cock. My balls slapping her ass as I called her my slut, my whore, my bitch. Renee came two more times while I fucked her torn and sore pussy. Shortly after she came on my cock the second time my body stiffens and I came inside of her unprotected pussy.

I push my cock all the way in stretching her wide as my cock jerks in her. Renee feels my hot cum filling her full as my cum is seeping out of her. I pull out and roll over breathless. Her pussy aching and is so sore. In a daze on unsteady legs, she stood up and limped over to her clothes. She picked them up and put them on.