Men with vagina gay porn video Cheese Head Gets Tricked

Men with vagina gay porn video Cheese Head Gets Tricked
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First story's I'm writing for a friend. Don't be harsh please. And be honest!!


Filling in space. Story start. t's a Wednesday. Almost 4:30, and just got out of detention when my phone rings.

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"Hello" I say. "Hey, Jake is track done yet. I need company badly I'm super bored." "Uhh, sure Katie. Ill be over soon." I yawned.

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Thinking to myself I wonder what she had in mind as I left the field and walked tiredly to her house. It only took 5 minutes to get there and I noticed she was home alone, which usual for her since her parents work late. I walked in like I always do, I'm just like their family well I thought. "Heyy Jaaake!" Katie yelled from her bedroom, "come here for a second I have something to show you!" I walked slowly not knowing what to expect when I turned the corner and opened her door more.

"Wow." Was all I could say. She was sitting on her bed. Dressed in her pink tank top and booty shorts. She had blonde hair and hazel eyes my favorite things about her. The shirt was wearing squeezed her breast and made them look bigger then they were. I couldn't help but not stare at them. She smiled, a sweet smile and laughed in a friendly "guys are perverts" way.

"Jake?" Katie asked, "I think you know why I want you here now.

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I've been lonely and I need to have some fun." She got up and walked over to me hugged me tightly and kissed me ever so gently. She smelled of cotton candy and tasted like strawberries. She laughed; she could tell I didn't have a clue what was happening. "Katie, I know you know I want you so badly but why now? You never wanted to come clean about this and said we would always be friends; why do you love me so much now?" "Because Jake, I need to have fun.

You are the only guy I trust right now. Are you going to take it or not, its your only chance." "OH GOD YES!" I yell trying to hide my nervousness. I grab her, pull her closer and kiss her.


She stops and smiles, "your so good" she whispered tightening her grab on me. I push her to the bed and she sits down holding my hand and pulling me on top of her.

We kiss with passion as I slip my tongue into her mouth.

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I know she has never gone this far before so I slow down but she forces me to continue. She flips me over and climbs on top of me. She pulls my shirt before kissing me and kissing my neck. She feels like she has done this before but with whom? I know I am the only guy to get this far; is she hiding things? "Jake what is wrong? You're not continuing with helping my little problem." I laugh; "you feel like you've done this before I'm getting more excited." I start to take off her tank top when I notice she doesn't have a bra on.

How could I not have noticed this before? She is just to beautiful for me to notice something as small as that.

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I sit up hugging her kissing her neck as a feel her soft breast. I kiss gently down her neck and chest. I kiss her left breast and she yelps a little. I start to laugh, as her face turns red from embarrassment. "Its fine, it's normal for a girl like you to do that her first time ill be more careful and warn you." "you don't have to I like it better when you surprise me." She gently says, " I love you." I stand up with her hugging me tightly and legs warped around me.

We fall into the wall. Kissing passionately, I start to unzip her pants and slid them off, as she starts to do mine. "This is the farthest I've been with any girl and I'm luck to do it with my best friend" I think to my self. I take my hand off her breast and slid them to her underwear. I notice they are wet and can tell she is enjoying the pleasure.

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Katie's breathing gets heavier, she tightens her grab even more whispering "don't stop please don't stop." I slid my hand into her wet panties, and feel her vagina. She moans, knowing she likes it I slid my finger into her.

She yelps louder and louder in till she almost orgasms. Katie throws me to the bed and climbs on top.

" do you really want it over that quick? I haven't even got to mess with you!" she smiles deeply and then takes my boxers off.

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She starts to give me a hand job but stops shortly after. I know she wants to do more but knows what she wants to do I don't like. She climbs back on top of me. "How much do you love me?" Katie whispered. "a lot ill do anything to prove it." She rolls over. "Please don't let me be a virgin anymore Jake, I want you in me!" she demands. "Okay, okay but this will hurt some." "I don't care, just do it!" I hold her down and start to kiss her as I slowly enter her.

"OWWW!" she yells. "You better not stop!" I continue, tonguing her and speeding my pace up. She moans louder and louder, her breather gets heavier.

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She yells, orgasming as I finish. "I love you Katie, I love you a lot." We lie down on her bed, resting she yawns and smiles kissing me one last time as we fall asleep arm in arm.