Mature gays and twinks cumming black boy porn dance Dustin Cooper is

Mature gays and twinks cumming black boy porn dance Dustin Cooper is
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Quickies please enjoy Two nights ago 12:00 am in the morning my alarm went off and my alarm went off and I slowly climbed out of bed. I was getting ready for work when my husband woke up and said, "come here real quick. I knew what that meant.

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He wanted sex. I told him no I'm already late. He says, "Well give me a kiss." I say, "ok." When I had gotten close he pulled out his dick. I kissed hiss lips and left him hanging. I walked out of our bedroom and he fell back asleep. I went to work then I came back home. I wanted to please him since he looked so disappointed when I had left earlier. So I striped as soon as I got in the room. I crawled on the bed, and then nudged him so he could move to the middle of the bed.

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I slid his boxer-briefs down and started sucking his dick. At this time I had began sucking and stroking his dick. I didn't need to get him wet just make him hard enough to be able to ride, because my pussy is always wet. He started moaning. He woke up fully and then started holding my head as I bob up and down sucking and rolling my tongue around his shaft. I had cut it short then I had moved his hands grabbed the vibrating bullet off the shelf.

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I straddled his dick, held it in my hand and spread my lips. Then guided it into my already wet pussy.

Then I put the bullet between us and got started. I grind down finding the right spot. Then I slowly raise and lower my body, both my hands on his pecks, his hands on my hips, and both of us moaning.


We continued this for a while. His dick pulsed in my hole, his moaning became louder and I became wetter.

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I rode him harder my wet pussy and his dick were making a sloshing sound. I began to moan, "come on baby". I turn up the vibration. He moans I'm going to cum.

"gimmie ur cum" I moaned.

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I pounced hard on him about to cum also. I pinched his nipples he exploded inside of me. I moaned loudly, flinging my head back and my walls grabbed his dick as I came.

I leaned on him then I had grabbed his underwear and catch the cum leaking from us and cleaned us off. Then he said thanks I needed that. And we both fell asleep. Roommate girls and one strap on Andy: "hi" Cindy: "hello" Andy: "what's up?" Cindy: "nothing just waiting to be entertained." Andy: "oh by whom may I ask?" Cindy: "who ever can achieve it?


Hehehe" Andy: "hm. Let me think" Cindy: raised an eyebrow Andy: thinking "hmm" Cindy: watching you think Andy: blushes and smiles Cindy: "you've got cute cheeks." Andy: "oh y thank u" hugs her Cindy: hugs back Andy: kisses her neck "hehe" Cindy: giggles softly Andy: does it again "you have a cute giggle." Cindy: blushes Andy: smiles "awe" Cindy: kisses her lips softly Andy: kisses back Cindy: pulls away Andy: "u ok?" Cindy: "ya i'm ok.

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just did not want to start anything." Andy: "ok" Cindy: brushes my hand against your soft pail skin Andy: flinches Cindy: smiles Andy: "what?" Cindy: "nothing. ur skin is so soft." runs her fingers across Andy's cleavage Andy: "hey, no touchy" Cindy: stops, still having contact with Andy's skin Andy: giggles "no" Cindy: "no?" smiles Andy: "yup, no u cant have my breasts" Cindy: "but they look tasty." Andy: "no, please don't do that." Cindy: "no?

why?" Andy: "because they hurt" Cindy: "why do they hurt?" Andy: "they are growing" Cindy: "you know if u massage them they feel better?" Andy: "idk" Cindy: "want me to show u?" Andy: "yes" Cindy: "take your shirt off please." Andy: takes my shirt off "ok." Cindy: lay down on your back Andy: lays down on the bed on my back Cindy: gets a towel wets it.

Then throws it in a bag, then the microwave till it's warm. Pulls it out lays it across your naked breasts. And let the warmth penetrate your boobs Andy: smiles "oh that feels nice." Cindy: slowly rubs her breasts kneading them like dough Andy: blushes Cindy: continues Andy: moans "easy." Cindy: "what?" Andy: "take it easy, it might turn me on." Cindy: "what?" Smirks "why would only this turn u on?" Pulls the towel away then rubs more, squeezing her nipples between my fingers Andy: "ah.

stop it" Cindy: "u really want me too?" flicks ur nipples with my tongue. "Say please." Andy: moans "Cindy." Cindy: squeezes ur boobs sucks each of ur nipples Andy: "ah" Cindy: "mmm." pauses "I thought u wanted me to stop? " sucks harder using my tongue squishing ur nipple on the roof of my mouth Andy: "ah!

I do but it feels good." Cindy: switches nipples, then starts to rub your pussy with my thigh {phone rings and Cindy answers it} Cindy : "I have to take this. I'll be right back." Andy: "ok" Cindy: came back in ten minutes.

"So u wanna continue/" Andy: "if u want to" Cindy: "no it's ok. we don't have to. Andy: "ok" Cindy; sighs Andy: "what" Cindy: sighs cutely "nothing." Andy: "lie" Cindy: "etto. u did not miss me." Andy: "yes I did." Cindy: "u sure?" Andy: "yes I'm sure" huggles only in bra and shorts Cindy: whispers in your ear "then can you prove it?" Andy: "how?" shivers Cindy: licks your ear "any way u want?" Andy: blushes gropes your breasts "ok" Cindy: moans lightly in your ear.

Andy: blushes redder, faints Cindy: "a-andy?!" Andy: smiles "got you." pops up Cindy: "not cool." pouts and folds my arms Andy: huggles "sorry you can punish me" Cindy: "no I lost my mood." sat on the bed Andy: "Sorry" Cindy: lays down Andy: lays next to u Cindy: looks at you slightly Andy; on my tummy looking at u Cindy: blushes thing about u.

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Andy: giggles Cindy: "do u like me?" Andy: "yea why" Cindy: "cause I like u." Andy: "really" Cindy: "maybe" Andy: "yay" Cindy: blushes Andy: "awkward right?" Cindy: "ah well no." blushes deeply Andy: "really? " Cindy: "so what u gonna do about it?" Andy: "I'm not sure" Cindy: rolls on my back Andy: "sighs" Cindy: pulls u on me Andy: "ah, what" Cindy: "I want u." Andy: "really?" Cindy: "yes" Andy: "Right now" Cindy: "yessss" Andy: "yyyy" Cindy: "do i need a reason?" Andy: "Not really" Cindy: "because your sexy" Andy: "So arr you"*licks ur neck* Cindy: "mmmm" Andy: kisses ur neck leaves a hicky Cindy: "You naughty girl." rubbing your butt Andy: "Says the one rubbing my ass." Cindy: Reaches from behind poking ur hole Andy: "Ah hey" sits up Cindy: "Hmm" acts innocent Andy: "Awe!!" Cindy: Licks my fingers Andy: "Oh no" Cindy: "Tasty" Andy: "grr upon u and your sexiness" Cindy: Grins "you know you want me baby." Andy: "Maybe.

Maybe not." Cindy: "Well lets see, spread your legs." Andy: "No" Cindy: "Come on don't be shy. Let me see." Andy: "No" Cindy: Smirks thinking about making you Andy: "What?" Cindy: "Show me weather or not u have a wet pussy." Andy: "Never" Cindy: "Well then I will have to take a look for myself then." pins you down removing your shorts Andy: wiggles "no!" Cindy: Kisses ur mouth to shut u up and slides my fingers in ur wet pussy Andy: kisses back Cindy: "mmm" mumbels "so wet." began to finger you Andy: "Ah" moans "no please" Cindy: I don't want you to hate me so let me fuck u.

Andy: blushes "be easy." Cindy: "Can I use a double sided dildo?" Andy: nods Cindy: I strip and insert my side of the strap on in me moaning hotly, and then I lay on you the dildo pressing on ur pussy Andy: moans Cindy: Kissing you, about to put your side in u.

my side soaking wet Andy: Kisses back Cindy: Starts to push it in you Andy: "Ah" Cindy: "U ok?" Andy: nods Cindy: Pushes more in trying to be careful but it feels so good Andy: "Ah yes" Cindy: Spreads ur legs more to go deeper Andy: "Ahhh!!" Cindy: Began to thrust in and out Andy: "Yes nnnn" Cindy: I hold ur hips "omg!" Andy: "Ah ooohh" moves a little Cindy: Kisses your breasts Andy: Moans "harder" Cindy: "Yes love." moves faster and deeper moaning hotly Andy: "Ah!" grips your back Cindy: "aah aan mmm.

fuck ya!


so good!" Andy: "That's it baby! Yes! yes!" Cindy: "mmm mmm" hips going real fast "i'm going to cum!" Andy: Cum in me baby! Cindy: "aahhhnnn!" my body tightens as I came hard Andy: Came "AH!!" Cindy: Still cumming Andy: "Baby" Cindy: "Hmm." panting Andy: "Wow baby, your good." Cindy: "So are you." Andy: "Thanks." Cindy: pulls out and takes it off Andy: Sits up "shower time." Cindy: nods Andy: Stands up Cindy: I watch the cum run down her legs Andy: "U ok?" Cindy: "come here real quick." Andy: Walks to u "what?" Cindy: pulls u close and licks all your cum off your legs then licks your cummy pussy Andy: Blushes "thanks." Cindy: "my pleasure." Andy: "Lets go." Cindy: "ok." Andy: holds your hand Cindy: follows u Andy: "Hehe" Cindy: looking at your ass Andy: "Hey, what r u looking at?" Cindy: "your cherry ass." Andy: Blushes walks in the bathroom "don't stare." Cindy: "hai hai" Andy: turns on the water and climbs in Stopping here to tired to cont.