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Busty Dutch babes get pussies pounded by filthy foreigner
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My Fantasy Chapter one This story as you will find out is all wishful thinking. But wouldn't it be fun to have the ability. When I was fifteen I experienced a life changing happening. I was on my paper route about 6:30 one morning when I came upon a single car wreck. A gentleman had gone off the road and hit a tree. The car was pretty smashed up and he was pinned inside.

It had just happened because one of the wheels was still turning. I could see the figure of an older guy lying across the steering wheel. He started to move his head so I thought I've got to get him out of there. I pulled and pulled and finally got the door open and he was able to help me help him out of the car. We had just gotten to safety when the car exploded and burned. We just sat there in amazement at how close we both had come to the end. I asked the old guy if he was hurt and he said no he would be all right.

And then he took my arm and asked me to set with him for a bit. I said OK and we talked about stuff, school, sports etc for a while and then he looked at me and said, "Without hesitation you stepped in and helped me get out of my car.

That was an unusual act of courage and bravery. I'm going to reward you with one wish. You can have anything you want but be careful of what you ask for because once you tell me it can't be changed and you will get exactly what you asked for." I thought for a minute, not about what I wanted, but what kind of idiot this guy thought I was. I knew there was no such thing as a good fairy or guardian angel but here he was telling me I could have anything I wanted.

But I though, what the hell, if he is and can give me what I want I might as well go for it. "My best friend's sister is dying of a brain tumor. I want her cured without surgery," I stated. The gent looked at me and said, "You didn't hesitate in asking for help for your friend's sister.

You could have had anything you wanted but that's what was most important to you. For that act of compassion, I'm going to grant you a second wish.

I will take care of your first one today and be here tomorrow morning at this time to hear your second one." With that he just flat disappeared. I finished my paper route in complete bewilderment which was compounded when I passed the scene of the accident on my way home and there was no scene of the accident. No skid marks, no marks on the tree, no indication of a fire, and no crashed automobile.

This was really getting scary. And then later at school Donny came running up to me and told me that his sister had woken up, was talking and they took more tests and the tumor was gone. All the meds and chemo stuff have done their job, just in the nick of time. It was unbelievable.

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So now I had another problem on my hands. This guy apparently was for real so what I want for my second wish.

All day I had ideas pop into my head. Money, a car, change my looks, do this do that. Then at the end of PE class it hit me. I was in the shower kind of looking over the guys as I always did and wondering what it would be like to be a girl and fuck them, when it hit me.

I want the ability to change my body from what I am to what I want to be and then change back again. I want to be able to become a beautiful girl and mess around and then change back to me. The next morning my friend was there waiting for me just like he said he would be. I thanked him a hundred times for what he did for Sally and then got ready to tell him what I wanted for my second wish.

That I wanted the ability to change into anything I wanted but always have the ability to change back to me. He asked me if I wanted to be able to do this in front of people or should I have to find a place to be alone. And do I want to be able to change from for instance a dog to a cat or just back to myself first. I thought this over and said I guess I better be able to change anytime and I want to change from one thing to another.

That I want to keep my own mind etc., no matter what I change to.


My friend was quiet for a minute, smiled at me and said, "OK, it's done. Why don't you try it for me?" I thought for a minute and then thought to myself, "I want to be a guy 20 years old.

Instantly I was changed into what would probably be me in 5 years. Then I thought I want to be myself again and I was. The old man told me to enjoy my new power but not to abuse it and he was gone. My enthusiasm for my new power was uncontrollable. I spent hours in my room, changing from me to everything I could think of. A book, a cat, a 50 year old guy and finally a girl.

There I was, standing in front of my mirror a beautiful 16 year old girl. I felt my tits, my hips, my pussy and was awe struck. I even made my tits bigger, my hair a different color and all sorts of changes. But then I discovered one thing about my new power.

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I could change my body but I couldn't change other things nor could I manufacture things. My body was changed but my cloths were still those of a boy. Over the next few weeks I began dressing in my Mom's cloths, loving the feeling of her bra and panties when I changed my body to fill them.

One Saturday both my parents had to work so I spent the whole day as a female, dressing in outfit after outfit out of my Mom's drawers and closet.

I was even caught by my best buddy when he dropped by. He didn't have a clue that it was me or that if he had tried he could have got his first piece of ass.

When we met at school the next Monday he asked me about the girl at my place. I told him she was my cousin who had dropped by and that my Mom didn't like her much because she was a real slut.

I found out later in the week that my folks had to work again on Saturday so I told Don to drop by. About 9 in the morning, I heard Don ring the bell. I was dressed up in Mom's bra and panties but an old t-shirt and jogging shorts of mine. I made sure my nipples were poking a tent in the t-shirt and answered the door.

Don about dropped his jaw. He starred at my tits and gulped a Hi out and I told him that Ron had to go do something about his paper route but that Don should wait for him to get back.

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I ushered him into the living room, kind of wiggling my ass as I walked. We started talking about school and stuff and finally I asked Don if he had ever kissed a girl and felt her up. He turned red and stammered out a no and I kind of laughed at him. I said why not, girls like to play as much as guys do.

He gulped and said something I didn't understand and turned redder if that is possible. I went over and plopped down beside him on the sofa and sort of rubbed my tits on his arm.

He was still beet red and was really funny. I couldn't believe how scared he was. I reached up and pulled his face to mine and kissed him, pushing my tongue in his mouth. I guess that made him focus because immediately his hand was on my tit. We continued the kiss and as his hand moved from tit to tit my hand began to massage the mound in his pants. Don has probably the biggest cock I've seen.

A full 7 inches when hard. We had measured it one time when we were jacking off together. I had wanted to play with it but hadn't cause I didn't want Don to think I was gay or something. Finally I whispered in his ear that we should take our cloths off. He helped me out of my T-shirt but couldn't get my bra off. I kind of laughed as I unhooked it. His eyes got really big as he looked at my bare tits. I stood up and wiggled out of my shorts and panties and told him to hurry up and get naked.

He did and I took my turn at staring, at his beautiful cock. He sat back down beside me and I gripped his hard meat and began playing with it. He told me if I continued that he was going to shot all over.

I asked him how he'd like to shoot in my mouth and he kind of grinned and said that would be wonderful. I had no idea how to go about sucking a cock. All I knew about a blow job was what the older guys had said. But it felt so good, that hard cock in my mouth. I sucked it and licked it and then started moving my mouth up and down on it. Kind of like fucking my mouth with it. Don started to squirm and moan and then I felt his hot cum filling my mouth. I really liked the feel and taste of it.

His cock was instantly soft. I continued to suck it until every last drop of cum was in my mouth. I hadn't had enough of this sex fun so continued to lick and suck his soft cock, hoping to revive him. Soon I started having some success. Don was revived also, laying me over on my back and moving down between my legs.

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His tongue licked me all around my pussy hole and finally he pushed it in. I put my hands behind his head and pushed my pelvis against his face. I went crazy when he found my clit and sucked it like a little cock. Then he moved up and put the head of his cock at the opening of my cunt. I grabbed his hips and pushed against him taking him in to my love canal.

A couple of strokes and he was all the way in me and at that moment I knew I was going to love to fuck. Don lasted a lot longer this time and it was wonderful. We fucked fast and we fucked slow. We fucked with him on top and with me on top. Finally he was really hammering me and I felt the most wonderful feelings coming on and knew I was about to cum. And then it hit, every emotion and every feeling a girl can have, all at the same time.

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I could feel my love juice squirting all over and then just as mine was finishing, Don moaned and buried his cock in me and stopped and laid down on me. I wrapped my legs around him and hugged him. That was so good he whispered. I moaned in agreement. My Fantasy Chapter 2 Don called my Saturday morning and said he and Arnie were going to hang out at the mall and would I like to join them.

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I almost said yes, but thought for a minute and told him I couldn't because Mom had a bunch of stuff for me to do around the house. My thinking was I would join them as Karla, my girl self. I also decided it was time for me to buy some of my own girl's cloths, a little more suggestive then Mom's stuff.

I dressed in a pair of Mom's Levis and blouse, put on a bare minimum of makeup and headed out the door. Once at the mall I headed for the department store and the teen girl's section. I had a ball, feeling all bras and panties. I was getting horny just looking. I picked out a couple bra and panty sets, a short denim skirt and a light blue collared t shirt and headed for the dressing room. It felt so neat to stand their in just bra and panties, adoring myself in the mirror.

Then when I put on the skirt and t, I thought to myself, Karla you are really hot. I paid for my purchases and headed down toward the food court.

I spotted Arnie with Don who had his back to me.

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I came up from behind him, tweaked his ear and asked if he was going to buy my breakfast. Don turned around, smiled and said sure but it will cost you. I laughed and said what's the price. He said another Saturday like we had. I laughed and just smiled at him. Arnie chimed in what did you guys do last Saturday. I smiled at him and said maybe someday you'll find out. I went thru the line and grabbed a donut and milk and returned to the table.

I was watching the boys and it was evident that Don was filling Arnie in on last Saturday. As I took a bite of my donut I about choked as Arnie asked what are your plans for today.

I said, Oh I don't know, what do you have in mind. Arnie said there was no one home at his house and wouldn't be until about 6. My pussy was getting wet just thinking about romping around with these to guys all day. I knew that Arnie was carrying a nice piece of meat, just like Don's. Just as I took the last swallow of my milk, Arnie picked up the stuff of the table and took it to the waste can.


I thought my aren't you mister eager. When we got to Don's car Arnie opened the back door and asked why don't you set back here with me. I did and before we were moving, His tongue was in my mouth and hand rubbing around getting very near my tits.

I broke off the kiss and looked at him and said my aren't you horny. He told me that Don had told him what a great fuck I was and what a mouth I had and he was eager to find out for himself. And I said what are you bringing to the party, eyeing the bulge in his pants. He lifted up, unzipped and pulled out his beautiful hard love stick.

My My this is nice, I said as I took his cock in my hand. I started to slowly stroke it and Arnie moaned it won't take long for me to cum. I said well maybe we ought to make you so you will last longer when we get to your house. I bent over and took the full length of his cock in my mouth. He put his hands on the back of my head and started moving his hips in rhythm with my head.

Up and down, Up and down my mouth worked his cock. In just minutes he moaned and laid back as I felt his cum fill my mouth. I sucked him dry and then kissed him, giving him a taste of his cum. He didn't want to break the kiss so I sucked his tongue like it was a cock. Finally I broke it off and said why don't you drive so I can take care of Don before we get to your house.

I was fingering my pussy while the two switched places.

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I was getting as horny as Arnie was. Don was hard as a rock as he settled in beside me, beautiful cock standing at attention. I continued to fuck myself with one hand and started stroking and sucking him. I was about to cum myself so told him to lay down on his back.

He did and I turned around and lowered my hot cunt down on his face and then lowered my mouth down on his cock. Don really loved to lick my cunt. I had found that out last Saturday and he went right to work. He was as close as I was. I told him I was about to get him and the seat very wet and he just sucked harder on my clit. Very soon the feel and the taste of his cum filling my mouth caused me to explode. I squirted my love juice time and time again. He drank at my fountain but couldn't swallow fast enough and was soon wet from the neck up.

I lifted off of him and sat down beside him and said My wasn't that a wonderful way to start the day. Please let me know what you think of my story.