My rod barely fit in her mouth

My rod barely fit in her mouth
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The Knight and the Acolyte Book Two: Magic's Clash Chapter Four: The Mage's Ordeal By mypenname3000 Copyright 2016 Fireeyes Southern Edge of the Deorc Forest, The Kingdom of Valya I smiled as I watched my fire, witnessing what the wyvern's saw dancing amid the red-orange tongues. My three wyvern slaves had tracked down Angela and her party.

The first wyvern dived at the naked Angela. She was a ravishing creature: red hair, large breasts, flawless skin, tall and sexy. She stood over the bound form of the acolyte, Sophia, a nubile beauty. My cock hardened. I seized the smooth head of my simulacrum—an artificial being created by the Mages of Thosi to provide the sexual juices to power magic—and pulled her mouth over my cock. The wyvern screeched right before he snatched up the naked knight. Her screams rippled the flames, mixing with the pop and crackle of my fire.

All the wyvern had to do was carry her high up and drop her. Thus would end the threat to King Edward's throne, and I would secure his patronage to continue my research unmolested by the small minds of the Magery Council of Thosi. My simulacrum's mouth sucked hard as I stroked her hairless, smooth head. "Drop her," I groaned to the wyvern, my balls aching to unload into my servant's mouth.

"Drop her and watch her fall. Let her insides be dashed onto the ground and then feast upon her innards." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Knight-Errant Angela Norv-Allenoth Highway, Magery of Thosi Sharp claws dug into my shoulders. I ignored the pain as leathery wings flapped and hauled me up into the air.

Sophia screamed in shock below as my legs dangled over the ground. The air rushed past my naked body while my stomach lurched. The creature carrying me aloft let out a screech. A gray-green, lizard-like body was above me. The wings were bat-like and the creature had a broad, long snout. A dragon's snout. I was snatched by a wyvern. The creature screeched as his wings flapped furiously to pull us higher and higher into the air. My mind racked to remember my training.

I had studied fighting most monsters. Wyverns preferred to snatch their prey and fly high before dropping them. When they couldn't drop them, they would sting them with a powerful, paralyzing venom contained in a scorpion-like tail.

The wyvern was clearly going with his preferred method of hunting. The dark ground fell farther and farther away. My stomach clenched in fear. I sucked deep breaths through my mouth. I fought the urge to struggle. Being dropped was the last thing I wanted. There was only one way out, and it would only work if he was a male wyvern. I reached up with my right arm, sliding along his leathery belly. The wyvern let out another shrieked and his claws tightened.

I ignored the blood trickling down my shoulders to my breasts as I slid my hand farther and father down his body, questing for his cock's sheath. Like many animals, wyverns dicks were kept inside them until they were aroused. That was what I had to do. I needed to get this wyvern so horny he would want to fuck me instead of kill me.

My fingers brushed a hole.

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The wyvern let out a throatier screech as I caressed his cock's sheath. I smiled and circled that. "Mmm, you like that, big boy?" My fingers stroked the opening, proving inside. It was warm and I brushed something throbbing inside. I stroked it with the tip of my finger, circling around a spongy mass of flesh. The wyvern hissed as the spongy mass swelled and pushed forward.

His cock emerged, thrusting hard and pink along the side of my cheek. The wyvern let out another hissing screech as his throbbing dick, covering in tiny spines, rubbed on my cheek. I grasped it with my hand, stroking his dick, his spines teasing my palm. A second cock bobbed next to the first, brushing the back of my hand.

My eyes widened. I explored this strange, yet exciting, development. Two thick cocks for me to play with. My hand followed the first dick back and found they formed a Y with the second, the pair thrusting off a central shaft right after they emerged from the sheath. "Damn," I groaned. "You are one lucky bastard. I bet the lady wyverns love you." They wyvern hissed again. My pussy, already on fire from tying up Sophia, clenched. My thighs were sticky with my juices.

I reached up with both arms, grasping his dicks and fisting him. The wyvern banked and began to descend as I jerked his dicks. "That's right. You're just eager to fuck me," I groaned. When I started this quest, I didn't know I would have the chance to fuck monsters. I had heard of a few female knights that had become addicted to monster cocks, preferring them to human's. I hoped that didn't happen to me. But I could understand how it happened. I stroked the wyvern's dicks faster.

He let out a screech of joy as he circled down to a field below, eager to rut. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Xerathalasia I dived to the ground as one of the winged monsters tried to snatch me.

Angela dwindled into the night sky, thrashing in the grip of one of the monsters. A third landed on the bound Sophia, a scorpion-like tail raised high. They were wyverns. My heart hammered, almost drowning out the voice whispering on the wind. I snatched a rock from the ground and threw it at the wyvern. It cracked into the monster's head.

The wyvern hissed in pain, leathery skin torn and exposing a dull-white skull. It turned and ambled towards me, walking on the knuckles of its wings and stubby hind legs. The dragon-like maw snapped at me. I needed a weapon. My bow was unstrung. There was no time to string it and attack the monster.

My quiver was nearby. Arrows didn't make the best daggers, but in a pinch they were better than nothing. I danced back. The third wyvern swooped in the sky, wheeling around for another dive at me.

My ears twitched as I struggled to watch both wyverns at once. The one on the ground rushed forward surprisingly fast. I snatched the arrow from my quiver as the wyvern leaped at me. Wings unfurled and the tail raised up.

I crouched, my heart racing as I gripped the arrow right beneath the tip. The tail shot forward at me, a black blur. I dodge and slammed the arrow into the wyvern's neck.

It let out a hissing cry as blood squirted from the wound. The wyvern's wings struck me. I was carried to the ground by the thrashing monster. I heaved its dying body off of me and scrambled for another arrow. "Xera!" Sophia cried as she struggled to get free of her bindings. "Watch out!" Wings flapped behind me. I dived, hoping I was dodging the wyvern. Claws scratched along my naked back before I hit the ground and rolled. I came up in a crouch as the wyvern sped past and banked in the air.

The monster flew with grace as it circled around. My sharp eyes focused on it. I needed to time this right. The wyvern finished its turn and flew straight at me.

Wings flapped once, giving it more speed as it rushed towards me. The tail wasn't extended. It would try to grab me and carry me off.

I had fought wyverns before. They commonly drifted down from the Rehyn Mountains to hunt in the Deorc Forest. The wyvern hissed. The voice on the wind spoke louder, more commanding. My ears twitched. I suppressed my curiosity. I couldn't be distracted right now. "Matar, guide my strike," I prayed as the gray-green monster hurtled towards me. At the last moment, the creature flared his wings, presenting me with its underbelly.

Stubby legs tipped by sharp claws reached for me. I thrust with my arrow, aiming for the creatures heart. The stone tip pierced the wyverns chest as its tail suddenly swung down beneath hits body. The tail's stinger pierced my thigh. Heat burned through the wound. The wyvern crashed into me and we fell to the ground in a heap. The wyvern was atop me, its body spasming as it died. The burning in my legs spread with every beat of my heart. Everywhere the venom traveled to my body fell numb and limp.

My body prickled and felt fuzzy. I gasped, sucking in a breath as I struggled to move anything. I couldn't. I tried to speak, but my mouth wouldn't move.

I could only breathe. My heart thudded in my chest. Fear gripped me. I couldn't move.


There was a dying wyvern crushing my body and I couldn't do anything. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fireeyes Southern Edge of the Deorc Forest, The Kingdom of Valya I growled in frustration, my cock going limp. Two of the wyverns were dead and the third was gripped in the throes of lust.

It landed, dropping Angela. I tried to control it. I shouted commands into the fires, but the primitive instincts of the creature to mate were too strong for my spell to overcome at such distances. The simulacrum kept sucking at my limp cock. All the excitement had vanished from my body.

I seized her neck and threw off of me. She made not a sound as she landed on her side. Instead, she rolled up onto her knees and waited for my next command. "Gods damn her," I growled as I stared into the fire. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Knight-Errant Angela Norv-Allenoth Highway, Magery of Thosi The wyvern dropped me onto the grass. I fell to my hands and knees.

The wyvern landed beside me, hissing in eager pleasure as he ambled around me. I should be fighting him. I was on the ground. There had to be a weapon I could use. But my pussy was excited. He had two cocks. I just had to find out what that was like.

Leathery wings gripped my waist. Hot breath washed over my pussy. A flicking tongue brushed the lips of my pussy. I groaned as the darting caresses. My hips shook as the wyvern nuzzled into my folds. His tongue brushed everywhere, flicking up and down my skin.

It was exciting. I humped back into his licks and nuzzles. "That's it, eat my pussy," I groaned as my fingers tore at the grass. "Mmm, yes. You're hungry for my human pussy. Is it better than wyvern snatch?" The wyvern didn't answer. He only kept bathing my pussy with his flicking attacks. They were rapid, the forked tongue caressing a different part of my pussy every time. Sometimes they brushed my dripping labia, other times my clit. My pussy clenched every time my clit was caressed.

My hips shock as my tangy juices dripped down my thighs. His wings tightened on me as his lips pressed against my pussy. The tongue flicked out, pushing deep into my sheath, teasing all the sensitive nerves in my cunt. "Mmm, yes. You love pussy, huh. Mmm, keep licking me. I love it." His snout moved higher. He sniffed, drawn to the sour flavor of my asshole. His tongue flicked between my butt-cheeks and caressed my sphincter. I groaned, clenching my bowels as his scaly lips nuzzled at my backdoor.

"You naughty wyvern," I groaned as his tongue wormed into my asshole. Burning bliss shot to my pussy. I quivered beneath him. "Oh, I like that. You can lick my naughty pussy whenever you want. Mmm, yes. Keep probing with that long tongue and make me explode. Oh, wow. You are such a great stud." The wyvern screeched in agreement as he lubed my ass.

Did he want to fuck both my holes? Did female wyverns have two pussies? What lucky creatures if they did. I shuddered and groaned, my body on fire to be double penetrated. The wyvern let out another screech and then his wings slid up my body. The thin membranes brushed my dangling breasts. My nipples tingled as they were caressed by the leathery wings. I squirmed as I was mounted. "That's it. Fuck me. It's so much better than eating me." The wyvern screeched in agreement. His double dick pressed at my hot holes.

I shuddered as his wonderful cocks pressed into my body. The small spines tickled my sensitive flesh. My bowels burned with bliss and pleasure churned in my pussy as he filled me up. "Wow," I gasped as I writhed beneath him. Both my holes were filled. It was like being double fucked by a pair of studs, but these cocks moved in perfect rhythm.

"Damn, fuck me! Oh, yes! Pater's cock, this is so fucking hot!" The two cocks worked in and out of my holes. The wyvern's wings tightened about me, squeezing my breasts as he fucked me. The cocks tickled my flesh. The spines drove me wild.

Nerves burned in both my holes, the pleasure mixing in the depths of my pussy. I rocked my hips back into his thrusts. My back undulated beneath him. His leathery body rubbed at my supple skin as he took me hard. The wyvern screeched his pleasure to the night as he rammed his cocks over and over into my holes. "Damn, you're a two cock stud!" The pleasure swelled inside of me.

My pussy and asshole clenched down on his thrusting cocks. I trembled as my orgasm hurtled towards me.


I squeezed my eyes shut, savoring the wild excitement of being fucked by a wyvern. My pussy convulsed. My asshole clenched. My orgasm burst inside me.

I screamed into the night as the pleasure burned hot through me. Pulse after pulse of bliss rippled from my pussy and asshole. The duel pleasures crashed together and then flowed through the rest of my body.

The wyvern screeched as my holes massaged his dicks. He fucked me faster and faster, his spines teasing more orgasms from my body. They crashed through me one after the other.

My body was stimulated by his wonderful dicks. His leathery snout rubbed on my cheek as he took me. His tongue flicked out, brushing my cheek and lips. I turned my head and opened wide, kissing my wyvern lover as my body burned with orgasmic delight. His head tossed back. He let out another screech. His hips thrust his dicks deep into my body. My holes gripped his spiny cocks. They throbbed in me and then came at the same wonderful moment. My ass and cunt were flooded with hot wyvern cum. It jetted into me, splashing along my insides.

A final orgasm heaved through my body as the wyvern dumped all his cum into both my holes. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Acolyte Sophia "Xera!" I called out, struggling to lift my head.

The elf lay beneath the spasming body of the wyvern. She didn't move. My stomach twisted in fear. I pulled at the ropes binding me to the ground. I had to get free to save her. My wrists burned as I pulled. "Why did you have to tie these so tight, Angela?" I demanded as I heaved with my arms. All the excitement of being tied up had vanished.

Angela had been carried off and Xera might be dead. This couldn't be happening. We were just having fun one moment and then these stupid monsters had to attack us. What where they even doing this far from the mountains? "Come on," I groaned, pulling at the rope tied around my right wrist.

It was connected to a white-washed fence post. I jerked hard, the fibers biting into my wrist. Fear let me ignore the pain. I had to get free.

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The fence post wiggled. "Are you loose?" I gasped in hope. I pulled harder at my wrist. The fence post wiggled again. The wood around it groaned. The fence was old and weathered. The entire fence wobbled as I jerked with my wrist. The pain flared every time. Blood trickled around the rope. That didn't matter.

"Break!" I snapped at the fence as I pulled again. "Come on, just break and let me go. Please, fence, just do me this favor and break." I jerked again.

The fence leaned over. A wooden slat broke off and tumbled to the ground. It was so weak. Nails groaned as I jerked again, working out of the boards. I kept jerking my arm, waving the fence back and forth. Soil buckled around the base. The fence half collapsed. I had slack in my right hand.

"Yes!" I pulled the fence as I reached for the rope bound about my left wrist. The muscles in my right arm burned from the strain as I fumbled about the knot. My fingernails bit into the fibers, prying them up. The rope slipped. The knot came undone. "Hold on, Xera, I'm coming," I shouted as my left hand was free and I went to work on my right. I quickly undid the knot. My wrist was raw and bleeding. I ignored the raw pain and stood up. I raced across the campsite to Xera.

The wyvern had gone completely still, finally dead. I seized its leathery wings and heaved it off of Xera's body. Her greenish skin was pale and a sheen of sweat covered her body.

Her breasts rose and fell as she breathed. An angry, swollen wound swelled her thigh. "Their stingers must be poisonous," I said, "but don't worry, Saphique will heal you." I shoved a pair of my fingers into my pussy as I gathered my thoughts.

I cast the healing spell. "Saphique, bless the font of my womanhood with your loving power." Pleasure rippled through my pussy as the goddess blessed me. I moaned as the pleasure rushed through my veins and filled me with happy bliss. I pulled out my fingers, coated in my juices, and rubbed them on my now-hard nipples. Tingles shuddered through me as my nipples glistened pink in the firelight.

"Saphique, transform my virgin milk with your love.


Let my milk heal the sick and infirmed." The spell finished. Heat filled my breasts. I groaned as my tits ache, suddenly full of breast milk. I leaned down, seized my right breast, and guided the nipple to Xera's lips. The parallelized elf couldn't suckle. So I milked my tit. The creamy, blessed milk squirted into her lips.

I squeezed again, my hand sliding up my breast to the nipple as another blast of milk squirted out. I groaned, my pussy getting hotter as my nipple tingled. The pallor on her skin cleared.

Her fingers twitched. The swelling in her thigh vanished. Xera's lips locked about my nipple. Her eyes met mine, shining with joy as she suckled. She gained control of her body and began moving her limbs and toes. Her hand grasped my breast, holding it in place as she sucked and drank every drop of my milk. "Thank you," Xera panted as she sat up and licked her lips. I gave her a hug and kissed her creamy lips. "I'm so glad you're fine.

But." Xera nodded and stood up. "We need to find Angela." "I'm fine," Angela panted, stumbling out of the knight. Piercing wounds adorned her shoulders, blood trickled down to her breasts, and cum smeared her thighs. I blinked at that.

Had she fucked the wyvern? "I see you killed the other two," Angela smiled. "I finished the third off while he lay.satisfied." My cheeks burned. She did fuck the wyvern. "I feared you were dead," Xera said.

"But I see you know how to react when carried off by a wyvern." "Arouse them, fuck them, and then kill them while they luxuriate in their orgasm," Angela smiled. "I do feel a little bad. He was a great fuck." "But he tried to kill you," I objected, rushing towards her. "And you're hurt. Here, let me fix you up." I reached Angela. Her arms wrapped around me and she pulled me in for a kiss.

I groaned and melted into it. My heart beat so fast. I did love her so much. Her kiss was so sweet. Our naked bodies pressed together as we held each other. Angela broke the kiss and pulled away from me, looking me up and down. She seized my wrist. "You're hurt." "I had to break free.

You did too good a job tying me up." A smile crossed my lips. "Normally, that would have been so hot." "But not when you're being attacked by wyverns," laughed Angela. "Exactly," I beamed. My body buzzed with joy. I didn't care at all about my wrists right now. Angela was safe and sound. "Now, let's get you healed." I sat down on the grass and pulled her down to my breast. Angela's fiery hair spilled about my pale stomach as she licked up to my left breast.

I groaned as Angela's mouth latched onto my tit. My nipple burst with pleasure as she suckled. The milk rushed out of me into her hungry mouth. It was so intimate and wonderful. "That's it," I moaned. "Drink down all my milk. Mmm, yes. Heal yourself." Angela's blue eyes sparkled in the firelight as she suckled. I stroked her hair as the pleasure grew in my pussy. I squirmed beneath her, humping my hips and rubbing my hot cunt against her flat stomach.

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"You're so hungry for my milk," I groaned as she suckled harder. Her cheeks hallowed as her mouth filled with my creamy treat. "Mmm, it's so good," Angela grinned before leaning down and suckling again. I loved nursing her. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Xerathalasia My pussy was on fire from Sophia's suckling.

The human's milk lingered in my mouth. I loved the sweet, melony flavor. I rubbed at my pussy as I watched Angela nurse as she lay on Sophia, her gorgeous ass wiggling. Cum leaked out of her pussy and asshole. The wyvern had taken both her holes at once. I licked my lips and padded behind her, my ears twitching with excitement. Sophia flashed me a smile.

She didn't like cum. So I needed to clean Angela's pussy and ass out for the acolyte. I winked at her, then spread Angela's asscheeks. "Ooh," Angela groaned as my tongue licked at the salty, sour cum leaking out of her well-fucked asshole. "That's nice, Xera." "Yes," moaned Sophia. "Clean up all that nasty wyvern cum." "So nasty," groaned Angela, her hips writhing. "You suffered so much," Sophia purred. "Having to fuck a wyvern." "He had two dicks," Angela moaned, shuddering as my tongue probed her asshole.

"It was such a great sacrifice." "I bet," giggled Sophia. "I think you need something to take your mind off of your horrible experience." "What?" Angela asked with a purr. Her hips shifted as she savored my tonguing. I probed my tongue deep into her asshole, gathering up all the delicious cum I could.

"Eating my pussy." Sophia slid back until her pussy was right in Angela's face. The redheaded human dived in with a groan and Sophia bucked. Her light-brown hair slid off her shoulders as she spasmed, her small breasts jiggling, her nipples still beading with milk.

I grinned and buried my lips back into Angela's ass. "That's so good, Angela," groaned Sophia. "Wash away your terrible experience with my pussy." Angela moaned as she noisily ate out Sophia.

Her wet licks spurred me to move down to Angela's own cum-filled snatch. I spread her thighs apart as my breasts rubbed on the ground.

I pressed my mouth into her juicy pussy and tongued her. Tangy, human pussy and salty, wyvern cum mixed on my tongue. I groaned in delight, swirling my tongue around her hot depths. I searched through her folds as I savored her exciting flavors. Human pussies had such different flavors than elves, and the wyvern cum was so strong, bursting with depraved flavor.

I loved it. "Mmm, yes, eat my pussy, Angela. I love your tongue swirling my cunt." "It's so tasty," Angela purred. "And.oh, Xera, oh, that's nice. You naughty elf. Keep doing that." "Sure," I grinned before I went back to swirling my tongue about her clit. My fingers probed at the folds of her pussy while I nibbled on her clit. Angela's hips rose and fell as she shuddered. Her pussy tightened about my fingers. I latched my lips about her clit and sucked hard, breathing through my nose.

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Every breath was full of her tangy passion. "I'm gonna cream your face, Angela," gasped Sophia, "if you keep doing that." "Good," moaned Angela. "That's why I'm doing it. Flood me with your treat." Sophia's body undulated, her belly piercing glinting in the firelight. She grabbed Angela's red hair and humped her face against the knight's hungry mouth.

I pumped my fingers faster and faster into Angela's pussy as I nibbled on her clit and watched Sophia's passion. The redhead spasmed. Her pussy rippled about my fingers and her juices flooded my hungry mouth. "Did you cum first?" gasped Sophia. "Ooh, yes. Keep moaning into my pussy. You get so passionate when you cum." Sophia bucked again. Her toes curled as she humped and undulated, rubbing her hot pussy against Angela's tonguing delights.

The nubile human heaved as she came. Her mouth opened wide and her eyes squeezed shut as Angela drank down all her passion. "Thank you, Saphique, for gifting women with lesbian pleasure," moaned Sophia as she sprawled back on the grass. "Uh-huh," grinned Angela as she sat up, her lips stained with pussy juices. Mine were equally smeared. "I think it is your turn to gift me with that pleasure." "Oh, yes, Xera," Sophia grinned as she sat up. "Angela, shall we?" Angela nodded in delight.

My pussy clenched as the pair embraced me. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Journeyman Faoril Lake Esh, Magery of Thosi I sat at the bow of the crystal ship as it glided through the fog hovering over Lake Esh.

The fog was cool and moist, caressing my face as I searched for the first sign of the Island. It had another name, but over the centuries the mages of the Collegiate Tower had just come to call it the Island. There the test to achieve the rank of Master Mage was held. My stomach twisted. Once again, I patted the pockets of my red robe, reassuring myself that the three vials of lemure cum were still there.

I did this every few minutes. With their potent cum, I would have no problem completing the tests. I placed my hand on the smooth railing of the ship. It was made entirely out of amethyst, shaped by earth magic and imbued with enchantments. Only the Crystal Ship could pass through the protections that ringed the Island.

Our destination was an artificial construct, raised out of the lake bed and shaped into a perfect pentagon. It was designed to contain the magical forces of the test and to keep out any unwanted visitors. Any who tried to approach would be rebuffed by the protective spells. All who plied Lake Esh knew to keep a wide berth around the Island. I kept my vigil, hoping for the first glimpse.

"It's all happening so fast." I squeaked as Saoria's words startled me. My friend sat beside me, her face even paler than usual, her blue eyes wide. Like me, she wore the red robes of a journeyman mage, her arms hugging her body perhaps from nerves or maybe against the cold mist.

"Yes," I nodded. "I don't feel at all ready." Saoria laughed. "You spent more time practicing than the rest. You are the most skilled of our class. You'll achieve the rank of Master Mage." "So will you." Saoria nodded. "I know. I have it locked." "Wow, where did all that confidence come from?" "I've been practicing, too." A smile crossed her pretty face. "You're not the only one that's prepared for today." "We'll both pass," I grinned and gave her an impulsive hug.

We had been roommates and lovers for years. I gave her a kiss on the cheek before I broke it. Saoria smiled and then peered out in the fog. "Ooh, there it is." My heart thudded in my chest. The Island appeared out of the mists.

It was obvious the Island wasn't natural. The surface gleamed smooth and flat, disappearing into the fog. The waves of the lake broke against the smooth sides rising five feet above the surface.

Runes were inscribed along the perimeter to anchor the protective enchantments. The air shimmered before the bow of the ship. The hairs on my arms stood up on ends. Energy crackled in the air. The Island's barrier approached. The bow of the Crystal Ship knifed into the field. Yellow crackled, rippling down the ship.

It washed over me, numbing my entire body. My breath stopped and my heart froze. And then I was through, gasping for breath. "Oh, wow, that was intense," Saoria shuddered, her eyes wide.

"I had heard, but I didn't expect. You know?" "Yeah," I groaned, clutching my hands to my breasts. I looked back down the ship at the master mages and the other candidates. The master mages all appeared unruffled by the passing. Jolly Chevian even had a big grin on his face, stroking his impressive, curly beard while my fellow candidates all looked pale-faced.

The five master mages were all different from beautiful and sultry Laorlia, only ten years older than me, to the ancient Lord-Mage Alorian, his back straight despite the deep crags age had left on his wrinkled face.

The five masters would be our judges, choosing the complex spells we would have to perform as well as dealing with any situations that might arrive. It was the masters that guided the boat, not by wind—no sails adorned the Crystal Ship—but by current, controlling the lake around us to propel the craft to the Island.

The ship turned as we approached the Island, pushed by the current. The boat slowed and then drifted to the Island. The ship's deck was of an equal height to the Island's smooth surface. The boat settled next to the island. I gazed at the polished surface and the tiny, Arcane script adorning the perimeter.

The Island was the size of a large market square, and its entire perimeter was carved with the magical text. The sheer effort it took to craft the Island made me feel so small in my robes. I wanted to hunch my shoulders and avoid the notice of the genius that had conceived it.

Lord-Mage Alorian, leader of the Magery Council, stood from his bench on the prow. In a voice scratched by age, said, "Today, each of you shall strive to join our ranks. We cannot allow the weak, the unskilled, and the lazy to achieve the level of Master. You will each have to press the boundaries of the magics you have learned to accomplish the test.

You shall each be given five spells to perform. We shall judge you in every aspect. And while only a maximum of three are ever selected, do not believe that three will be chosen. We do not seek the best of mediocrity." "Now, down to the hold with you," plump, motherly Evolia smiled.

"We shall call you one by one for the test. When you are finished, you will return to the boat and speak nothing of the test." Her eyes narrowed, and her kindness melted away, her fleshy face grown hard.

"We shall know if you do. And you shall fail the test, even if you are the best of the group." Her smile returned. "Now relax and this will all be over soon." I nodded, my mouth dry. "Well?" she asked, arching her eyebrows. "Down to the hold." The seven of us scrambled to our feet and hurried to the crystal staircase that led down into the holds depths. My stomach twisted inside as Saoria and I followed the other five down the stairs.

My hand patted my pocket, touching the enchanted vials. With lemures cum, I would imbue with my spells with greater power. The judges would have to be impressed. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Knight-Errant Angela Allenoth, Magery of Thosi Something wet and hot settled on my face. A tart musk invaded my nose as I rose up from sleep. I groaned and opened my eyes to see a pair of flexing, pale butt-cheeks above me while a hot pussy ground on my lips.

"Sophia," I groaned. "Good morning," the acolyte giggled. "Someone's being lazy. So I thought you might want some hot pussy for breakfast." I groaned and licked through her folds.

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Sophia shuddered and wiggled again. "What happened to Delan and Merk." "Was that the name of those two disgusting men that you went to bed with last night?" Sophia asked as she wiggled on me. "Yes," I grinned. I needed another taste of being double-fucked.

Even two nights after the wyvern attacked, I was burning to have a cock in my ass and pussy. I licked her pussy and frowned. "You taste fruitier than normal." "I told you," she giggled. "It's your breakfast." Mixed into her tart pussy juice was a citric tang. I licked again, my tongue probing into her depths and brushed a piece of fruit, an orange, marinating in her pussy. I groaned as I sucked the bit of orange out of her cunt. My tongue wrapped around it, pulling the piece of orange closer to my lips.

"Oh, yes," purred Sophia, "enjoy your breakfast." The pussy-soaked slice of orange popped into my mouth. I chewed it, savoring the mix of tart and tangy flavor. I shuddered, squeezing my thighs together. My tongue probed back into her pussy, looking for another tasty treat. Sophia muttered something, but I missed it. Then I gasped as something buzzing touched my clit. The naughty minx was playing with her magical dildo. I spread my thighs, cum leaking out of my pussy as Sophia rubbed my clit.

I moaned into her pussy, the pleasure shooting through my body. "I can't touch your pussy with all that nasty cum in there," Sophia purred, "but my toy can." I groaned into her pussy. I worked my tongue all through her folds, searching for more tasty oranges. Sophia's pussy walls rippled as she forced a piece of orange from deeper inside of her wet depths towards my hungry lips.

Sophia had complete control over her own pussy. She could even make herself cum without even touching her snatch. "Mmm, I bet you're just enjoying your breakfast," giggled Sophia.

I shuddered beneath her as I munched on the orange slice, my body bucking with pleasure. My clit shot bliss through me. I spasmed and writhed on the creaking bed as my orgasm swelled within me, growing closer to bursting.

I groaned, my back arching as I loved every moment of the bliss. A third piece of orange pushed out of the depths of her pussy into my mouth.

Sophia shuddered atop me as I licked through her folds. My toes curled as pleasure shot from my clit through my body. I bucked beneath her as it swelled. "That's it, cum," she giggled. "Let me hear you fill the inn with your passion." "Yes!" I panted as the pleasure rippled through me.

"Oh, yes. Keep doing that. Damn, Sophia!" My orgasm burst through me. I gasped into her delicious pussy. My tongue probed deep as ripples of bliss flooded my body. My clit throbbed for joy as Sophia kept working her buzzing dildo against it. The bed creaked as I thrashed.

"So good," I groaned. "What a delicious way to wake up." Sophia giggled and then shuddered herself. "One more piece," she gasped. "Oh, yes, here it is." Her pussy gushed juices, flooding the final piece into my hungry mouth.

I opened wide, filling my mouth with pussy juices before I munched on the orange slice. I shuddered in joy as I swallowed the fruit and juices. "What a wicked breakfast," I sighed as Sophia slid off of me. "Yep," she grinned. She held her dildo before her, frowning on the cum staining the tip. "And you need to clean that off." I caught the dildo as she scampered off.

I licked the cum and my tangy juices off the tip while watching her naked ass disappear out of my room. I rose and stretched, then headed to the bath where Sophia already waited. We scrubbed ourselves clean then met up with Xera down in the common room. The elf was ready to leave Allenoth. It was a larger city than Norv. I could only imagine how she would react when she witnesses Esh-Esh. I heard it was even bigger than Shesax or Ostian, and they were the largest cities of Secare. I mounted Midnight and Sophia mounted her mare.

Then we headed out of the city onto the highway that led southwest to Esh-Esh. In three days, we should arrive at the capital of the Magery and find the Grieving Mage. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Journeyman Mage Faoril The Island, Magery of Thosi "Delyia, you first," Evolia called from above after a few minutes of waiting for the tests to begin.

A slim girl stood, her dark-brown hair twisted in a braid that spilled off her right shoulder and down the front of her red robes. She trembled and her hands were clenched into tight fists. "The Gods luck be with you," I muttered. "I'll need it," she sighed. "Thank you, Faoril." It was an hour before Delyia returned, her robes soaked, the scent of salt lingering about her.

How had she been ducked into sea water? I wanted to ask, but I knew the rules. My stomach twisted as she sat down in her wet robes, too lost in thought to use a spell to dry herself. The waiting was the worst. Sometimes we talked while we waited for the next candidate to return. Other times, we closed our eyes and went over spells and incantations. I pictured the seven different magical circles in my mind: triangle, diamond, five-pointed star, hexagram, seven-pointed star, octagon, and the starburst.

I remembered the arcane words that had to be inscribed for each circle and the methods for drawing the various angles without any measuring tools. Welian went second, and he returned with singed robes but a huge grin on his face. Clearly, he was confident he passed.

Ventria had a bloody gash across her face and shook as she sat down. She cried into her hands. Only three of us would pass.


Four would fail, and it was clear Ventria was one of those four. Saoria came back, her head held high as she dripped with black slime. She sank down, a big smile on her lips. I smiled at her, glad she was happy with the results of her test. She didn't look at me. She kept her head held high. Efele went, and that only left Jerdean and myself. My stomach twisted. I was hungry and unable to eat all at the same time. My concentration on remembering the various magical theorems failed as my nerves assaulted my mind.

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I trembled as I waited for my turn. I hoped I was next. Waiting was the worse. I looked at Jerdean, and he rubbed at his goatee, his face almost a shade of puke green. Efele returned with a limp, grimacing at each step down the stairs. Just what happened in the tests? "Jerdean," Evolia called. I was last. I wanted to throw up. I patted my pockets. The vials were still there. I rocked on my bench as I waited, trying to control my fears.

I tried to picture what magic they had everyone perform if they came back looking so bedraggled. Where they even given the same spells to cast?

Each one came back stained or injured in a different way. "Throwia's pain," I muttered, cursing to the Goddess of Suffering. I wanted my misery to end. "You'll do fine," Delyia nodded. Her robes were dry now. She had come out of her shock and dried herself a few hours ago. After what seemed like an eternity, and what was probably only an hour, footsteps stomped across the deck.

Jerdean walked down the stairs, his robes covered in frost that slowly melted. Bits of ice clung in his goatee and he shivered as he sat down. "Faoril." I flinched when Evolia called my name.

I almost couldn't stand up. My entire body trembled. I passed Saoria, but my friend didn't say anything to me. She just stared at her feet. Delyia squeezed my hand and gave me a comforting smile.

"Gods' luck." "Thank you," I whispered back. I climbed the stairs and mounted the deck of the Crystal Ship.

Evolia waited with a smile on her lips. "Peace, Child. You will do marvelously. We all have high hopes for your performance today." "Thank you, Master Mage," I squeaked. I followed Evolia onto the smooth surface of the Island. The fog had long ago burned off. The sun already sank towards evening. We were surrounded in every direction by the blue waters of Lake Esh.

Water splashed against the Island's side in undulating waves, a natural rhythm that seemed to match my racing heart. The other four masters waited at the center, watching me cross the surface. I could do this.

I had lemures cum. I pulled out my first vial, popped the cork, and broke the magical seal that would keep the spiritual cum fresh and potent.

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I downed the salty mix. It was cold as it went down my throat. A source of energy ballooned inside me. It shouldn't have been cold. Fear washed through me. I had never used spiritual cum before. Maybe it was supposed to be cold. The lemures had been the spirits of the dead. Their touch had been cold, so why wouldn't their cum be as well. Why didn't I brink back-up cum? Just in case.

"Journeyman Mage Faoril Lesibourne," Lord-Mage Alorian said stiffly. "You have been invited to demonstrate your skills at magic." "Thank you for the invitation," I answered, my stomach roiling. I wanted to throw up. "For your first spell, you shall summon an eldritch horror. You must master it and keep it contained withing your magical circle." From the pocket of his robe, the Lord Mage produced violet chalk and handed it to me.

I almost fainted. They wanted me to summon one of the most dangerous beings that haunted the Astral Realm? I glanced down at the chalk clutched in my hand.

It was mined from the Isle of Sornia in the Myrt Sea, the perfect chalk to use to bind an eldritch horror. I could do this. I wanted to step into the highest reaches of magic. This is what it took. I knelt down and drew my magic circle. I had to inscribe the starburst—the ten-pointed star. Drawing a decagon was challenging. Thirty-six degree arcs separated each point of the star on the circle.

On the outside of the circle, I marked where they should be. My back ached as I began to draw the ten pointed star. The chalk rasped across the smooth surface, leaving behind lines of violet dust. The star formed as I worked around the circle, each arm thin. I paused to rub at my lower back before I made the arcane markings. In each arm of the star I wrote a single, arcane name. First I wrote the names of the five elements before I moved onto the celestial bodies: the sun, the moon, and the names of the three wandering stars.

Finished, I stood and powered the circle. The violet chalk glowed as it fed off the magical energy the cum provided. My confidence swelled. I had the energy to contain anything in this circle. I began my spell and ripped open a hole between our reality and the Astral Realm. The Astral Realm was home to thought. The Oracles peered into the Astral Realm to see the future and the domains of the gods were formed out of the sea of imagination. But in between the gods' realms there dwelled other things: spirits of the dead not at peace and darker, stranger creatures.

My words called to an eldritch horror, a thing birthed out of nightmares. Purple tentacles pushed through the rift. They wiggled and undulated, the tips ending at thick, bulbous tips that resembled cocks. More and more tentacles pushed through the barrier, ripping it open wider. A flesh body spilled out, large, yellow eyes peering at me, a hungry mouth fixed on me.

Lust bled through the magic circle. My nipples hardened beneath my robes and my pussy flushed with excitement. I seemed to have grabbed and eldritch horror of lust. That explained the tentacles ending in cocks. The horror let out almost a sexy hiss and a voice echoed in my mind. .succulent flesh. .juicy, yummy. .must fuck you. .must unite our flesh. I fought against the intrusion of its monstrous thoughts in my mind.

The horrors tentacles crashed into the sides of the circle. Purple light flared, rippling along the edge of the circle. I swallowed, my heart beating as the reserve of energy burned. It was burning too swiftly. Even a normal human's cum should have lasted longer than this. Why was the lemure's jizz running out so fast? I swallowed and cast a look over my shoulder.

The Master Mages had retreated all the way to the five points of the Island, watching me. The horror crashed into the walls again. The energy sparked. Smoke rose from the magical circle as the chalk burned. I grit my teeth, struggling to hold the monster in place. This couldn't be happening. I shouldn't be running out of energy already.

The last of the cum burned out. My hand shot down to my pocket to seize the next vial. The horror was swifter. Tentacles lashed about my body.

Lust flooded me as I was hauled into the air. The eldritch horror exulted in my mind as the tentacles slid beneath my robes. .fuck your flesh. "Yes!" I panted as the lust rippled through my body.

To be continued.